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ALFORD, JACKSON                         MS-82-A-48
ALSOP, JESSE                            MS-82-A-217
ALSTON, ELEANOR E.                      MS-82-A-76
ANDERSON, WILLIAM W.                    MS-82-A-142
ANDING, MARTIN                          MS-82-A-119
BAILEY, JOHN P.                         MS-82-A-203
BAINS, JAMES                            MS-82-A-4
BALLANCE, ELIZA                         MS-82-A-325
BALLANCE, JAMES                         MS-82-A-256
BEALE, THOMAS B.                        MS-82-A-142
BENNETT, ALBERT G.                      MS-82-A-286
BERRY, YOUNG                            MS-82-A-154
BILES, WILLIE                           MS-82-A-27
BLALOCK, WILLIAM                        MS-82-A-230
BONNEY, JESSE S.                        MS-82-A-88
BOVARD, THOMAS                          MS-82-A-120
BOYD, JOHN R.                           MS-82-A-193
BOYLAN, WILLIAM                         MS-82-A-311
BREAZEALE, E. F.                        MS-82-A-278
BRIDGEFORTH, ROBERT F.                  MS-82-A-150
BRIGGS, GRAY                            MS-82-A-23
BRIGGS, MATILDA H.                      MS-82-A-85
BRINER, DANIEL                          MS-82-A-207
BRISTER, THOMPSON                       MS-82-A-162
BROOCKS, THOMAS                         MS-82-A-164
BROOKS, B. H.                           MS-82-A-239
BROWN, ABNER                            MS-82-A-211
BROWN, JESSE S.                         MS-82-A-19
BULLOCK, JAMES                          MS-82-A-45
BURNS, DENNIS                           MS-82-A-103
BURRUS, JAMES R.                        MS-82-A-302
BVOWMAN, NANCY                          MS-82-A-55
BYRD, JOHN                              MS-82-A-22
BYRD, JOSIAH                            MS-82-A-18
CAGE, ROBERT H.                         MS-82-A-191
CAMP, CYRUS T.                          MS-82-A-285
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         MS-82-A-234
CAMPBELL, JOHN N.                       MS-82-A-294
CAMPBELL, JOHN P.                       MS-82-A-175
CAPSHAW, W. W.                          MS-82-A-307
CARSON, THOMPSON P.                     MS-82-A-84
CASON, CANADAY                          MS-82-A-114
CASON, H. E.                            MS-82-A-7
CASON, JOHN                             MS-82-A-28
CASON, WILLIAM                          MS-82-A-81
CHEATHAM, EGGLESTON                     MS-82-A-138
CHEATHAM, W. E.                         MS-82-A-328
CHEW, THOMAS H.                         MS-82-A-52
COLE, SAMUEL                            MS-82-A-12
COLGLAZER, JOHN                         MS-82-A-40
COLLINS, JAMES M.                       MS-82-A-194
COOPER, EDWARD W.                       MS-82-A-283
COOPER, PRESTON                         MS-82-A-212
COX, JOSIAH                             MS-82-A-108
CULLEN, JOHN M.                         MS-82-A-106
DAVIS, MARGARETT                        MS-82-A-172
DAVIS, T. G.                            MS-82-A-247
DICK, JAMES                             MS-82-A-178
DICK, ROBERT                            MS-82-A-18A
DICKSON, GEORGE B.                      MS-82-A-171
DIXON, ADALINE V.                       MS-82-A-358
DIXON, R. D.                            MS-82-A-279
DODD, WILLIAM                           MS-82-A-17A
DORSEY, R. S.                           MS-82-A-94
DORSEY, W.                              MS-82-A-93
DOWNS, EDWARD S.                        MS-82-A-160
DUNN, JAMES                             MS-82-A-17
EASLY, T. W.                            MS-82-A-223
ELLISON, MOSES                          MS-82-A-159
EVANS, JOHN H.                          MS-82-A-335
FAUST, SARAH C. W.                      MS-82-A-262
FERGUSON, P. M.                         MS-82-A-141
FORT, JAMES D.                          MS-82-A-308
GADBERRY, WILLIAM P.                    MS-82-A-5
GALE, LAURA R.                          MS-82-A-328
GALE, WILLIAM A.                        MS-82-A-269
GARDNER, A. B.                          MS-82-A-15
GEORGE, WILLIAM SR.                     MS-82-A-75
