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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1772-1778 | 2=1778-1796 | 3-35=? |
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ABIEL, JAMES                            WV-2-2-72
ABRELL, JOHN                            WV-2-1-3
ALLEN, FREDERICK                        WV-2-2-12
ALLISON, MATHEW                         WV-2-1-2
ANGEL, MICHAEL                          WV-2-2-263
ARMSTRONG, ALEXANDER                    WV-2-1-374
BAKER, WALTER                           WV-2-1-438
BALDWIN, WILLIAM                        WV-2-1-396
BANNER, JOHN                            WV-2-1-317
BARGER, PETER                           WV-2-2-67
BARHART, MARTIN                         WV-2-2-39
BARNISER, CATHARINE                     WV-2-1-219
BARNS, STEPHEN                          WV-2-1-373
BARTLETT, WILLIAM                       WV-2-1-116
BILLIPS, JOHN                           WV-2-1-212
BINGERMAN, HENRY                        WV-2-1-163
BOGS, WILLIAM                           WV-2-2-92
BOLEY, SIMON                            WV-2-1-417
BOSWELL, WALTER                         WV-2-1-141
BOYD, WILLIAM                           WV-2-1-84
BRABSON, JOHN                           WV-2-1-285
BRISCOE, JAMES                          WV-2-1-160
BRISCOE, JOHN                           WV-2-2-13
BROOKS, SAMUEL                          WV-2-2-52
BROWN, JAMES                            WV-2-1-56
BUCKLES, MARY                           WV-2-1-90
BUCKLES, ROBERT                         WV-2-2-83
BURR,PETER                              WV-2-2-297
BUTT, JOSEPH                            WV-2-2-173
BYERLY, MICHAEL                         WV-2-2-8
CAMPBELL, DUGALL                        WV-2-1-1
CAMPBELL, FRANCES                       WV-2-1-21
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          WV-2-2-109
CARBY, JOHN                             WV-2-2-105
CARNEY, JOHN                            WV-2-1-35
CHAMPION, JOSEPH                        WV-2-1-125
CHENOWETH, ABSOLEM                      WV-2-1-19
CHENOWETH, JOSEPH                       WV-2-1-397
CHENOWETH, WILLIAM                      WV-2-1-410
CLARK, ELIZABETH                        WV-2-1-11
CLAWSON, RICHARD                        WV-2-1-69
CLAYCOMB, CONRAD                        WV-2-1-362
COEUS, HENRY                            WV-2-1-103
COLDWELL, ANDREW                        WV-2-2-86
COLE, JACOB                             WV-2-1-478
COLLET, MOSES                           WV-2-1-297
COOKUS, HENRY                           WV-2-2-29
COONTZ, HENRY                           WV-2-1-445
COOPER, HAZALET                         WV-2-2-271
COPENHAVER, MICHAEL                     WV-2-1-398
COWENOVER, JOHN                         WV-2-1-122
CRANE, JAMES                            WV-2-2-337
CROW, JOHN                              WV-2-1-38
CRUMLY, WILLIAM                         WV-2-2-185
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                       WV-2-1-16
CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT                      WV-2-1-379
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM                     WV-2-1-432
DALRYMPLE, JOHN                         WV-2-1-74
DANIEL, ELIZAETH                        WV-2-2-382
DAVENPORT, ABRAHAM                      WV-2-2-40
DAVIS, JACOB                            WV-2-1-205
DAVIS, JOHN                             WV-2-2-364
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          WV-2-1-14
DEMOSS, CHARLES                         WV-2-1-433
DEMOSS, REBECCA                         WV-2-2-119
DREW, WILLIAM                           WV-2-1-407
DUKE, JOHN                              WV-2-2-121
DUKE, JOHN SR.                          WV-2-2-32
DUKE, MARGARET                          WV-2-2-99
DUNCAN, MATTHEW                         WV-2-2-22
ELLIS, ENOS                             WV-2-1-316
ELLIS, JOHN                             WV-2-1-254
ELLIS, WILLIAM                          WV-2-1-15
ENTLER, ADAM                            WV-2-1-82
EVANS, ISAAC                            WV-2-2-169
EWINGS, THOMAS                          WV-2-2-174
FIELDS, WILLIAM                         WV-2-1-30
FISHER, JACOB                           WV-2-1-454
FLAGG, THOMAS                           WV-2-1-12
FLETCHER, JOHN                          WV-2-1-6
FRANK, BERNARD                          WV-2-1-293
FRIER, ALEXANDER                        WV-2-2-152
FRITZ, MICHAEL                          WV-2-1-453
FROSHOUR, WINDLE                        WV-2-2-199
FRYATT, BARTHOLOMEW                     WV-2-2-207
FRYER, ALEXANDER JR.                    WV-2-2-155
GAUNT, JOHN                             WV-2-2-94
GERRARD, JOHN                           WV-2-1-460
