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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1854-1873 | 2=1874-1905 | 3=1902-1938 |
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ABPLANALP, JOHN B.                     MO-75-3-63
AFLER, MARY                            MO-75-2-8
ALCORN, RUFUS BURTON                   MO-75-3-411
ALFORD, LONZO F.                       MO-75-3-425
ALLEY, JOHN                            MO-75-1-351
AMMERMAN, HARRIET E.                   MO-75-3-373
ANDERSON, HAMILTON P.                  MO-75-2-64
ANDERSON, SAMUEL M.                    MO-75-3-234
ANDREWS, WILLIAM J.                    MO-75-2-57
BAILEY, DANIEL                         MO-75-1-386
BAILEY, SARAH                          MO-75-3-292
BAILY, HARNEY A.                       MO-75-3-360
BAKER, CELINA                          MO-75-3-165
BAKER, LOUIS J.                        MO-75-3-144
BAKER, MARY E.                         MO-75-3-44
BARTEN, RHODE                          MO-75-2-26
BARTON, MARY A.                        MO-75-3-393
BARTON, MILLIE E.                      MO-75-3-159
BENTLEY, E. CORA                       MO-75-3-403
BENTLEY, JOHN F.                       MO-75-3-226
BODENHAMER, J. C.                      MO-75-2-76
BOODY, C. W.                           MO-75-3-37
BOOKER, WILLIS                         MO-75-1-259
BOYD, PEARL                            MO-75-3-322
BRAINARD, HANNAH                       MO-75-3-250
BREWER, DAVID C.                       MO-75-1-360
BRIDGES, JOHN G.                       MO-75-3-89
BRIDGES, WILLIAM I.                    MO-75-2-80
BROOKS, JOHN D.                        MO-75-3-277
BROWN, A. J.                           MO-75-2-11
BROWN, GEORGE C.                       MO-75-3-426
BUCHANNON, JOHN W.                     MO-75-3-391
BUCHANNON, SALLIE S.F .                MO-75-3-275
BUEHLER, S. K.                         MO-75-3-328
BURNS, JOSEPH N.                       MO-75-3-10
BUSBY, ARTHUR L.                       MO-75-3-254
BUTGE, FRED                            MO-75-3-452
CARRIGON, SARAH I.                     MO-75-3-428
CHANDLER, HOSEA                        MO-75-3-231
CHILDES, RUFUS                         MO-75-3-466
CLINE, GEORGE A.                       MO-75-3-75
CLINE, J. J.                           MO-75-3-337
COLLINS, ELIZABETH                     MO-75-3-105
COLLINS, GREEN B.                      MO-75-3-247
COLLINS, JOHN                          MO-75-3-116
COMESTOCK, R. E.                       MO-75-3-294
COMINS, D. E.                          MO-75-3-420
COSGROVE, JOHN W.                      MO-75-3-120
COTTON, P. L.                          MO-75-3-387
COTTON, PARIS F.                       MO-75-3-331
COUCH, GEORGE W.                       MO-75-3-122
CROWELL, A. L.                         MO-75-3-414
CROWELL, HENRY                         MO-75-3-364
CULP, J. C.                            MO-75-3-447
CUSTER, SUSAN H.                       MO-75-2-81
CYFRETT, J. D.                         MO-75-3-147
DAVIS, ELIPHAZE                        MO-75-2-63
DAVIS, SARAH J.                        MO-75-3-415
DAVIS, SOLOMON                         MO-75-1-28
DEARING, W. G.                         MO-75-2-86
DENNEY, LUCINDA S.                     MO-75-3-174
DEVER, MARGARET RACHEL                 MO-75-3-438
DILL, SARAH JANE                       MO-75-3-39
DOBBS, M. M.                           MO-75-2-73
DODGE, FRANK                           MO-75-3-350
DRIVELBIST, WILLIAM                    MO-75-3-157
DURST, GEORGE F.                       MO-75-3-359
EARLEY, MILLINGTON                     MO-75-3-462
ELMER, BARBARA                         MO-75-3-42
ELMS, MARTHA E.                        MO-75-3-15
EVANS, WILLIAM                         MO-75-3-445
FLANERY, ELLEN                         MO-75-2-39
FLEMING, CARRIE B.                     MO-75-2-70
FLEMING, EVA                           MO-75-3-366
FRANKE, CARL F.                        MO-75-3-201
FRANKEN, CHARLES H.                    MO-75-3-439
FRANKS, JOHN M.                        MO-75-3-266
FREY, W. F.                            MO-75-3-154
GATES, CHARLES W.                      MO-75-3-182
GENTRY, C. W.                          MO-75-3-395
GLADIN, WILILAM                        MO-75-2-23
GOHN, GEORGE W.                        MO-75-3-33
GREER, S. W.                           MO-75-3-53
HALL, CLARK                            MO-75-3-315
HARDER, ISHEM G.                       MO-75-3-19
HARDER, JOHN F.                        MO-75-3-272
HARPER, J. B.                          MO-75-3-241
HERBOLT, AUGUST                        MO-75-3-444
HOBBS, GEORGE E.                       MO-75-3-170
HOLLIDAY, VERLENA                      MO-75-3-423
HOLMES, WALTER B.                      MO-75-3-192
HOYT, JAMES ARD                        MO-75-3-133
HUDDLESTON, ISRAEL D.                  MO-75-3-405
HUDDLESTON, JAMES A.                   MO-75-3-283
HUDDLESTON, WILLIAM N.                 MO-75-3-333
HUFF, L. S.                            MO-75-3-152