GIBB, ANDREW                            MS-82-A-334
GOOSEY, ELIZABETH                       MS-82-A-330
GORDON, HENRY                           MS-82-A-16
GOUGE, WILLIAM M.                       MS-82-A-359
GOWER, MARK R.                          MS-82-A-151
GRAVES, A. B.                           MS-82-A-170
GRAYSON, SARAH                          MS-82-A-80
GREEN, RICHARD M.                       MS-82-A-8
GRUBBS, GEORGE W.                       MS-82-A-271
GUERRY, JOHN                            MS-82-A-232
GUICE, EPHRAIM                          MS-82-A-187
GUINN, M. E.                            MS-82-A-39
HAGEMAN, LAURA D.                       MS-82-A-130
HALL, LAUREN M.                         MS-82-A-293
HAMER, C. F.                            MS-82-A-259
HANCOCK, GEORG EM.                      MS-82-A-170
HARRINGTON, ABEL M.                     MS-82-A-146
HARRISON, JAMES A.                      MS-82-A-261
HART, DELILA                            MS-82-A-236
HAYMAN, HENRY                           MS-82-A-152
HAYS, WILLIAM C.                        MS-82-A-95
HEAD, SARAH P.                          MS-82-A-196
HENDERSON, O. W.                        MS-82-A-240
HENDRICKS, D. W.                        MS-82-A-292
HENDRICKS, JOHN M.                      MS-82-A-198
HENDRICKS, W. W.                        MS-82-A-258
HIGGINBOTHAM, R. J.                     MS-82-A-136
HINES, RICHARD D.                       MS-82-A-33
HOBART, M. B.                           MS-82-A-153
HODGE, TERKINS A.                       MS-82-A-45
HOGGATT, JAMES W.                       MS-82-A-321
HOLT, ROBERT S.                         MS-82-A-342
HOSEA, EPHRAIM                          MS-82-A-6
HURST, ANN ELIZA                        MS-82-A-248
HYATT, LEONARD L.                       MS-82-A-289
IRBY, CHARLES                           MS-82-A-155
IRWIN, DAVID                            MS-82-A-56
JACOBS, WALTER                          MS-82-A-2
JOHNSON, ALFRED M.                      MS-82-A-228
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN W.                    MS-82-A-325
JOHNSON, JOHN                           MS-82-A-207
JOHNSON, THORNTON N.                    MS-82-A-306
JOHNSON, WILLIAM R.                     MS-82-A-139
JOHNSTON, TILLMAN J.                    MS-82-A-273
JONES, JOHN                             MS-82-A-43
JONES, LEVI N.                          MS-82-A-83
JONES, THOMAS                           MS-82-A-244
JONES, WILIAM WATTS                     MS-82-A-73-157
KIRK, JAMES                             MS-82-A-14
LAMB, JONATHAN                          MS-82-A-126
LAMBETH, WILLIAM L.                     MS-82-A-141
LEA, CALVIN                             MS-82-A-105
LEAKE, WILLIAM J.                       MS-82-A-333
LEWIS, BENJAMIN                         MS-82-A-147
LEWIS, MARY                             MS-82-A-351
LIVINGSTON, JAMES                       MS-82-A-143
LOVE, D. A.                             MS-82-A-134
LUSE, NATHAN H.                         MS-82-A-102
LYNCH, ANTONIO                          MS-82-A-343
MANNING, A. B.                          MS-82-A-332
MCALLESTER, WILLIAM                     MS-82-A-63
MCKEE, ELIZA                            MS-82-A-328
MCKEE, JOHN                             MS-82-A-299
MEAD, COWLES G.                         MS-82-A-128
MEADE, SARAH F.                         MS-82-A-296
MELLEN, ANN S.                          MS-82-A-176
MILLER, MARY J.                         MS-82-A-352
MILLS, CHARLOTTE                        MS-82-A-274
MILLS, W.  H. H.                        MS-82-A-281
MOBLEY, N. W.                           MS-82-A-272
MONHOLLAND, MOSES                       MS-82-A-116
MORTON, JOSEPH W.                       MS-82-A-297
MOSELEY, ARRTHUR                        MS-82-A-58
NALL, JOHN                              MS-82-A-1
NEARMAN, FRANK                          MS-82-A-174
NEELY, SAMUEL                           MS-82-A-78
NELSON, CHARLES W. F.                   MS-82-A-82
NELSON, THOMAS                          MS-82-A-66
