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ABLES, VICTORIA                         MS-81-B-267
ALDRIDGE, F. M.                         MS-81-B-70
ALDRIDGE, LEWIS                         MS-81-B-83
ALVIS, A. B.                            MS-81-B-251
BAILEY, RICH                            MS-81-B-59
BAKER, JOHN                             MS-81-A-117
BAKERS, FRANCIS                         MS-81-A-98
BARKSDALE, A.                           MS-81-A-183
BARNES, EMILY                           MS-81-A-124
BEATY, JAMES                            MS-81-A-44
BELL, DEMPSEY                           MS-81-B-187
BELLAMY, JOHN                           MS-81-B-230
BENSON, HARDY                           MS-81-A-139
BIGGS, BENJAMIN                         MS-81-A-128
BLACK, WILLIAM                          MS-81-A-220
BLANTON, WILLIAM                        MS-81-A-62
BOBBITT, WILLIAM                        MS-81-B-47
BOBIITT, CASANDRA                       MS-81-B-95
BOHANNON, ROBERT                        MS-81-B-213
BOUNDURANT, GEORGE                      MS-81-B-182
BOUNDURANT, W. A.                       MS-81-B-266
BOWLES, DAVID                           MS-81-A-104
BOYDSTON, BENJAMIN                      MS-81-A-142
BOYKIN, THOMAS                          MS-81-A-4
BRANDON, JOSEPH                         MS-81-B-141
BROOKS, ROBERT                          MS-81-B-177
BROOKS, WASHINGTON                      MS-81-B-192
BROWN, ANN                              MS-81-B-278
BROWN, EMILINE                          MS-81-B-229
BROWN, WIRT                             MS-81-B-293
BRYANT, A. A.                           MS-81-B-221
BURKE, MOURNING, M.                     MS-81-B-169
BURNS, BAILUS                           MS-81-A-26
BURNS, BALES                            MS-81-A-48
BURNS, JOHN                             MS-81-A-68
BURRELL, C. M.                          MS-81-B-236
CAGE, WILSON                            MS-81-A-131
CALDWELL, JAMES                         MS-81-A-96
CARBRY, THOMAS                          MS-81-A-39
CARRAGEE, JOHN C.                       MS-81-B-135
CARROLL, GILES                          MS-81-B-115
CHOATE, JOHN                            MS-81-A-137
CLAY, NATHAN                            MS-81-B-273
CLEVELAND, BENJAMIN                     MS-81-A-166
COCKE, CHASTEEN                         MS-81-B-36
CONLY, GEORGE                           MS-81-A-293
COOK, RUFUS                             MS-81-B-226
COOPWOODS, ELI                          MS-81-B-224
COWAN, DAVID                            MS-81-A-158
CRENSHAW, MILDRED                       MS-81-A-177
DARBY, BASDAL                           MS-81-A-46
DAVIDSON, H. M.                         MS-81-B-108
DAVIS, LEVI                             MS-81-B-99
DAVIS, M. H.                            MS-81-B-270
DUBARD, WILLIAM                         MS-81-B-117
DUE, L. M.                              MS-81-B-246
DUKE, JAMES M.                          MS-81-B-265
DUKE, MARY                              MS-81-B-122
DURETT, ARMIS                           MS-81-A-312
EDMUND, HOWELL                          MS-81-A-185
EGGLESTON, JOSEPH                       MS-81-B-150
EGGLESTON, RICHARD                      MS-81-A-10
ELYS, MARY                              MS-81-A-297
ESTES, SAMUEL                           MS-81-A-18
FERGUSON, MARY B.                       MS-81-B-174
FERRELL, WARREN                         MS-81-B-33
FINCH, JAMES B.                         MS-81-B-38
FOX, JAMES R.                           MS-81-B-40
FOX, JULIA                              MS-81-A-190
FRUITTS, ELIZABETH                      MS-81-A-126
GARNER, HENRY                           MS-81-B-280
GARNER, LOU                             MS-81-B-239
GARNER, SAMUEL                          MS-81-B-7
GATTIS, MARGRET                         MS-81-A-266
GENTRY, W. C.                           MS-81-B-126
GODFRED, RICHARD                        MS-81-A-208
GOODRICK, JOHN W.                       MS-81-B-127
GORDON, MARY G.                         MS-81-B-185
GOWNES, ALLEN                           MS-81-A-284
HAMBLET, WILLIAM                        MS-81-B-165
HAMILTON, WILLIAM S.                    MS-81-A-192
HANDWICK, AMANDA                        MS-81-B-61
HARDIN, L. Y.                           MS-81-A-260
