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ADAMS, NICHOLAS                        MT-7-1-58
ALLEN, JOHN J.                         MT-7-1-75
AMUNDSON, LYDIA LOUISA                 MT-7-1-94
ANDERSON, JOSEPH                       MT-7-1-32
BABCOCK, EDWARD C.                     MT-7-1-98
BAKER, MARY                            MT-7-1-87
BARNETT, EMET                          MT-7-1-90
BERGERON, LOUIS                        MT-7-1-81
BILLINGS, ROBERT C.                    MT-7-1-3
BILLINGS, ROBERT C.                    MT-7-1-1
BILLUPS, MARY                          MT-7-1-84
CALDWELL,ROSALIE D.                    MT-7-1-41
CARMAN, MYRON ALBERT                   MT-7-1-20
CUNNINGHAM, MARY M.                    MT-7-1-79
CUTTING, MARY A.                       MT-7-1-30
DESILETS, JOSEPH N.                    MT-7-1-29
DEVENY, MATILDA S.                     MT-7-1-54
DUGAS, E. J.                           MT-7-1-105
EDWARDS, JOSEPH H.                     MT-7-1-34
FLOREK, FLORIAN                        MT-7-1-60
FLOREK, MARTHA                         MT-7-1-58
FORD, ROBERT SIMPSON                   MT-7-1-62
GEREKE, CARL                           MT-7-1-61
GOOLSBAY, JAMES A.                     MT-7-1-82
GRIFFIN, MARY M.                       MT-7-1-37
HARTMAN, WILLIAM                       MT-7-1-76
HENDY, JOHN                            MT-7-1-103
HENDY, MARY                            MT-7-1-102
HUTCHINSON, JOHN B.                    MT-7-1-89
JONES, H. B.                           MT-7-1-53
KNIGHT, GEORGE F.                      MT-7-1-2
KNIGHT, GEORGE FRANK                   MT-7-1-18
LARKIN, THOMAS H.                      MT-7-1-29
MANTEL, GEORGE C.                      MT-7-1-72
MARSHALL, JOHN                         MT-7-1-65
MEDIN, MARCO                           MT-7-1-88
MINNS, THOMAS                          MT-7-1-14
MUIRHEAD, CHARLES H.                   MT-7-1-57
OLSON, AXEL HERMAN                     MT-7-1-91
PHILIPP, HERMAN O.                     MT-7-1-55
PLEREK, MARTHA                         MT-7-1-58
RANNEY, ELIJAH C.                      MT-7-1-24
SABBINGTON, PATSY                      MT-7-1-52
SAFFORD, WILLIAM H.                    MT-7-1-84
SALMON, JOHN                           MT-7-1-31
SAULS, BORGHILD C.                     MT-7-1-106
SAULS, FRED J.                         MT-7-1-106
STARK, PETER                           MT-7-1-73
STOCKER, MARY                          MT-7-1-101
THOMPSON, JOHN D.                      MT-7-1-46
TUFVESON, JOHANNA                      MT-7-1-96
TUFVESON, P.                           MT-7-1-97
VCISLO, JOSEPH                         MT-7-1-104
WARD, CALLIE REYNOLDS                  MT-7-1-83
WEAVER, HENRY M.                       MT-7-1-38
WHEELER, FREDERICK W.                  MT-7-1-50
WILLIAMS, MOLLIE                       MT-7-1-36

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