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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1847-1880 | 2=1880-1894 | 3=1894-1903 | 4-23=? |
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ABEUGG, SAMUEL                          WV-52-2-304
ALBRIGHT, HENRY                         WV-52-1-5
ALLEN, ELIZA                            WV-52-3-126
ALLEN, SARAH                            WV-52-2-165
ALLEN, WILLIAM B.                       WV-52-2-311
ANDERSON, ENOCH                         WV-52-3-165
ANDERSON, JAMES                         WV-52-2-37
ANDERSON, JOHN                          WV-52-3-52
ANDERSON, JOSEPHUS                      WV-52-2-190
ANDERSON, RICHARD                       WV-52-2-139
ANDERSON, THOMAS                        WV-52-2-218
ANDERSON, WILLIAM H.                    WV-52-3-3
ANDESON, JAMES M.                       WV-52-2-64
ANDREW, ELIZABETH                       WV-52-2-43
ARNOLD, M. E.                           WV-52-2-133
AUSTIN,R ACHEL M.                       WV-52-3-79
BACHMAN, ANTON                          WV-52-1-40
BAILING, GEORGE                         WV-52-1-65
BAKER, F. M.                            WV-52-3-123
BARNHART, ELIZA ANN                     WV-52-3-63
BARR, MARY                              WV-52-2-306
BARRICK, JOHN                           WV-52-3-135
BARTH, LOUISA                           WV-52-2-222
BARTRAG, DANIEL                         WV-52-1-16
BARTRAG, GEORGE J.                      WV-52-2-242
BLACK, FRANK J.                         WV-52-2-244
BLAKE, NATHANIEL                        WV-52-3-66
BLAKE, RHODA                            WV-52-3-230
BLAND, SAMUEL                           WV-52-2-7
BLATT, JOSEPH SR.                       WV-52-2-226
BLATT, NICHOLAS                         WV-52-3-183
BORRER, JACOB                           WV-52-2-45
BORRER, VICTOR                          WV-52-3-323
BOUGHNER, MARY A.                       WV-52-3-298
BRIGGS, G. W.                           WV-52-3-238
BROOKOVER, A. P.                        WV-52-3-8
BROWN, ABEL                             WV-52-3-46
BROWN, J. O.                            WV-52-3-316
BUCHANAN, JAMES                         WV-52-1-15
BUCHANAN, JOHN                          WV-52-1-35
BUCK, ANNE RETTA                        WV-52-2-224
BURROWS, MARY S.                        WV-52-2-235
BUTCHER, JAMES H.                       WV-52-3-5
BUTCHER, M. H.                          WV-52-3-61
CALDWELL, ADALINE                       WV-52-2-206
CALVERT, HANNAH                         WV-52-2-295
CAMPE, CHARLES                          WV-52-1-41
CARLIN, PATRICK                         WV-52-1-46
CARNEY, MATHEW                          WV-52-3-268
CARNEY, SOLOMON                         WV-52-1-11
CARNEY, W. M.                           WV-52-2-127
CARNY, LAVINA                           WV-52-2-61
CARRICK, ROBERT                         WV-52-2-69
CARROLL, JOHN                           WV-52-1-36
CEHRS, CHRISTEN                         WV-52-2-283
CHAPMAN, HUGH                           WV-52-1-1
CHARNOCK, THOMAS                        WV-52-2-125
CHRISTEN, JOHN                          WV-52-2-109
CLARK, EBENEZER                         WV-52-2-75
CLARK, JOHN                             WV-52-2-31
CLINTON, VINCENT P.                     WV-52-1-60
COCHRAN, JAMES                          WV-52-2-314
COCHRAN, WILLIAM                        WV-52-2-142
COE, ELIZABETH                          WV-52-2-245
COFFIELD, GEORGE                        WV-52-2-29
COOK, IRAD                              WV-52-3-37
COX, SUSAN                              WV-52-3-151
CRANE, W. H.                            WV-52-3-57
CRIST, JOSEPHINE                        WV-52-3-97
CROSS, JOHN                             WV-52-2-23
CROW, JOSIAH                            WV-52-3-74
CUNNINGHAM, JOSIAH                      WV-52-2-39
