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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1856-1886 | B-E= ? |
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ALISON, JAMES M.                        MO-108-A-342
AMOS, R. W.                             MO-108-A-15
AUSTIN, DANIEL                          MO-108-A-194
BALL, CECIL D.                          MO-108-A-198
BARKER, JAMES H.                        MO-108-A-255
BARTLETT, WILLIAM                       MO-108-A-82
BASS, WILLIAM                           MO-108-A-14
BELL, WILLIAM                           MO-108-A-400
BLL, C. D.                              MO-108-A-63
BRADSHAW, CHRISTOPHER                   MO-108-A-54
BRAND, JAMES                            MO-108-A-353
BROCKMAN, JOHN                          MO-108-A-186
BROCKMAN, JOHN                          MO-108-A-102
BROWN, JOHN                             MO-108-A-171
BROWN, PETER                            MO-108-A-281
CAMPBELL, GEORGE F.                     MO-108-A-435
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          MO-108-A-370
CARLE, M. V.                            MO-108-A-60
CARLSON, L. M.                          MO-108-A-404
CARY, M. F.                             MO-108-A-22
CHEZEM, ROBERT NELSON                   MO-108-A-88
CLINTON, B. J.                          MO-108-A-264
COMBS, E. M.                            MO-108-A-278
COMBS, MARTHA                           MO-108-A-384
CONNER, JAMES                           MO-108-A-2
COOK, MARTIN A.                         MO-108-A-391
COOPER, E. M.                           MO-108-A-184
CRAIG, WILLIAM                          MO-108-A-40
CRIPLIVER, JOSEPH                       MO-108-A-318
DANN, HARRIETT E.                       MO-108-A-192
DAVID, LEWIS                            MO-108-A-16
DAVIES, LEWIS                           MO-108-A-16
DAVIS, LOUISA                           MO-108-A-407
DAVIS, MARTHA A.                        MO-108-A-449
DAVIS, THOMAS R.                        MO-108-A-246
DEMOSS, LEWIS                           MO-108-A-5
DICKISON, HUMPHREY                      MO-108-A-98
DODGE, LEONARD                          MO-108-A-77
DOKE, JAMES M.                          MO-108-A-5
DOSS, S. P.                             MO-108-A-175
DOUGLASS, JOSEPH                        MO-108-A-58
DOWNEY, JAMES M.                        MO-108-A-375
DUNKEL, CHARLES                         MO-108-A-351
DURHAM, WILLIAM                         MO-108-A-118
EARHART, WILLIAM F.                     MO-108-A-137
ECKBLADT, FREDERIC                      MO-108-A-46
ELLIS, WILLIAM                          MO-108-A-339
ESTES, JOHNATHAN                        MO-108-A-283
EWING, WILLIAM D.                       MO-108-A-162
FAIRCHILD, OGDEN                        MO-108-A-168
FASTABEND, JOHN                         MO-108-A-298
FEAZEL, J. J.                           MO-108-A-431
FERGUS, JAMES                           MO-108-A-38
FRY, JOHN                               MO-108-A-19
FRY, SOPPHIA                            MO-108-A-39
GAMMONS, JOHN                           MO-108-A-123
GARDNER, CHARLES J.                     MO-108-A-296
GORDEN, JASPER N.                       MO-108-A-260
GORDON, JAMES                           MO-108-A-368
JARRLE, NATHAN                          MO-108-A-74
JOKEL, JOHANNES                         MO-108-A-425
JONES, JOHN F.                          MO-108-A-135
JONES, SALOME                           MO-108-A-286
JONES, WILLIAM                          MO-108-A-122
JOURNY, JAMES                           MO-108-A-48
KELLOGG, NATHANIEL                      MO-108-A-415
KERNS, ELISHA                           MO-108-A-139
KIRKLAND, JOHN R.                       MO-108-A-262
KNETTLE, ROBERT H.                      MO-108-A-442

LACEY, A. W.                            MO-108-A-93
LADY, MILTON W.                         MO-108-A-208
LAWRENCE, JAMES                         MO-108-A-21
LEONARD, STEPHEN                        MO-108-A-315
LOCKWOOD, JASONL.                       MO-108-A-381
LOGAN, HUGH                             MO-108-A-124
LOGAN, JOSEPH B.                        MO-108-A-120
LORING, WILLIAM S.                      MO-108-A-336
LYNE, JAMES M.                          MO-108-A-270
