Encyclopedia of Connecticut biography, genealogical-memorial; representative citizens (Vol 3) (1917)

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Encyclopedia of Connecticut biography, genealogical-memorial; representative citizens (Vol 3), pub. 1917

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Column One: Name of Person
Column Two: Book Code #, Page #

ABRAMS, ALVA E.                        CT0001-240
ALDEN LINE                             CT0001-164
ANDERSON, JOSEPH S. T. D.              CT0001-210
ATTWOOD, WILLIAM ELIJAH                CT0001-231
ATWOOD, HENRY STANWOOD                 CT0001-34
ATWOOD, LEWIS JOHN                     CT0001-310
BACKUS LINE                            CT0001-247
BARBOUR, LUCIUS ALBERT                 CT0001-191
BECKWITH, OLIVER RUSSELL               CT0001-332
BEECHER, WILLIAM J.                    CT0001-194
BENNETT, CHARLES JOSEPH                CT0001-239
BILL, FREDERICK ROSWELL                CT0001-43
BILL, WILLIAM COE                      CT0001-17
BILLINGS LINE                          CT0001-161
BLISS, WILLIAM EDGERTON                CT0001-73
BRADLEY, NATHANIEL LYMAN               CT0001-31
BROADHURST, LEON PARKER                CT0001-233
BRONSON, JULIUS HOBART                 CT0001-314
BUCKINGHAM, EDWARD T.                  CT0001-130
BULKELEY, MORGAN GARDNER               CT0001-212
BULL, THOMAS MARCUS                    CT0001-302
BURNES, CHARLES D.                     CT0001-307
BURRALL, JOHN BOOTH                    CT0001-182
BURRALL, JOHN MILTON                   CT0001-180
CAMP, DAVID NELSON                     CT0001-367
CASE, WILLIAM SCOVILLE                 CT0001-285
CAULKINS, WILLIS EUGENE                CT0001-147
CHAMBERLAIN, FREDERICK S.              CT0001-136
CHASE, CHARLES EDWARD                  CT0001-114
CLARK, CHARLES HOPKINS                 CT0001-263
COLLINS, BENJAMIN WHITE                CT0001-23
CONVERSE LINE                          CT0001-163
COOGAN, JOHN WILLIAM                   CT0001-54
COOK, CHARLES BANISTER                 CT0001-172
COWLES, WALTER GOODMAN                 CT0001-26
CUSHMAN, EUGENE L.                     CT0001-88
CUTLER FAMILY                          CT0001-200
DAVENPORT, JOHN G.                     CT0001-167
DWIGHT, HENRY CECIL                    CT0001-258
EGAN, THOMAS FRANCIS                   CT0001-37
EGAN, WILLIAM EDWARD                   CT0001-38
EGGLESTON,JERE DEWEY                   CT0001-3
ELTON, JAMES SAMUEL                    CT0001-315
ELTON, JOHN PRINCE                     CT0001-308
ENGELKE, CHARLES                       CT0001-101
ENGLISH, JOEL L.                       CT0001-225
FAIRCHILD, HENRY CHARLES               CT0001-123
FAULKNER, THOMAS DAVID                 CT0001-51
FULLER, ALFRED C.                      CT0001-48
FULTON, WILLIAM SHIRLEY                CT0001-168
GILBERT, CHARLES EDWIN                 CT0001-251
GLOVER, CHARLES                        CT0001-146
GOODRICH, ELIZUR STILLMAN              CT0001-139
GOODRICH, WILLIAM ALBERT               CT0001-320
GOODSELL, ZALMON                       CT0001-134
GOVE LINE                              CT0001-329
GROSS, CHARLES EDWARD                  CT0001-255
GUILFOILE, JOSEPH CLEMENT              CT0001-94
HALL, EUGENE ASHLEY                    CT0001-57
HAMPSON, ROBERT WILLIAM                CT0001-183
HATCH, EDWARD BUCKINGHAM               CT0001-266
HAVILAND, WILLIAM THORN                CT0001-103
HEALEY, PATRICK                        CT0001-53
HINMAN, GEORGE ELIJAH                  CT0001-107
HOLCOMB, MARCUS HENSEY                 CT0001-8
HOWES, WILLIAM T.                      CT0001-126
HUBBARD, CHARLES EDWARD                CT0001-140
HULL, HADLAI AUSTIN                    CT0001-184
HUNGERFORD, FRANK L.                   CT0001-365
HUNT, HENRY H.                         CT0001-269
