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ABERNATHY, WILLIAM G.                   WV-12-3-197
ADAMS, ANNIE G.                         WV-12-1-79
ALKIRE, FOREST                          WV-12-3-416
ALLEN, ELOTA S.                         WV-12-3-469
ALLEN, HUGH                             WV-12-4-12
ALT, ANNAH E.                           WV-12-1-355
ALT, BERKLEY SNOWDEN                    WV-12-4-2
ALT, D. W.                              WV-12-3-307
ALT, EUGENE                             WV-12-2-231
ALT, H. A.                              WV-12-3-437
ALT, J. S.                              WV-12-3-234
ALT, MARY R.                            WV-12-4-102
ALT, MICHAEL H.                         WV-12-2-52
AMTOWER, ALBERT R.                      WV-12-3-454
AMTOWER, CATHARINE E.                   WV-12-1-170
AMTOWER, HERMAN                         WV-12-2-84
AMTOWER, JOHN                           WV-12-2-163
AMTOWER, LUCY BLANCHE                   WV-12-3-495
AMTOWER, R. W.                          WV-12-4-17
AMTOWER, SENAL.                         WV-12-4-105
AMTOWER, STELLA                         WV-12-3-421
ANDENRIED, EMMA                         WV-12-1-276
ANDENRIED, JOHN T.                      WV-12-1-114
ANTHONY, FRITZ JR.                      WV-12-4-128
ANTHONY, ROSA                           WV-12-3-53
ARBOGAST, KATHRYN V.                    WV-12-2-293
ARBOGAST, SARAH M.                      WV-12-3-107
ARBOGAST, SOL                           WV-12-3-85
AREND, MARTIN                           WV-12-1-113
ARMENTROUT, CLARA L.                    WV-12-3-381
ARMENTROUT, DAVID H.                    WV-12-3-121
ARONHALT, JOB M.                        WV-12-2-17
ARONHOLT, DAVID                         WV-12-2-191
ARONHOLT, MARIAH                        WV-12-2-254
ASHENFELTER, JOHN GORDON                WV-12-3-414
BABB, BELLE                             WV-12-2-149
BABB, BLANCHE                           WV-12-1-392
BABB, CHARLES M.                        WV-12-2-85
BABB, DANIEL W.                         WV-12-1-290
BABB, PETER                             WV-12-1-15
BABB, ROY C.                            WV-12-4-43
BABB, SAMUEL                            WV-12-1-3
BAIRD, SUSAN J.                         WV-12-1-58, 197
BAIRD, WILLIAM M.                       WV-12-1-344
BAKER, AARON                            WV-12-1-247
BAKER, C. E.                            WV-12-2-101
BAKER, DONALD J.                        WV-12-4-35
BAKER, E. W.                            WV-12-1-70
BAKER, H. F.                            WV-12-2-250
BAKER, JAMES W.                         WV-12-1-109
BAKER, MARY E.                          WV-12-1-427
BAKER, R. W.                            WV-12-3-363
BAKER, RAPHAEL                          WV-12-2-151
BARGER, BESSIE LEE                      WV-12-3-150
BARGER, ELIZA V.                        WV-12-2-35
BARGER, FRANK S.                        WV-12-3-14
BARGER, GEORGE P.                       WV-12-2-162
BARGER, JAMES                           WV-12-3-12
BARGER, JAMES                           WV-12-2-291
BARGER, JANE                            WV-12-3-185
BARGER, M. K.                           WV-12-4-71
BARGER, MICHAEL C.                      WV-12-1-104
BARGER, MOLLIE                          WV-12-3-219
BARGER, T. J.                           WV-12-3-122
BARGER, WILLIAM D.                      WV-12-1-464
BARGER, WILLIAM P.                      WV-12-2-247
BARGER, ZELLA                           WV-12-3-292
BARNHIFER, EVALINE C.                   WV-12-1-362
BEAN, M. A.                             WV-12-4-60
BECKER, ADA F.                          WV-12-4-66
BECKWITH, OTT                           WV-12-3-373
BELL, PERRY M.                          WV-12-3-277
BELL, SARAH JAMIMA                      WV-12-1-153
BELT, ANDREW J.                         WV-12-3-211
BENNETT, MARY E.                        WV-12-3-113
BENSTINE, ELIZABETH                     WV-12-1-34
BERG, A. J.                             WV-12-2-278
BERG, E. W.                             WV-12-2-65
BERG, HENRY D.                          WV-12-3-156
BERG, JOHN A.                           WV-12-3-235
BERG, JOSHUA                            WV-12-1-431
BERGDALL, ELIZBETH                      WV-12-1-122
BERGDALL, HANNAH                        WV-12-1-192
BERGDALL, MARY E.                       WV-12-2-95
BERGDALL, SUSANNA                       WV-12-1-310
BERGDOLL, CLAUDE ALLEN                  WV-12-3-174
BERGDOLL, J. ED.                        WV-12-3-286
BERGDOLL, MARY SUSAN                    WV-12-3-135
BERGER, T. C.                           WV-12-3-395
BESS, MARGARET J.                       WV-12-4-110
BESS, THOMAS FLOYD ERNEST               WV-12-4-112
BIERER, ELIZABETH TAYLOR                WV-12-4-36
BITTORF, WALTER FELIX                   WV-12-3-199
BLACK, OLIE CLARENCE                    WV-12-3-374
BLAKEMORE, REBECCA C.                   WV-12-2-181
BLIZZARD, JAMES M.                      WV-12-3-349
BOGGS, MARGIE                           WV-12-4-10
BOHA, JESSIE                            WV-12-3-489
BOMBOY, GEORGE A.                       WV-12-3-146
BOND, MARY J.                           WV-12-2-18
BONNER, A. W.                           WV-12-3-358
BONNER, LAURA IDLEMAN                   WV-12-3-147
BORING, JOHN ARTHUR                     WV-12-3-453
BORROR, EZRA S.                         WV-12-2-298
BORROR, HENRY W.                        WV-12-2-147
BOSELY, DAVID J.                        WV-12-1-286
BOSELY, ELIZABETH                       WV-12-1-134
BOSELY, JACOB                           WV-12-1-10
BOSLEY, ELMER DANIEL                    WV-12-3-209
BOSLEY, EVERS O.                        WV-12-4-45
BOSLEY, EWTON G.                        WV-12-3-102
BOSLEY, MARY P.                         WV-12-3-447
BOVEY, ADAM J.                          WV-12-1-75
BRAKE, DAISY F.                         WV-12-3-241
BRAKE, GEORGE S.                        WV-12-1-369
BREATHED, CARY G.                       WV-12-3-396
BRIDGES, ROBERT                         WV-12-1-432
BRILL, C. M.                            WV-12-3-287
BRILL, J. H.                            WV-12-2-120
BROWN, A. N.                            WV-12-3-88
BROWN, HORATIO S.                       WV-12-1-264
BROWN, SUSAN T.                         WV-12-3-65
BROWN, WILLIAM I.                       WV-12-1-298