HUGGLER, JOHAN                         MO-75-3-190
JOB, SAMUEL                            MO-75-1-95
JONES, MARTHA F.                       MO-75-3-354
JONES, WILLIAM E.                      MO-75-3-3
KIDWELL, J. F.                         MO-75-2-1
KIRKPATRICK, ALFORD R.                 MO-75-3-109
KOMM, F. WILLIAM                       MO-75-3-212
LAFRENZ, GEORGE F.                     MO-75-3-286
LASATER, D. E.                         MO-75-3-297
LASLEY, ANDREW J.                      MO-75-3-82
LEDBETTER, JOHN W.                     MO-75-3-440
LEDBETTER, RACHEL E.                   MO-75-3-463
LEONARD, N. A.                         MO-75-3-79
LOONEY, JOHNATHAIN                     MO-75-2-52
MAINPRIZE, DORA                        MO-75-3-216
MAINPRIZE, GEORGE W.                   MO-75-3-431
MAXWELL, T. C.                         MO-75-3-29
MCCORMACK, GEORGE M.                   MO-75-3-281
MCCORMACK, J. T.                       MO-75-3-326
MCFRY, LIZZIE P.                       MO-75-3-468
MCFRY, WILLIAM J.                      MO-75-3-400
MCLELLAND, LUCY B.                     MO-75-2-4
MCLELLAND,RUFUS                        MO-75-2-6
MCMAKIN, C. C.                         MO-75-3-378
MCMAN, THOMAS J.                       MO-75-3-66
MCWILLIAMS, T. J.                      MO-75-3-313
MILLSAP, CATHERINE E.                  MO-75-3-198
MILLSAP, CHARLEY                       MO-75-3-223
MILLSAP, J. POSEY                      MO-75-3-239
MITCHELL, E. P.                        MO-75-3-370
MITCHELL, IVA                          MO-75-3-409
MOORE, ANDREW                          MO-75-2-30
MORRIS, J. C.                          MO-75-3-58
NORMAN, BENJAMIN S.                    MO-75-1-284
NORMAN, GEORGE B.                      MO-75-3-300
OLD, THOMAS E.                         MO-75-1-374
PABST, CARL                            MO-75-3-228
PARKER, ANNA E.                        MO-75-3-23
PARSONS, HARRY M.                      MO-75-3-436
PATE, ROBERT                           MO-75-3-323
PAULI, EMANUEL                         MO-75-3-211
PHILLIPS, BENJAMIN R.                  MO-75-3-139
POWELL, JAMES B.                       MO-75-3-48
PRINZ, ANNA                            MO-75-3-352
PRINZ, CHARLES D.                      MO-75-3-290
RAGAN, THOMAS BENTON                   MO-75-3-311
RAY, VIRGINIA                          MO-75-3-85
REDBURN, JAMES L.                      MO-75-3-257
RHOADES, J. N.                         MO-75-3-381
RICE, J. A.                            MO-75-3-176
ROBBARDS, JOHN A.                      MO-75-3-302
RODMAN, JOHN                           MO-75-2-54
ROSENGARTEN, MARY D.                   MO-75-3-125
ROSS, SAMUEL                           MO-75-3-130
SAWYER, I. O.                          MO-75-3-407
SCOTT, E. G.                           MO-75-2-44
SEESE, LOLA                            MO-75-3-442
SEESE, WILLIAM H.                      MO-75-3-162
SEWEIKERT, GEORGE F.                   MO-75-3-205
SHAVER, WILLIAM T.                     MO-75-2-78
SHURRON, ALBERT                        MO-75-3-244
SIMONS, PETER O.                       MO-75-1-370
SIPE, W. A.                            MO-75-2-68
SITTON, JOHN J.                        MO-75-3-142
SITTON, WILLARD                        MO-75-3-70
SMITH, GENEVIEVE C.                    MO-75-3-459
SMITH, JULIA E.                        MO-75-3-456
SMITH, SPENCER                         MO-75-3-388
STANDLEY, SERENO                       MO-75-3-207
STANLEY, W. G.                         MO-75-3-150
STEVENS, J. H.                         MO-75-3-179
STOGSDILL, SARAH J.                    MO-75-3-346
STOLLINGS, TEUNIS                      MO-75-3-94
STRIKER, JAMES                         MO-75-3-261
SULLIVAN, W. F.                        MO-75-3-341
SWANEY, JOHN W.                        MO-75-3-318
TABLER, BENJAMIN                       MO-75-3-305
TARLTON, JOHN                          MO-75-2-19
THOMPSON, JAMES A.                     MO-75-2-42
THOMPSON, SUSAN                        MO-75-2-59
TOPPING, A. R.                         MO-75-3-433
TRANTHAM, E. H.                        MO-75-2-17
TRIPLETT, ANTHONY M.                   MO-75-3-113
UNDERWOOD, G. L.                       MO-75-3-137
UNDERWOOD, JAMES A.                    MO-75-3-262
WATSON, POWHATAN P.                    MO-75-1-296
WHITE, B. F.                           MO-75-3-422
WHITE, MARGRET A.                      MO-75-3-384
WHITE, TIRL E.                         MO-75-3-348
WHITTEN, MARY F.                       MO-75-3-345
WIGGS, A. N. SR.                       MO-75-3-187
WILBORN, GEORGE                        MO-75-3-167
WILLAMS, RUTH J.                       MO-75-3-196
WILSON, GERTRUDE                       MO-75-3-356
WOODS, ELLEN                           MO-75-3-185
WOODSIDE, J. R.                        MO-75-2-47
YOUNG, LAURA                           MO-75-3-339
YOUNG, WILLIAM J.                      MO-75-3-454

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