Encyclopedia of Connecticut biography, genealogical-memorial; representative citizens (Vol 3) (1917)

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Encyclopedia of Connecticut biography, genealogical-memorial; representative citizens (Vol 3), pub. 1917

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Column One: Name of Person
Column Two: Book Code #, Page #

ACHESON, EDWARD CAMPION                CT0002-133
ADAMS, ELBERT SHERMAN                  CT0002-422
ADAMS LINE                             CT0002-294
ADORNO, SALVATORE                      CT0002-198
ALLEN, LAUREN M.                       CT0002-262
ALLEN LINE                             CT0002-167
ATKINS, THOMAS JEFFERSON               CT0002-182
AVERY, EDWARD C.                       CT0002-173
BACON, HENRY                           CT0002-188
BACON, LOUIS PADDOCK                   CT0002-185
BAILEY, EDGAR L.                       CT0002-178
BANNING, DAVID                         CT0002-33
BARBER LINE                            CT0002-376
BASSETT LINE                           CT0002-336
BASSICK, FREDERICK C.                  CT0002-103
BASSICK,E DGAR W.                      CT0002-100
BEAUMONT LINE                          CT0002-214
BEERS, ALBERTSON S.                    CT0002-387
BEERS, LOUIS S.                        CT0002-386
BELDEN, CHARLES DENISON                CT0002-264
BENNETT, EDWIN B.                      CT0002-310
BIRD LINE                              CT0002-47
BISHOP, ETHAN FERRIS                   CT0002-53
BISHOP, HENRY ALFRED                   CT0002-92
BLAKESLEE, ROBERT N.                   CT0002-160
BOGARDUS, CLARENCE ELMER               CT0002-278
BOGARDUS, FRANK W.                     CT0002-271
BOGARDUS, J. HOWARD                    CT0002-276
BORG, HENRY L.                         CT0002-448
BOUTEILLER, WILLIAM HENRY              CT0002-232
BRADLEY, DANIEL BURR                   CT0002-391
BRADLEY, EDWARD BURR                   CT0002-394
BRADLEY LINE                           CT0002-40
BRADLEY LINE                           CT0002-328
BRAINERD, ERASTUS LEROY                CT0002-229
BRATHWAITE, FREDERICK G.               CT0002-324
BROWNING, JOHN HULL                    CT0002-3
BRUSH LINE                             CT0002-266
BRUSH, RALPH EMERSON                   CT0002-437
BRYANT, WALDO CALVIN                   CT0002-88
BUCKINGHAM, WILLIAM A.                 CT0002-31
BURNHAM, WILLIAM EDWARD                CT0002-128
BUSH-BOSCH LINE                        CT0002-414
CALHOUN LINE                           CT0002-340
CANDEE, NEHEMIAH                       CT0002-344
CARMICHAEL, GEORGE EDGAR               CT0002-298
CARPENTER LINE                         CT0002-71
CHAPMAN, EDWIN NESBIT                  CT0002-296
CHAPMAN, JOHN DAVOL                    CT0002-297
CHAPMAN,E DWIN N.                      CT0002-295
CHILD, CHESTER E.                      CT0002-70
CLARKE, J. A.                          CT0002-355
COE, WALTER ELLSWORTH                  CT0002-299
COUGHLIN, WILLIAM JOSEPH               CT0002-159
COWLES, RUSSEL ABERNETHY               CT0002-304
CRAM, GEORGE EVERSLEIGH                CT0002-423
CRANE, ALBERT                          CT0002-284
CROSBY, J. ELTON                       CT0002-246
CROSBY, JOSEPH PORTER                  CT0002-243
CULVER LINE                            CT0002-63
CURRY, JAMES A.                        CT0002-138
CURTIS, LOUIS JULIUS                   CT0002-368
DASKAM, WALTER DURYEE                  CT0002-301
DAVIS, CHARLES TALCOTT                 CT0002-189
DAVOL LINE                             CT0002-296
DAYTON, HENRY                          CT0002-359
DICKERMAN, WILLIAM ELIHU               CT0002-146
DICKSON, JAMES                         CT0002-233
DURYEA, GEORGE W.                      CT0002-366
DYER, KIRK WORRELL                     CT0002-181
EDGERTON, FRANCIS DANIELS              CT0002-149
EDGERTON, HENRY CRUGER                 CT0002-153
EMERY, ALBERT HAMILTON                 CT0002-255
ESTABROOK LINE                         CT0002-175
FENTON LINE                            CT0002-65
FISHER, CLINTON REED                   CT0002-397
FONES, ALFRED C.                       CT0002-98
FONES, CIVILIAN                        CT0002-96