BROWN, WILLIAM MCCULLOH                 WV-12-3-70
BRUCE, CHARLES                          WV-12-1-137
BRUCE, DANIEL                           WV-12-1-416
BRUCE, GEORGE                           WV-12-1-33
BRUCE, ISAAC                            WV-12-1-120
BRYAN, JOSEPH                           WV-12-1-384
BUCKBEE, JESSE M.                       WV-12-2-68
BURGESS, C. J.                          WV-12-3-299
BURGESS, EDWARD W.                      WV-12-2-49
BURGESS, EDWIN                          WV-12-3-478
BURGESS, ELIZABETH A.                   WV-12-2-170
BURGESS, J. W.                          WV-12-3-182
BURGESS, JAMES                          WV-12-1-18
BURGESS, MAGGIE                         WV-12-3-22
BURGESS, MILTON                         WV-12-3-74
BURGESS, PRISCILLA                      WV-12-1-146
BURGESS, PROVY O. J.                    WV-12-2-121
BURT, ELIZABETH M.                      WV-12-3-260
CALDWELL, MALINDA BELL                  WV-12-2-259
CAMPBELL, CLINTON R.                    WV-12-3-253
CAPLINGER, MOSES                        WV-12-1-36
CARK, DENNIS                            WV-12-2-14
CARR, ALICE G.                          WV-12-3-206
CARR, JOHN                              WV-12-2-143
CARSHADON, ISAAC P.                     WV-12-3-59
CARSKADON, ROBERT NEWTON                WV-12-3-497
CARTER, J. R.                           WV-12-3-148
CASSADY, VIRGIL E.                      WV-12-3-126
CASTEEL, JAMES R.                       WV-12-4-3
CHAPMAN, GEORGE                         WV-12-1-473
CHISHOLM, JAMES                         WV-12-1-111
CLARK, LEWIS T.                         WV-12-3-344
CLINE, ROSS L.                          WV-12-3-17
CLOWER, A. N.                           WV-12-4-90
CLUDISTER, H. L.                        WV-12-2-133
COLEMAN, JAMES NEWETON                  WV-12-4-1
COLER, CARA M.                          WV-12-3-362
COLES, GEORGE W.                        WV-12-1-363
COLLINS, CARRIE ROBY                    WV-12-3-448
COLLINS, DONALD S.                      WV-12-3-311
CONRAD, ISAAC                           WV-12-1-78
CONRAD, PHLIIP                          WV-12-1-231
COOK, WILLIAM HENRY                     WV-12-4-46
CORNELL, ARCHIBALD                      WV-12-1-164
CORNELL, BESSIE A.                      WV-12-4-101
COSNER, A. M.                           WV-12-3-112
COSNER, ADAM                            WV-12-1-154
COSNER, ADAM                            WV-12-1-454
COSNER, ANN E.                          WV-12-2-186
COSNER, ARTHUR SYLVESTER SR.            WV-12-3-402
COSNER, BENJAMIN                        WV-12-1-225
COSNER, DANIEL F.                       WV-12-2-211
COSNER, EDWARD J.                       WV-12-2-247
COSNER, H. FINLEY                       WV-12-3-392
COSNER, IDA E. C.                       WV-12-2-245
COSNER, JACOB                           WV-12-3-73
COSNER, JAMES W.                        WV-12-3-170
COSNER, JESSE                           WV-12-1-403
COSNER, JOHN                            WV-12-1-56
COSNER, JOHN T.                         WV-12-2-33
COSNER, JONATHAN H.                     WV-12-1-2
COSNER, JULIUS O.                       WV-12-3-46
COSNER, LYLE L.                         WV-12-4-125
COSNER, MAGGIE E.                       WV-12-4-13
COSNER, MARY A.                         WV-12-1-171
COSNER, MARYFIELD SALOMON               WV-12-3-454
COSNER, MILFORD W.                      WV-12-3-115
COSNER, PAULINA .E                      WV-12-1-456
COSNER, SAMUEL                          WV-12-2-25
COSNER, STELLA M.                       WV-12-4-15
COSNER, WESLEY A.                       WV-12-1-308
COSNER, WILBUR L.                       WV-12-4-76
COTTRILL, H. B.                         WV-12-3-110
COTTRILL, LEE                           WV-12-2-283
CRIPPEN, AMOS                           WV-12-2-129
CRIPPEN, PEARL                          WV-12-3-97
CRITES, BERNARDE                        WV-12-2-117
CRITES, CATHARINE                       WV-12-1-74
CRITES, CHARLES R.                      WV-12-3-63
CRITES, GEORGE E.                       WV-12-4-132
CRITES, MARY H.                         WV-12-3-430
CUNNINGHAM, BENJAMIN                    WV-12-2-184
CUNNINGHAM, JACOB V.                    WV-12-1-327
DAHMER, CORDELIA                        WV-12-3-344
DAILEY, JOHN                            WV-12-1-105
DANIELS, W. RILEY                       WV-12-2-115
DAUZENBAKER, SARAH E.                   WV-12-3-251
DAVIS, HENRY G.                         WV-12-2-54
DAVIS, ORLENA FRACNES                   WV-12-2-32
DAVIS, THOMAS B.                        WV-12-2-41
DAVIS, WILBUR J.                        WV-12-3-196
DAY, CLAUDE R.                          WV-12-3-269
DAY, FRANCES                            WV-12-3-439
DAY, ISAAC                              WV-12-1-165
DAY, J. BLAIR                           WV-12-4-132
DAYTON, NANCY J.                        WV-12-2-47
DAYTON, WALTER                          WV-12-4-107
DELAY, WILLIAM                          WV-12-1-194
DETRICK, JACOB                          WV-12-1-19
DEVALT, ISAAC                           WV-12-1-210
DILGARD, GODFREY                        WV-12-1-449
DILGARD, KATHERINE MAY                  WV-12-2-259
DOLL, JOSEPH W.                         WV-12-3-382
DOLLY, AMOS                             WV-12-2-73
DOLLY, M. A.                            WV-12-2-30
DONOVAN, ROBERT E.                      WV-12-1-375
DRINKWATER, ADAH C.                     WV-12-2-33
DRINKWATER, W. G. (DR)                  WV-12-3-104
DULING, WESLEY A.                       WV-12-3-323
DURR, DORA J. BALYARD                   WV-12-3-435
DURST, WILLIAM BLAINE                   WV-12-3-363
DUVALL, JAMES E.                        WV-12-3-131
DYER, GEORGE RUSSELL                    WV-12-2-9
DYER, WILBUR F.                         WV-12-1-212
EARLE, JESSE BURNS                      WV-12-3-461
EBERT, GEORGE WILLIAM                   WV-12-3-173
ECHOLS, EDITH C.                        WV-12-4-73
EGER, THEODORE A.                       WV-12-4-69
ERVINS, W. R.                           WV-12-3-361
ESKRIDGE, LULA B.                       WV-12-4-119
ETTEL, CHRISTENA                        WV-12-1-273
ETTEL, MARTIN                           WV-12-2-24
EVANS, A. H.                            WV-12-3-171
EVANS, HARRISON                         WV-12-4-82
