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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1801-1813 | 2=1813-1816 | 3=1816-1823 | 4=? |
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AIRESS, ELIZABETH                       WV-19-1-27
ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH                    WV-19-1-632
AULT, JACOB                             WV-19-2-140
BAKER, JOHN                             WV-19-3-477
BAKER, JUDITH                           WV-19-1-289
BAKER, WALTER                           WV-19-3-230
BANKS, JOHN                             WV-19-3-267
BEALL, HEZEKIAH                         WV-19-2-398
BEDINGER, DANIEL                        WV-19-3-108
BELL, THOMAS OF GEORGE                  WV-19-3-246
BENNETT, MASON                          WV-19-2-175
BENTLEY, WILLIAM                        WV-19-1-44
BISHOP, GEORGE                          WV-19-3-152
BLACKBURN, WILLIAM                      WV-19-3-241
BOYDSTON, THOMAS                        WV-19-1-608
BRISCOE, GEORGE                         WV-19-1-207
BROWN, JAMES                            WV-19-1-230
BRYAN, JOHN                             WV-19-1-667
BRYAN, WILLIAM G.                       WV-19-2-264
BUCKLES, ROBERT                         WV-19-1-494
BURKETT, MICHAEL                        WV-19-1-373
BURKETT, MICHAEL                        WV-19-3-243
BURNETT, ALEXANDER                      WV-19-1-178
BURRS, MOSES                            WV-19-2-226
BUTLER, JOHN                            WV-19-3-288
CHAMBERLIN, ELIZABETH                   WV-19-3-453
CHAPLINE, ISAAC                         WV-19-1-606
CHERRY, ELEANOR                         WV-19-2-66
CHERRY, WILLIAM                         WV-19-1-305
CLASPEL, SARAH                          WV-19-1-137
CONAWAY, JAMES                          WV-19-1-361
COOK, GILES                             WV-19-1-115
COOKUS, MICHAEL SR.                     WV-19-2-62
CRAIGHILL, MARY B.                      WV-19-3-153
DARKE, SARAH                            WV-19-1-348
DARKE, WILLIAM                          WV-19-1-1
DAVENPORT, ADRIAN                       WV-19-3-159
DAVENPORT, RUTH H.                      WV-19-3-473
DAVENPORT, WILLIAM C.                   WV-19-3-185
DEBAUSTIAN, GEORGE                      WV-19-1-93
DIMMITT, JOHN                           WV-19-1-683
DORSEY, SARAH                           WV-19-3-217
DOUGLASS, JOHN                          WV-19-1-154
DOYNE, JESSE                            WV-19-1-186
DREW, ANN                               WV-19-3-315
DUST, JOHN                              WV-19-1-382
ECKHART, JULIANA                        WV-19-1-497
ENTLER, MARTIN                          WV-19-1-681
ENTLER, MICHAEL                         WV-19-1-40
FAULKLER, SUSAN                         WV-19-1-629
FRY, DANIEL                             WV-19-3-297
FRY, LODOWICK                           WV-19-1-156
FRY, PETER                              WV-19-1-487
FRY, PHEBE                              WV-19-3-279
GAMES, ROBERT                           WV-19-3-123
GARDNER, MARY                           WV-19-3-122
GIBBON, MAURICE                         WV-19-1-237
GRABB, WILLIAM                          WV-19-1-441
GRANTHAM, JAMES                         WV-19-2-186
GRANTHAM, JOHN SR.                      WV-19-3-302
HAINES, JOHN                            WV-19-1-569
HAINES, JOHN                            WV-19-3-332
HAMMOND, JAMES                          WV-19-1-72
HAMMOND, MILDRED                        WV-19-1-193
HANSEL, LAWRENCE                        WV-19-1-437
HANSUCKER, CHRISTIAN                    WV-19-3-341
HART, THOMAS                            WV-19-1-144
HASLIP, RICHARD                         WV-19-1-308
HESTOND, DAVID                          WV-19-3-116
HISER, JOHN SR.                         WV-19-3-7
HITE, FRANCIS                           WV-19-1-339
JAMES, MANKIN                           WV-19-1-4
JAMISON, LEONARD                        WV-19-3-312
JANES, EDWARD                           WV-19-1-42
JEFFERSON, HAMILTON                     WV-19-3-352
JEWETT, AARON                           WV-19-3-409
KERCHEVAL, BENJAMIN                     WV-19-3-247
KERNEY, CATHERINE                       WV-19-3-475
KEYES, SARAH                            WV-19-3-422
KINDLE, HENRY                           WV-19-3-263
KING, ANN                               WV-19-3-9
LEE, LANCELOT                           WV-19-1-695
LEMEN, ALEXANDER                        WV-19-1-236
LEMEN, JOHN                             WV-19-1-238