DAMM, J. ALBERT                         WV-52-DB-19-85
DAVIS, W. G.                            WV-52-2-317
DEWHURST, JAMES Z.                      WV-52-3-109
DULANEY, JOHN                           WV-52-2-183
DULANEY, JOHN JR.                       WV-52-3-164
DULANEY, MOSES                          WV-52-2-194
EARNSHAW, BENJAMIN                      WV-52-2-49
EBERT, JOHN                             WV-52-3-104
EDWARDS, F. L.                          WV-52-3-235
ENGLEBERT, A. F.                        WV-52-3-305
EVANS, JOHN H.                          WV-52-3-128
FANKHOUSER, DANIEL                      WV-52-3-204
FARABEE, DAVID                          WV-52-2-130
FEIP, JOHN                              WV-52-1-59
FISHER, SAMUEL                          WV-52-3-102
FLAHERTY, ELLEN                         WV-52-2-281
FOX, FREDERICK                          WV-52-3-42
FOX, GEORGE (MD)                        WV-52-2-184
FUCHS, LEVI                             WV-52-3-247
FURBEE, JAMES H.                        WV-52-3-232
GADD, JOHN W.                           WV-52-3-264
GARF, CHRISTINA                         WV-52-1-45
GARRETT, SAMUEL                         WV-52-1-39
GENIN, THOMAS H.                        WV-52-2-16
GLASSCOCK, STEPHEN S.                   WV-52-3-221
GODDARD, DAVID                          WV-52-3-131
GODDARD, JOHN                           WV-52-2-253
GREENLEE, JOSEPH                        WV-52-2-204
HAINES, JOHN                            WV-52-3-16
HAMES, ABRAHAM N.                       WV-52-1-52
HAMMON, PETER                           WV-52-1-57
HAMMOND, JOSEPH                         WV-52-3-285
HANDENSCHILT, J. W.                     WV-52-3-236
HARKER, ARCH                            WV-52-3-302
HARRIS, REUBEN                          WV-52-1-25
HARTLY, PRESLY                          WV-52-2-155
HAWKINS, THOMAS SR.                     WV-52-1-1
HAYS, JAMES                             WV-52-1-33
HEINEBRICK, FRANCIS                     WV-52-3-189
HENDERSON, MARY A.                      WV-52-2-252
HENNEN, CASSANDER                       WV-52-3-47
HENNEN, M. V.                           WV-52-3-133
HIGGINBOTHAM, ISAAC                     WV-52-3-146
HIGGINBOTHAM, JAMES                     WV-52-3-45
HIXENBAUGH, ISAAC                       WV-52-2-286
HOCKEY, FRANTZ                          WV-52-2-271
HOGE, ISAAC                             WV-52-3-196
HOHMAN, CORNAD                          WV-52-3-159
HORNER, CHARLES                         WV-52-3-181
HOSKINSON, LUCY                         WV-52-1-4
HOSTETTLER, EMMA C.                     WV-52-3-88
HUSCH, H.                               WV-52-2-282
HYLER, JOHN T.                          WV-52-1-24
IAMS, JEHU                              WV-52-3-356
ICE, ADEN B.                            WV-52-2-178
ICE, JOHN                               WV-52-2-153
ICE, W. B.                              WV-52-3-350
ICE, WILLIAM                            WV-52-2-25
JACKSON, CALEB                          WV-52-3-154
JACKSON, G. P.                          WV-52-3-106
JACKSON, JOHN L. G.                     WV-52-3-90
JACKSON, JSOEPH M.                      WV-52-2-173
JENNINGS, WILLIAM                       WV-52-2-168
JOHNSON, OLIVER PERRY                   WV-52-CC-1-1
JOHNSTON, JAMES A.                      WV-52-3-100
JONES, EVAN                             WV-52-2-27
KEENAN, RICHARD P.                      WV-52-2-298
KELLEY, AMANDA                          WV-52-2-177
KIGER, CHARLES                          WV-52-2-201
KIGER, GEORGE                           WV-52-2-189
KING, JOHN                              WV-52-1-30
KING, JOHN                              WV-52-1-20
KING, THOMAS P.                         WV-52-2-202
KIRKPATRICK, AMELIA                     WV-52-2-172
KIRKPATRICK, JACOB                      WV-52-2-99
KIRKPATRICK, JOHN M.                    WV-52-2-330
