SAMPUBCO, Index History of Barnstable County,
Massachusetts, 1620-1637-1686-1890
, pub. 1890

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History of Barnstable County, Massachusetts, 1620-1637-1686-1890, pub. 1890
These biographies are NOT indexed in original book!

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ABBE, BENJAMIN B.                      MA0001-342
ADAMS, JOHN D.                         MA0001-994
ADAMS, MARSHAL L.                      MA0001-994
ADAMS, MARY N. (COOK)                  MA0001-994
ALDRICH, ABBOTT L.                     MA0001-342
ALLEN, EDWARD B.                       MA0001-861
ALLEN, MARK                            MA0001-862
AMES, HERBERT C.                       MA0001-342
AMES, LAURESTON E.                     MA0001-342
AMES, SIMEON L.                        MA0001-418
AREY, JAMES H.                         MA0001-768
ARMSTRONG, DAVID                       MA0001-302
ARMSTRONG,R OBERT                      MA0001-302
ATKINS, JOSEPH N.                      MA0001-862
ATKINS, THOMAS F.                      MA0001-302
ATKINS, WILLIAM A.                     MA0001-994
ATWOOD, FREEMAN                        MA0001-912
ATWOOD, NATHANIEL                      MA0001-343
ATWOOD, NATHANIEL E.                   MA0001-995
ATWOOD, SIMEON                         MA0001-813
ATWOOD, SYLVESTER B.                   MA0001-946
AVERY, ZAMIRA J.                       MA0001-343
BACON, GEORGE W.                       MA0001-343
BAKER, DAVID H.                        MA0001-343
BAKER, GEORGE                          MA0001-814
BAKER, JAMES C.                        MA0001-862
BAKER, JOSEPH G.                       MA0001-862
BAKER, JOSHUA H.                       MA0001-343
BAKER, LEWIS                           MA0001-678
BAKER, NEHEMIAH P.                     MA0001-678
BAKER, OZIAS C.                        MA0001-862
BAKER, THEOPHILUS B.                   MA0001-862
BANGS, ELISHA                          MA0001-912
BANGS, SCATTER P.                      MA0001-739
BANGS, SOLOMON                         MA0001-997
BARLOW, EDWARD W.                      MA0001-344
BARLOW, EDWARD W.                      MA0001-344
BARLOW,JESSE B.                        MA0001-344
BARTLEY, BENJAMIN G.                   MA0001-303
BASSETT, ALVIN N.                      MA0001-862
BASSETT, FERDINAND H.                  MA0001-420
BASSETT, JOHN F.                       MA0001-862
BASSSETT, JOSEPH S.                    MA0001-303
BAULDRY, GEORGE F.                     MA0001-344
BAXTER, CHARLES L.                     MA0001-420
BAXTER, SAMUEL S.                      MA0001-420
BEARE, CHARLES C.                      MA0001-420
BEARSE, ALONZO N.                      MA0001-739
BEARSE, ASA F.                         MA0001-420
BEARSE, CHRISTOPHER G.                 MA0001-679
BEARSE, CROCKER H.                     MA0001-680
BEARSE, NELSON H.                      MA0001-422
BEE, BENJAMIN F.                       MA0001-863
BELL, JOHN                             MA0001-997
BENNETT, STEPHEN                       MA0001-997
BENSON, REVILO P.                      MA0001-422
BERRY, EVERETT E.                      MA0001-344
BERRY, HENRY C.                        MA0001-863
BLACKWELL, ELLIOTT B.                  MA0001-344
BLACKWELL, ELLIS H.                    MA0001-344
BLAKE, DAVIS A.                        MA0001-303
BLCKWELL, EDWIN A.                     MA0001-344
BOULT, SIMEON LOVELL                   MA0001-422
BOURNE, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN              MA0001-345
BOURNE, JEROME L.                      MA0001-346
BOURNE, SAMUEL                         MA0001-347
BOWERMAN, BENJAMIN S.                  MA0001-680
BOWERMAN, DANIEL                       MA0001-680