EVANS, HOWARD                           WV-12-3-35
EVANS, JACKSON, C.                      WV-12-3-134
EVANS, JAMES EVERS                      WV-12-3-375
EVANS, JAMES G.                         WV-12-3-19
EVANS, MARY ELIZABETH                   WV-12-3-33
EVERLY, GROVER C.                       WV-12-3-246
FEASTER, ALBERT L.                      WV-12-2-279
FEASTER, ALEX                           WV-12-2-118
FEASTER, HOMER S.                       WV-12-4-26
FEASTER, LENORA                         WV-12-3-305
FEASTER, O. M.                          WV-12-4-72
FEASTER, PHILIP                         WV-12-1-457
FEASTER, WILLIAM C.                     WV-12-2-135
FEATHER, ESTHER SOUTHERLY               WV-12-3-120
FISHER, C. C.                           WV-12-3-421
FISHER, DODD M. SR.                     WV-12-3-340
FISHER, GEORGE                          WV-12-2-214
FISHER, JESSE                           WV-12-2-221
FISHER, JOHN C.                         WV-12-3-417
FISHER, LAURA R.                        WV-12-3-420
FISHER, MARY ANN                        WV-12-2-219
FISHER, W. S.                           WV-12-3-418
FLANNAGAN, H. A.                        WV-12-2-146
FLUKE, BLANCHE                          WV-12-3-328
FLUKE, ELWOOD I.                        WV-12-4-16
FOLEY, ALLEN                            WV-12-3-284
FOLEY, HOMER D.                         WV-12-4-44
FOLEY, ISAAC                            WV-12-1-149
FORMAN, VIRGINIA B.                     WV-12-2-248
FOUT, ADDIE COSNER                      WV-12-3-398
FOUT, ANTOINETTE C.                     WV-12-2-119
FOUT, D. O.                             WV-12-2-257
FOUT, EMMA L.                           WV-12-3-95
FOUT, HENRY                             WV-12-1-291
FOUT, JOHN W.                           WV-12-2-100
FOUT, O. L.                             WV-12-3-393
FOUTZ, JOHN C.                          WV-12-3-306
FOUTZ, JOHN C.                          WV-12-3-56
FRANZ, E. W.                            WV-12-2-142
FRANZ, W. A.                            WV-12-3-352
FRY, HENRY                              WV-12-1-23
FRYE, E. H.                             WV-12-1-428
FRYE, WILLIAM B.                        WV-12-1-323
FULK, HIRAM F.                          WV-12-2-127
FULK, OREN B.                           WV-12-4-138
FULLER, E. L.                           WV-12-1-395
GAITER, MARIAH                          WV-12-1-354
GAITRELL, SUSAN                         WV-12-2-168
GARBER, PETER I.                        WV-12-3-129
GEBHARD, ISRAEL                         WV-12-1-13
GEORGE, ANN R.                          WV-12-1-334
GEORGE, D. W.                           WV-12-1-229
GEORGE, JOSEPH                          WV-12-1-195
GEORGE, MARY                            WV-12-1-323
GEORGE, THOMAS S.                       WV-12-1-174
GEORGE, WILLIAM                         WV-12-1-249
GETZ, ELIZABETH                         WV-12-1-147
GETZ, EMERY W.                          WV-12-3-350
GILLASPIE, WILFORD A.                   WV-12-3-327
GODLOVE, CHARLES C.                     WV-12-3-483
GODLOVE, MARY A.                        WV-12-1-455
GOLDIZEN, JOHN C.                       WV-12-2-7
GOLDIZEN, LEE JACKSON                   WV-12-3-109
GOLDIZEN, M. E. SR.                     WV-12-2-213
GOLDIZEN, MICHAEL                       WV-12-1-49
GOLDIZEN, TABITHA                       WV-12-2-272
GOLDIZEN, WILLIAM W.                    WV-12-1-287
GOLDIZEN,ANDY                           WV-12-3-160
GOLDIZEN,G. B. SR.                      WV-12-2-76
GOULDIZEN, HENRY G.                     WV-12-1-407
GRAHAM, JASON C.                        WV-12-3-293
GRAHAM, WILBUR                          WV-12-4-14
GRAY, M. F.                             WV-12-3-127
GREEN, JAMES W.                         WV-12-1-275
GRIMES, FLORA S.                        WV-12-3-346
GROVE, JOHN B. (DR)                     WV-12-3-202
GROVE, LIZZIE M.                        WV-12-4-104
GROVE, T. J.                            WV-12-3-312
GROVES, ABEL                            WV-12-1-232
GROVES, ASHFORD                         WV-12-2-238
GROVES, CORA                            WV-12-3-18
GROVES, GEORGE                          WV-12-1-103
GROVES, J. M.                           WV-12-2-199
GROVES, MAHALA JANE                     WV-12-2-256
GROVES, MARY M.                         WV-12-3-179
GROVES, S. H.                           WV-12-1-307
HALL, MARY E.                           WV-12-2-176
HALL, SCOTT                             WV-12-2-109
HALTERMAN, IDA L.                       WV-12-3-431
HALTERMAN, MAMIE                        WV-12-3-271
HAMILTON, ANNA MAYE                     WV-12-3-184
HAMILTON, G. C.                         WV-12-3-97
HANLEN, E. H.                           WV-12-2-289
HANLIN, ED D.                           WV-12-4-40
HANLIN, FRED J.                         WV-12-3-192
HANLIN, GEORGE A.                       WV-12-3-126
HANLIN, HOMER                           WV-12-4-25
HANLIN, JACOB S.                        WV-12-1-316
HANLIN, K. B.                           WV-12-3-78
HANLIN, M. WILSON                       WV-12-2-273
HANLIN, OBED A.                         WV-12-3-8
HANLIN, RHODA V.                        WV-12-3-164
HANLIN, SANFORD M.                      WV-12-3-216
HANLINE, JOB M.                         WV-12-1-213
HANLINE, JONATHAN                       WV-12-1-43
HARMAN, FRED W.                         WV-12-4-88
HARMAN, GEORGE                          WV-12-1-243
HARMAN, H. CLAY                         WV-12-3-494
HARMAN, HOWARD PRESTON                  WV-12-4-11
HARMAN, JOHN G.                         WV-12-2-36
HARMAN, JOSEPH W.                       WV-12-4-122
HARMAN, S. G.                           WV-12-2-274
HARMAN, W. C.                           WV-12-3-165
HARNESS, ANNIE M.                       WV-12-3-181
HARNESS, CHARLES E.                     WV-12-1-356
HARNESS, CHARLES E.                     WV-12-2-26
HARNESS, E. A.                          WV-12-2-83
HARNESS, H. C.                          WV-12-1-193
HARNESS, JOHN C.                        WV-12-1-26
HARNESS, JOHN G.                        WV-12-2-29
HARNESS, JOHN G.                        WV-12-3-27
HARNESS, KATE                           WV-12-2-268
HARNESS, REBECCA C.                     WV-12-1-255
HARPER, A. W.                           WV-12-2-182
HARPER, ELLEN                           WV-12-3-203