KOCHER, JOHN                            WV-52-3-315
LANTZ, JACOB                            WV-52-1-34
LEIZER, CHRISTIAN                       WV-52-1-17
LEMASTERS, CHRISTENA                    WV-52-2-161
LEMASTERS, ISAAC W.                     WV-52-2-248
LIENTZ, GEORGE                          WV-52-2-151
LIMING, JACOB                           WV-52-3-274
LOVE, C. H.                             WV-52-3-161
LOWMAN, E. P.                           WV-52-2-97
MARSHALL, ASBERRY                       WV-52-2-166
MARSHALL, ELIZA                         WV-52-3-266
MARSHALL, JAMES                         WV-52-2-34
MARTIN,PRESLEY                          WV-52-1-12
MCCAIN, JOHN                            WV-52-3-64
MCCLOUD, JOHN                           WV-52-1-37
MCCLOUD, R. E.                          WV-52-3-169
MCCLURE, D. M.                          WV-52-DB-3-299
MCCLURE,JAMES                           WV-52-1-12
MCCOY, CHARLES P.                       WV-52-3-39
MCCULLOUGH, PATRICK                     WV-52-2-157
MCCURRY, ELLY                           WV-52-2-252
MCELDOWNEY, ROBERT                      WV-52-3-180
MCELDOWNEY, SAMUEL                      WV-52-2-3
MCFARLAND, SAMUEL                       WV-52-2-9
MCKIMMIE, G. W.                         WV-52-2-300
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN                        WV-52-2-126
MCMASTERS, JAMES                        WV-52-1-8
MELBURNE, JOHN                          WV-52-1-49
MELLENDORF, EMILY                       WV-52-3-244
MELOTT, WILLIAM                         WV-52-2-246
MERRINIS, DAVID                         WV-52-3-353
MIDCAP, NATHANIEL                       WV-52-1-19
MILLER, LUCAS                           WV-52-2-319
MILLER, WILLIAM                         WV-52-1-21
MILLER, WILLIAM                         WV-52-1-21
MILLS, JOHN SR.                         WV-52-3-25
MOORE, CRAWFORD                         WV-52-2-47
MOORE, E. J.                            WV-52-2-328
MOORE, HENRY F.                         WV-52-2-5
MOORE, ISAAC                            WV-52-2-197
MOORE, JOHN                             WV-52-1-47
MORGAN, MORGAN                          WV-52-1-7
MORGAN, R. C.                           WV-52-3-11
MORGAN, VSIAHL                          WV-52-1-3
MURPHY, JEREMIAH                        WV-52-3-301
MURRINER, STEPHENSON                    WV-52-1-18
NEELY, JOHN K.                          WV-52-3-31
OLIVER, BARTIN                          WV-52-2-289
ONEIL, REBECCA                          WV-52-2-276
OTT, MARY W.                            WV-52-3-118
OWENS, J. N.                            WV-52-3-250
PADEN, A. W.                            WV-52-3-186
PADEN, JAMES W.                         WV-52-2-147
PADEN, MARY E.                          WV-52-2-96
PALMER, EPHRAIM                         WV-52-2-233
PALMER, JOHN W.                         WV-52-3-258
PALMER, LYSANDER                        WV-52-3-166
PALMER, WILLIAM                         WV-52-2-322
PARKER, W. W.                           WV-52-3-171
PARKS, JAMES                            WV-52-3-256
PARSON, JEHU                            WV-52-2-122
PARSONS, JESSE                          WV-52-2-87
PETERSON, WILLIAM F.                    WV-52-1-43
PETHTEL, JOHN                           WV-52-2-324
PETTET, SARAH                           WV-52-3-1
PETTIT, MARIAH                          WV-52-3-59
POARSONS, HENRY S.                      WV-52-2-54
POLAND, SUSAN J.                        WV-52-3-200
POSTLETHWAIT, E. H.                     WV-52-3-23
POSTLETHWAIT, G. W.                     WV-52-3-157
POSTLEWHWAIT, ABSOLAM                   WV-52-2-41
POTTS, J. W.                            WV-52-2-181
PRICE, WILLIAM                          WV-52-3-193
PROBST, JOSEPH                          WV-52-3-175
PROTZMAN, MARGARET                      WV-52-3-35
PYLES, MICHAEL                          WV-52-CC-1-2