BOWERMAN, SAMUEL                       MA0001-680
BOYDEN, WILILAM E.                     MA0001-303
BRADLEY, CYRUS A.                      MA0001-913
BRAY, BENJAMIN F.                      MA0001-347
BRIER, ANTHONY F.                      MA0001-913
BRIGGS, GEORGE I.                      MA0001-347
BROADBROOKS, EBENEZAR                  MA0001-863
BROADBROOKS, EBENEZAR                  MA0001-863
BROOKS, OBED                           MA0001-864
BROOKS, OBED                           MA0001-864
BROOKS, OBED JR.                       MA0001-863
BROWN, BENJAMIN                        MA0001-814
BROWN, PELEG T.                        MA0001-305
BROWN, THEODOR                         MA0001-814
BURBANK, WILILAM H. F.                 MA0001-305
BURDICK, CHARLES H.                    MA0001-680
BURGESS, AARON L.                      MA0001-347
BURGESS, CHALRES H. 2ND                MA0001-347
BURGESS, ELISHA H.                     MA0001-348
BURGESS, FRANK H.                      MA0001-305
BURGESS, FREEMAN E.                    MA0001-865
BURGESS, JOSIAH S.                     MA0001-680
BURGESS, NATHANIEL                     MA0001-348
BURGESS, PEREZ                         MA0001-350
BURGESS, SETH S.                       MA0001-350
BURSLEY, DANIEL P.                     MA0001-422
BURSLEY, JOHN                          MA0001-424
BUTLER, P. FOSTER                      MA0001-351
BUTLER, RUFUS P.                       MA0001-865
CAHOON, BARZILLAI C.                   MA0001-681
CAHOON, CYRUS                          MA0001-866
CAHOON, EMULOUS A.                     MA0001-867
CAHOON PATRICK H.                      MA0001-867
CARLETON, HIRAM                        MA0001-305
CARNES, JOHN M.                        MA0001-998
CASH, ALEXANDER G.                     MA0001-424
CASH, JOSHUA G.                        MA0001-351
CHADWICK, WILLIAM W.                   MA0001-682
CHAMBERLAIN, BENJAMIN F.               MA0001-306
CHAPMAN, JOHN                          MA0001-739
CHAPMAN, JOHN WINSLOW                  MA0001-424
CHAPMAN, JOSEPH C.                     MA0001-913
CHAPMAN, REUBEN                        MA0001-913
CHASE, ALBERT                          MA0001-424
CHASE, CALEB                           MA0001-869
CHASE, JOB                             MA0001-867
CHASE, JOSIAH                          MA0001-998
CHILDS, EDWARD W.                      MA0001-425
CHILDS, FREDERICK N.                   MA0001-682
CHILDS, WILILAM                        MA0001-426
CHILDS, WILLIAM                        MA0001-682
CHIPMAN, CHARLES                       MA0001-306
CHIPMAN, HENRY T.                      MA0001-998
CHIPMAN, SARA M.                       MA0001-739
CHIPMAN, STEPHEN S.                    MA0001-306
CHIPMAN, WILLIAM C.                    MA0001-306
CLARK, FLETCHER                        MA0001-306
CLARK, GEORE H.                        MA0001-739
CLARK, JOHN H.                         MA0001-913
CLARKE, GEORGE E.                      MA0001-682
COAN, BENJAMIN                         MA0001-946
COBB, ELIJAH                           MA0001-913
COBB, ELISHA                           MA0001-946
COBB, ROLAND D.                        MA0001-739
COBB, WALTER FREEMAN                   MA0001-913
COLE, AUSTIN E.                        MA0001-739
COLE, COLLNS S.                        MA0001-815
COLE, DANIEL                           MA0001-815
COLE, ISAIAH                           MA0001-815
COLE, JOSEPH S.                        MA0001-946
COLE, JOSIAH L.                        MA0001-768
COLE, JOSIAH M.                        MA0001-739
COLE, WILSON W.                        MA0001-870
COLLNS, SETH                           MA0001-683
CONWELL, DAVID                         MA0001-998