NOONAN, THOMAS                          MS-82-A-152
ODONNELL, PATRICK                       MS-82-A-288
OGDEN, EDMUND                           MS-82-A-32
OGDEN, WILLIAM D.                       MS-82-A-136
OREILLY, PHILIP                         MS-82-A-3
ORILEY, JOHN                            MS-82-A-161
PAQUINETT, R. J.                        MS-82-A-134
PARISH, ANDERSON                        MS-82-A-149
PEASE, HENRY H.                         MS-82-A-54
PEASER, MICHAEL                         MS-82-A-233
PEDEN, HENRY                            MS-82-A-60
PEGRAM, JAMES W.                        MS-82-A-88
PERKINS, ASA SOULE                      MS-82-A-174
PHIPPS, M. B.                           MS-82-A-165
PICKETT, MARY                           MS-82-A-106
POPE, SAMPSON                           MS-82-A-90
POWERS, BENJAMIN                        MS-82-A-185
PRESTRIDGE, JAMES                       MS-82-A-199
PRICE, AMOS                             MS-82-A-213
PRITCHETT, HENRY M.                     MS-82-A-200
PUGH, HENRY                             MS-82-A-36
PURVIS, E. W.                           MS-82-A-291
RANSAMON, E.                            MS-82-A-157
RATCLIFF, HENRY                         MS-82-A-224
RATCLIFF, HENRY L.                      MS-82-A-201
RATCLIFF, JAMES                         MS-82-A-25
RICHARDS, WILLIAM L.                    MS-82-A-48
ROCCO, GEORGE                           MS-82-A-353
RODGERS, ROBERT                         MS-82-A-50
ROYALL, JOHN M.                         MS-82-A-167
SCOTT, BURRELL                          MS-82-A-345
SCOTT, GABRIEL                          MS-82-A-9
SCOTT, LEONARD                          MS-82-A-97
SCOTT, MICHIEL B.                       MS-82-A-250
SCOTT, ROBERT                           MS-82-A-111
SCOTT, WILLIAM PARKER                   MS-82-A-329
SHARP, J. M.                            MS-82-A-264
SHARP, MARY                             MS-82-A-329
SIBLEY, THOMAS H.                       MS-82-A-61
SINGLETON, THOMAS T.                    MS-82-A-276
SPAIN, NANCY                            MS-82-A-245
SPIARS, JOHN W.                         MS-82-A-242
STAMPLEY, RICHARD                       MS-82-A-208
STANFORD, W. L.                         MS-82-A-344
STEVENS, REBECCA                        MS-82-A-221
SWAYZE, GABRIEL                         MS-82-A-224
TATE, WADDY                             MS-82-A-304
THOMAS, B. F.                           MS-82-A-215
THOMAS, JOHN H.                         MS-82-A-252
THOMPSON, MARY                          MS-82-A-241
THOMPSON, R. N.                         MS-82-A-267
TILLERY, JOSHUA                         MS-82-A-6
TOLLES, REILLY                          MS-82-A-61
TUCKER, ROSANNAH                        MS-82-A-197
TUTT, P. B.                             MS-82-A-11
VICK, GRAY J.                           MS-82-A-121
WALKER, JEREMIAH                        MS-82-A-64
WALKER, SAMUEL                          MS-82-A-209
WALKER, THOMPSON                        MS-82-A-284
WALLIS, PHILIP                          MS-82-A-87
WEATHERSPOON, ESTHER                    MS-82-A-34
WHITE, NATHAN                           MS-82-A-16
WHITEHEAD, U. J.                        MS-82-A-30
WHITFIELD, JAMES B.                     MS-82-A-10-17
WILKINSON, BENJAMIN R.                  MS-82-A-205
WILKINSON, EDWARD C.                    MS-82-A-204
WILKINSON, HENRY                        MS-82-A-159
WILKINSON, WILLIAM A.                   MS-82-A-51
WILKINSON, WILLIAM B.                   MS-82-A-127
WILLIAMS, BASIL                         MS-82-A-101
WILLISON, JOHN                          MS-82-A-31
WILSON, JOHN I.                         MS-82-A-168
WILSON, JOHN R.                         MS-82-A-189
WODORUFF, BAKER                         MS-82-A-346
WOODLRIDGE, DAVID                       MS-82-A-363
WOODLRIDGE, JOSIAH J.                   MS-82-A-123
WOODWARD, WILLIAM                       MS-82-A-107
YARBOROUGH, THOMAS                      MS-82-A-67

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