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AUBUCHON, CELESTIN                     MT-20-1-75
AUTHORSON, CHARLES                     MT-20-1-58
BERGMAN, JOHN                          MT-20-1-78
BOTSCHEIDER, ADELAIDE A.               MT-20-1-112
BOUNTING, M. M.                        MT-20-1-77
BRAY, JOSEPHINE                        MT-20-1-87
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM S.                   MT-20-1-90
CONN, JOHN                             MT-20-1-124
COURTNEY, MICHAEL                      MT-20-1-129
CRAWSHAW, MARY A.                      MT-20-1-61
DAILEY, SAMUEL                         MT-20-1-82
DEARBORN, A. R.                        MT-20-1-74
DEGENHART, LEE C.                      MT-20-1-101
DELBRIDGE, RICHARD                     MT-20-1-18
DELRY, FRED                            MT-20-1-97
ENDERLEIN, WILLIAM P.                  MT-20-1-69
FEATHERMAN, JAMES B.                   MT-20-1-83
FEATHERMAN, JOHN S.                    MT-20-1-122
FOY, PATRICK                           MT-20-1-80
FUSZ, PAUL A.                          MT-20-1-49
GRANT, HENRY                           MT-20-1-19
GRAY, DANIEL A.                        MT-20-1-108
GUHILL, JOSEPHINE                      MT-20-1-70
GUILIO, PIETRO                         MT-20-1-127
GULBERG, INGRID MARY J.                MT-20-1-5
HENDRIKSON, LOUIS J.                   MT-20-1-98
HENNESSY, DAVID W.                     MT-20-1-94
HENZIE, J. J.                          MT-20-1-93
HERRING, FREDRICK W.                   MT-20-1-36
HOWELL, THOMAS WILLIAM                 MT-20-1-125
HUNNEWELL, WILLIAM S.                  MT-20-1-116
JENKIN, JAMES                          MT-20-1-71
JOHNSON, LEVI C.                       MT-20-1-14
JOHNSON, S. S.                         MT-20-1-89
KELLY, WILLIAM J.                      MT-20-1-109
KOLHECK, JOHN                          MT-20-1-91
KROGER, CHARLES                        MT-20-1-7
LARM, MARY CHRISTINA                   MT-20-1-115
LEAVENS, EVANDER G.                    MT-20-1-34
LYON, ELLA F.                          MT-20-1-95
MAYWOOD, SARAH M.                      MT-20-1-86
MCDONALD, ALLAN                        MT-20-1-21
MCDONALD, ANGUS A.                     MT-20-1-46
MCLEOD, JOHN                           MT-20-1-76
MCRAE, RODERICK D.                     MT-20-1-114
MELLEN, SARAH                          MT-20-1-22
MIBERY, ANNIE                          MT-20-1-65
MILLIGAN, JAMES                        MT-20-1-15
MINUSE, MARY E.                        MT-20-1-1
MONAHAN, AMBROSE                       MT-20-1-43
MORGAN, DANIEL C.                      MT-20-1-42
MORSE, G. W.                           MT-20-1-105
MORSE, JOHN W.                         MT-20-1-41
MUSSEBROD, PETER S.                    MT-20-1-99
ONIEL, CHARLES W.                      MT-20-1-113
PATTEN, JAMES                          MT-20-1-72
PORTER, CHARLES L.                     MT-20-1-96
POWERS, WILLIAM P.                     MT-20-1-79
RAINS, JOHN                            MT-20-1-6
ROBINSON, THOMAS HENRY                 MT-20-1-10
SCHNEPEL, HENRIETTA                    MT-20-1-37
SCHUH, MARY                            MT-20-1-85
SCHUH, WILLIAM                         MT-20-1-24
SENTY, CHRIST                          MT-20-1-60
SHEMHAUSER, LOUIS                      MT-20-1-73
SHEN, PETER T.                         MT-20-1-81
SHERMAN, GUSTAVUS VASA                 MT-20-1-45
SMITH, SARAH A.                        MT-20-1-126
SMITH, THOMAS                          MT-20-1-31
STUART, JAMES                          MT-20-1-63
SUNDBERG, JAMES W.                     MT-20-1-88
THOMAS, ELLEN                          MT-20-1-130
THOMAS, JEREMIAH                       MT-20-1-12
THOMSON, ELIZABETH LEDLIE              MT-20-1-110
TINKLEPAUGH, CHARLES                   MT-20-1-111 
TORRIANO, FRANK                        MT-20-1-103
WEINSTEIN, HYMAN                       MT-20-1-84
WILLIAMS, GEORGE H. G.                 MT-20-1-27
WILSON, CHARLES A.                     MT-20-1-26
WOODLOCK, PATRICK                      MT-20-1-62
WRIGHT, MAY                            MT-20-1-17

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