HARPER, H. C.                           WV-12-3-78
HARR, BESSIE WEESE                      WV-12-4-21
HARRIOTT, FRANKLIN                      WV-12-2-8
HARVEY, ELLIOTT C.                      WV-12-2-265
HARVEY, FRANKLIN H.                     WV-12-2-35
HARVEY, JOHN S.                         WV-12-2-271
HARVEY, LORETTA M.                      WV-12-2-251
HASHA, HENRY G.                         WV-12-1-223
HASLACKER, H.                           WV-12-3-45
HASLACKER, ZETTIE                       WV-12-3-409
HASLASKER, CHARLES EDWARD               WV-12-4-11
HAWK, EDWARD F.                         WV-12-2-82
HAWK, ENOCH                             WV-12-1-230
HAWK, JACOB                             WV-12-1-322
HAWK, MARY C.                           WV-12-1-321
HEAD, MABEL                             WV-12-3-169
HEAD, RICAHRD S.                        WV-12-3-414
HEAVNER, ARNODL                         WV-12-4-80
HEAVNER, LAURA                          WV-12-4-15
HEDRICK, CHARLES G.                     WV-12-2-201
HEDRICK, JOHN W.                        WV-12-2-205
HEDRICK, RUSSELL VERNON                 WV-12-4-137
HEGER, JOSEPH A.                        WV-12-3-236
HELTZEL, LESTER A.                      WV-12-3-411
HELTZEL, MINNIE R.                      WV-12-3-411
HENKEL, M. S.                           WV-12-3-266
HERR, DANIEL PEQUEA                     WV-12-1-215
HERR, FRANK E.                          WV-12-3-75
HERR, JAY M.                            WV-12-3-387
HERSHA, HENRY G.                        WV-12-1-223
HESONER, WILLIAM                        WV-12-2-260
HESSE, A. F.                            WV-12-2-48
HESSE, FRED C.                          WV-12-2-241
HESSE, H. O.                            WV-12-1-410
HESSE, LAURA C.                         WV-12-1-463
HESSE, OTTO E.                          WV-12-3-391
HESSE, SUSIE                            WV-12-3-115
HESSE, WILLIAM H.                       WV-12-3-332
HIGHBERGER, W. T. (DR.)                 WV-12-2-264
HILKEY, ELIZA                           WV-12-1-462
HILKEY, ELIZABETH A.                    WV-12-1-459
HILL, MARY C.                           WV-12-2-8
HILL, W. E.                             WV-12-3-155
HILL, WILLIAM B.                        WV-12-2-120
HINES, CALVIN                           WV-12-3-314
HINKLE, CATHARINE                       WV-12-2-13
HINKLE, JENNIE L.                       WV-12-3-128
HINKLE, JOHN E.                         WV-12-3-289
HISER, J. F.                            WV-12-2-282
HISER, JESSIE B.                        WV-12-4-9
HISER, W. F.                            WV-12-3-127
HOBB, GEORGE D.                         WV-12-3-195
HOBB, LULA                              WV-12-3-198
HOLLEN, ZEBULON D.                      WV-12-1-26
HOOD, C. H.                             WV-12-3-154
HOSTACKER, JOHN                         WV-12-2-39
HOTT, C. W.                             WV-12-1-474
HOTT, GEORGE                            WV-12-1-131
HOTT, JOHN                              WV-12-1-140
HOTT, MARTIN F.                         WV-12-2-23
HOTT, SOLOMON R.                        WV-12-2-262
HOWARD, LUCY                            WV-12-3-291
HOWARD, SAMUEL                          WV-12-1-417
HUBBARD, JOHN P.                        WV-12-1-258
HUFFMAN, MARY O.                        WV-12-3-384, 449
HUFFMAN, RICHARD A.                     WV-12-3-376
HULL, WILLIAM C.                        WV-12-1-401
HUMES, JAMES                            WV-12-3-381
HUTSLER, HOWARD T.                      WV-12-3-283
HYDE, CECIL WILL                        WV-12-4-67
HYDE, MIRIAM CARSKADON                  WV-12-3-479
IDLEMAN, BELINDA                        WV-12-1-68
IDLEMAN, CATHARINE J.                   WV-12-1-4
IDLEMAN, ELIZABETH                      WV-12-1-246
IDLEMAN, JOSEPH E.                      WV-12-2-194
IDLEMAN, ZACARY T.                      WV-12-1-326
IMAN, GEORGE H.                         WV-12-3-76
IMAN, STELLA                            WV-12-1-418
ISER, CHARLES ROLAND                    WV-12-3-407
JACK, ALICE B.                          WV-12-4-68
JOHNSON, FLORENCE                       WV-12-3-6
JOHNSON, I. B.                          WV-12-2-211
JOHNSON, ISAAC                          WV-12-1-44
JOHNSON, ROSS                           WV-12-3-242
JOHNSON, ZACHARY T.                     WV-12-1-82
JONES, JOHN W.                          WV-12-1-458
JORDAN, MARY J.                         WV-12-1-211
JORDAN, MARY S.                         WV-12-3-334
JUDY, ALICE J.                          WV-12-4-75
JUDY, ANNIE P.                          WV-12-3-187
JUDY, EDITH B.                          WV-12-3-379
JUDY, EDMUND D.                         WV-12-2-141
JUDY, ENOCH                             WV-12-2-229
JUDY, IDA M.                            WV-12-3-160
JUDY, JACOB E.                          WV-12-4-47
JUDY, JEHU                              WV-12-3-114
JUDY, JESSE                             WV-12-1-53
JUDY, JOHN N.                           WV-12-1-452
JUDY, MARION HENDRICKSON                WV-12-3-264, 285
JUDY MAY E.                             WV-12-3-406
JUDY, NAOMA                             WV-12-1-328
JUDY, RAY                               WV-12-3-439
JUDY, ROZETTA F.                        WV-12-2-159
JUDY, SARAH A.                          WV-12-1-405
JUDY, WILDA M.                          WV-12-4-65
JUNKINS, WINNIFRED C.                   WV-12-2-63
KAPLINGER, MOSES                        WV-12-1-36
KEITER, LELIA DELAY                     WV-12-3-395
KELLER, ALICE                           WV-12-2-194
KELLER, ANNA                            WV-12-1-9
KEPLINGER, A. S.                        WV-12-2-123
KEPLINGER, AMELIA                       WV-12-2-157
KEPLINGER, ARTHUR A.                    WV-12-3-190
KEPLINGER, DENA A.                      WV-12-3-485
KEPLINGER, EDGAR G.                     WV-12-4-1
KEPLINGER, ELLIS E.                     WV-12-3-405
KEPLINGER, GEORGE                       WV-12-1-11
KEPLINGER, HERMAN C.                    WV-12-4-126
KEPLINGER, JACOB                        WV-12-1-257
KEPLINGER, JEFF O.                      WV-12-3-378
KEPLINGER, JOHN                         WV-12-1-461
KEPLINGER, JONATHAN                     WV-12-1-151
KEPLINGER, L. R.                        WV-12-3-186
KEPLINGER, LEMEN                        WV-12-1-382
