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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1848-1884 |
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BADGER, J. B.                           WV-53-1-616
BARBE, WAITMAN                          WV-53-1-536
BECKNER, L. J.                          WV-53-1-206
BELL, JAMES W.                          WV-53-1-29
BOYCE, THOMAS                           WV-53-1-123
BOYLES, ELIZA                           WV-53-1-394
BUCK, ALEXANDER                         WV-53-1-144
BUCK, J. W.                             WV-53-1-583
BUCK, ROSE                              WV-53-1-612
BUMGARNER, EMMA F.                      WV-53-1-483
BYES, I. M.                             WV-53-1-154
CARPENTER, MARY V.                      WV-53-1-158
CHEUVRONT, JOHN A.                      WV-53-1-121
COE, J. R.                              WV-53-1-389
DAGGETT, G. W.                          WV-53-1-467
DARE, JOHN M.                           WV-53-1-340
DARNELL, HENRY L.                       WV-53-1-26
DARNELL, JASPER F.                      WV-53-1-411
DAVIS, ZACHARY F.                       WV-53-1-397
DEEM, JOHN M.                           WV-53-1-1
DEEM, MARY B.                           WV-53-1-198
DULIN, J. B.                            WV-53-1-45
DYE, JAMES W.                           WV-53-1-533
ENOCH, J.M.                             WV-53-1-48
EVANS, U. S.                            WV-53-1-277
EVERLY, H. A.                           WV-53-1-327
FARRAR, AMANDA                          WV-53-1-252
FORD, JENNIE                            WV-53-1-534
FOUGHT, T. A.                           WV-53-1-366
FOUTTY, MILLARD FILLMORE                WV-53-1-190
FREEMAN, JOSEPH                         WV-53-1-233
GARRELL, R. H.                          WV-53-1-315
GIBSON, M. B.                           WV-53-1-420
GILLESPIE, MARTHA E.                    WV-53-1-368
GIVENS, U. S.                           WV-53-1-334
GOLDEN, CORA                            WV-53-1-509
GOLDEN, HARRY HAITT                     WV-53-1-571
GRABLE, A.                              WV-53-1-336
GRAY, JOSEPH                            WV-53-1-209
GRIM, W. CLYDE                          WV-53-1-221
HALL, A. C.                             WV-53-1-352
HAWKINS, RACHEL                         WV-53-1-55B
HICKMAN, A. S.                          WV-53-1-28
HILL, S. T.                             WV-53-1-448
HOLBERT, LOOMIS                         WV-53-1-506
HOPKINS, H. O.                          WV-53-1-245
HOPKINS, W. W.                          WV-53-1-31
KELLEY, ALICE                           WV-53-1-473
KENNEY, MARY E.                         WV-53-1-63
LEE, LARRIMER E.                        WV-53-1-511
LEE, R. E.                              WV-53-1-49
LOCKHART, JOHN R.                       WV-53-1-568
LOTT, JOHN L.                           WV-53-1-470
MAHONEY, H. J.                          WV-53-1-9
MARTIN,MARY E.                          WV-53-1-316
MASON, GIDEON                           WV-53-1-76
MASON, WILLIAM C.                       WV-53-1-129
MCGILL, MALINDA F.                      WV-53-1-189
MERRILL, MARY ANN                       WV-53-1-108
MILLER, G. W.                           WV-53-1-382
MILLER, J. W.                           WV-53-1-417
MILLS, J. W.                            WV-53-1-169
MORGAN, JOHN                            WV-53-1-547
MORRISON, A.                            WV-53-1-592
NEWHOUSE, S. J.                         WV-53-1-178
ODELL, HENRY W.                         WV-53-1-370
PARK, MARY N.                           WV-53-1-47
PELL, HUNTER F.                         WV-53-1-160
PHILLIPS, ARTIMISHIA                    WV-53-1-423
PHILLIPS, PHILIP C.                     WV-53-1-83
PRICKETT, J. T.                         WV-53-1-92
PRICKETT, N. C.                         WV-53-1-94
REAUGH, G. A.                           WV-53-1-347
ROBERTS, G. W.                          WV-53-1-586
SALTKELD, MARIAH                        WV-53-1-4
SHEARS, J. T.                           WV-53-1-103
SHEARS, W. A.                           WV-53-1-139
SHEETS, JOHN                            WV-53-1-495
SHEPPARD, A. H.                         WV-53-1-278
SHEPPARD, JONAH                         WV-53-1-598
SHOWALTERS, SAMUEL L.                   WV-53-1-597
SIMS, AGNES                             WV-53-1-350
SMITH, AMANDA                           WV-53-1-317
SMITH, EVA                              WV-53-1-128
SMITH, FLORA A.                         WV-53-1-463
STRONG, GEORGE W.                       WV-53-1-162
TEXTAR, GEORGE H.                       WV-53-1-163
THORN, J. W.                            WV-53-1-588
TIPPENS, JOHN                           WV-53-1-442
VANDALL, M.                             WV-53-1-186
VAUGHT, D. A.                           WV-53-1-537
VERNON, WILLIAM V.                      WV-53-1-104
WELLS, S. F.                            WV-53-1-38
WHIMS, ROZETTA V.                       WV-53-1-383
WINLAND, EDWARD E.                      WV-53-1-435
WINLAND, J. W.                          WV-53-1-456
WISEMAN, BRAINARD N.                    WV-53-1-319
WOODYARD, LUCINDA B.                    WV-53-1-269
WOODYARD, MARY C.                       WV-53-1-174
WORLEY, ISABELL                         WV-53-1-6
WRIGHT, I. S.                           WV-53-1-488

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