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ALLEN, MARTHA                          MS-80-A-105
AMOS, MARY E.                          MS-80-A-353
ARNOLD. W. H.                          MS-80-A-215
BALL, A. C.                            MS-80-A-360
BARRETT, R. D.                         MS-80-A-278
BAYS, H. F.                            MS-80-A-72
BERRY, NANCY ANN                       MS-80-A-248
BERRYHILL, J. NEWTON                   MS-80-A-66
BISHOP, T. J.                          MS-80-A-311
BLAIN,J. W.                            MS-80-A-254
BLAND, R. G.                           MS-80-A-156
BRIDGES, L. M.                         MS-80-A-240
BUCHANAN, JENNIE                       MS-80-A-425
BUCHANAN, S. A. (MRS)                  MS-80-A-233
BURCHFIELD, THMAS                      MS-80-A-244
BURTON, C. O.                          MS-80-A-385
BUSH, J. R.                            MS-80-A-157
CAFFEY, JANE                           MS-80-A-113
CARVER, SAMUEL                         MS-80-A-16
CASTLE, ALBANA G.                      MS-80-A-314
CASTLE, T. W.                          MS-80-A-109
CHILDS, E. G.                          MS-80-A-317
COLLINS, H. C.                         MS-80-A-220
COOKE, A. J.                           MS-80-A-139
COOKE, VIRGINIA                        MS-80-A-333
COOPER, T. L.                          MS-80-A-182
COOPER, THOMAS W.                      MS-80-A-301
COX, W. E.                             MS-80-A-111
COX, W. E.                             MS-80-A-117
CRUMBY, THOMAS N.                      MS-80-A-238
CUMMINGS, G. W.                        MS-80-A-300
CUMMINGS, J. T.                        MS-80-A-306
CUPLEPPER, N. C.                       MS-80-A-399
DAVIS, A. J.                           MS-80-A-264
DICKSON, N. E.                         MS-80-A-222
DICKSON, T. A. J.                      MS-80-A-194
DOBBS, MARY S.                         MS-80-A-312
DUBERRY, J. R.                         MS-80-A-163
DUNN, J. T.                            MS-80-A-327
EDWARDS, E. D.                         MS-80-A-2, 57
ENDY, CHANEY                           MS-80-A-196
ENDY, LIZZIE                           MS-80-A-294
FALKNER, NATHAN                        MS-80-A-31
FINCH, ELIZA J.                        MS-80-A-286
FINCH, ELIZA L.                        MS-80-A-324
FINCH, L. W.                           MS-80-A-303
FINCH, S. E. (MRS)                     MS-80-A-412
FINCH, T. A.                           MS-80-A-405
FLOD, J. L.                            MS-80-A-168
FOARD, BILL                            MS-80-A-335
FOARD, THOMAS WYATT                    MS-80-A-369
FOWLER, GEORGE W.                      MS-80-A-331
FOX, JACOB                             MS-80-A-56
GENTRY, S. L.                          MS-80-A-358
GIBSON, SAMUEL                         MS-80-A-151
GREGG, JOEL                            MS-80-A-226
GRIFFIN, H. M.                         MS-80-A-261
HANEY, L. C.                           MS-80-A-252
HARRIS, NANCY E.                       MS-80-A-37
HARRISON, GEORGE                       MS-80-A-411
HARRISON, NANCY                        MS-80-A-376
HAWES, ELIZABETH                       MS-80-A-165
HAYES, V. A.                           MS-80-A-18
HAYNES, JOHN D.                        MS-80-A-350
HEAD, JOHN L.                          MS-80-A-121
HICKS,A. B.                            MS-80-A-218
HILLHOUSE, JESSE L.                    MS-80-A-29
HITT, WILLIAM L.                       MS-80-A-202
HOAYS, JOHN G.                         MS-80-A-52
HODGES, A. B.                          MS-80-A-343
HOOD, A.E.                             MS-80-A-275
HORPOLE, JULIA A.                      MS-80-A-63
HUNTER, S. G.                          MS-80-A-146
HUNTER, S. G.                          MS-80-A-235
JAMES, W. A. D.                        MS-80-A-247
JENNINGS, LAURA A.                     MS-80-A-273
JOHNSON, CHARLES                       MS-80-A-397
JOHNSON, J. J.                         MS-80-A-347
JOHNSON, JAMES O.                      MS-80-A-76
JONES, B. W.                           MS-80-A-107