KEPLINGER, MARTIN                       WV-12-1-172
KEPLINGER, MOSES                        WV-12-1-160
KEPLINGER, MYRTLE E.                    WV-12-3-173
KEPLINGER, OLLIE E.                     WV-12-3-232
KEPLINGER, SOLOMON                      WV-12-1-48
KEPLINGER, WALTER C.                    WV-12-3-353
KEPLINGER, WILLIAM C.                   WV-12-4-27
KEPLINGER, WILSON                       WV-12-1-89
KESNER, ANNA G.                         WV-12-2-113
KESNER, JONATHAN                        WV-12-1-378
KESSEL, A. E.                           WV-12-3-369
KESSEL, A. J.                           WV-12-3-158
KESSEL, BRANSON                         WV-12-4-89
KESSEL, EDWARD O.                       WV-12-3-376
KESSEL, H. T.                           WV-12-4-91
KESSEL, JOHNS.                          WV-12-2-295
KESSEL, LAURA                           WV-12-3-339
KESSEL, LOUISA F.                       WV-12-3-417
KESSEL, MICHAEL                         WV-12-1-10
KESSEL, MIRANDA                         WV-12-3-5
KESSEL, PETER                           WV-12-1-123
KESSEL, REBECCA JANE                    WV-12-2-53
KESSEL, V. M.                           WV-12-2-13
KETTEMAN, JACOB                         WV-12-1-5
KETTERMAN, ADAM JR.                     WV-12-2-1
KETTERMAN, ADAM SR.                     WV-12-1-239
KETTERMAN, CHARLES EDW.                 WV-12-2-145
KETTERMAN, JOHN                         WV-12-2-51
KETTERMAN, MARGARET                     WV-12-2-51
KETTERMAN, MARY E.                      WV-12-2-51
KILE, A. N.                             WV-12-2-288
KILE, EDGAR                             WV-12-3-457
KILE, GEORGE W.                         WV-12-2-3
KILE, IDA E.                            WV-12-4-79
KILE, LESTER G.                         WV-12-4-69
KIMBLE, CALVIN D.                       WV-12-2-50
KIMBLE, JACOB                           WV-12-2-214
KIMBLE, JOHN                            WV-12-1-1
KIMBLE, O. B.                           WV-12-3-81
KIMBLE, SARAH                           WV-12-2-214
KIMBLE, W. W.                           WV-12-2-221
KING, RONALD L.                         WV-12-4-124
KITE, EDNA M.                           WV-12-4-126
KITZMILLER, G. S.                       WV-12-2-252
KITZMILLER, HAMILTON                    WV-12-1-224
KITZMILLER, LLOYD                       WV-12-2-46
KITZMILLER, MARY MARGARET               WV-12-2-185
KITZMILLER, MARY SUSAN                  WV-12-3-244
KITZMILLER, THOMAS MILFORD              WV-12-3-111
KITZMILLER, W. HARNESS                  WV-12-2-4
KLEIN, LILIAN STOCKTON                  WV-12-4-94
KLINE, CHARLIE H.                       WV-12-2-209
KNOTTS, MARY E.                         WV-12-2-154
KORENCHAN, ANTON                        WV-12-2-31
KUHN, EMMA E.                           WV-12-3-279
KUHN, H. W.                             WV-12-2-69
KUHN, JOHN HENRY                        WV-12-1-88
KUYKENDALL, O. J.                       WV-12-3-319
LACY, FURMAN                            WV-12-3-237
LAHMAN, ALBERT A.                       WV-12-3-380
LAHMAN, BEULAH M.                       WV-12-4-120
LAHMAN, M. ELLA                         WV-12-3-325
LAHMAN, NELSON SNYDER                   WV-12-3-465
LAHMAN, VIRGINIA B.                     WV-12-3-291
LANDES, EMMA                            WV-12-3-215
LAW, ALICE                              WV-12-1-282
LAW, CHARLES                            WV-12-3-212
LAYTON, J. H.                           WV-12-3-204
LAYTON, OLEN                            WV-12-3-488
LAYTON, ROY                             WV-12-4-122
LAYTON, THOMAS J.                       WV-12-2-161
LEACH, C. W.                            WV-12-2-286
LEATHERMAN, MIRANDA                     WV-12-3-135
LEATHERMAN, PAUL A.                     WV-12-3-152
LEE, JOHN M.                            WV-12-3-16
LEE, SARAH A.                           WV-12-2-78
LEWIS, ABRAHAM                          WV-12-4-127
LEWIS, EDWARD                           WV-12-4-133
LEWIS, WILBUR L.                        WV-12-3-411
LIFE, SAMUEL                            WV-12-1-283
LIKENS, DALL                            WV-12-3-460
LUKENS, C. EDWARD                       WV-12-3-27
LUZIER, CYRUS T.                        WV-12-4-119
LYON, HIRAM                             WV-12-1-173
LYON, JOHN T.                           WV-12-1-340
LYON, JUSTUS                            WV-12-1-422
LYON, MARY E.                           WV-12-3-243
LYON, SIDNEY E.                         WV-12-3-184
LYONS, JOHN                             WV-12-2-124
MACE, JOHN                              WV-12-1-251
MALES, THOMAS ISAAC                     WV-12-3-425
MALLOW, CORA                            WV-12-3-272
MALLOW, JOSEPH P.                       WV-12-3-135
MARKS, CHARLES JAMES                    WV-12-4-46
MARKWOOD, JESSE E.                      WV-12-1-210
MARTIN, BERT C.                         WV-12-3-15
MARTIN, C. C.                           WV-12-1-227
MARTIN, CHRISTOPHER                     WV-12-1-72
MARTIN, JOE                             WV-12-2-132
MARTIN, SARAH J.                        WV-12-2-241
MASLIN, EDNA G.                         WV-12-3-221
MASLIN, MARTHA M.                       WV-12-3-303
MASLIN, THOMAS                          WV-12-3-228
MASLIN, WILLIAM HANSON                  WV-12-3-226
MASON, FRED                             WV-12-4-75
MASON, GROVER CLEVELAND                 WV-12-4-28
MASON, MARY O.                          WV-12-4-26
MASON, STEWART A.                       WV-12-3-324
MAY, A. S.                              WV-12-4-78
MAY, ANNIE R.                           WV-12-3-54
MAY, HENRY                              WV-12-1-421
MAY, PHILIP                             WV-12-2-190
MAY, W. D.                              WV-12-2-107
MAY, W. T.                              WV-12-4-48
MCDONALD, B. S.                         WV-12-2-99
MCDONALD, CARL M.                       WV-12-4-93
MCDONALD, CATHARINE                     WV-12-2-127
MCDONALD, JONATHAN                      WV-12-1-44
MCDONALD, WILLIAM                       WV-12-1-57
MCFADDEN, ANTHONY J.                    WV-12-3-328
MCNEILL, DANIEL R.                      WV-12-2-188
MCNEMAR, ANN REBECCA                    WV-12-1-379
MCNEMAR, JOSEPH                         WV-12-1-157
MCNEMAR, RUTH                           WV-12-1-45-54 (?)