GILBERT, NATHAN                         WV-2-1-417
GLENN, JAMES                            WV-2-1-29
GLENN, JANE                             WV-2-2-187
GLENN, JOHN                             WV-2-1-394
GLENN, MARTHA                           WV-2-1-41
GOLD, THOMAS                            WV-2-2-334
GRAHAM, JAMES                           WV-2-1-104
GRAY, HUGH                              WV-2-1-446
GREE, WILLIAM                           WV-2-1-180
GULEFORD, JOHN                          WV-2-1-257
HAINES, HENRY                           WV-2-1-119
HAIR, SAMUEL                            WV-2-1-287
HALEY, REUBEN                           WV-2-2-48
HALL, GEORGE                            WV-2-1-416
HANCHER, NICHOLAS                       WV-2-1-109
HANSILL, MICHAEL                        WV-2-1-233
HARPER, JOHN                            WV-2-2-195
HARPER, ROBERT                          WV-2-1-291
HARRISON, SAMUEL                        WV-2-2-33
HART, THOMAS JR.                        WV-2-2-275
HAYS, JOHN                              WV-2-1-458
HEIM, JACOB                             WV-2-1-435
HENDRICKS, JOHN                         WV-2-2-359
HENDRIK, JAMES SR.                      WV-2-2-287
HENTHORN, JAMES                         WV-2-1-58
HERSHFIELD, FREDERICK                   WV-2-1-126
HIATT, GEORGE                           WV-2-1-451
HICKMAN, EZEKIEL                        WV-2-2-166
HITE, JACOB                             WV-2-1-154
HITE, JOHN                              WV-2-1-75
HITE, THOMAS                            WV-2-1-171
HODGES, JOSHUA                          WV-2-2-51
HOOKE, MARY                             WV-2-1-151
HOUSMAN, DAVID                          WV-2-2-253
HOUTE, GEORGE                           WV-2-1-436
HOYLE, JACOB SR.                        WV-2-1-231

JACK, JAMES                             WV-2-2-341
JACK, JEREMIAH                          WV-2-1-389
JACKSON, JOHN SR.                       WV-2-1-471
JONES, ELIZABETH                        WV-2-1-215
KELLEY, WILLIAM                         WV-2-1-107
KERNEY, WILLIAM                         WV-2-1-465
KEYES, HUMPHREY                         WV-2-2-175
KLOCKHAM, CONRAD                        WV-2-1-362
KNOX, WILLIAM                           WV-2-1-122
KRUCK, JACOB                            WV-2-2-323
KYLE, JOSEPH                            WV-2-1-301
LACKEY, JAMES                           WV-2-1-146
LEE, CHARLES                            WV-2-1-308
LEMEN, JAMES                            WV-2-1-111
LEMON, JOHN SR.                         WV-2-1-31
LOGAN, JAMES                            WV-2-1-255
LOWDEN, WILLIAM                         WV-2-2-320
LOWER, PHILIP                           WV-2-1-166
LUCAS, EDWARD SR.                       WV-2-1-112
LYLES, HUGH                             WV-2-2-85
MATHEWS, JOHN                           WV-2-1-132
MAY, DANIEL                             WV-2-1-95
MCCARTNEY, SARAH                        WV-2-1-216
MCCLYMONS, WILLIAM                      WV-2-1-86
MCKENNY, EDWARD                         WV-2-2-350
MCPHERSON, DANIEL                       WV-2-2-24
MEDLEY, WILLIAM                         WV-2-2-225
MENDENHALL, JOHN                        WV-2-1-16
MERCER, EDWARD                          WV-2-1-311
MERCHANT, WILLIAM                       WV-2-1-5
MERRIOT, BARBARA                        WV-2-1-157
MERRIOT, GEORGE                         WV-2-1-45
MICHEL, MICHEL                          WV-2-2-216
MILLAN, JOHN                            WV-2-1-456
MILLER, DAVDI                           WV-2-1-248
MILLER, HUGH SR.                        WV-2-2-270
MILLER, JAMES                           WV-2-2-348
MILLER, JOHN                            WV-2-2-100
MILLER, ZACARIAH                        WV-2-2-355
MOOLER, ADAM SR.                        WV-2-1-352
MOORE, JOHN                             WV-2-1-361
MOORE, JOSEPH                           WV-2-1-222
MORGAN, ISAAC                           WV-2-1-371
MORGAN, JACOB                           WV-2-1-188
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         WV-2-2-5
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         WV-2-2-304
MORRISS, ELIZABETH                      WV-2-2-132
MORROW, CHARLES                         WV-2-2-157
NOBLE, THOMAS                           WV-2-2-243
OBANION, BRYANT                         WV-2-1-356
OBURN, JAMES                            WV-2-1-245
ORRICK, NICHOLAS                        WV-2-1-217
OZBURN, DAVIES                          WV-2-1-323
OZBURN, JONATHAN                        WV-2-1-153
PARK, JOHN                              WV-2-1-355
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      WV-2-1-253
PAUL, JOHN                              WV-2-1-242
