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Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A-B = Lost | C=1846-1886 | D-E=? |
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AKENS, LYNCH                  MO-110-C-183
BAIRD, MARY                   MO-110-C-50
BARCLAY, DAVID                MO-110-C-284
BLUNT, PETER D.               MO-110-C-185
BOAS, ROBERT J.               MO-110-C-286
BONE, CHARLES V.              MO-110-C-193
BOYER, CELEST                 MO-110-C-264
BRADLEY, ALFRED               MO-110-C-306
BRETTINGHAM, ELIJAH           MO-110-C-151
BROCK, JAMES                  MO-110-C-139
BROCK, THOMAS                 MO-110-C-110
BRYAN, PHIILP F.              MO-110-C-190
BRYAN, ROBERT                 MO-110-C-195
BRYAN, ROBERT                 MO-110-C-204
BUSH, ALEXANDER G.            MO-110-C-333
BYRNE, JAMES                  MO-110-C-76
CAMPBELL, JAMES               MO-110-C-120
CAMPBELL, JAMES               MO-110-C-67
CAMPBELL, JOHN R.             MO-110-C-142
CANN, MICHAEL                 MO-110-C-104
CASEY, ANDREW                 MO-110-C-39
CASEY, JOHN                   MO-110-C-82
CASEY, THERESE                MO-110-C-127
CASEY, WILLIAM                MO-110-C-122
CASTLEMAN, LEWIS              MO-110-C-19
CHARBONEAU, LOUIS A.          MO-110-C-359
CLARKSON, ELIZA B.            MO-110-C-132
CLEARY, JOHN                  MO-110-C-315
COLE, GEORGE B.               MO-110-C-371
COLE, WILLIAM                 MO-110-C-159
COLEMAN, E. G.                MO-110-C-153
COOK, NATHANIEL               MO-110-C-38
COVINGTON, J. W. B.           MO-110-C-28
DAUGHARTY, MARGARET           MO-110-C-107
DAVIS, ELIZABETH O.           MO-110-C-141
DAVIS, L. H.N.                MO-110-C-343
DEANE, OTELIA                 MO-110-C-117, 279
DEGAGNER, BAPTISTE            MO-110-C-71
DESLOGE, F.                   MO-110-C-62
DESLOGE, F.                   MO-110-C-62
DETCHEMANDY, MARY T.          MO-110-C-1
DICKEY, ELIZABETH             MO-110-C-311
DONAUGHEY, THOMAS             MO-110-C-209
DUCLOS, JULIET                MO-110-C-138
EDMONDS, CHARLES A.           MO-110-C-148
EVANS, CLACKBOURNE W.         MO-110-C-114
FENISON, SAMUEL               MO-110-C-161
FITZPATRICK, ZELEDA           MO-110-C-54
FITZWATER, NOAH S.            MO-110-C-238
GERARDUS, JAMES L.            MO-110-C-266
GREEN, DURANT                 MO-110-C-87
GREGG, ELIJAH                 MO-110-C-73
GREGORY, DORCUS               MO-110-C-11
GREGORY, JOSEPH               MO-110-C-85
HANSON, ABRAHAM               MO-110-C-268
HARGIS, MILDRED B.            MO-110-C-155
HARRIS, WILLIAM W.            MO-110-C-32
HATTON, RHODA                 MO-110-C-80
HAYS, ANDREW J.               MO-110-C-94
HAYS, EZEKIEL O.              MO-110-C-226
HAYS, WILLIAM                 MO-110-C-156
HEADLEY, LEWIS                MO-110-C-278
HEAFNER, JOSEPH W.            MO-110-C-108
HIGGINBOTHAM, BURRIS          MO-110-C-250
HINCH, PETER                  MO-110-C-308
HOLEMAN, WILLIAM              MO-110-C-364
HOUK, AUSTIN                  MO-110-C-3
HOUSE, ADAM                   MO-110-C-115
HUGHES, JOHN SR.              MO-110-C-52
HUGHES, ROBERT                MO-110-C-24
HUMPHREY, JOHN                MO-110-C-187
HUTCHINGS, ALLEN S.           MO-110-C-220
HUTCHINGS, JOHN SR.           MO-110-C-177
IMBODEN, SAMUEL               MO-110-C-230
JARVIS, FOSTER M.             MO-110-C-179
JINAS, CHARLES                MO-110-C-27
JOHNSON, ELIZA                MO-110-C-59
JOHNSON, HARRY                MO-110-C-252
JOHNSON, J. B.                MO-110-C-270
JOHNSON, URIAH                MO-110-C-13
LAMARQUE, ETIENNE             MO-110-C-36
LAMARQUE, M. L.               MO-110-C-165
LAMARQUE, MARY S.             MO-110-C-165