HARPER, MARTHA                          MS-81-A-6
HARRIS, BENJAMIN                        MS-81-B-214
HARRIS, DOLLIE                          MS-81-B-248
HARRIS, JOHN A.                         MS-81-A-144
HARRISON, EMILY                         MS-81-A-123
HARRISON, R. G.                         MS-81-B-220
HAWKINS, JAMES M.                       MS-81-A-174
HERRON, ANDREW                          MS-81-A-146
HERRON, D. L.                           MS-81-B-27
HERRON, F. P.                           MS-81-B-179
HERRON, J. P.                           MS-81-B-90
HERRON, JAMES                           MS-81-A-213
HIGGINS, BENNETT                        MS-81-A-28
HILLIARD, ISAAC                         MS-81-A-250
HODNET, WILLIAM                         MS-81-A-189
HOLLIS, M.                              MS-81-B-215
HOOPER, I. M.                           MS-81-B-66
HOWELL, JAMES M.                        MS-81-B-228
HUBBLE, F. L.                           MS-81-B-106
HUBERT, ELIZABETH                       MS-81-B-188
HYDE, W. P.                             MS-81-B-249
INGRAM, JOHN W.                         MS-81-B-12
JOHNSON, T. J.                          MS-81-A-255
KELLEY, GEORGE                          MS-81-B-237
KELLEY, JAMES G.                        MS-81-B-196
KELLEY, Q. W.                           MS-81-B-252
KELLY, JOSEPH                           MS-81-B-2
KERNAN, JOHN                            MS-81-A-20
KERR, WILLIAM                           MS-81-A-32
KIMBLE, JAMES                           MS-81-B-199
KIRKMAN, THOMAS                         MS-81-B-111
LAMB, MARY                              MS-81-A-209
LAND, BENJAMIN                          MS-81-B-153
LANDSFORD, JAMES                        MS-81-A-107
LANGHLINS, L. M.                        MS-81-A-269
LAWERENCE, JOHN                         MS-81-A-71
LAYCOCK, RICHARD                        MS-81-B-268
LEIGH, A. C.                            MS-81-A-180
LEIGH, JOHN                             MS-81-A-160
LEIGH, RICHARD                          MS-81-A-112
LIGGON, JOSEPH                          MS-81-A-298
LIVERETT, JOHN C.                       MS-81-B-87
LONG, JOHN                              MS-81-A-244
LONG, SHORT                             MS-81-A-217
LUCAS, A. B.                            MS-81-A-309
LUCKY, DAVID                            MS-81-A-43
LUSKES, ROBERT                          MS-81-A-271
MAGEE, F. N.                            MS-81-B-143
MAGIT, N.                               MS-81-B-25
MALLORY, SEPE                           MS-81-A-314
MARDERS, R. K.                          MS-81-B-291
MARTIN, MACON                           MS-81-B-276
MAULDIN, R. L.                          MS-81-B-151
MAYS, W. D.                             MS-81-B-145
MCCALL, SAM                             MS-81-B-11
MCCRACKEN, EPHRAIM                      MS-81-A-206
MCCROY, ELIZABETH                       MS-81-B-269
MCCURRY, JOHN                           MS-81-B-43
MCILVEENE, JOHN                         MS-81-A-17
MCNEAL, A. T.                           MS-81-A-88
MCSWINE, JOHN                           MS-81-A-263
MEECE, WILLIAM L.                       MS-81-B-103
METCALF, JAMES                          MS-81-A-61
METCALF, WILLIAM                        MS-81-A-253
MITCHELL, W. C.                         MS-81-B-190
MOORE, JACOB                            MS-81-B-184
MOORE, MOORE                            MS-81-A-231
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         MS-81-A-73
MURPHEE, J. A.                          MS-81-B-275
NASON, RICHARD                          MS-81-B-96
NEWBERRY, SIM B.                        MS-81-B-225
NEWBURGHAN, ESTHER                      MS-81-B-271
NEWMAN, MARY                            MS-81-B-241
PAEKS, JAMES K.                         MS-81-A-148
PAGE, J. C.                             MS-81-B-297
PARRISH, E. A.                          MS-81-B-240
PEARSON, JANE                           MS-81-B-119
PEARSON, JOHN                           MS-81-A-224
PERKINS, J. H.                          MS-81-B-247
PERRY, O. H.                            MS-81-B-137
PERRYS, ZADOCK                          MS-81-A-171
PERSON, JOHN                            MS-81-A-1
PHILLIPS, DARBY                         MS-81-B-176
PITTMAN, DANIEL R.                      MS-81-A-305
