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ABPLANALP, CASPER                       MO-113-1A-356
ADAMS, JACOB C.                         MO-113-1-70
ADKINS, HENRY                           MO-113-1A-354
ALLEN, JONAS G.                         MO-113-1A-516
ANDERS, JOSEPH                          MO-113-1A-308
ANDERS, JOSEPH                          MO-113-PR2-481
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       MO-113-1A-72
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       MO-113-1-271
ANDREWS, HIRAM SR.                      MO-113-1-109
BAKER, JACOB                            MO-113-1A-70
BAKER, JACOB                            MO-113-1-269
BALDWIN, WINSLOW T.                     MO-113-1A-484
BARKER, JOHN J.                         MO-113-1A-341
BARKMAN, MARTIN                         MO-113-1A-576
BARNES, JAMES                           MO-113-1-420
BARNES, JAMES                           MO-113-1A-261
BARNES, JOHN L.                         MO-113-1A-105
BEAUCHAMP, JOSIAH F.                    MO-113-1A-543
BEAVERS, WILLIAM E.                     MO-113-1A-550
BLOSSOM, HIRAM                          MO-113-1-143
BORDEN, LOUISA                          MO-113-PR2-303
BORDEN, MARY JANE                       MO-113-1-211
BORDEN, MARY JANE                       MO-113-1A-20
BOSTICK, JACOB K.                       MO-113-1-171
BRAM, G. F.                             MO-113-1A-338
BRANDT, JOHN                            MO-113-PR2-191
BRESSLER, LAURA B.                      MO-113-1A-498
BREWIT, JOSEPH                          MO-113-1A-486
BROWN, L. S.                            MO-113-1-315
BROWN, L. S.                            MO-113-1A-116
BROWN, L. S.                            MO-113-1A-63
BROWN, WILLIAM A.                       MO-113-1-15
BROWN, WILLIS                           MO-113-1A-470
BRUMFIELD, JOHN                         MO-113-1-140
BULFINCH, M. L.                         MO-113-1A-33
BULFINCH, M. L.                         MO-113-1-228
BUNNELL, RUTH                           MO-113-1-67
BURKET, FANNIE R.                       MO-113-1A-453
CABARET, JOSEPH                         MO-113-1A-59
CABERET, JOSEPH                         MO-113-1-254
CAMPBELL, W. H.                         MO-113-1A-451
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       MO-113-1A-545
CANADY, CLAUD E.                        MO-113-1A-536
CARDELL, MARION                         MO-113-1A-488
CARMICHAEL, THOMAS G.                   MO-113-1-29
CARNES, JAMES                           MO-113-1-148
CASTOR, ELMER D.                        MO-113-1-66
CASTOR, FRANZE S.                       MO-113-1-37
CLARK, ELON D.                          MO-113-1A-5
CLARK, SAMUEL F.                        MO-113-1A-82
CLARK, SAMUEL R.                        MO-113-1-279
CLARK, W. H.                            MO-113-1A-419
CLINE, WILLIAM H.                       MO-113-1A-483
CLUTTER, JOSEPHIS C.                    MO-113-1-23
COLEMAN, SPENCER C.                     MO-113-1-61
COLLINS, CHARLES M.                     MO-113-1A-425
COMSTOCK, CHARLES G.                    MO-113-1A-319
CONN, ALSON L.                          MO-113-1A-446
CONNABLE, A. L.                         MO-113-1A-314
COSTIN, CHARLES W.                      MO-113-1A-244
COSTIN, CHARLES W.                      MO-113-1-416
COY, JONATHAN L.                        MO-113-1-402
COY, JONATHAN L.                        MO-113-1A-228
CUNNINGHAM, CATHARINE E.                MO-113-1-324
CUNNINGHAM, CATHERINE E.                MO-113-1A-126
DANIELS, ALBERT R.                      MO-113-1A-581
DAVIDSON, JAMES L.                      MO-113-1A-530
DAVIDSON, SIMEON                        MO-113-1-119
DAVIS, AMERICAS P.                      MO-113-1-291
DAVIS, AMERICUS P.                      MO-113-1A-95
DAVIS, DOLPHUS M.                       MO-113-1A-358
DAWSON, CHRISTOPHER R.                  MO-113-1A-97
DAWSON, CHRISTOPHER R.                  MO-113-1-217
DAWSON, JOHN C.                         MO-113-1A-349