MAKILL, ROBERT                          MO-108-A-30
MARTIN, EDDIE                           MO-108-A-189
MAYFIELD, JOHN                          MO-108-A-23
MCCULLOUCH, MATHEW                      MO-108-A-133
MCCULLOUGH, ELBERT                      MO-108-A-44
MCDIVITT, JAMES                         MO-108-A-182
MCLAUGHLIN, M. H.                       MO-108-A-459
MEEK, SAMUEL                            MO-108-A-55
MEKILL, JAMES SR.                       MO-108-A-28
MERCHANT, SARAH                         MO-108-A-41
METCALF, GEORGE                         MO-108-A-359
MILLER, JACOB                           MO-108-A-166
MILLER, MARTHA E.                       MO-108-A-223
MILLER, WILLIAM G.                      MO-108-A-104
MILLINDER, JAMES                        MO-108-A-216
MITCHELL, WILLIAM D.                    MO-108-A-127
MODUL, WILLIAM                          MO-108-A-331
MOORE, JAMES                            MO-108-A-10
MORRIS, COLUMBUS                        MO-108-A-250
MYERS, SAMUEL                           MO-108-A-241
NIPPERT, CHARLES                        MO-108-A-257
NORTON, MARY                            MO-108-A-36
ODIL, DAVID M.                          MO-108-A-322
PANCAKE, SILAS R.                       MO-108-A-116
PARKER, SAMUEL                          MO-108-A-301
PEAKE, EDWIN                            MO-108-A-145
PRICE, NANCY                            MO-108-A-91
PROFITT, DAVID S.                       MO-108-A-34
PRYOR, WILLIAM                          MO-108-A-1
QUERY, ELIZABETH                        MO-108-A-61
RAINES, JAMES H.                        MO-108-A-290
RAKES, WILLIAM                          MO-108-A-395
REDFIELD, A.                            MO-108-A-78
REYNOLDS, LEWIS                         MO-108-A-211
RICHARDSON, JOHNC.                      MO-108-A-130
RIDER, LYDIA F.                         MO-108-A-267
ROBERTS, LEROY D.                       MO-108-A-231
ROGERS, ACHILLES                        MO-108-A-272
ROSS, CHARLES                           MO-108-A-378
RUSSELL, SAMUEL                         MO-108-A-110
SAUNDERS, JOHN                          MO-108-A-114
SEARS, J. T.                            MO-108-A-437
SHAULL, JOHN B.                         MO-108-A-214
SHAW, MARY E.                           MO-108-A-348
SHREWSBURY, BENEDICT                    MO-108-A-439
SMITH, JOHN                             MO-108-A-70
SNELSON, WILLIAM                        MO-108-A-32
STEWART, J. E.                          MO-108-A-141
STINSON, REUBEN                         MO-108-A-356
STONE, WILLIAM                          MO-108-A-305
STROUD, L. H.                           MO-108-A-411
SUMMERS, GRANVILLE R.                   MO-108-A-178
SWEARENGEN, NEWTON                      MO-108-A-3588
TAYLOR, HIRAM                           MO-108-A-308
THOMAS, CLINTO                          NMO-108-A-151
THORNTON, WILLIAM T.                    MO-108-A-180
TRUMAN, J. A.                           MO-108-A-344
TYLER, ANNA                             MO-108-A-294
VANTELLMAN, SARAH E.                    MO-108-A-252
VANTILLMAN, CHARLES                     MO-108-A-155
VEATCH, WILLIAM                         MO-108-A-453
WALKER, M. J.                           MO-108-A-244
WALTZE, JOHN                            MO-108-A-326
WARD, NANCY S.                          MO-108-A-87
WEHMEYER, ARRENA                        MO-108-A-303
WHITE, JACOB                            MO-108-A-81
WIGHT, ALEXANDER                        MO-108-A-234
WILKER, JOHN H.                         MO-108-A-419
WILLIAMSON, MILTON                      MO-108-A-25
WILSON, JAMES                           MO-108-A-80
WILSON, JOHN L.                         MO-108-A-157
WISEMAN, S. E.                          MO-108-A-456
WOOD, A. L.                             MO-108-A-72
WOODRUFF, MARY                          MO-108-A-164
WOODSON, JUDITH                         MO-108-A-111
WRIGHT, R. A.                           MO-108-A-148
YARDLY, JOHN                            MO-108-A-238
YATES, MATILDA                          MO-108-A-276
YEATES, MATILDA                         MO-108-A-276
ZILLIOX, HENRY                          MO-108-A-143

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