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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1A=1800-1817 | 1B=1818-1830 | 1C=1833-1878 | 2=1816-1822 | 3=1826-1882 | 4-42=? |
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ALLEN, ARGY                             WV-54-3-148
ALLEN, SAMUEL                           WV-54-3-43
AMOS, BENJAMIN                          WV-54-3-3
ANDERSON, JAMES S.                      WV-54-3-399
BAILEY, ABSOLOM                         WV-54-3-177
BALDWIN, CHARLES R.                     WV-54-3-354
BARNES, EZEKIEL                         WV-54-1A-104
BARRETT, JAMES S.                       WV-54-3-427
BARRETT, SAMUEL                         WV-54-3-341
BARTLETT, AMOS                          WV-54-1A-155
BEAUCHAMP, WILLIAM                      WV-54-1A-63
BEESON, JACOB                           WV-54-1B-1
BENNETT, FRANCIS W.                     WV-54-3-5
BIBBEY, ISAAC                           WV-54-2-136
BOOKER, JOHN I.                         WV-54-3-428
BURCHE, SAMUEL Q.                       WV-54-1C-468
CAINES, JOHN                            WV-54-3-62
COMPTON, CATHERINE                      WV-54-3-385
CONWELL, JOHN                           WV-54-3-286
COOK, BENNETT                           WV-54-3-476
COOK, JOHN                              WV-54-3-42
COOK, JOSEPH                            WV-54-2-171
COONROD, DNAIEL                         WV-54-3-226
COOPER, HENRY                           WV-54-3-449
CORNELL, WILLIAM                        WV-54-3-150
CREEL, GEORGE                           WV-54-2-256
DARE, SARAH                             WV-54-3-18
DARNEL, JOSHUA                          WV-54-3-354
DAVIS, ALLEN                            WV-54-3-258
DAWKINS, THOMAS                         WV-54-1C-122
DEEM, PETER                             WV-54-1C-159
DILS, PHILIP                            WV-54-1A-2
DYAR, EDWARD                            WV-54-2-69
EASTBURN, ESTHER                        WV-54-3-227
ESKRIDGE, HECTOR R.                     WV-54-2-113
FLEHARTY, JOHN                          WV-54-1A-11
FOLEY, JAMES                            WV-54-1A-77
FOUGHTY, GEORGE                         WV-54-1A-87
FRONSMAN, JACOB N.                      WV-54-1C-137
GALVIN, ANDREW                          WV-54-1C-124
GARD, JOHN                              WV-54-2-238
GIBSON, JOHN H.                         WV-54-1C-465
GOFF, JAMES C.                          WV-54-3-356
HANNAMAN, PETER                         WV-54-1B-6
HARNESS, SOLOMON                        WV-54-1C-51
HENDERSON, GEORGE W.                    WV-54-1C-146
HENDERSON, RICHARD HENRY                WV-54-1C-17
HILL, JOHN                              WV-54-2-90
HOLTZ, FREDERICK                        WV-54-1C-454
HOWARD, JOSEPH                          WV-54-1C-45
JOHNSON, ANN C.                         WV-54-3-17
JOHNSON, MARY                           WV-54-1C-118
JOSEPH, JOSEPH                          WV-54-3-364
KEEN, WILLIAM                           WV-54-3-394
KELLER, FRANCIS                         WV-54-2-61
KELLY, ST. CLAIR                        WV-54-2-89
KINCHELOE, DANIEL                       WV-54-3-246
LEACH, BARTLETT                         WV-54-2-189
LEACH, FIELDING                         WV-54-3-377
LEACH, JOHN A.                          WV-54-3-276
LEACH, MARGARETT                        WV-54-2-198
LEAVITT, SAMUEL Q.                      WV-54-1C-458
LEE, HANNAH                             WV-54-1C-21
LEE, HANNAH                             WV-54-3-251
LEE, JESSE                              WV-54-2-113
LEE, JOHN                               WV-54-3-144
LEE, RICHARD                            WV-54-3-331