DAWSON, JOSEPH                          MO-113-1A-567
DAWSON, NATHAN TOLBERT                  MO-113-1-244
DICKEY, GEORGE W.                       MO-113-1-106
DOWIS, ISAAC                            MO-113-PR2-24
DRUMMINS, BENJAMIN E.                   MO-113-1A-410
DRUMMOND, JAMES T.                      MO-113-1-127
DUNGY, JAMES M.                         MO-113-1-338
DUNGY, JAMES M.                         MO-113-1A-135
DYE, PEARSON M.                         MO-113-1A-247
DYE, PEARSON M.                         MO-113-1-418
EARLY, JAMES                            MO-113-1A-388
EATON, OSCAR                            MO-113-1-222
EBERSOLE, ABRAHAM                       MO-113-1-301
EBERSOLE, ABRAHAM                       MO-113-1A-108
EDGERTON, W. D.                         MO-113-1-225
EDGERTON, W. D.                         MO-113-1A-31
ELLIOTT, THOMAS                         MO-113-1-178
ELLIS, DAVID C.                         MO-113-1-286
ELLIS, DAVID C.                         MO-113-1A-88
FARRIS, GEORGE H.                       MO-113-1A-343
FATTIG, MARY                            MO-113-1A-527
FAUBION, JACOB S.                       MO-113-1A-50
FAUBION, SARAH J.                       MO-113-1A-501
FAW, ELIZABETH E.                       MO-113-1A-532
FERGUSON, J. M.                         MO-113-1-3
FERGUSON, JOHN S.                       MO-113-1A-513
FERGUSON, WILLIAM                       MO-113-1-87
FOUTS, LEWIS W.                         MO-113-1A-208
FREELAND, JOHN W.                       MO-113-1-377
FREELAND, JOHN W.                       MO-113-1A-193
FRY, JACOB L.                           MO-113-PR2-307
GAMBLE, DELCIETT E.                     MO-113-1-117
GARVER, ELIAS S.                        MO-113-1A-478
GARVER, ELIAS S.                        MO-113-1A-445
GATES, GEORGE                           MO-113-1-304
GILLESPIE, JAMES D.                     MO-113-1-74
GLADSTONE, WILLIAM R.                   MO-113-1A-288
GLICK, THEOBALD                         MO-113-1-115
GOFF, ANNA C.                           MO-113-1-409
GOFF, ANNA C.                           MO-113-1A-236
GOFF, CHARLES E.                        MO-113-1A-400
GOLDING, CHARLES H.                     MO-113-1A-428
GOODWIN, NANCY C.                       MO-113-1A-280
GRAHAM, JAMES W.                        MO-113-1-252
GRAY, CHRISTENA                         MO-113-1A-490
HAAS, MICHAEL                           MO-113-1-428
HAGANS, JOHN M.                         MO-113-PR2-532
HALL, FRANCIS M.                        MO-113-1A-283
HALL, HENRY M.                          MO-113-1A-186
HALL, THOMAS J.                         MO-113-1A-407
HALL, WILLIAM W.                        MO-113-1A-520
HANNAH, JAMES                           MO-113-1A-35
HANNAH, JAMES                           MO-113-1-96
HARDING, ORLIN S.                       MO-113-PR2-120
HARFAR, GEORGE W.                       MO-113-1-165
HARTMAN, CATHARINE                      MO-113-1-430
HARTMAN, CATHERINE                      MO-113-1A-282
HASS, MICHAEL                           MO-113-1A-275
HAUBER, GEORGE M.                       MO-113-1-129
HAUN, CALVIN H.                         MO-113-1A-214
HAUN, CALVIN H.                         MO-113-1-383
HAWK, GEORGE B.                         MO-113-1A-459
HEATON, EDWARD S.                       MO-113-1A-141
HEATON, EDWARD S.                       MO-113-1-344
HENLEY, H. M.                           MO-113-1A-558
HENLY, H. M.                            MO-113-1A-197
HENSON, MORGAN                          MO-113-1A-91
HENSON, MORGAN                          MO-113-1-273
HERNDON, BENJAMIN F.                    MO-113-1A-38
HIGGINS, JOEL                           MO-113-1A-143
HOFFER, NICHOLAS                        MO-113-1-111
HOGANS, JOHN M.                         MO-113-1-1
HOLDREN, JAMES HENRY                    MO-113-1A-3
HOLDREN, JAMES HENRY                    MO-113-1-204
HOLLINGSWORTH, THOMAS H.                MO-113-1-156
HOPKINS, JOSEPH S.                      MO-113-1-104
HOSMER, ARTHUR                          MO-113-1A-25
