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BAIRD, JAMES B.                         MS-79-1-258
BARROW, WILLIAM                         MS-79-1-56
BARTON, WILLIAM                         MS-79-1-160
BETTESON, DAVID                         MS-79-1-11
BRANDON, M. N.                          MS-79-1-235
BROWN, JOHN                             MS-79-1-28
BROWN, LORENZO D.                       MS-79-1-278
BRUCE, JOHN L.                          MS-79-1-46
BUFORD, SAMUEL                          MS-79-1-55
BURRUSS, ELLEN V. K.                    MS-79-1-104
CAIN, JAMES                             MS-79-1-168
CALLIHAN, DAVID                         MS-79-1-64
CALLIHAN, JOHN Y.                       MS-79-1-83
CHAMBERS, WESLEY                        MS-79-1-43
CLARK, DANIEL                           MS-79-1-209
COLLINS, WILLIAM                        MS-79-1-33
CORNER, JOHN                            MS-79-1-269
COSBY, MARGARET                         MS-79-1-302
DELOACH, RUFFIN                         MS-79-1-143
DURANT, JOHN H.                         MS-79-1-71
EDWARDS, CHARLES                        MS-79-1-251
EDWARDS, JESSE                          MS-79-1-214
ELLSBERRY, JACOB                        MS-79-1-218
ELLSBERRY, SUTHARD                      MS-79-1-163
ENHERT, THOMAS S.                       MS-79-1-284
FOSTER, A. G.                           MS-79-1-265
FOSTER, AUGUSTS R.                      MS-79-1-148
FOSTER, GUILFORD, D. D.                 MS-79-1-152
FRAZIER, GEORGE E.                      MS-79-1-220
GERMANY, JOHN                           MS-79-1-149
GLASS, JOEL                             MS-79-1-156
GORDON, MARY A.                         MS-79-1-249
HAIGLER, ESAIS                          MS-79-1-1
HALL, EVANS C.                          MS-79-1-158
HALL, WILLIAM                           MS-79-1-272
HAMMETT, ABSALOM                        MS-79-1-151
HAMPTON, MARGARET                       MS-79-1-231
HATFIELD, ELIZABETH                     MS-79-1-193
HAYNES, BYTHELL                         MS-79-1-48
HAZLIP, WILLIAM                         MS-79-1-286
HENLY, ELIZABETH                        MS-79-1-130
HICKS, JOHN C.                          MS-79-1-115
HILL, SALON                             MS-79-1-116
HOLMES, AHAB                            MS-79-1-140
HUBBARD, ANN L.                         MS-79-1-282
ILER, ABRAM                             MS-79-1-120
IVOR, JOHN                              MS-79-1-154
JENKS, JOHN                             MS-79-1-167
JOHNSON, ISAAC                          MS-79-1-31
JONES, JOHN                             MS-79-1-7
KAIGLER, ELIZABETH H.                   MS-79-1-222
KANN, JOSEPH                            MS-79-1-267
KELLOGG, C. S.                          MS-79-1-179
KELLOGG, MARY ANN                       MS-79-1-241
KNIGHT, ISABELLA                        MS-79-1-108
LEATHERMAN, DANIEL                      MS-79-1-260
LEECH, JAMES                            MS-79-1-150
LESSLEY, JAMES                          MS-79-1-195
LESSLEY, SAMUEL                         MS-79-1-171
LYND, JAMES                             MS-79-1-204
MAGOUN, C. B.                           MS-79-1-185
MCCREADY, JOHN                          MS-79-1-174
MCNEELY, JAMES                          MS-79-1-275
MCNULTY, JOHN                           MS-79-1-124
MEEK, JAMES                             MS-79-1-175
METCALF, ELIZABETH                      MS-79-1-5
MILLER, COLLINS W.                      MS-79-1-295
MILLER, J. W.                           MS-79-1-169
MORRIS, MABERRY                         MS-79-1-229
MURPHY, DANIEL                          MS-79-1-90
NEWELL, GEORGE B.                       MS-79-1-16
NEWELL, WILLIAM                         MS-79-1-91
NICHOLSON, WILLIAM F.                   MS-79-1-2
NOLAND, PHILLIP                         MS-79-1-161
OGDEN, REBECCA                          MS-79-1-201
OGDEN, ROBERT T.                        MS-79-1-234
PARROTT, RUTH                           MS-79-1-274
PERDUE, WILLIAM W.                      MS-79-1-26
PHILBRICK, CHARLOTTE C.                 MS-79-1-3
POSEY, JOHN B.                          MS-79-1-197
PROSSER, THOMAS H.                      MS-79-1-213
QUINN, ABRAM                            MS-79-1-113
QUINN, WILLIAM                          MS-79-1-187
RANDOLPH, A. S.                         MS-79-1-183
RANDOLPH, PETER                         MS-79-1-42
RAOUL, JAMES                            MS-79-1-132, 135
REED, JANE                              MS-79-1-95
RICHARDSON, MARTHA                      MS-79-1-36
RIDDLE, JOSEPH SR.                      MS-79-1-298
SCOTT, ABRAM M.                         MS-79-1-86
SHANNON, MARY                           MS-79-1-22
SMITH, ANNA W.                          MS-79-1-287
SMITH, PETER (CAPT.)                    MS-79-1-177
SMITH, ZACHARIAH                        MS-79-1-17
STEWART, CHARLES JR.                    MS-79-1-76
STEWART, CHARLES SR.                    MS-79-1-126
STEWART, DUNCAN                         MS-79-1-75
STEWART, JOHN                           MS-79-1-138
STEWART, LUCRETIA                       MS-79-1-53
STEWART, MARY                           MS-79-1-217
SWIGART, GEORGE H.                      MS-79-1-202
THOMPSON, DUGAL B.                      MS-79-1-20
THOMPSON, L. B.                         MS-79-1-205
TOWNSEND, CLEMENT                       MS-79-1-70
TURNER, JOHN                            MS-79-1-109
WAIDE, JAMES S.                         MS-79-1-14
WALL, SARAH                             MS-79-1-98
WEAKLEY, MARY                           MS-79-1-255
WEBB, NOAH S.                           MS-79-1-238
WHEELER, JOHN H.                        MS-79-1-264
WHITE, ROBERT                           MS-79-1-34
WILEY, JOHN                             MS-79-1-164
WILKINS, THOMAS                         MS-79-1-211
WILLIAMS, DANIEL                        MS-79-1-72
WOODSIDES, WILLIAM                      MS-79-1-64
YOUNG, LUCY                             MS-79-1-189

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