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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=lost | 2=1880-1910 | 3=1908-1946 | 4=1942-1954 | 5=1954-1960 | 6=1960-1964 |
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ALLEN, ISRAEL B.                        WV-51-3-62, 64
AMSLER, C. W.                           WV-51-3-262
ANDERSON, ALEX C.                       WV-51-3-190
ANDERSON, ELIZA                         WV-51-3-204
ANDERSON, LOYD M.                       WV-51-3-294
ANDERSON, LUTHER COLFAX                 WV-51-3-168
ARMENTROUT, L. A.                       WV-51-3-213
ARNETT, J. L.                           WV-51-3-1
ARTHUR, J. W.                           WV-51-2-155
BALDWIN, EDWARD                         WV-51-2-82
BARKER, JOHNSON C.                      WV-51-3-74
BARNETT, CHARLOTTE                      WV-51-2-98
BARNETT, DENNIS S.                      WV-51-3-218
BARNETT, F. J.                          WV-51-3-215
BARTUTT, JANE W.                        WV-51-3-457
BAUGHMAN, ADAM S.                       WV-51-3-350, 362
BAUGHMAN, JOHN                          WV-51-2-113
BAUGHMIN, DAVID                         WV-51-2-131
BEARS, JOHN B.                          WV-51-3-581
BECKLEY, WILLIAM B.                     WV-51-3-578, 580
BENDER, W. K.                           WV-51-3-260
BENDUM, C. W.                           WV-51-2-162
BENITT, W. GEORGE                       WV-51-3-65
BENNETT, ALICE BRANNON                  WV-51-3-117, 171
BENNETT, HUGH                           WV-51-3-392
BENNETT, LOUIS                          WV-51-3-232
BENNETT, SAMUEL                         WV-51-3-5
BENTLEY, JAMES B.                       WV-51-2-186
BERKEY, MERLE                           WV-51-3-512
BERRY, JEROME C.                        WV-51-2-49
BERRY, SUSAN                            WV-51-2-46
BICKEL, MALINDA                         WV-51-2-20
BICKLEY, ELDEN A.                       WV-51-3-7
BITTINGER, WILLIAM M.                   WV-51-3-272
BLANKENSHIP, WILLIS                     WV-51-3-312
BOGGS, D. P.                            WV-51-2-134
BOGGS, HENRY R.                         WV-51-3-136, 138
BOONE, NAOMI                            WV-51-2-51
BOURN, ELIZABETH D.                     WV-51-3-379
BOWIE, MARY LEE BENNETT                 WV-51-3-254
BRAKE, J. L. D.                         WV-51-3-334
BRANNON, J. BLAND                       WV-51-3-388
BRANNON, WILLIAM W.                     WV-51-3-565
BRIGHT, P. B.                           WV-51-3-48
BROCK, R. P.                            WV-51-3-405
BROCKENHOFF, MARY                       WV-51-3-3337
BROCKERHOFF, ANDREW                     WV-51-3-540. 546
BROCKERHOFF, HENRY                      WV-51-3-336
BROCKERHOFF, J. M.                      WV-51-3-415
BROOKS, W. R.                           WV-51-3-298
BROWN, H. L.                            WV-51-3-227
BROWN, H. P.                            WV-51-3-184
BROWN, J. A.                            WV-51-3-316
BRYAN, GEORGE W.                        WV-51-2-11
BUCHANON, W. S.                         WV-51-3-514
BUL, S. N.                              WV-51-3-496
BUTCHER, E. C.                          WV-51-3-182
BUTCHER, MARTHA                         WV-51-3-407
BUTCHER, W. J.                          WV-51-3-305, 307
BUTINA, LUDWIG                          WV-51-3-205
CARBEY, JAMES L.                        WV-51-2-57
CARPENTER, A. H.                        WV-51-3-50
CARPENTER, MARIAH C.                    WV-51-3-211
CARPENTER, WILLIAM M.                   WV-51-2-141
CATTON, HENRY A.                        WV-51-3-409
CAVENDISH, R. M.                        WV-51-3-360
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM F. M.                  WV-51-2-18
CHATHAM, H. G.                          WV-51-3-518
CHATHAM, H. G.                          WV-51-3-518
CLEVENGER, LORENZO D.                   WV-51-2-187
CLIFTON, WILLIAM W.                     WV-51-2-86
COGAR, A. W.                            WV-51-3-42
COGAR, ARCHIBALD                        WV-51-2-44