KEMP, S. R. (MRS)                      MS-80-A-256
LAMB, H. W.                            MS-80-A-259
LAMB, JIM TOM                          MS-80-A-213
LAMB, JOHN                             MS-80-A-1
LAMB, THOMAS L.                        MS-80-A-366
LANCASTER, HIRAM                       MS-80-A-102
LEGGETT, MARGARET                      MS-80-A-126
MALONE, CECELIA SLOAN                  MS-80-A-320
MARSHALL, J. E.                        MS-80-A-130
MARSHALL, S. A. (MRS0                  MS-80-A-402
MCBRIDE, JOSEPH                        MS-80-A-42
MCBRIDE, JOSEPH                        MS-80-A-177
MCCAIN, EMMA AUGUSTA                   MS-80-A-402, 409
MCCAIN, FRANCIS A.                     MS-80-A-246
MCCAIN, R. J.                          MS-80-A-383
MCCAIN, R. W.                          MS-80-A-223
MCCAMBS, MANNNG                        MS-80-A-154
MCCANE, D. L.                          MS-80-A-309
MCDONALD, JOHN WILBUR                  MS-80-A-99
MICKEE, THOMAS C.                      MS-80-A-269
MIDDLETON, T. H.                       MS-80-A-292
MOORE, ALLEN                           MS-80-A-39
MOORE, JOSEPH                          MS-80-A-143
MORRIS, C. S.                          MS-80-A-296
MORROW, ADLINE                         MS-80-A-159
NABORS, I. J.                          MS-80-A-337
NAKES, JOHN WESLEY                     MS-80-A-237
NOBLIN, NANNIE                         MS-80-A-119
NOBLIN, S. D.                          MS-80-A-115
NOWLIN, DAVID                          MS-80-A-24
PEEBLES, AMANDA                        MS-80-A-20
PEEPLES, J. S.                         MS-80-A-249
PHELPS, N. J.                          MS-80-A-22
PHILLIPS, L. C.                        MS-80-A-218
PHILLIPS, WILLIE ESTILLE               MS-80-A-394
PIERCE, J. A.                          MS-80-A-208
PIERCE, J. H.                          MS-80-A-241
PITTMAN, J. W.                         MS-80-A-124
POE, ANDERSON                          MS-80-A-95
POE, LAURA ANN                         MS-80-A-97
POGUE, J. Y.                           MS-80-A-427
PORTER, MALLIE                         MS-80-A-326
POUNDS, B. W.                          MS-80-A-381
POWELL, MARY LEIGH                     MS-80-A-322
PRYOR, EMMA                            MS-80-A-69
SCOTT, ALFRED                          MS-80-A-67
SCOTT, SAMUEL H.                       MS-80-A-34
SHAFFER, J. T.                         MS-80-A-132
SKELTON, A.                            MS-80-A-171
SPENCER, J. A. E.                      MS-80-A-362
SPENCER, WILLIAM                       MS-80-A-11
STARNES, JOSEPH W.                     MS-80-A-203
STEVENS, TOM M.                        MS-80-A-93
STEWART, C. A.                         MS-80-A-189
STEWART, R. P.                         MS-80-A-150
SUGG, W. G.                            MS-80-A-389
SYNNOTT, SARAH M.                      MS-80-A-88
SYNONOTT, W. L.                        MS-80-A-429
SYNOTT, W. L.                          MS-80-A-429
TALLEY, J. T.                          MS-80-A-243
THOMAS, A. H.                          MS-80-A-79
THOMAS, J. E.                          MS-80-A-378
THORNTON, SOLOMON THOMAS               MS-80-A-329
TURNER, T. C.                          MS-80-A-341
VALENTINE, PAUL                        MS-80-A-280
WATSON, GIDEON                         MS-80-A-26
WATSON, THMAS A. W.                    MS-80-A-4
WHITE, C.                              MS-80-A-128
WHITE, M. D.                           MS-80-A-271
WIGGINS, A. C.                         MS-80-A-288
WIGGINS, EDLEY                         MS-80-A-103
WILLIAMS, A. F.                        MS-80-A-161
WILLIAMS, I. M.                        MS-80-A-356
WILLIAMS, IKE                          MS-80-A-423
WILSON, THOMAS H.                      MS-80-A-257
WOFFORD, ABSALOM L.                    MS-80-A-13
WOFFORD, ISAAC                         MS-80-A-8
WOFFORD, JESSIE E.                     MS-80-A-239
WOMACK, MARK S.                        MS-80-A-90
YATES, SUSAN                           MS-80-A-74

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