MCULTY, CHRISTENA R.                    WV-12-1-469
MCULTY, GEORGE                          WV-12-1-425
MCULTZ, JAMES W.                        WV-12-3-217
MEALS, SAMUEL W.                        WV-12-3-39
MENKE, HENRY ARTHUR                     WV-12-3-140
MESSENGER, ELMER W.                     WV-12-3-238
MICHAEL, ADAM                           WV-12-1-161
MICHAEL, ELIZABETH                      WV-12-3-422
MICHAEL, ERNEST E.                      WV-12-3-290
MICHAEL, JOHN CLARENCE                  WV-12-2-71
MICHAEL, MERL                           WV-12-4-129
MICHAEL, W. D.                          WV-12-3-163
MICKEY, JENNIE                          WV-12-1-365
MILLER, CATHARINE                       WV-12-1-296
MILLER, JAMES H.                        WV-12-1-148
MILLER, MASON                           WV-12-4-109
MILLER, MISSOURI                        WV-12-3-300
MILLER, NANCY C.                        WV-12-1-242
MILLER, STEWART K.                      WV-12-3-175
MILLER, WILLIAM E. JR.                  WV-12-2-277
MINTON, CHARLES A.                      WV-12-3-407
MITCHELL, B. F.                         WV-12-3-282
MITCHELL, MABEL W.                      WV-12-4-54
MONGOLD, JOHN A.                        WV-12-2-155
MONGOLD, LOIZA                          WV-12-3-391
MONGOLD, OCE                            WV-12-3-297
MOORE, JOHN B.                          WV-12-2-208
MORELAND, JOHN C.                       WV-12-4-44
MOUSE, JACOB                            WV-12-1-133
MOUSE, JOSHUA                           WV-12-1-233
MUMBERT, SALLIE                         WV-12-1-371
MUNGOLD, HARVEY                         WV-12-1-54
MUNTZING, A. G.                         WV-12-2-248
MUNTZING, ADA BELLE                     WV-12-3-309
MUNTZING, ALBERT DEWEY                  WV-12-3-441
MUNTZING, ERNEST                        WV-12-1-54
MUNTZING, WILLIAM H.                    WV-12-3-257
NACDELE, GSUTAVUS                       WV-12-1-314
NACDELE, MARY E.                        WV-12-1-325
NAILOR, ISAAC                           WV-12-2-72
NAUMAN, MINNIE                          WV-12-3-23
NEEL, SARA D.                           WV-12-3-37
NELSON, ADA F. ALT                      WV-12-3-139
NELSON, AMANDA E.                       WV-12-1-367
NELSON, GENETTIE CATHERINE              WV-12-3-165
NELSON, JAMES E.                        WV-12-3-137
NELSON, SOLOMON K.                      WV-12-2-187
NETHKIN, GEORGE F.                      WV-12-3-55
NEVILLS, KITY FRANY                     WV-12-3-335
NINE, MARY VIRGINIA                     WV-12-2-126
NINE, WELLINGTON                        WV-12-2-74
NORWOOD, JAMES WILLIAM                  WV-12-4-137
OATES, H. E. J.                         WV-12-3-192
OATES, O. R. SR.                        WV-12-4-7
OCONNER, D. J.                          WV-12-2-102
OURS, A. M.                             WV-12-1-235
OURS, CLETA C.                          WV-12-3-193
OURS, ISAAC                             WV-12-2-163
OURS, NOAH                              WV-12-1-145
OURS, SCOTT                             WV-12-2-70
PAINTER, ELIAS                          WV-12-1-190
PAINTER, FRANCELIA                      WV-12-2-130
PAINTER, MARVIN LESLIE                  WV-12-4-136
PARKER, GEORGE O.                       WV-12-3-123
PARKER, JAMES M.                        WV-12-3-315
PARKER, JOHN H.                         WV-12-3-487
PARKER, JOHN P.                         WV-12-2-144
PARKER, JOHN P.                         WV-12-3-486
PARKER, LYDIA S.                        WV-12-3-104
PARKER, MARTHA E.                       WV-12-1-237
PARKER, PERRY S.                        WV-12-3-250
PARKER, W. U.                           WV-12-3-21
PARKS, JAMES                            WV-12-1-152
PARKS, JOHN A.                          WV-12-3-48
PARKS, WILLIAM                          WV-12-1-24
PARSONS, ADAM MILES                     WV-12-3-211
PARSONS, BARBARA A.                     WV-12-1-297
PARSONS, CORNELIUS                      WV-12-1-400
PARSONS, HILAH                          WV-12-2-237
PATCH, ISAAC                            WV-12-1-50
PATCH, MAGGIE                           WV-12-3-170
PATTERSON, CLARA E.                     WV-12-2-255
PATTERSON, LEWIS C.                     WV-12-2-137
PATTERSON, W. C.                        WV-12-1-415
PAUGH, BERTHA L.                        WV-12-3-333
PAUL, ISAAC                             WV-12-1-121
PERRIN, SAMUEL H.                       WV-12-2-40
PFIFER, MICHAEL                         WV-12-1-221
PHARES, OTIS M.                         WV-12-3-489
PLANGER, CYNTHIA E.                     WV-12-3-397
PLANGER, E. M.                          WV-12-3-180
PORCH, JOHN W.                          WV-12-1-394
PORCH, OLEVIA A.                        WV-12-3-64
PORTER, JOHN ROBERT                     WV-12-4-71
POTTS, GEORGE H.                        WV-12-1-181
POWELL, LELIA O.                        WV-12-2-131
POWELL, LUCINDA J.                      WV-12-1-262
POWERS, ELI A.                          WV-12-1-374
POWERS, VALENTINE                       WV-12-1-86
QUARRIER, MARY S.                       WV-12-4-55
RADY, KATE                              WV-12-3-433
RAW, EDW. H.                            WV-12-2-164
REALL, JOHN M.                          WV-12-3-69
REDMAN, CORA VIRGINIA                   WV-12-3-349
REDMAN, HANNAH C.                       WV-12-2-279
REDMAN, NANCY B.                        WV-12-4-25
REEDY, LULA C.                          WV-12-3-339
REEL, EVE                               WV-12-1-335
REEL, HENRY CLAY                        WV-12-3-187
REEL, RUHAMA                            WV-12-3-231
REEL, W. STINGLEY                       WV-12-1-309
REES, A. D.                             WV-12-2-64
REID, E. M.                             WV-12-1-341
REISS, GEORGE A.                        WV-12-3-438
REXROAD, ADLINE W.                      WV-12-2-246
REXROAD, FRANK W.                       WV-12-3-452
REXROAD, J. L.                          WV-12-3-248
REXROAD, JAMES S.                       WV-12-2-280
REXROAD, JOHN S.                        WV-12-2-81
REXROAD, S. H.                          WV-12-1-234
REXROAD, SARAH F.                       WV-12-2-156
REXRODE, ARCHIBALD                      WV-12-1-368
REXRODE, L. W.                          WV-12-3-188
REXRODE, MARY S.                        WV-12-3-68
REXRODE, WILLIAM E.                     WV-12-3-357
RHODES, WILLIAM B.                      WV-12-3-473
RIGGLEMAN, GLADYS                       WV-12-3-144
RIGGLEMAN, JEREMIAH                     WV-12-1-470
RIGGLEMAN, WILLIAM SCOTT                WV-12-4-24