LEE, WILLIAM                            WV-54-3-41
LEWIS, GOERGE                           WV-54-1A-108
LINCH, WILLIAM                          WV-54-2-347
LITTLEBOY, MAULBY J.                    WV-54-1C-129
LOCKHART, JOHN                          WV-54-3-187
MAN, JOHN                               WV-54-3-199
MANN, WILLIAM                           WV-54-1C-87
MAYBERRY, ISAAC                         WV-54-1C-121
MAYHUGH, RICHARD                        WV-54-3-384
MCGLAUGHLIN, THOMAS                     WV-54-3-390
MCKENZIE, JOHN                          WV-54-3-383
MEAD, MARY                              WV-54-2-66
MELROSE, ELEANOR                        WV-54-1C-189
MILLER, GEORGE                          WV-54-1C-74
MILLER, JAMES                           WV-54-1C-457
MILLER, NICHOLAS                        WV-54-2-346
MITCHELL, BENJAMIN                      WV-54-3-241
MORRISON, JOHN                          WV-54-1C-93
MORRISON, WILLIAM                       WV-54-3-433
MOUNT, EZEKIEL                          WV-54-3-1
NEAL, JAMES                             WV-54-2-57
NEALE, RICHARD                          WV-54-3-353
OTT, LEWIS                              WV-54-3-193
OWENS, JOHN                             WV-54-2-349
OWINGS, THOMAS                          WV-54-2-152, 157
PENNYBACKER, D.                         WV-54-1A-247
PILCHER, MOSES                          WV-54-2-85
POLK, WILLIAM                           WV-54-3-304
PREGMORE, WILLIAM                       WV-54-2-18
PRICE, CHARLES                          WV-54-1C-208
PROVANCE, JOSEPH G.                     WV-54-1C-35
PUGH, REBECCA                           WV-54-1C-436
RADCLIF, WILLIAM                        WV-54-3-33
RAQUET, CLAUDIUS PAUL                   WV-54-2-235
RAQUET, NICHOLAS                        WV-54-2-232
RAWSON, DAVID                           WV-54-3-352
REED, PHILLIP                           WV-54-3-244
REEDER, THOMAS H.                       WV-54-1C-456
ROBINSON, JAMES                         WV-54-1C-49
ROCKHOLD, CHARLES                       WV-54-3-153
ROCKHOLD, MAIRYARD                      WV-54-1A-154
ROGERS, DANIEL DENISON                  WV-54-1C-1
ROWELL, WILLIAM                         WV-54-1A-211
RUBLE, MARY                             WV-54-1A-139
SAMS, JONATHAN                          WV-54-1C-43
SAUNDERS, NIMROD                        WV-54-3-433
SCHULTZ, CHRISTIAN                      WV-54-3-147
SCHULTZ, MARIA MATILDA                  WV-54-3-450
SCHULTZ, NANCY                          WV-54-1C-98
SMITH, JOHN                             WV-54-1C-13
SPENCER, JAMES                          WV-54-2-335
STANFORD, JOHN                          WV-54-1A-204
STOKELY, JOHN                           WV-54-3-284
TEMPLE, JOHN                            WV-54-1A-122
THORNTON, ROBERT                        WV-54-1A-1
TIMMS, ELISHA                           WV-54-3-458
TRIPLETT, ROBERT                        WV-54-3-444
UHL, DAVID                              WV-54-3-489
UHL, DAVID                              WV-54-1A-243
VANDIVER, LEWIS                         WV-54-1A-225
VANLEER, ANDREW                         WV-54-3-342
VANWINKLE, RATHBONE                     WV-54-1C-211
WALKER, ENOCH                           WV-54-1C-136
WATT, WILLIAM                           WV-54-1C-125
WELLS, PHINEAS                          WV-54-2-261
WILKINSON, JOSEPH                       WV-54-2-201
WILLIAMS, ISAAC                         WV-54-2-39
WILLIAMS, REBECCA                       WV-54-1B-5
WILLIAMSON, SAMUEL                      WV-54-1C-217
WOODYARD, PRESLEY                       WV-54-3-333
WRIGHT, SARAH K.                        WV-54-3-15

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