HOUSER, FLAVIUS P.                      MO-113-1A-436
HOUSER, FLAVIUS P.                      MO-113-1A-427
HUNT, ANNA M.                           MO-113-1-406
HUNT, ANNA M.                           MO-113-1A-232
HUNT, CHARLES M.                        MO-113-1-176
HUNTER, MISSOURI                        MO-113-1A-290
HURST, JESSE                            MO-113-PR2-161
JACKSON, JAMES                          MO-113-1-368
JACKSON, JAMES                          MO-113-1A-162
JACKSON, LUTHER                         MO-113-1A-1
JACKSON, LUTHER                         MO-113-1-136
JOB, WILLIAM B.                         MO-113-1-95
JOBE, WILLIAM B.                        MO-113-1A-16
JOHNSON, JERAMIAH                       MO-113-1A-118
JOHNSON, JEREMIAH                       MO-113-1-318
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        MO-113-1-201
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        MO-113-1A-7
JOHNSTON, THOMAS                        MO-113-1A-479
JONES, ABNER M.                         MO-113-1A-438
JONES, CATHARINE A.                     MO-113-1-336
JONES, CATHARINE A.                     MO-113-1A-133
JONES, HORACE                           MO-113-1A-249
JONES, LABAN G.                         MO-113-PR2-144
KEITH, WILLIAM                          MO-113-PR2-361
KENNEDY, WILLIAM                        MO-113-1A-449
KEY, JOB                                MO-113-1A-372
KEY, MARY ANN                           MO-113-1A-417
KIDNEY, MELVIN O.                       MO-113-1A-432
KING, ANNA J.                           MO-113-1-322
KING, JOHN L.                           MO-113-1A-346
KING, WILLIAM                           MO-113-PR2-36
KNOBEL, BALTHASAR L.                    MO-113-1-93
LAMAR, CONRAD R.                        MO-113-1-237
LAMAR, CONRAD R.                        MO-113-1A-40
LAMB, FREMONT                           MO-113-1A-111
LAMB, FREMONT                           MO-113-1-307
LANTZ, JOHN                             MO-113-PR2-309
LATTIMER, HARRIET                       MO-113-1-231
LAVAKE, WALTER H.                       MO-113-1-190
LEASLEY, JAMES                          MO-113-1-411
LEWIS, NELSON T.                        MO-113-1A-396
LIMPUS, THOMAS                          MO-113-1-11
LIPE, DANIEL                            MO-113-1-394
LIPE, DANIEL                            MO-113-1A-221
LISLE, GEORGE W.                        MO-113-PR2-203, 208
LOCKART, RACHEL EMMA                    MO-113-1A-286
LOCKHART, ASBERRY H.                    MO-113-1A-284
LOGAN, MARY E.                          MO-113-1A-113
LOGAN, MARY E.                          MO-113-1-310
LONG, SARAH L.                          MO-113-1A-413
MARSTON, JOHN L.                        MO-113-1A-423
MARTIN, SAMUEL N.                       MO-113-1-392
MASON, JENNIE W.                        MO-113-1A-269
MATHEWS, DAVID                          MO-113-1A-540
MAXWELL, SAMUEL                         MO-113-1-90
MCCRERY, ROBERT S.                      MO-113-1-126
MCCRERY, ROBERT S.                      MO-113-1A-148
MCDUFFY, CLEMENT                        MO-113-1-122
MCELHINNY, MARY                         MO-113-1-77
MCKNIGHT, WILEY                         MO-113-PR2-393
MCLEISH, WILLIAM E.                     MO-113-1-75
MCMANUS, ELIZABETH T.                   MO-113-1-426
MCMANUS, JOHN                           MO-113-1A-150
MCMANUS, JOHN B.                        MO-113-1-358
MCQUIGG, JOHN                           MO-113-1-421
MCQUIGG, JOHN                           MO-113-1A-263
MENDENHALL, NATHAN                      MO-113-1-47
MESSMAN, JOHN G. F.                     MO-113-1A-47
MESSMAN, JOHN G. F.                     MO-113-1A-74
MESSMAN, JOHN G. F.                     MO-113-1-235
MILBER, JOHN C.                         MO-113-1A-554
MILLER, SAMUEL M.                       MO-113-1A-11
MILLER, SAMUEL M.                       MO-113-1-162
MILLS, DAVID                            MO-113-1-101
MINER, R. H.                            MO-113-1-146
MITCHELL, JOHN R.                       MO-113-1-81