RINEHART, EVERS                         WV-12-3-113
RINEHART, SAMUEL                        WV-12-1-98
RINKER, DANIEL                          WV-12-1-85
RINKER, ELIJAH                          WV-12-1-118
RINKER, MYRA E.                         WV-12-3-38
RINKER, RAPHAEL                         WV-12-4-129
RINKER, SILAS                           WV-12-4-92
RITZINGER, ALOIS                        WV-12-1-38
RITZINGER, HANNAH                       WV-12-1-270
ROBERTS, ANN M.                         WV-12-2-6
ROBERTS, ARCHIBALD                      WV-12-1-177
ROBERTS, DAVID                          WV-12-1-224
ROBY, A. A.                             WV-12-3-119
ROBY, B. GRANT                          WV-12-2-150
ROBY, BENJAMIN                          WV-12-1-40
ROBY, BERNARD                           WV-12-3-393
ROBY, CLARENCE                          WV-12-3-248
ROBY, IDA I.                            WV-12-3-343
ROBY, JACOB                             WV-12-1-271
ROBY, JOHN S.                           WV-12-1-312
ROBY, MASON H.                          WV-12-3-197
RODERICK, JAMES H.                      WV-12-2-232
RODGERS, ETHEL V.                       WV-12-3-168
ROHRBAUGH, CHRISIAN                     WV-12-1-352
ROHRBAUGH, LIZZIE                       WV-12-4-34
ROHRBAUGH, W. H.                        WV-12-1-383
ROHRBAUH, SAMUEL                        WV-12-1-135
ROTRUCK, ABRAHAM OF JOHN                WV-12-1-21
ROTRUCK, ADOLPH                         WV-12-3-424
ROTRUCK, DOLLIE                         WV-12-3-155
ROTRUCK, EMMA M.                        WV-12-3-317
ROTRUCK, GILBERT F.                     WV-12-3-308
ROTRUCK, ISAAC                          WV-12-3-152
ROTRUCK, JACOB                          WV-12-3-152
ROTRUCK, OBED F.                        WV-12-2-145
ROTRUCK, T. M.                          WV-12-2-261
RUCKMAN, HARRIET                        WV-12-2-70
RUDDLE, ALICE                           WV-12-3-341
RUDDLE, K. B.                           WV-12-3-176
SAGER, MARY K.                          WV-12-3-233
SCHAEFFER, G. P.                        WV-12-3-82
SCHAEFFER, J. H.                        WV-12-2-198
SCHAEFFER, J. R.                        WV-12-2-179
SCHELL, CLARA S.                        WV-12-4-33
SCHELL, DENNIS J.                       WV-12-3-162
SCHELL, ELLEN V.                        WV-12-2-23
SCHELL, H. E.                           WV-12-3-189
SCHELL, HIRAM                           WV-12-2-207
SCHELL, JOAB                            WV-12-1-294
SCHELL, MAHALA                          WV-12-2-5
SCHELL, MILLY                           WV-12-1-343
SCHUERHOLZ, HERMAN                      WV-12-1-83
SCHWARTZ, A. F.                         WV-12-2-294
SCOTT, JAMES                            WV-12-1-261
SCOTT, JOSEPH F. (DR)                   WV-12-1-372
SEARS, ELLA                             WV-12-3-117
SEARS, ELLEN                            WV-12-3-125
SECRIST, F. J.                          WV-12-1-191
SECRIST, VIRGIL E.                      WV-12-4-89
SECRIST, WILBUR                         WV-12-2-167
SEFFERT, JOHN                           WV-12-1-93
SELL, EMMA DONOVAN                      WV-12-3-53
SEYMOUR, ISAAC V.                       WV-12-1-30
SEYMOUR, SARAH G.                       WV-12-2-169
SHAFFER, BEATRICE A.                    WV-12-3-232
SHAFFER, D. W.                          WV-12-1-367
SHAFFER, J. S.                          WV-12-2-158
SHAFFER, JESSE F.                       WV-12-3-153
SHANKOLTZER, CLARA M.                   WV-12-4-30
SHELL, ELIZABETH                        WV-12-1-92
SHELL, EUNICE                           WV-12-1-399
SHERMAN, E. C.                          WV-12-4-23
SHILLINGBURG, GROVER C.                 WV-12-3-151
SHILLINGBURG, HUGH D.                   WV-12-1-263
SHILLINGBURG, HUGH SR.                  WV-12-1-51
SHILLINGBURG, LEWIS D.                  WV-12-1-90
SHIRK, EDWARD                           WV-12-3-148
SHIRK, HENSON L.                        WV-12-2-238
SHIRK, JEHUE                            WV-12-2-235
SHIRK, JESSE                            WV-12-1-179
SHIRK, SOLOMON                          WV-12-1-240
SHOBE, ANN MCGILL                       WV-12-3-220
SHOBE, E. PRICE                         WV-12-3-301
SHOBE, EUGENE L.                        WV-12-3-311
SHOBE, J. WILBUR                        WV-12-2-157
SHOBE, JACOB H.                         WV-12-1-423
SHOBE, JOSEPH C.                        WV-12-2-177
SHOBE, MAMIE S.                         WV-12-3-84
SHOBE, MARTIN                           WV-12-1-8
SHOBE, MARY                             WV-12-1-39
SHOE, F. L.                             WV-12-3-138
SHOOK, BAXTER                           WV-12-3-96
SHUMAKER, JOHN T.                       WV-12-2-20
SHUMAKER, MARY M.                       WV-12-2-22
SIMMONS, C. L.                          WV-12-3-178
SIMMONS, EMILY S.                       WV-12-3-178
SIMMONS, I. N.                          WV-12-3-46
SIMMONS, SARAH C.                       WV-12-2-207
SIMON, NOAH SEYMOUR                     WV-12-2-15
SIONS, ADAM                             WV-12-1-22
SITES, A. J.                            WV-12-2-235
SITES, ABRAHAM                          WV-12-1-14
SITES, ACHIM W.                         WV-12-3-36
SITES, AMOS                             WV-12-1-293
SITES, BETSY ANN                        WV-12-3-43
SITES, DANIEL C.                        WV-12-1-127
SITES, DELLA                            WV-12-4-55
SITES, EUNICE                           WV-12-1-81
SITES, HENRY                            WV-12-1-423
SITES, JACOB S.                         WV-12-1-351
SITES, JESSE N.                         WV-12-3-332
SITES, JOHN JR.                         WV-12-1-77
SITES, JOSEPH H. W.                     WV-12-3-103
SITES, MAHALA                           WV-12-1-288
SITES, MAUD E.                          WV-12-3-120
SITES, S. G. SR.                        WV-12-1-413
SITES, SARAH C.                         WV-12-2-94
SITES, SUSAN C.                         WV-12-2-229
SITES, W. J.                            WV-12-2-112
SLOAN, MARY A.                          WV-12-2-287
SLOAT, IDA B.                           WV-12-4-49
SLUSHER, J. L.                          WV-12-2-31
SMITH, ANNA M.                          WV-12-3-44
SMITH, ARTHUR JACOB                     WV-12-3-318
SMITH, C. E.                            WV-12-2-263
SMITH, CAORLINE                         WV-12-1-361
SMITH, CHARLES A.                       WV-12-3-214
SMITH, DOROTHY WELTON                   WV-12-4-85
SMITH, ED V.                            WV-12-3-251
SMITH, HARRY S.                         WV-12-3-65