FONTAINE LINE                          CT0002-453
FOSTER, DEAN                           CT0002-436
FOSTER LINE                            CT0002-385
FRISBIE, EDWARD LAURENS                CT0002-56
GILBERT LINE                           CT0002-312
GILLESPIE, EDWARD T. W.                CT0002-350
GILLESPIE, KINGSLEY A.                 CT0002-354
GILLESPIE, RICHARD H.                  CT0002-351
GILLESPIE, RICHARD H. JR.              CT0002-353
GILLESPIE, SCHUYLER W.                 CT0002-354
GILLESPIE, WILLIAM WRIGHT              CT0002-346
GRAHAM LINE                            CT0002-60
GRAVES, WILLIAM WARNER                 CT0002-342
GRAY, WALTER THOMAS                    CT0002-395
GREEN,F RANCIS E.                      CT0002-390
GREGORY LINE                           CT0002-416
HARRAL, EDWARD WRIGHT                  CT0002-193
HARRIS, CHANNING PAGE                  CT0002-281
HARSTROM, CARL AXEL                    CT0002-279
HAVENS, ELMER H.                       CT0002-104
HICKCOX LINE                           CT0002-66
HILL LINE                              CT0002-62
HOYT LINE                              CT0002-444
HOYT LINE                              CT0002-415
HUBBARD, ROBERT PADDOCK                CT0002-223
HUBBARD, RUSSELL H.                    CT0002-192
HUBBELL, HARVEY                        CT0002-113
HULL LINE                              CT0002-8
INGERSOLL LINE                         CT0002-309
JENNINGS LINE                          CT0002-322
KEELER, ANSON FOSTER                   CT0002-383
KEELER, JOHN EVERETT                   CT0002-377
KEELER, ROBERT WELLINGTON              CT0002-379
KEELER, SAMUEL J.                      CT0002-382
KELLOGG LINE                           CT0002-289
KING LINE                              CT0002-308
KIRK, THEODORE HOWARD                  CT0002-334
KIRKHAM, THOMAS ATWOOD                 CT0002-120
LEE, MORTIMER MONTGOMERY               CT0002-292
LEGGETT LINE                           CT0002-269
LOCKHART, REUBEN A.                    CT0002-117
LOUNSBURY, CHARLES HUGH                CT0002-236
MALKIN, ALBERT RICHARD                 CT0002-328
MANWARING, MOSES WARREN                CT0002-125
MARSH LINE                             CT0002-342
MARSHALL LINE                          CT0002-416
MATHEWSON, CLIFFORD EARL               CT0002-418
MATHEWSON, HERBERT A.                  CT0002-420
MAZZOTTA, SALVATORE                    CT0002-175
MCCREADY, ROBERT HALSEY                CT0002-365
MCFARLAND, DAVID W.                    CT0002-319
MCHARG, HENRY KING                     CT0002-306
MCNEIL, ARCHIBALD                      CT0002-110
MEAD, ALEXANDER                        CT0002-271
MEAD LINE                              CT0002-414
MILLER, D. HENRY                       CT0002-317
MILLER, DAVID                          CT0002-316
MILLER, DAVID H.                       CT0002-314
MILLER, FRANK                          CT0002-78
MILLER, LOUIS P.                       CT0002-317
MILLER, SAMUEL J.                      CT0002-316
MILLSPAUGH LINE                        CT0002-444
MONTGOMERY, LE ROY                     CT0002-320
MOSS LINE                              CT0002-309
MYLCHREEST, JOSEPH WARREN              CT0002-171
NILSON, A. H.                          CT0002-200
NOBLE LINE                             CT0002-277
OSBORN, GREGORY T.                     CT0002-322
OSBORN, WILLIAM EDGAR                  CT0002-323
OSBORN, WILLIAM FRANCIS                CT0002-324
OTIS, JOHN M.                          CT0002-139
PARTRIDGE LINE                         CT0002-281
PASCALL, GEORGE CHESTER                CT0002-169
PASCALL, RICHARD HENRY                 CT0002-167
PATTEN, D. WALTER                      CT0002-225
PECK, HOWARD SYDNEY                    CT0002-134
PECK, WALTER SHERWOOD                  CT0002-359
PECK, WILBUR MARVIN                    CT0002-356
PENFIELD, GEORGE HUBER                 CT0002-203
PENFIELD, WALTER HIRAM                 CT0002-205
PERRY LINE                             CT0002-313
PLUM, ELIHU HENRY                      CT0002-206
PORTEOUS, JAMES HAROLD                 CT0002-235
PORTER LINE                            CT0002-67
PORTER LINE                            CT0002-245
PORTER, NOAH                           CT0002-13