MITCHELL, WILLIAM H.                    MO-113-1A-402
MOORE, EMELINE                          MO-113-1-299
MOORE, EMELINE                          MO-113-1A-105
MORIN, JOHN E.                          MO-113-1A-538
MORRIS, ELIAS                           MO-113-1-54
MORRIS, WILLIAM F.                      MO-113-1-40
MULOCK, HARRIET ELIZA                   MO-113-1-5
MUNN, HENRY B.                          MO-113-1A-362
MUNN, HENRY B.                          MO-113-1-350
MURPHY, SYLVESTER                       MO-113-1-19
MURRAY, EMMA C.                         MO-113-1A-518
NAIL, HENRY                             MO-113-1-72
NEIGER, CHRISTIAN C.                    MO-113-1A-9
NEIGER, CHRISTIAN L.                    MO-113-1-168
NORMAN, J. P.                           MO-113-1A-158
NORMAN, J. P.                           MO-113-1-365
NORTON, ARTHUR C.                       MO-113-1A-547
PERINE, HAMILTON R.                     MO-113-1-415
PERRINE, HAMILTON R.                    MO-113-1A-242
PETTIS, FRANK O.                        MO-113-1A-310
PHILLIPS, GEORGE W.                     MO-113-PR2-475
PINKERTON, HIRAM                        MO-113-1A-180
PINKERTON, HIRAM                        MO-113-1-371
POWERS, R. L.                           MO-113-1-327
POWERS, R. L.                           MO-113-1A-120
RAINS, CREED                            MO-113-1-21
RALSTON, ELIZABETH                      MO-113-1A-556
RAY, JALY                               MO-113-1A-137
RAY, JULY                               MO-113-1-341
RAY, WILLIS B.                          MO-113-1-207
RAY, WILLIS B.                          MO-113-1A-404
RICE, NANCY                             MO-113-1A-23
RICHARDS, WILLIAM                       MO-113-1A-76
RICHARDS, WILLIAM                       MO-113-1-276
RICKABAUGH, DAVID                       MO-113-1-152
RICKABAUGH, DAVID                       MO-113-1A-17
RICKABAUGH, STEPHEN A.                  MO-113-1-33
RISE, NANCY                             MO-113-1-219
ROBERTS, PEYTON                         MO-113-1A-130
ROBERTSON, ALLEN                        MO-113-1A-14
ROBERTSON, ALLEN                        MO-113-1-4
ROBINSON, THOMAS F.                     MO-113-1A-494
ROSEBERRY, JOHN F.                      MO-113-1A-43
ROSEBERRY, JOHN F.                      MO-113-1-240
ROUND, PHILLIP D.                       MO-113-1-180
ROWEN, ELIHU                            MO-113-1-68
RUMSEY, ISAAC E.                        MO-113-1-264
RYNEARSON, JOSEPHINE                    MO-113-1-389
SALMON, TRUMAN                          MO-113-1-258
SALMON, TRUMAN                          MO-113-1A-68
SAMPSON, ELVIRA J.                      MO-113-1A-524
SAMSON, R. W.                           MO-113-1-399
SANDERS, JOHN H.                        MO-113-1A-266
SANDERS, JOHN H.                        MO-113-1-424
SAVILLE, JOSEPH                         MO-113-1-17
SCHUSTER, JOHN                          MO-113-1-102
SCHUSTER, MATHIAS                       MO-113-1A-464
SCOTT, JOHN SR.                         MO-113-1-42
SEAB, HENRY N.                          MO-113-1-124
SEAT, JOHN H.                           MO-113-PR2-306
SHADER, WILLIAM T.                      MO-113-1A-336
SHAW, MARY A.                           MO-113-1A-503
SHEARER, MICHAEL                        MO-113-PR2-88
SICKLES, JAMES B.                       MO-113-1A-27
SILVEY, JOHN W.                         MO-113-1A-507
SIMMONS, JOSEPH                         MO-113-1-247
SIMMONS, JOSEPH                         MO-113-1A-53
SIMPSON, HENRY W.                       MO-113-1A-442
SIMPSON, JOHN R.                        MO-113-1-419
SIMPSON, JOHN R.                        MO-113-1A-259
SMITH, MARY A.                          MO-113-1-284
SMITH, WILLIAM J.                       MO-113-1A-564
SNETHEN, CHARLES F.                     MO-113-1A-303
SNETHEN, CLARA                          MO-113-1A-305
SNIDER, AMANDA M.                       MO-113-1A-85
SNIDER, AMANDA M.                       MO-113-1-132