CONWELL, ROBERT E.                     MA0001-998
COOK, ALFRED                           MA0001-998
COOK, CHARLES A.                       MA0001-999
COOK, EMERSON D.                       MA0001-999
COOK, HENRY                            MA0001-999
COOK, JAMES D.                         MA0001-999
COOK, JOHN J.                          MA0001-999
COOK, THOMAS F. B.                     MA0001-351
COOK,E DWIN P.                         MA0001-815
CORNISH, JOHN F.                       MA0001-426
CRAPO, WILIAM F.                       MA0001-870
CROCKER, ALFRED                        MA0001-426
CROCKER, BENJAMIN F.                   MA0001-426
CROCKER, CHARLES C.                    MA0001-426
CROCKER, EBEN B.                       MA0001-427
CROCKER, ELISHA                        MA0001-914
CROCKER, HENRY P.                      MA0001-427
CROCKER, ISAIAH                        MA0001-427
CROCKER, JAMES W.                      MA0001-307
CROCKER, JOHN H.                       MA0001-683
CROCKER, OLIVER                        MA0001-427
CROCKER, OLIVER H.                     MA0001-427
CROCKER, ZENAS                         MA0001-427
CROSBY, ALBERT                         MA0001-915
CROSBY, CHARLES H.                     MA0001-428
CROSBY, HENRY T.                       MA0001-870
CROSBY, HORACE S.                      MA0001-428
CROSBY, ISAAC                          MA0001-916
CROSBY, JAMES E.                       MA0001-916
CROSBY, NATHAN JR.                     MA0001-914
CROSBY, WINTHROP M.                    MA0001-768
CROWEL, HIRAM E.                       MA0001-352
CROWELL, ALBERT F.                     MA0001-684
CROWELL, ALLEN                         MA0001-428
CROWELL, ANTHONY S.                    MA0001-870
CROWELL, CALVIN                        MA0001-352
CROWELL, HIRAM                         MA0001-352
CROWELL, LORANUS                       MA0001-307
CROWELL, SHELDON K.                    MA0001-870
CUMMINGS, JOSEPH H.                    MA0001-768
DAGGETT, FREDERICK T.                  MA0001-999
DAGGETT, JAMES                         MA0001-1000
DANIELS, TIMOTHY A.                    MA0001-815
DAVIS, ALDEN P.                        MA0001-352
DAVIS, CHARLES E.                      MA0001-684
DAVIS, DAVI                            MA0001-428
DAVIS, FREDERICK                       MA0001-684
DAVIS, FREDERICK C.                    MA0001-684
DAVIS, GEORGE H.                       MA0001-684
DAVIS, HENRY T.                        MA0001-684
DAVIS, JAMES H.                        MA0001-685
DAVIS, SAMUELF .                       MA0001-685
DAVIS, WILLIAMC .                      MA0001-685
DILLINGHAM, CHARLES                    MA0001-307
DILLINGHAM, STEPHEN                    MA0001-685
DIMMICK, FREDERICK                     MA0001-352
DIMMOCK, JOSEPH                        MA0001-353
DIMOCK, THOMAS                         MA0001-429
DOANE, ABIATHAR                        MA0001-874
DOANE, ALLISTON S.                     MA0001-875
DOANE, ANTHONY P.                      MA0001-875
DOANE, BERIAH                          MA0001-768
DOANE, DANIEL                          MA0001-875
DOANE, ELISHA                          MA0001-871
DOANE, EZEKIEL                         MA0001-740
DOANE, JOHN                            MA0001-769
DOANE, JOSHUA                          MA0001-875
DOANE, LEWIS                           MA0001-770
DOANE, LEWIS B.                        MA0001-876
DOANE, NATHANIEL                       MA0001-872
DOANE, NATHANIEL                       MA0001-870
DOANE, OLIVER                          MA0001-770
DOANE, RUSSELL                         MA0001-740
DOANE, URIEL                           MA0001-876
DOANE, VALENTINE                       MA0001-872