POST, ROBERT WOODBRIDGE                CT0002-287
QUINTARD, FREDERICK HOMER              CT0002-331
RADFORD, STEPHEN LOCKWOOD              CT0002-283
RAFTERY, OLIVER HENRY                  CT0002-141
RAYMOND LINE                           CT0002-382
RAYMOND LINE                           CT0002-318
REED, HERBERT CALHOUN                  CT0002-338
REYNOLDS, WILSON S.                    CT0002-221
RILEY, WILLIAM J.                      CT0002-205
ROBERTS, DAVID BEAUMONT                CT0002-212
ROGERS, JOHN WILLIAM                   CT0002-144
RORECH, JOHNJ.                         CT0002-431
RULAND, FREDERICK D.                   CT0002-371
SANFORD, CHARLES G.                    CT0002-143
SCUDAMORE-SKIDMORE LINE                CT0002-49
SELLECK, JOHN HENRY                    CT0002-367
SHATTUCK LINE                          CT0002-373
SHERMAN, FREEMAN COLLINS               CT0002-160
SHERWOOD, HARRY R.                     CT0002-417
SHERWOOD, STUART WAKEMAN               CT0002-429
SISSON, CHARLES G.                     CT0002-11
SKEEL, ADELBERT ARTHUR                 CT0002-445
SKENE, JOHN DOLBY                      CT0002-289
SMITH, CLIFFORD BURR                   CT0002-216
SMITH, EDWARD ARTHUR                   CT0002-201
SMITH, GIBSON                          CT0002-330
SMITH LINE                             CT0002-336
SMITH, ROBERT KEMBLE                   CT0002-210
SPARROW LINE                           CT0002-49
SPEAR, ROBERT LYNDON                   CT0002-221
SPEAR, WILLIAM PERKINS                 CT0002-218
STEVENS, BURR EDWARD                   CT0002-162
STEWART, SAMUELJ.                      CT0002-388
STJOHN, DARIUS AYRES                   CT0002-363
STODDARD, ORRIN EDWIN                  CT0002-226
STOW, JAMES PEMROY                     CT0002-214
STRANG, JAMES SUYDAM                   CT0002-238
TALLMADGE LINE                         CT0002-426
TAYLOR, CORNELIUS G.                   CT0002-425
TAYLOR, FREDERICK CLARK                CT0002-427
TAYLOR LINE                            CT0002-17
TERRILL, MOSES WELD                    CT0002-155
THOMPSON, FINTON                       CT0002-228
THOMPSON LINE                          CT0002-43
TODD, ARTHUR STANLEY                   CT0002-362
TREVITHICK, WILLIAM JAMES              CT0002-234
TRUMBULL, ALEXANDER H.                 CT0002-137
TUCKER, LEROY MINOR                    CT0002-164
TUTTLE LINE                            CT0002-64
VANTASSEL FAMILY                       CT0002-267
WAKELEE LINE                           CT0002-61
WAKEMAN, HOWARD NICHOLS                CT0002-170
WALDO, GEORGE CURTIS                   CT0002-107
WALSH, JOHN J.                         CT0002-459
WALSH, ROBERT JAY                      CT0002-439
WARNER, CLINTON HENRY                  CT0002-196
WARNER, DONALD JUDSON                  CT0002-126
WARREN LINE                            CT0002-24
WATERBURY, CHARLES F.                  CT0002-44
WATERBURY, HARRY GULEY                 CT0002-434
WATERBURY, WILLIAM TELL                CT0002-432
WATSON, JAMES J.                       CT0002-231
WATSON, THOMAS LANSDELL                CT0002-118
WEED, ALBERT                           CT0002-453
WEED, EDGAR S.                         CT0002-407
WEED, EDWARD FRANKLIN                  CT0002-401
WEED, EUGENE AUGUSTUS                  CT0002-405
WEED, HANFORD SMITH                    CT0002-403
WEED, RICHMOND                         CT0002-409
WEED, WILLIAM FRANCIS                  CT0002-456
WEED, WILLIAM MAURY                    CT0002-450
WEEKS, FRANK BENTLEY                   CT0002-163
WELLSTOOD, ROBERT                      CT0002-337
WELTON LINE                            CT0002-58
WHEELER, ARCHER CRISSY                 CT0002-86
WHEELER, NATHANIEL                     CT0002-82
WHEELER, SAMUEL HICOX                  CT0002-87
WHEELER, WILLIAM BISHOP                CT0002-86
WHITE, RALPH LEWIS                     CT0002-447
WHITING LINE                           CT0002-19
WHITNEY LINE                           CT0002-333
WILCOX, ROBERT MEAD                    CT0002-269
WILLIAMSON, CHARLES E.                 CT0002-443
WINCHESTER, ALBERT EDWARD              CT0002-247

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