LINE, JOHN                              WV-19-3-410
LONE, JAMES                             WV-19-1-22
LUCAS, EDWARD                           WV-19-1-484
MAGRUDER, SUSANNAH                      WV-19-1-227
MCCORMICK, EDWARD                       WV-19-1-247
MCCORMICK, JAMES                        WV-19-1-63
MCENTIRE, NICHOLAS                      WV-19-1-190
MCKINNEY, TULLY                         WV-19-1-364
MCKNIGHT, JOHN                          WV-19-2-25
MCMAKIN, JAMES                          WV-19-1-426
MCMERRAN, JAMES                         WV-19-2-170
MCSHERRY, RICHARD                       WV-19-3-405
MELVIN, JOHN                            WV-19-1-139
MOLER, FREDERICK                        WV-19-3-483
MOLER, JACOB                            WV-19-1-112
MOLER, JOHN                             WV-19-1-375
MORGAN, AGNES                           WV-19-3-386
MORGAN, PRISCILLA                       WV-19-1-170
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         WV-19-2-340
MURE, BATTAILE                          WV-19-1-49
MUSE, ATTAILE                           WV-19-3-474
NELSON, JOHN                            WV-19-1-209
NICHOLS, MICHAEL                        WV-19-2-212
OWINS, THOMAS PARKER                    WV-19-3-18
OZBURN, WILLIAM                         WV-19-2-332
PIERCE, MARY                            WV-19-1-353
PROCTOR, JAMES                          WV-19-1-338
PULS, MICHAEL                           WV-19-1-293
RANKINS, JUDITH                         WV-19-1-505
RIDGEWAY, MARY                          WV-19-1-535
RIPPLE, PHILIP                          WV-19-2-1
ROBB, GEORGE                            WV-19-1-655
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        WV-19-2-294
RONOMUS, ANDREW                         WV-19-1-169
ROPER, NICHOLAS                         WV-19-3-20
RUTHERFORD, ROBERT                      WV-19-1-198
RUTHERFORD, THOMAS                      WV-19-3-205
SEELIG, FREDERICK                       WV-19-1-499
SHARP, JOHN                             WV-19-2-313
SHAUL, NICHOLAS                         WV-19-1-424
SHEETZ, MARTIN                          WV-19-1-390
SHELL, NICHOLAS                         WV-19-1-67
SHEPHERD, ABRAHAM                       WV-19-3-391
SHIRLEY, WALTER                         WV-19-1-205
SIMON, ELEANOR                          WV-19-1-39
SIMPSON, JAMES                          WV-19-2-26
SINCLAIR, JOHN                          WV-19-3-238
SLY, FREDERICK                          WV-19-1-56
SMITH, JOHN                             WV-19-3-170
SMITH, MOSES                            WV-19-3-268
SMITH, WILLIAM                          WV-19-3-286
STALEY, CATHERINE                       WV-19-1-276
STEPHENSON, JAMES                       WV-19-3-107
STRIDER, CHRISTIANA                     WV-19-2-150
STRIDER, ISAAC                          WV-19-2-113
TALBOT, WILLIAM                         WV-19-1-151
TALL, JESSE                             WV-19-2-222
TATE, MAGNUS SR.                        WV-19-1-432
TATE, WILLIAM                           WV-19-3-103
TAWS, ANDREW                            WV-19-2-338
THORNBURG, PRUDENCE                     WV-19-1-469
THROCKMORTON, ROBERT                    WV-19-3-19
TURNER, ANTHONY                         WV-19-2-145
TURNER, JOSEPH                          WV-19-3-381
TURNER, THOMAS                          WV-19-1-269
VANHORN, JOHN                           WV-19-2-142
VANZANT, CHRISTOPHER                    WV-19-1-429
WALLINGFORD, JOSEPH                     WV-19-1-23
WALPERT, CASPER                         WV-19-2-258
WALTZ, JOHN                             WV-19-1-550
WASHINGTON, GEORGE S.                   WV-19-1-481
WASHINGTON, JOSEPH                      WV-19-1-310
WELCHAMER, CATHERINE                    WV-19-3-476
WELSH, JOHN                             WV-19-1-55
WHIP, PETER                             WV-19-2-237
WHITING, BEVERLY                        WV-19-3-39
WHITING, FRANCIS                        WV-19-3-92
WHITING, PETER B.                       WV-19-1-384
WILLIAMSON, JACOB SR.                   WV-19-3-317
WILLIS, RICH                            WV-19-1-689
WILTSHIRE, BENJAMIN                     WV-19-2-321
WINGERD, JOHN                           WV-19-2-415
WISENALL, LEWIS                         WV-19-1-6
WORMELDORFF, DANIEL                     WV-19-1-312
WORTHINGTON, JOSEPH                     WV-19-1-267
YEASLEY, MICHAEL                        WV-19-1-427
YOUNG, LACY                             WV-19-3-445

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