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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1895-1910 | 2=1910-1935 |
Images NOT available online. Access by microfilm only at Family History Centers, Other best method - order copies

ABBS, WILLIAM                           WV-30-2-17
ALLAN, WILLIAM GALT                     WV-30-2-
ALLEN, JOHN                             WV-30-2-
ALLEY, MOSES G.                         WV-30-2-
BARE, M. T.                             WV-30-2-240
BEALL, A. H.                            WV-30-1-11
BEALL, FANNIE H.                        WV-30-2-370
BILBIE, ELLEN                           WV-30-1-41
BRADLEY, LEWIS                          WV-30-2-128
BREWER, AARON                           WV-30-1-46
BROWN, T. E.                            WV-30-2-345
BROWNING, JOHN L.                       WV-30-1-34
BRUSHART, PETER                         WV-30-1-4
BUCHANAN, HARVEY P.                     WV-30-2-239
BUCHANAN, JOHN                          WV-30-2-3
BUSKIRK, MELDA                          WV-30-2-51
CANTRELL, R. L.                         WV-30-2-201
CARTER, BALLARD                         WV-30-1-73
CHAMBERS, EDGAR                         WV-30-2-187
CHAMBERS, S. T.                         WV-30-2-282
CLOSTERMAN, HENRY                       WV-30-2-66
COCHRAN, W. H.                          WV-30-2-301
COLE, GEORGE C.                         WV-30-2-392
COLLINS, PETER                          WV-30-2-129
CONNOLLEY, WILLIAM A.                   WV-30-1-54
COPELAN, DORA J.                        WV-30-2-242
CRAWFORD, J. F.                         WV-30-2-80
CURRY, L. V. S.                         WV-30-2-290
DAVIS, GEORGE D.                        WV-30-2-162
DAVIS, MARY ANN                         WV-30-2-169
DEMPSEY, JOHN                           WV-30-2-19
DEMPSEY, MARY A.                        WV-30-1-15
DESKINS, J. L.                          WV-30-1-17
DINGESS, ANDREW JACKSON                 WV-30-2-228
DOLMAN, HENRY                           WV-30-2-343
DONAHUE, PATRICK                        WV-30-2-263
DORAN, JOSEPH I.                        WV-30-2-90
ELOLIS, SCOTT                           WV-30-2-122
ESTEP, RHODES                           WV-30-2-98
EVANS, ALEX H.                          WV-30-2-189
EVANS, JAMES                            WV-30-2-311
EVANS, JOHN G.                          WV-30-2-353
EVANS, NANCY JANE                       WV-30-2-260
FARLEY, J. L.                           WV-30-2-207
FERRELL, ALLEN                          WV-30-1-61
FERRELL, EVAN                           WV-30-1-1
FERRELL, LUTITIA                        WV-30-2-111
FERRELL, M. A.                          WV-30-1-36
FERRELL, VESTA                          WV-30-1-69
FRALEY, ASMUEL G.                       WV-30-1-2
GARNER, THOMAS B.                       WV-30-2-131
GOINGS, WILLIAM                         WV-30-1-95
GROSECLOSE, ZOBEDIA                     WV-30-2-316
HALE, W. M.                             WV-30-2-125
HAMILTON, JOHN B.                       WV-30-2-99
HANNAH, GEORGE W.                       WV-30-2-43
HARDIN, LINA                            WV-30-2-281
HARMON, AMANDA                          WV-30-2-347
HARVEY, THOMAS H.                       WV-30-2-223
HATFIELD, JOHN WALLACE                  WV-30-2-229
HOWARD, D. H.                           WV-30-2-166
HUTCHINSON, CLAYANNA L.                 WV-30-2-364
HUTCHINSON, EDWARD S.                   WV-30-2-360
HUTCHINSON, J. PEMBERTON                WV-30-2-54
JAMES, DAVID                            WV-30-2-236
JAMES, N. V.                            WV-30-2-46
JENNINGS, OLIN HENRY                    WV-30-2-336
JONES, C. H.                            WV-30-2-28
KIRKPATRICK, FORTUNATA                  WV-30-1-65
LANGHORNE, ORRA                         WV-30-1-25
LAWSON, CHLOE ANN                       WV-30-2-14
LAWSON, HARRY                           WV-30-2-295
LAWSON, THOMAS A.                       WV-30-2-5
LEE, LUCY                               WV-30-2-108
LEWIS, JACOB                            WV-30-2-253
LILLY, BURSIE                           WV-30-2-318
LOWE, FLOYD                             WV-30-2-107
LOWRY, JOHNM.                           WV-30-1-10