DOANE, VALENTINE JR.                   MA0001-873
DOANE, WILLIAM P.                      MA0001-916
DODGE, GILBERT A.                      MA0001-771
DONALDSON, GEORGE W.                   MA0001-686
DRUM, JOHNH.                           MA0001-876
DUGAN, EMANUEL                         MA0001-916
DYER, AMASA S.                         MA0001-947
EDSON, ELIPHALET                       MA0001-430
EDSON, NATHAN                          MA0001-429
ELDRED, LORENZO                        MA0001-686
ELDRED, SAMUEL                         MA0001-686
ELDRIDGE, CYRENIUS                     MA0001-353
ELDRIDGE, HORATIO                      MA0001-353
ELDRIDGE, JOSEPH N.                    MA0001-876
ELDRIDGE, RINALDO                      MA0001-876
ELDRIDGE, THOMAS R.                    MA0001-876
ELDRIDGE, WILLIAM M.                   MA0001-876
ELDRIDGE, ZENAS D.                     MA0001-877
ELLIOTT, JOHN                          MA0001-947
ELLIS, DAVID                           MA0001-877
ELLIS, DAVID W. O.                     MA0001-353
ELLIS, JAMES S.                        MA0001-353
ELLIS, JOHN C. C.                      MA0001-307
ELLIS, NATHAN                          MA0001-877
ELLIS, SETH O.                         MA0001-307
ELLIS, STILLMAN R.                     MA0001-353
ENGLES, JAMES                          MA0001-1000
FESSENDEN, BENJAMIN F.                 MA0001-917
FISH, ELISHA B.                        MA0001-430
FISH, HEMAN                            MA0001-430
FISH, HENRY W.                         MA0001-431
FISH, JOSEPH C.                        MA0001-687
FISH, JOSEPH CROWELL                   MA0001-686
FISH, JOSEPH F.                        MA0001-688
FISH, RUSSELL                          MA0001-307
FISH, SILAS D.                         MA0001-1000
FISH, SOLOMON L.                       MA0001-688
FISH, THOMAS                           MA0001-687
FISH,ELIEL T.                          MA0001-686
FOLGER, JOSEPH                         MA0001-431
FOSTER, JOSIAH                         MA0001-917
FOSTER, NATHAN                         MA0001-917
FREEMAN, CHARLES                       MA0001-917
FREEMAN, JOHN                          MA0001-917
FREEMAN, RICHARD RICH                  MA0001-817
FREEMAN, RICHARD S.                    MA0001-772
FREEMAN, WARREN                        MA0001-877
FREEMAN, WILLIAM                       MA0001-917
FULLER, HERSCHEL                       MA0001-431
GEGGATT, EZRA F.                       MA0001-688
GIBBS, JAMES C.                        MA0001-353
GIBBS, PAUL C.                         MA0001-354
GIBBS, WILLIAM R.                      MA0001-354
GIFFORD, BENJAMIN ROWLEY               MA0001-688
GIFFORD, DAVID F.                      MA0001-689
GIFFORD, HENRY F.                      MA0001-689
GIFFORD, JAMES                         MA0001-1000
GIFFORD, JAMES E.                      MA0001-689
GIFFORD, MOSES N.                      MA0001-1000
GODFREY, JOSIAH                        MA0001-354
GODFREY, S. M.                         MA0001-719
GOODSPEED, HENRY W.                    MA0001-308
GOODSPEED, JAMES R.                    MA0001-431
GORHAM, CHARLES A.                     MA0001-816
GORHAM, JAMES H.                       MA0001-816
GORHAM, NATHANIEL T.                   MA0001-877
GOSS, ALTON P.                         MA0001-877
GOSS, FRANKLIN B.                      MA0001-431
GOULD, SOPHIA E.                       MA0001-689
GROSIER, CALEB U.                      MA0001-947
HALL, BENJAMIN F.                      MA0001-878
HALL, CHARLES BASCOM                   MA0001-308
HALL, EDWARD FRANK                     MA0001-917
HALL, SAMUEL S.                        MA0001-918
HALLETT, BENJAMIN                      MA0001-434