COGAR, P. F.                            WV-51-3-481
COGAR, S. N.                            WV-51-3-341
CONRAD, JACOB P.                        WV-51-2-80
COOL, H. M.                             WV-51-3-432
COOL, JOHN C.                           WV-51-2-21
CORLEY, W. L. J.                        WV-51-2-130
COWELL, THOMAS                          WV-51-2-153
COWGER, WILLIE A.                       WV-51-3-467
CRAIG, LILLIE P.                        WV-51-3-498
CRICKARD, NIXON JOHN                    WV-51-3-568
CUNNINGHAM, SELENA                      WV-51-2-114
CURRY, ELIZABETH                        WV-51-2-177
CUTLIP, WILLIAM M.                      WV-51-3-56
DAVIS, JOSEPH T.                        WV-51-2-140
DECKER, WILLIAM                         WV-51-3-42
DODRILL, B. F.                          WV-51-3-352
DODRILL, ISAAC N.                       WV-51-3-504
DODRILL, J. M.                          WV-51-3-160, 162
DODRILL, LEWICY                         WV-51-2-105
DODRILL, LUTHER A.                      WV-51-2-81
DODRILL, NANCY .                        WV-51-2-88
DODRILL, ROBERT                         WV-51-2-60
DODRILL, W. C.                          WV-51-3-76
DODRILL, WILIAM C.                      WV-51-2-97
DODRILL,C . MC.                         WV-51-2-123
DOUGLAS, WILLIAM E.                     WV-51-3-425
DUFFY, F. F.                            WV-51-3-318
DUKE, W. T.                             WV-51-3-78
DYER, G. M.                             WV-51-3-104
EDMUNDS, NAOMI                          WV-51-3-371
ELLIOT, T. D.                           WV-51-2-164
ERICSON, C. I.                          WV-51-3-106
FARNASH, C. C.                          WV-51-3-566
FRITZ, MARY                             WV-51-3-535
FUCCY, JOSEPH                           WV-51-3-108
GARDNER, WILLIAM E.                     WV-51-3-420
GIFFIN, J. F.                           WV-51-3-396
GILLESPIE, ROSA MAY                     WV-51-3-19
GIVEN, HANSFORD F.                      WV-51-3-557
GIVEN, S. K.                            WV-51-3-157
GIVEN,S AMUEL                           WV-51-2-5
GOFF, A. B.                             WV-51-2-102
GOWING, D. H.                           WV-51-3-35
GRAY, C.W.                              WV-51-3-365
GREEN, ALLEN A.                         WV-51-2-25
GREEN, L. M.                            WV-51-3-102
GREEN, ROBERT F.                        WV-51-3-83
GREGORY, ANNA                           WV-51-3-117
GREGORY, DAISY E.                       WV-51-3-554
GREGORY, E. A.                          WV-51-3-225
GREGORY, JAMES M.                       WV-51-3-100, 112
GREGORY, T. S.                          WV-51-3-482
GREGORY, ULYSSES S.                     WV-51-3-434
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM A.                    WV-51-3-572
GUM, R. W.                              WV-51-3-418
GUMM, AHES                              WV-51-2-42
GUMM, ELIZABETH A.                      WV-51-3-92
GUMM, NORMAN R.                         WV-51-2-92
HAHN, AUGUST                            WV-51-3-87
HALL, H. D.                             WV-51-3-356
HAMBRICK, BENJAMIN                      WV-51-2-145
HAMMOCK, REBECCA                        WV-51-3-338
HAMRICK, ADAM G.                        WV-51-2-23
HAMRICK, ADAM J.                        WV-51-3-251
HAMRICK, ANGELINE                       WV-51-3-269
HAMRICK, ELI C.                         WV-51-3-516
HAMRICK, EMMET C.                       WV-51-3-390
HAMRICK, ETHEL FAITH                    WV-51-3-329
HAMRICK, ISAAC G.                       WV-51-2-132
HAMRICK, NAOMI                          WV-51-3-59, 469
HAMRICK, PETER                          WV-51-2-147
HAMRICK, S. V.                          WV-51-3-339
HAMRICK, W.G. SR.                       WV-51-3-32
HAMRICK, WILLIAM G. JR.                 WV-51-3-501
HARPER, MELVILLE PATTERSON              WV-51-3-299
HARPER, ORA E.                          WV-51-3-363
HARRAH, RAY JESSE                       WV-51-3-369
HARRIS, A. L.                           WV-51-3-134
HELLER, CONRAD                          WV-51-3-44