LOWRY, W. G. G.                         WV-30-1-104
MARANARK, JOHN                          WV-30-2-118
MARCUM, WILLIAM HARRISON                WV-30-2-13
MARTIN, CHARLEY DANIELS                 WV-30-2-188
MAYNARD, ALVIS                          WV-30-2-115
MAYNARD, J. B. (DR)                     WV-30-2-136
MAYNARD, JANE                           WV-30-2-285
MAYNARD, L. D.                          WV-30-2-220
MAYNARD, WILLIAM H.                     WV-30-1-24
MAYNARD, WILLIAM T.                     WV-30-2-134
MCCLEESE, LYDIA                         WV-30-2-16
MCCOY, SARAH                            WV-30-1-9
MCDONALD, BILTON                        WV-30-2-173
MCDONALD, MILLARD                       WV-30-2-302
MCMILLAN, ANDREW S.                     WV-30-2-297
MCNULTY, S. G.                          WV-30-2-33
MCQUEEN, A. B.                          WV-30-2-386
MEADE, W. T.                            WV-30-2-271
MILLARD, A. J.                          WV-30-1-123
MILLARD, BENJAMIN                       WV-30-1-44
MOORE, A.                               WV-30-1-85
MUSICK, E. E.                           WV-30-2-101
NEWELL, FRANK                           WV-30-1-122
PALMER, RICHARD                         WV-30-2-88
PATTERSON, GEORGE S.                    WV-30-2-378
PERRY, MARY ANN                         WV-30-2-127
PERSINGER, M. T.                        WV-30-2-275
PIERSON, NANCY JANE                     WV-30-2-394
PREECE, MARY B.                         WV-30-2-279
PRICE, JANE ERWI                        NWV-30-2-191
QUESINBERRY, LULA F.                    WV-30-2-249
RAY, ROSA                               WV-30-2-286
REED, JOSAPHINE MALISSA                 WV-30-2-18
REED, WALTER                            WV-30-2-374
RENN, EVERETT C.                        WV-30-2-121
REYNOLDS, J. T.                         WV-30-2-358
RHODES, S. N. G.                        WV-30-2-308
RISDON, WILLIAM M.                      WV-30-1-76
RIXEY, JOHN F.                          WV-30-1-88
ROACH, JOHN KENNA                       WV-30-1-19
RUNYON, ROXIE                           WV-30-2-390
RUTHERFORD, LEWIS                       WV-30-1-116
SARTAIN, L. V. SR.                      WV-30-2-11
SCOLA, ARCANGELO                        WV-30-2-199
SCOTT, W. O. B.                         WV-30-1-71
SETTLE, ALONZO                          WV-30-2-272
SHEIN, JACOB                            WV-30-2-258
SHELTON, C. J.                          WV-30-2-9
SHUMATE, H. K.                          WV-30-1-120
SHUMATE, M. C.                          WV-30-2-53
SIMPKINS, A. J.                         WV-30-2-328
SIMPKINS, SAMUEL                        WV-30-2-123
SMITH, JACOB                            WV-30-1-50
SMITH, JACOB                            WV-30-1-109
SPRIEGEL, CATHERINE                     WV-30-2-183
STAFFORD, IMO L.                        WV-30-2-221
STAFFORD, ISAAC P.                      WV-30-1-83
STAFFORD, MARY A.                       WV-30-2-81
STATON, ELLIOTT S.                      WV-30-1-97
STAUFFER, CHARLES K.                    WV-30-2-185
STEPP, JOHN B.                          WV-30-2-355
STRATON, JOSEPH B.                      WV-30-2-283
STROTHER, R. D.                         WV-30-1-99
STUMP, JOHN F.                          WV-30-2-232
TABOR, WILLIAM F.                       WV-30-2-184
TALBERT, A. T.                          WV-30-2-82
TAYLOR, MARY                            WV-30-2-158
TESTERMAN, C. C.                        WV-30-2-106
THOMAS, WILLIAM J.                      WV-30-2-139
THOMPSON, MARTHA                        WV-30-2-300
TILLER, M. D.                           WV-30-2-321
TRENT, FRED                             WV-30-2-195
TRENT, FRED                             WV-30-2-194
TRENT, FRED                             WV-30-2-288
TRENT, J. H.                            WV-30-2-137
TRENT, NANCY JANE                       WV-30-2-195
TWEEL, ASPER                            WV-30-2-196
VARNEY, J.C. SR.                        WV-30-2-150
VARNEY, SINK                            WV-30-2-339
VAUGHAN, CHARLES F.                     WV-30-2-313
WALDRON, M. H.                          WV-30-2-152
YATES, RICHARD                          WV-30-2-331

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