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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1850-1921 | 2-9=? |
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ADAMS, JOHN                             WV-55-1-14
ALLEN, BUTTON                           WV-55-1-264
ALLEN, JOHN                             WV-55-1-48
BLADES, MARY HELEN                      WV-55-1-326
BOWERS, JANE                            WV-55-1-187
BROOKS, WILLIAM                         WV-55-1-7
BROWN, ISAAC                            WV-55-1-267
BROWN, JOHN                             WV-55-1-181
BROWN, WILLIAM JASPER                   WV-55-1-236
BROWNING, WILMUTH                       WV-55-1-321
BUCK, DANIEL                            WV-55-1-163
CANTERBURY, OTA                         WV-55-1-190
CHAMBERS,L. B.                          WV-55-1-127
CHURCH, JOSEPH                          WV-55-1-141
CINE, JUDSON                            WV-55-1-198
CLAY, HIRAM                             WV-55-1-34
CLINE, JUDSON                           WV-55-1-198
CLINE, MARTHA                           WV-55-1-152
CLINE, PETER JR.                        WV-55-1-143, 148, 201
CLINE, PETER SR.                        WV-55-1-156
CONLEY, W. D.                           WV-55-1-129
COOK, FLOYD                             WV-55-1-63
COOK, LINDA                             WV-55-1-151
CORDER, WILLIAM                         WV-55-1-124
DAVIS, JESSEE                           WV-55-1-24
DIXON, JOHN A.                          WV-55-1-185, 247
DOREN, JOSEPH I.                        WV-55-1-293
ELLIS, HENRY                            WV-55-1-114
FARLEY, JOHN                            WV-55-1-31
FORTNER, E. V.                          WV-55-1-133
GOARE, LEVI                             WV-55-1-84
GOARE, WILLIAM                          WV-55-1-118
GREEN, SHADRACH                         WV-55-1-27, 37
GRIGSBY, L. P.                          WV-55-1-244
HATFIELD, JUDA                          WV-55-1-251
HATFIELD, VALENTINE                     WV-55-1-38
HERMAN, JOHN                            WV-55-1-39
HOLBROOK, DARIUS BLAKE                  WV-55-1-135
HURBERT, EMMA GRIGSBY                   WV-55-1-239
HURLEY, MICHAEL A.                      WV-55-1-324
LAMBERT, HIRAM                          WV-55-1-153
LAMBERT, JAMES PETER                    WV-55-1-207
LAMBERT, PHILIP                         WV-55-1-139
LESTER, MARTIN                          WV-55-1-64
LOCKHART, BIRD                          WV-55-1-14
MAITLAND, JOSEPH                        WV-55-1-75
MANDERVILLE, JOSEPH                     WV-55-1-67
MCDONALD, J. E.                         WV-55-1-211
MCDONALD, J. E.                         WV-55-1-56, 90
MCDONALD, JACKSON                       WV-55-1-121
MCDONALD, JOHN                          WV-55-1-188
MCDONALD, JOSEPH                        WV-55-1-16
MCDONALD, LEWIS                         WV-55-1-50
MCDONALD, MADISON                       WV-55-1-46
MEADOWS, POLLY                          WV-55-1-9
MEADOWS, THOMAS                         WV-55-1-35
MILLS, ROBERT                           WV-55-1-29
MILLS, WILLIAM                          WV-55-1-32
MORGAN, ELIZABETH                       WV-55-1-233
MULLINS, WILLIAM                        WV-55-1-255
PENDRY, MORGAN W.                       WV-55-1-48
POYNTER, JOHN                           WV-55-1-249
ROACH, REUBEN R.                        WV-55-1-11
ROBERTS, CORNELIUS                      WV-55-1-1
SHEBELDINE, JOSEPH FARIS                WV-55-1-308
STCLAIR, MARTHA F.                      WV-55-1-177
STEPHENSON, JAMES L.                    WV-55-1-262
STEWART, A. M.                          WV-55-1-259
STEWART, ROBERT                         WV-55-1-86
TODD, JOHN C.                           WV-55-1-47
TOLER, J. B.                            WV-55-1-179
WALKER, MAHALA                          WV-55-1-26
WEBB, GEORGE                            WV-55-1-28

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