HENRY, J. B.                            WV-51-3-559
HEYER, WILLIE LEA                       WV-51-2-152
HINES, SAMUEL S.                        WV-51-3-308
HINKLE, J. W.                           WV-51-3-241
HINKLE, JOHN A.                         WV-51-3-209
HINKLE, NANIE B.                        WV-51-3-394
HITT, LILLIE                            WV-51-3-243
HOGAN, JACOB                            WV-51-3-479
HOLLISTER, WATSON                       WV-51-3-155
HOOVER, D. C.                           WV-51-3-358
HOOVER, M. N.                           WV-51-3-490
HOOVER, W. H.                           WV-51-2-110
HOWARD, CLARENCE D.                     WV-51-3-285
HOWARD, RACHEL A.                       WV-51-3-230
HOWELL, GERTRUDE B.                     WV-51-3-234
HUNSAKER, JANE                          WV-51-3-145
HUNSAKER, MARY                          WV-51-3-143
HUNSAKER, WILLIAM E.                    WV-51-3-144
JARIUS, ARNOLD B.                       WV-51-3-403
JOHNSON, MARGARET SELLMAN               WV-51-3-266
JONES, CHARLES                          WV-51-2-122
JONES, MARGARET                         WV-51-2-159
JONES, W. W.                            WV-51-2-181
JONES, WILLIAM                          WV-51-3-151
JUSTUS, JOHN B.                         WV-51-3-124
JUSTUS, LEFTRIDGE                       WV-51-3-282
JUSTUS, WYATT                           WV-51-3-110
KAUTZ, EDWARD F.                        WV-51-3-340
KAUTZ, EDWARD F.                        WV-51-3-85
KAUTZ, REBECCA J.                       WV-51-3-222
KELLEY, FLORA A.                        WV-51-3-289
KELLY, L.                               WV-51-3-422
KENNEY, AMOS P.                         WV-51-3-570
KESLER, D. P.                           WV-51-3-552
KINNEY, ORIN D.                         WV-51-3-192
KNIGHT, WALLACE W.                      WV-51-2-125
KNIGHT, WALLACE W.                      WV-51-3-258
LEE, THOMAS E.                          WV-51-3-347
LEWIS, SARAH                            WV-51-2-111
LYNCH, LEANDER A.                       WV-51-3-354
LYNCH, WILLIAM BALLARD                  WV-51-3-126
MAOSN, RILEY                            WV-51-3-54
MARPLE, E. C.                           WV-51-3-576
MCAVOY, P. S.                           WV-51-3-348
MCAVOY, SAMUEL                          WV-51-2-94
MCCARTNEY, WILLIAM J.                   WV-51-2-84
MCCARTY, MARY M.                        WV-51-3-72
MCCLINTOCK, JOHN JR.                    WV-51-3-485
MCCORD, WILLIAM A.                      WV-51-3-52
MCCOURT, GEORGE A.                      WV-51-3-66
MCCOURT, MALINDA                        WV-51-3-94
MCCRAY, RACHES S.                       WV-51-2-26
MCELWAIN, G. F.                         WV-51-2-107
MCELWAIN, LEWIS                         WV-51-3-21
MCGUIRE, MARY A.                        WV-51-2-157
MCNEIL, PAUL                            WV-51-3-271
METZLER, SANKEY W.                      WV-51-3-510
MIDDLEBROOK, ELIJAH                     WV-51-2-171
MIDDLEBROOK, ROBERT                     WV-51-2-167
MILELR, HENRY W.                        WV-51-3-310
MILLER, A. MCL.                         WV-51-2-174
MILLER, ANNA                            WV-51-2-90
MILLER, C. C.                           WV-51-2-115
MILLER, ELLA V.                         WV-51-3-346
MILLER, T. J.                           WV-51-2-129
MILLER, THOMAS                          WV-51-2-54
MOLLOHAN, JAMES                         WV-51-2-1
MOORE, GEORGE S.                        WV-51-2-138
MORGAN, CHESTER W.                      WV-51-2-113
MORGAN, ENOCH C.                        WV-51-2-183
MORTON, E. H.                           WV-51-3-367
MORTON, FELIX D.                        WV-51-2-100
MORTON, GEORGE W.                       WV-51-2-148
MORTON, MARY J.                         WV-51-3-40
MORTON, ROBERT                          WV-51-3-3
MULLINS, JESSEE                         WV-51-3-382
MURPHY, JOHN A.                         WV-51-3-122
MYERS, J. H.                            WV-51-3-268
NICHOLAS, CLAUDE G.                     WV-51-3-465