SMITH, IDA M.                           WV-12-3-86
SMITH, ISAAC C.                         WV-12-3-79
SMITH, ISAAC D.                         WV-12-3-280
SMITH, J. R.                            WV-12-2-242
SMITH, JACOB                            WV-12-1-29
SMITH, JOE H.                           WV-12-3-108
SMITH, JOHN A.                          WV-12-3-117
SMITH, JOHN W.                          WV-12-2-230
SMITH, M. L.                            WV-12-2-296
SMITH, MARY L.                          WV-12-2-96
SMITH, RUDOLPH                          WV-12-1-336
SMITH, SUSAN                            WV-12-1-419
SMITH, WILLIAM C.                       WV-12-2-21
SMITH, WILLIAM L.                       WV-12-3-84
SMOOT, WILLIAM                          WV-12-2-292
SMOOTZ, ELMER                           WV-12-4-106
SNYDER, JOSEPH T.                       WV-12-3-82
SNYDER, NOAH                            WV-12-1-274
SNYDER, SEYMOUR A.                      WV-12-1-468
SPENCER, FLORENCE                       WV-12-3-273
SPENCER, HENRY T.                       WV-12-4-103
SPIKER, GENEVA                          WV-12-3-269
SPIKER, JOHN HENRY                      WV-12-3-32
STALLINGS, IDA                          WV-12-2-204
STIEFEL, EDWRAD W.                      WV-12-3-89
STINGLEY, THOMAS W.                     WV-12-3-1
STOCKLEY, ROBERT                        WV-12-4-135
STONESTREET, ELMER                      WV-12-4-108
STONESTREET, S. ARNOLD                  WV-12-2-225
STRAWDERMAN, J. F.                      WV-12-2-295
STROTHER, GEORGE W.                     WV-12-1-325
STROTHER, MARGARET                      WV-12-1-376
STUBBLEFIELD, ANNA FOX                  WV-12-3-98
STUMP, ELEANOR J.                       WV-12-2-275
STUMP, FRANCES BAKER                    WV-12-3-194
STUMP, GEORGE M.                        WV-12-1-453
STUMP, JESSE                            WV-12-1-7
STUMP, JESSE F.                         WV-12-3-8
STURGIS, RUSSELL                        WV-12-1-301
SUTTON, MYRTLE ELBON                    WV-12-4-20
SWICK, JOSEPH EDWARD                    WV-12-3-252
SWIERS R. F.                            WV-12-1-430
SWIRES, JOHN                            WV-12-1-136
TAMBURINI, MOSES                        WV-12-2-209
TAYLOR, CLARENCE                        WV-12-3-475
TAYLOR, EMMA G.                         WV-12-2-297
TAYLOR, ISAAC E.                        WV-12-2-16
TEPHABOCK, WILLIAM D.                   WV-12-1-373
TETER, J. M.                            WV-12-3-10
THALAKER, E. H.                         WV-12-1-450
THALAKER, GEORGE HENRY                  WV-12-1-332
THALAKER, LAURA                         WV-12-2-75
THOMPSON, JULIUS                        WV-12-3-351
THORNE, HANNAH R.                       WV-12-3-477
THORNE, NIMROD                          WV-12-3-410
TRENTON, W. D.                          WV-12-2-269
TRUSH, ERNEST                           WV-12-3-360
TUCKER, JAMES S.                        WV-12-1-402
TUCKER, JOSEPH                          WV-12-1-226
TURNER, EVERS                           WV-12-4-77
TURNER, GABRIEL                         WV-12-3-31
TURNER, JOHN S.                         WV-12-1-253
TURNER, MARTIN L.                       WV-12-3-26
VANCE, JAMES L.                         WV-12-4-81
VANCE, KENNA H.                         WV-12-3-177
VANFLEET, JOB                           WV-12-1-329
VANFLEET, SARAH A. C.                   WV-12-1-223
VANFLEET, WILLIAM                       WV-12-1-130
VANMETER, CARRIE G.                     WV-12-3-87
VANMETER, K. C. SR.                     WV-12-3-316
VANMETER, LIZZIE H.                     WV-12-4-39
VANMETER, MINNIE SUSAN                  WV-12-3-494
VANMETER, W. C.                         WV-12-3-483
VANMETER, WILLIAM T.                    WV-12-3-44
VANMETER, WILSON HOPKINS                WV-12-3-163
VEACH, ED                               WV-12-3-116
VEACH, EMORY                            WV-12-2-250
VEACH, J. W.                            WV-12-3-298
VEACK, ROSALIE                          WV-12-4-43
VOSSLER, C. H.                          WV-12-2-171
VOSSLER, CLARENCE E.                    WV-12-2-80
VOSSLER, ED F.                          WV-12-1-349
VOSSLER, EMIL G.                        WV-12-1-380
WARFIELD, CATHARINE                     WV-12-1-321
WASHINGTON, ROBERT M.                   WV-12-2-160
WATTS, BESSIE A.                        WV-12-3-247
WEBB, JAMES                             WV-12-1-175
WEBB, W. L.                             WV-12-2-2
WEEESE, GEORGE E.                       WV-12-2-175
WEESE, A. T.                            WV-12-3-394
WEESE, CLARA E.                         WV-12-3-364
WEESE, F. R.                            WV-12-3-33
WEESE, FANNIE FRYE                      WV-12-4-94
WEESE, HARRY E.                         WV-12-3-288
WEESE, NARVEL G.                        WV-12-4-24
WEESE, OSCAR                            WV-12-3-145
WEIMER, O. J.                           WV-12-2-136
WELCH, WILLIAM                          WV-12-1-156
WELTON, A. J.                           WV-12-3-4
WELTON, CORA E.                         WV-12-1-377
WELTON, FELIX                           WV-12-1-126
WELTON, GERTRUDE                        WV-12-2-124
WELTON, IDA B.                          WV-12-3-13
WELTON, THOMAS B.                       WV-12-2-281
WELTON, THOMAS S.                       WV-12-2-18
WENZEL, J. W.                           WV-12-4-18
WHEATON, J. H.                          WV-12-1-408
WHETSELL, MILLARD M.                    WV-12-3-144
WHETZEL, OATHER E.                      WV-12-3-471
WHIPP, S. W.                            WV-12-3-105
WHITE, MURRAY F.                        WV-12-3-310
WHITESEL, G. H.                         WV-12-3-491
WHITLOCK, JOHN D. "DEB"                 WV-12-2-289
WHITMER, WILLIAM                        WV-12-1-317
WILLHITE, MARY E.                       WV-12-1-32
WILLIAMS, CHARLES A.                    WV-12-3-327
WILLIAMS, WALTER FLOYD                  WV-12-3-47
WILLIS, ABRAHAM                         WV-12-2-212
WILLIS, FLORENCE E.                     WV-12-3-57
WILLIS, GEORGE                          WV-12-2-114
WILLIS, RICHARD                         WV-12-2-114
WILSON, J. B.                           WV-12-2-88
WILSON, JAMES G.                        WV-12-1-389
WOMACK, SARAH E.                        WV-12-2-67
WRATCHFORD, J. K.                       WV-12-2-106
WRATCHFORD, MARY C.                     WV-12-3-86
YOUNG, ROBERT N.                        WV-12-2-269
ZELL, CHARLES J.                        WV-12-2-168
ZELL, MARY                              WV-12-3-302

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