PITTS, PHEBE                            MS-81-A-94
POITEVANT, JOHN                         MS-81-A-235
POWRES, SUSAN C.                        MS-81-B-92
PRESCOTT, LAVISA                        MS-81-B-223
PROVINE, SAMUEL                         MS-81-A-111
RAISINS, DUNCAN                         MS-81-A-119
RAMSAY, JOHN G.                         MS-81-A-279
RAY, HENDERSON                          MS-81-B-211
REESE, JAMES M.                         MS-81-B-105
RIDDICK, MELVINA                        MS-81-B-256
RIGHT, MATTIE V.                        MS-81-B-238
ROACH, JOHN                             MS-81-B-172
ROBERTSON, JOHN CARTLEGE                MS-81-B-167
ROSAMAN, E.                             MS-81-B-255
ROSAMOND, THOMAS                        MS-81-B-63
ROZTUP, S. H.                           MS-81-A-307
SANBORN, JOHN S.                        MS-81-B-282
SANBORN, PHINIS                         MS-81-A-40
SAYLE, W. S.                            MS-81-B-274
SAYLES, DAVIS T.                        MS-81-A-249
SCOTT, THOMAS                           MS-81-A-2
SIMMONS, JOHN N.                        MS-81-B-120
SIMMONS, THOMAS                         MS-81-B-4
SLACKS, NANCY                           MS-81-B-20
SMITH, HANNAH                           MS-81-A-277
SPEARMAN, LORENZA                       MS-81-B-193
SPEARMAN, ROBERT                        MS-81-A-200
SPEARMAN, RUTHZARD                      MS-81-B-218
STARKE, DOUGLASS                        MS-81-A-108
STATHAIS, LAFAYETT                      MS-81-B-28
STATHAM, A. D.                          MS-81-B-74
STATHAM, ANNA E.                        MS-81-B-135
SWEARENGEN, JOHN                        MS-81-A-195
SWEARENGEN, WILLIAM W.                  MS-81-B-15
SWINE, JOHN M.                          MS-81-A-262
TALBERT, JAMES B.                       MS-81-B-243
TALBERT, M. D.                          MS-81-A-228
TALBERT, NANCY                          MS-81-A-15
TERRY, CURTIS                           MS-81-B-18
THACKERD, RANSOM                        MS-81-A-106
THOMPSON, ROBERT                        MS-81-B-207
TILLMAN, RASCHALL                       MS-81-B-55
TINNIN, MARY                            MS-81-A-103
TOWNES, AAMISTEAD                       MS-81-A-258
TOWNES, ALLEN                           MS-81-A-100
TOWNES, J. M.                           MS-81-B-128
TOWNES, JAMES M.                        MS-81-B-132
TOWNES, MARTHA A.                       MS-81-B-21
TOWNS, ALLEN                            MS-81-A-284
TOWNS, JUDITH                           MS-81-A-287
TRUITT, ELIZABETH                       MS-81-A-126
TULLIS, WILLIAM                         MS-81-A-102
TURNBULL, JUDITH                        MS-81-A-64
TURNER, ALFRED                          MS-81-B-130
TURNER, LARKIN                          MS-81-B-232
TURNER, RANSOM                          MS-81-B-101
TURNER, WILLIAM                         MS-81-B-148
UPCHURCH, ROBET B.                      MS-81-B-263
VANHORN, BENJAMIN                       MS-81-B-204
WALKER, BETTIE                          MS-81-B-260
WALTERS, PRISCELLA                      MS-81-B-124
WALTON, HARRIS                          MS-81-B-79
WEATHERLEY, WILLIAM                     MS-81-A-13
WEIGHT, B. G.                           MS-81-B-209
WEIR, CALVIN S.                         MS-81-A-153
WHEELESS, S. G.                         MS-81-B-198
WHISTLER, JACKSON                       MS-81-B-19
WIESKING, ELIZABETH JANE                MS-81-A-240
WILBOURN, E. J.                         MS-81-B-244
WILBOURN, JOHN                          MS-81-B-203
WILBOURN, LIZZIE                        MS-81-B-261
WILBOURN, MARTHA C.                     MS-81-B-253
WILEY, A. D.                            MS-81-A-50
WILLIAMS, FRED                          MS-81-B-186
WILLIAMS, JAMES T.                      MS-81-A-90
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          MS-81-A-210
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          MS-81-A-203
WILLIAMS, KERSHAM                       MS-81-B-82
WILLIAMS, MARY                          MS-81-A-60
WILLIS, JOHN                            MS-81-A-3
WILLIS, JOHN W.                         MS-81-A-281
WYATT, WILLIS                           MS-81-B-45
WYNN, WILLIAM                           MS-81-A-290

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