HYDE, WILLIAM WALDO                    CT0001-221
IVES, WILLIAM BIRDSEY                  CT0001-128
JACKSON, THOMAS FRANCIS                CT0001-92
KILMARTIN, THOMAS JOSEPH               CT0001-81
KIMBALL, ARTHUR REED                   CT0001-306
KING, JOSEPH HARRINGTON                CT0001-55
KING LINE                              CT0001-207
LAKE, EVERETT JOHN                     CT0001-120
LAKE, SIMON                            CT0001-149
LAWLOR, JAMES RICHARD                  CT0001-84
LEAVENWORTH LINE                       CT0001-209
LEWIS, EDWARD C.                       CT0001-170
LINES, HENRY WALES                     CT0001-354
LINSKEY, JOHN JOSEPH                   CT0001-237
MCCLARY, JOHN                          CT0001-204
MEDBURY LINE                           CT0001-209
MEIGS, CHARLES EDWARD                  CT0001-341
MILLER, EDWARD                         CT0001-8
MILLER, EDWARD                         CT0001-5
MILLER, ISAAC BURTON                   CT0001-76
MITCHELL, CHARLES ELLIOTT              CT0001-274
MORGAN, WILLIAM D.                     CT0001-104
NETH, DAVID B.                         CT0001-79
NICHOLS, STEPHEN M.                    CT0001-337
OAKEY, PETER DAVIS                     CT0001-14
OLDS, ALFRED ALLEN                     CT0001-242
PARKER, FRANCIS HUBERT                 CT0001-271
PERKINS, CHARLES GOVE                  CT0001-326
PRIOR, CHARLES EDWARD                  CT0001-236
RHODES LINE                            CT0001-209
ROBBIN, EDWARD GREGORY                 CT0001-95
ROBERTS LINE                           CT0001-165
ROBINSON, CHARLES L. F.                CT0001-346
ROCKWELL, CHARLES FRANCIS              CT0001-67
ROGERS, GILBERT                        CT0001-342
RUSSELL, THOMAS WRIGHT                 CT0001-186
SCHNELLER, GEORGE OTTO                 CT0001-290
SEELEY, GEORGE SIMEON                  CT0001-64
SEYMOUR, STORRS OZIAS                  CT0001-4
SHEARER FAMILY                         CT0001-206
SHELTON, JOHN C.                       CT0001-125
SKINNER, WILLIAM CONVERSE              CT0001-157
SMITH, EDWARD WIER                     CT0001-11
SMITH, EMOR ARMINGTON                  CT0001-208
SMITH, FRANK DANIEL                    CT0001-13
SMITH, GUILFORD                        CT0001-111
SMITH, TERENCE BERNARD                 CT0001-97
SOMERS, GEORGE EDWIN                   CT0001-68
SPENCER, ALFRED JR.                    CT0001-229
STANLEY, TIMOTHY W.                    CT0001-317
STANLEY, WALTER HENRY                  CT0001-277
STEINER, WALTER RALPH                  CT0001-293
STJOHN, HOWELL WILLIAMS                CT0001-217
STURGES, EVERETT JUDSON                CT0001-86
SWETT, PAUL PLUMMER                    CT0001-91
TAIT FAMILY                            CT0001-118
THOMPSON, JOHN HENRY                   CT0001-99
TRAUT, GEORGE WASHINGTON               CT0001-178
TUTTLE, JOSEPH PARSONS                 CT0001-166
TWITCHELL, WALTER HENRY                CT0001-100
WATERMAN LINE                          CT0001-209
WELCH, ARCHIBALD ASHLEY                CT0001-175
WELLES, MARTIN                         CT0001-281
WHEELER, FREDERICK JAMES               CT0001-61
WHEELER, GEORGE WAKEMAN                CT0001-132
WHEELER, NATHANIEL                     CT0001-323
WHIPPLE, FRANK HERBERT                 CT0001-250
WHITE, EDWARD LUTHER                   CT0001-350
WHITE, GEORGE LUTHER                   CT0001-312
WHITNEY, AMOS                          CT0001-359
WILCOX, GEORGE HORACE                  CT0001-70
WILLIAMS, CHARLES MERRIAM              CT0001-59
WINSLOW, FRED GIDEON                   CT0001-39
WISE, JOHN                             CT0001-46
WOODWARD, P. HENRY                     CT0001-272
WORDIN, NATHANIEL EUGENE               CT0001-300

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