REILLY, MICHAEL                         WV-52-2-256
REMLEY, D. S.                           WV-52-3-15
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM MC.                   WV-52-3-116
RICHMOND, DAVID B.                      WV-52-2-163
RIGGENBACH, SEBASTIAN                   WV-52-3-253
ROBINSON, JAMES                         WV-52-1-23
RODGERS, GEORGE                         WV-52-2-113
ROTHLISBERGER, FREDEICK                 WV-52-3-241
ROTHLISBERGER, PETER                    WV-52-3-69
RUSH, BETHUEL                           WV-52-1-10
RUSH, CHARLES                           WV-52-2-67
RUSH, DAVID A.                          WV-52-3-191
RUSH, JOSEPH                            WV-52-2-239
SAUTER, JOHN W.                         WV-52-3-55
SCHAFER, JOHN                           WV-52-2-291
SCOTT, DAVID                            WV-52-1-1
SHOWALTER, EUNICE D.                    WV-52-2-280
SHOWALTER, JOHN J.                      WV-52-3-18
SHREVES, JONATHAN R.                    WV-52-3-344
SLOAN, MORDECIA                         WV-52-3-71
SLOUGH, PHILLIP                         WV-52-3-20
SMITH, CHARLES C.                       WV-52-3-114
SNODGRASS, T. J. J.                     WV-52-3-311
SNODGRASS, W. G.                        WV-52-3-82
SNODGRASS, WASHINGTON                   WV-52-3-120
SOLE, JESSE                             WV-52-2-192
SOLE, PTEER                             WV-52-3-295
SPENCER, HOWARD                         WV-52-3-326
STANDEFORD, JAMES                       WV-52-2-266
STANSBERRY, ELIZABETH                   WV-52-2-137
STANSBERRY, JONATHAN                    WV-52-2-95
STANSBERRY, THOMAS                      WV-52-2-129
STARKEY, LEVI                           WV-52-3-288
STEELE, ADAM                            WV-52-1-14
STEELE, THOMAS                          WV-52-2-214
STEWART, HANNAH                         WV-52-2-56
STONEKING, JOHN H.                      WV-52-2-182
STROSNIDER, JOHN                        WV-52-1-63
STUMP, SALLY                            WV-52-3-77
TATE, JOHN                              WV-52-2-320
TAYLOR, FRANCIS M.                      WV-52-2-85
TAYLOR, HELENA                          WV-52-3-223
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         WV-52-2-170
THISTLE, SUSAN                          WV-52-1-21
THOMAS, ADAM                            WV-52-3-358
THOMAS, ADAM                            WV-52-2-145
THOMAS, JOSHUA R.                       WV-52-2-180
THOMPSON, GORE                          WV-52-2-228
TROPPETT, ALEXANDER                     WV-52-3-291
TROY, EUGENUS                           WV-52-3-217
TRUEX, ASA                              WV-52-3-73
TRUEX, S. A.                            WV-52-3-73
UMSTEAD, AMELIA A.                      WV-52-3-152
UMSTEAD, GEORGE H.                      WV-52-3-94
VANCAMP, AMANDA J.                      WV-52-2-111
VANCAMP, JOHN                           WV-52-2-1
VANCAMP, NELSON                         WV-52-2-117
VANDINE, DAVID                          WV-52-2-59
WADE, HEZEKIAH                          WV-52-1-53
WADE, WENMAN                            WV-52-2-241
WHORTON, LUCINDA                        WV-52-3-92
WILEY, RICHARD                          WV-52-3-237
WILEY, W. S.                            WV-52-3-280
WILLEY, JAMES                           WV-52-1-9
WILLIAMS, C. M.                         WV-52-3-33
WILLIAMS, EVAN C.                       WV-52-1-32
WILSON, NATHANIEL                       WV-52-1-6
WITTLEN, FURNISSA B.                    WV-52-3-50
WOODS, ROBERT                           WV-52-3-137
WYATT, SACKER                           WV-52-DB-6-148
YOHO, GEORGE W.                         WV-52-1-61
YOKO, JAMES WELLINGTON                  WV-52-3-172
YOUNG, JACOB                            WV-52-3-249
YOUST, LUCINDA                          WV-52-3-272

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