NICHOLAS, JOHN                          WV-51-3-525
NICHOLAS, MARGARET                      WV-51-3-525
NICHOLS, WILLIAM                        WV-51-3-186
ODELL, A. E.                            WV-51-3-500
OSBORN, LABON                           WV-51-2-142
PARRY, WILLIAM                          WV-51-3-176
PAYNE, EMMA E.                          WV-51-3-322
PAYNE, Q. A.                            WV-51-2-106
PERRINE, CORA                           WV-51-3-330
PETERSON, DAISY M.                      WV-51-3-374
PHILLIPS, LUCINDA                       WV-51-3-188
POWERS, WAYNE                           WV-51-3-520
PRATT, CHARLES                          WV-51-2-28
PRIBBLE, WILFORD                        WV-51-3-563
PROTHEROE, WILLIAM                      WV-51-3-386
RAMSBURG, DORA E.                       WV-51-3-163
RAMSEY, GEORGE L.                       WV-51-3-46
RICE, W. H.                             WV-51-3-561
ROBETS, SYTHA                           WV-51-3-332
ROGERS, WILLIAM LOYD                    WV-51-3-314
ROSE, FIELDING                          WV-51-3-280
ROSE, HAMAH V.                          WV-51-3-68
ROSE, R. E.                             WV-51-3-220
RUPPERT, CHRISTIAN                      WV-51-3-274
SANSON, H. M.                           WV-51-3-207
SCHEIFFELIN, ---                        WV-51-2-63
SCHRADER, HENRY C.                      WV-51-3-384
SCHRADER, JONES C.                      WV-51-2-85
SHOVE, JOHN K.                          WV-51-3-522
SHURTLEFF, MARIAN B.                    WV-51-3-376
SKIDMORE, JOHN BURKE                    WV-51-3-547
SMITH, A. P.                            WV-51-3-245
SMITH, N. F.                            WV-51-2-61
SNYDER, LEWIS                           WV-51-3-69
SNYDER, MARY F.                         WV-51-3-70
SOMMERVILLE, O. H.                      WV-51-3-401
SPRINGER, W. L.                         WV-51-3-71
STALLMAN, WILLIAM                       WV-51-2-150
STALNAKER, ELIZABETH                    WV-51-3-493
STARCHER, M. M.                         WV-51-3-324
STARCHER, TARY                          WV-51-3-471
STEWART, AGNES MCKEAN                   WV-51-3-247
STEWART, HENRY S.                       WV-51-3-147
STOCHERT, G. F.                         WV-51-3-345
STOUT, LEE                              WV-51-3-113
STOUT, ROSS F.                          WV-51-3-506
STOUT, ZADOC                            WV-51-3-25
SUTTON, OKEY                            WV-51-3-411
TALBOT, W. D.                           WV-51-3-461
THARP, CLARA J.                         WV-51-2-109
THOMAS, JOHN CHEW                       WV-51-2-3
THOMPSON, JOHN JR.                      WV-51-3-96
THORN, JAMES EMMETT                     WV-51-3-349
THURMOND, H. C.                         WV-51-3-128
TRACY, W. B.                            WV-51-3-475
VANCE, W. B.                            WV-51-2-17
WARE, S. C.                             WV-51-2-179
WATSON, KATE                            WV-51-3-140
WELCH, DANIEL                           WV-51-2-72
WELLS, BENJAMIN F.                      WV-51-3-197
WELLS, JOHN L.                          WV-51-3-301
WETHERELL, GEORGE S.                    WV-51-3-442
WETHERELL, JOHN M.                      WV-51-3-27
WETHERELL, MARY S.                      WV-51-3-448
WETMORE, LUTHER                         WV-51-2-96
WILKINS, CHARLOTTE                      WV-51-2-143
WILKINS, G. FRANK                       WV-51-3-180
WILLIAMS, EDWARD SR.                    WV-51-3-473
WILLIAMS, JOHN P.                       WV-51-3-80
WILLS, HUGH GOODSON                     WV-51-3-398
WOODDELL, W. L.                         WV-51-3-477
WOODS, GEORGIA                          WV-51-3-287
WOODS, JACOB H.                         WV-51-2-136
WOODS, LULA IRWIN                       WV-51-3-412
WOODS, W. F.                            WV-51-3-326
WOODS, W. G.                            WV-51-3-292
WOODZELL, HOMER                         WV-51-3-119
WRIGHT, J. W.                           WV-51-3-17

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