PAUL, WILLIAM                           WV-2-1-172
PENDLETON, NATHANIEL                    WV-2-2-196
PHILIPEY, CHRISTIAN                     WV-2-2-183
POLAND, SAMUEL                          WV-2-1-201
PRICE, IGNATIUS                         WV-2-2-317
PYKE, MICHAEL                           WV-2-1-33
PYKE, WILLIAM                           WV-2-1-68
RANDOLPH, JOHN                          WV-2-2-71
RANKIN, BENJAMIN                        WV-2-1-441
REAGAR, BURKET                          WV-2-1-290
REILEY, JOHN                            WV-2-2-201
RIPPEY, JOSEPH                          WV-2-1-25
ROADS, JOHN                             WV-2-2-162
ROSE, CONROD                            WV-2-2-363
ROSE, JONATHAN                          WV-2-1-392
ROSS, STEPHEN                           WV-2-1-189
RUMSEY, JAMES                           WV-2-2-184
RUSH, LEONARD                           WV-2-1-480
RUSSELL, REBECCA                        WV-2-1-179
RUTHERFORD, THOMAS JR.                  WV-2-2-378
RYON, JOHN                              WV-2-1-485
SCOTT, GEORGE                           WV-2-2-2
SEAMAN, JONAH                           WV-2-1-332
SEAMAN, JONATHAN                        WV-2-1-375
SEEVER, PETER                           WV-2-1-235
SEWELL, JOHN                            WV-2-2-209
SHEETZ, PHILIP                          WV-2-2-230
SHEPHERD, ELIZABETH                     WV-2-2-176
SHEPHERD, THOMAS                        WV-2-1-61
SHEPHERD, THOMAS                        WV-2-2-151
SILBORN, FRANCIS                        WV-2-1-28
SKINNER, WILLIAM                        WV-2-2-217
SMITH, THOMAS                           WV-2-2-95
SNIDER, JACOB                           WV-2-2-68
SNODGRASS, JOHN                         WV-2-1-476
STALEY, JACOB                           WV-2-2-198
STANLEY, JOANE                          WV-2-2-272
STEPHENSON, HUGH                        WV-2-1-70
STEPHENSON, RICHARD                     WV-2-1-108
STEPHENSON, RICHARD                     WV-2-1-53
STEPHENSON, RICHARD                     WV-2-1-258
STEPHSON, RICHARD                       WV-2-2-299
STEWART, GEORGE                         WV-2-2-142
STIPP, MARTIN                           WV-2-2-332
STRODE, JAMES                           WV-2-2-300
STRODE, JEREMIAH                        WV-2-1-377
STROOP, ELIZABETH                       WV-2-1-228
STRYDER, ISAAC                          WV-2-2-226
SWEARINGEN, THOMAS                      WV-2-1-414
SWEARINGEN, THOMAS                      WV-2-1-186
SWEARINGEN, VAN                         WV-2-2-140
SWEARINGEN, VAN                         WV-2-1-489
SWIGAR, JACOB                           WV-2-1-33
TAYLOR, JOHN                            WV-2-2-163
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                          WV-2-1-415
TELLEROY, ANDREW                        WV-2-1-210
THATCHER, SAMUEL                        WV-2-1-66
THETFORD, PIMON                         WV-2-1-298
THORNBOROUGH, THOMAS                    WV-2-2-44
THORNBURGH, SARAH                       WV-2-2-286
THROCKMORTON, JOB                       WV-2-1-199
THROCKMORTON, JOHN                      WV-2-1-37
THROOP, HENRY                           WV-2-1-470
THUMMY, JACOB                           WV-2-1-304
TRAVERS, JOHN MEADE                     WV-2-1-124
TULLIS, MOSES                           WV-2-1-118
TURNER, MARY                            WV-2-1-296
VANCE, HUGH                             WV-2-2-123
VANMATER, HENRY SR.                     WV-2-2-214
VANMETRE, ABRAHAM SR.                   WV-2-1-348
VERDIER, JAMES                          WV-2-1-402
WAGGONER, CHRISTOPHER                   WV-2-2-269
WALFORD, MARTIN                         WV-2-1-211
WALLS, GEORGE                           WV-2-1-486
WARD, JOSEPH                            WV-2-1-469
WASHINGTON, SAMUEL                      WV-2-1-237
WASHINGTON, SUSANNAH                    WV-2-1-310
WASHINGTON, THORNTON                    WV-2-1-464
WATSON, JOHN SR.                        WV-2-1-399
WATSON, THOMAS                          WV-2-1-149
WEAVER, CHRISTOPHER                     WV-2-1-479
WELSH, JACOB                            WV-2-1-453
WILLIS, ROBERT CARTER                   WV-2-1-333
WILSON, JOHN                            WV-2-1-310
WILSON, JOSEPH                          WV-2-2-335
WITHES, WILLIAM                         WV-2-1-395
WOLTZ, PETER                            WV-2-1-403
WOOLAM, JACOB                           WV-2-1-150
WORTHINGTON, ROBERT                     WV-2-1-169
YOEL, HENRY                             WV-2-1-159
YOUNG, NICHOLAS                         WV-2-2-369
YOUNG, NOAH                             WV-2-2-365
ZIMMERMAN, ADAM                         WV-2-2-16

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