LANCASTER, JAMES              MO-110-C-135
LATTY, JAMES                  MO-110-C-206
LATTY, JOHN                   MO-110-C-302
LAWLESS, WILLAM               MO-110-C-157
LEAGUE, CHARLES C.            MO-110-C-352
LINK, CATHARINE               MO-110-C-65
LONG, H. M.                   MO-110-C-233
MALLOW, JACOB                 MO-110-C-101
MARR, JOHN WILLIAM            MO-110-C-320
MATTHEWS, RELF                MO-110-C-90
MAXWELL, WILILAM F.           MO-110-C-240
MCCLAIN, CHARLES              MO-110-C-121
MCEVENEY, PATRICK             MO-110-C-2
MCEWINNEY, PATRICK            MO-110-C-2
MCGREADY, ISRAEL              MO-110-C-291
MCLANE, CHARLES               MO-110-C-121
MCMURTERY, JOHN G.            MO-110-C-53
MILAM, WILLIAM                MO-110-C-21
MOORE, JAMES                  MO-110-C-347
MUNSON, ASAHEL                MO-110-C-254
MURPHY, DENNIS                MO-110-C-199
MURPHY, RICHARD               MO-110-C-46
NCSOADEBM HISEOG              MO-110-C-366
NORTHANT, JOHN                MO-110-C-324
NUCKOLLS, GARLAND             MO-110-C-48
PARKER, DAVID                 MO-110-C-58
PARKIN, JOHN                  MO-110-C-123
PATTON, WILILAM               MO-110-C-298
PAUL, JOHN                    MO-110-C-356
PEERY, JANE                   MO-110-C-29
PEERY, MARGARET J.            MO-110-C-211
PEERY, MILINDA JANE           MO-110-C-146
PERKINS, HEZIKIAH             MO-110-C-216
PERKINS, KEZIAH               MO-110-C-223
PERRY, SARAH A.               MO-110-C-242
PERSHALL, SAMUEL              MO-110-C-93
PINKLEY, ELIZABETH            MO-110-C-126
PRATT, JAMES                  MO-110-C-228
PREWIT, GABRIEL               MO-110-C-34
PUCKET, ELISHA                MO-110-C-15
QUEEN, CORNELIUS W.           MO-110-C-181
RACINE, JAFROIS               MO-110-C-44
RAMSEY, DAVID C.              MO-110-C-327
RAMSEY, JOHN P.               MO-110-C-289
RAMSEY, LEAH                  MO-110-C-197
RANGY, MARY THERESE           MO-110-C-99
ROBERT, CESTETES              MO-110-C-4
ROBINSON, JOHN T.             MO-110-C-367
ROBINSON, TABITHA             MO-110-C-128
ROLFE, JAMES D.               MO-110-C-83
SCHMEIDLER, JOSEPH            MO-110-C-277
SCOTT, CONSTANCE              MO-110-C-55
SCOTT, WILLIM C.              MO-110-C-293
SEABOURNE, JAMES              MO-110-C-261
SHORE, GILBERT                MO-110-C-124
SHORE, JAMES                  MO-110-C-75
SILVERS, LEVI H.              MO-110-C-256
SIMPSON, J. W.                MO-110-C-112
SLEE, JOHN                    MO-110-C-136
SMITH, JOHN                   MO-110-C-89
SMITH, THOMAS W.              MO-110-C-263
SPRINGER, CHARLES             MO-110-C-9
STAPLES, MALINDA              MO-110-C-144
STAPLES, SAMUEL               MO-110-C-22
STEVENSON, BENJAMIN           MO-110-C-172
STEWART, WILLIAM H.           MO-110-C-68
SUMMERS, RICHARD              MO-110-C-63
SUMMES, WILLIAM H.            MO-110-C-369
TERRIL, JAMES                 MO-110-C-26
THOMAS, EDWARD SR.            MO-110-C-17
THOMPSON, JANE A.             MO-110-C-304
TURNER, MARION WILSON         MO-110-C-282
TUTTLE, ALBERT W.             MO-110-C-105
VANHOUTEN, JACOB              MO-110-C-16
VILLMER, ANTOINE              MO-110-C-97
WALLEN, ELISHA                MO-110-C-201
WARLICK, PHILLIP              MO-110-C-272
WEBBER, MATTHEW               MO-110-C-43
WESTMYER, J. H.               MO-110-C-170
WHITE, JAMES M.               MO-110-C-6
WHITE, THOMAS S.              MO-110-C-295
WIATT, JOHN                   MO-110-C-235
WILDMAN, SARAH E.             MO-110-C-330
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM             MO-110-C-168
WOOD, GIDEON                  MO-110-C-300

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