SPAIN, BASH                             MO-113-1A-416
SPAINHOWER, WILLIAM                     MO-113-1-294
SPAINHOWER, WILLIAM T.                  MO-113-1A-103
SPENCER, DAVID                          MO-113-PR2-217
SPILLMAN, HARRIS                        MO-113-1A-391
SPIRE, ANDREW                           MO-113-1A-394
SPOONEMORE, JAMES HENRY                 MO-113-1-153
STABE, PHILLIP                          MO-113-1A-467
STANTON, NOBLE                          MO-113-1A-279
STAPLETON, PETER                        MO-113-1-289
STAPLETON, PETER                        MO-113-1A-94
STARKES, ANNIE                          MO-113-1A-542
STATES, HENRY SR.                       MO-113-1-63
STEAD, SOPHRONIA                        MO-113-1A-123
STEAD, SOPHRONIA                        MO-113-1-330
STEVENS, HENRY LUTHER                   MO-113-1-267
STONE, MARY F.                          MO-113-1-282
STONE, MARY F.                          MO-113-1A-80
STUART, JOHN C.                         MO-113-PR2-222
SURPLUS, THOMAS B.                      MO-113-1A-352
TAUBEAN, JACOB S.                       MO-113-1-159
TEACHNOR, CLARENCE E.                   MO-113-1A-572
THOMPSON, JAMES H.                      MO-113-1-25
THOMPSON, JAMES H.                      MO-113-1A-57
TROTTER, LYMAN H.                       MO-113-1A-420
VANCE, JOHN R.                          MO-113-PR2-175
VANSKYOCK, SUSANNA                      MO-113-1A-583
VANVOORHIS, DANIEL                      MO-113-1A-165
WACHHOLTZ, JOHN                         MO-113-1-380
WACHOLTZ, JOHN                          MO-113-1A-210
WALKER, WARNER W.                       MO-113-1-50
WALL, POLLY (PETERSON)                  MO-113-1-348
WALL, POLLY (PETERSON)                  MO-113-1A-146
WALTER, PETER                           MO-113-1-27
WALTOUR, JOHN M.                        MO-113-1-98
WAMACK, JAMES                           MO-113-1-199
WARDEN, JOHN                            MO-113-1-7
WATSON, AMARIAH                         MO-113-1A-190
WATSON, AMARIAH                         MO-113-1-375
WATSON, GEORGE                          MO-113-1-113
WATSON, HENRY                           MO-113-1A-64
WATSON, HENRY                           MO-113-1-260
WATSON, JOSEPH                          MO-113-PR2-256
WATSON, LYDIA A.                        MO-113-1-362
WATSON, LYDIA A.                        MO-113-1A-155
WAUGH, JOHN                             MO-113-1A-570
WAUGH, MILO                             MO-113-1A-292
WAUGH, WILLIAM W.                       MO-113-1A-510
WEESE, JAMES C.                         MO-113-1A-49
WEESE, JAMES C.                         MO-113-1-174
WEIGART, ELIAS G.                       MO-113-1-1
WEIGART, JOEL C.                        MO-113-1A-128
WEIGART, JOEL C.                        MO-113-1-334
WHARTON, JOHN                           MO-113-PR2-351
WHITE, JOSEPH                           MO-113-1-196
WHITE, JOSEPH                           MO-113-1A-177
WILKINSON, GEORGE W.                    MO-113-1A-360
WILKINSON, SUSANAH R.                   MO-113-1-250
WILKINSON, SUSANNAH R.                  MO-113-1A-55
WILLHITE, CHARLOTTE W.                  MO-113-1A-481
WILLHITE, ROBERT S.                     MO-113-1-373
WILLHITE, ROBERT S.                     MO-113-1A-182
WILLIAMS, HARMON                        MO-113-PR2-128
WILLIAMS, L. Z.                         MO-113-1A-462
WILSON, CAROLINE                        MO-113-1A-585
WILSON, JOHN T.                         MO-113-1A-492
WINEMILLER, JACOB                       MO-113-1-56
WOOD, GIBSON A.                         MO-113-1A-587
WORSTER, SARAH B.                       MO-113-1-396
WORSTER, SARAH B.                       MO-113-1A-223
WORTH, SAMPSON                          MO-113-1-387
WORTH, SAMPSON                          MO-113-1A-218
WRIGHT, MARY L.                         MO-113-1A-240
WRIGHT, MARY L.                         MO-113-1-413
WRIGHT, WILLIAM H.                      MO-113-1A-534
ZELUFF, EMMA J.                         MO-113-1-84

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