HALLETT, CHARLES GORHAM                MA0001-434
HALLETT, GIDEON                        MA0001-434
HALLETT, WILILAM ALLEN                 MA0001-434
HAMBLIN, CALEB O.                      MA0001-690
HAMBLIN, CALEB O.                      MA0001-689
HAMBLIN, JOHN C.                       MA0001-691
HAMBLIN, LEWIS                         MA0001-816
HAMBLIN, WILLIAM                       MA0001-311
HAMSON, WILLIAM                        MA0001-947
HANCOCK, ELIJAH                        MA0001-311
HANDY, HENRY T.                        MA0001-355
HANDY, JAMES T.                        MA0001-355
HANDY, JOHN M.                         MA0001-435
HANDY,F RANCIS D.                      MA0001-354
HANLEY, CHARLES C.                     MA0001-355
HARDING, ALBERT H.                     MA0001-816
HARDING, HENRY K.                      MA0001-740
HARDING, NEHEMIAH S.                   MA0001-772
HARLOW, BENJAMIN B.                    MA0001-355
HARLOW, ROLAND T.                      MA0001-435
HARMON, PERSIA B.                      MA0001-355
HARRIS, THOMAS                         MA0001-435
HARTWELL, GEORE                        MA0001-311
HATCH, BENJAMINH.                      MA0001-693
HATCH, JOSEPH S.                       MA0001-1000
HATCH, SHUBAEL N.                      MA0001-693
HATCH, SILAS                           MA0001-693
HATCH, VINAL N.                        MA0001-693
HATHAWAY, JOSEPH T.                    MA0001-355
HAWES, JOHNR .                         MA0001-816
HAWES, ROGER S.                        MA0001-878
HAWKINS, ALBERT                        MA0001-355
HEWINS, WILILAM H.                     MA0001-693
HEWINS,JOSEPH S.                       MA0001-356
HICKMAN, PARKER E.                     MA0001-816
HIGGINS, BENJAMIN                      MA0001-772
HIGGINS, DAVID                         MA0001-740
HIGGINS, ELI S.                        MA0001-772
HIGGINS, FREEMAN 2ND                   MA0001-772
HIGGINS, JOSEPH L.                     MA0001-772
HIGGINS, LOT                           MA0001-773
HIGGINS, NOAH S.                       MA0001-817
HIGGINS, PAYNE W.                      MA0001-817
HIGGINS, PETER                         MA0001-740
HIGGINS, THOMAS W.                     MA0001-773
HILLIARD, JOHN D.                      MA0001-1001
HINCKLEY, IRA L.                       MA0001-435
HINCKLEY, JOHN                         MA0001-435
HINCKLEY, JOSEPH N.                    MA0001-435
HINCKLEY, RUSSELL                      MA0001-694
HOLBROOK, MARTIND .                    MA0001-817
HOLDEN, WILILAM                        MA0001-947
HOLMES, HIRAM C.                       MA0001-1001
HOLMES, JAMES P.                       MA0001-1001
HOLTON, SEBA A.                        MA0001-694
HOLWAY, AUGUSTUS                       MA0001-313
HOLWAY, BARNABAS                       MA0001-313
HOLWAY, DAVID N.                       MA0001-311
HOLWAY, ISAAC W.                       MA0001-313
HOLWAY, STEPHEN                        MA0001-313
HOLWAY, THOMAS E.                      MA0001-313
HOPKINS, ELKANAH                       MA0001-741
HOPKINS, FRANCIS                       MA0001-773
HOPKINS, GODFREY                       MA0001-918
HOPKINS, HENRY L.                      MA0001-436
HOPKINS, NATHAN A.                     MA0001-436
HOPKINS, NATHANIEL                     MA0001-1001
HOPKINS, RICHARD F.                    MA0001-918
HOPKINS, WARREN H.                     MA0001-773
HORTON, ISAIAH H.                      MA0001-741
HORTON, ROEBRT R.                      MA0001-741
HORTON, WINSLOW T.                     MA0001-741
HOWARD, CHARLES F.                     MA0001-356
HOWARD, EZRA COLEMAN                   MA0001-356
HOWES, ALVIN                           MA0001-436
HOWES, PHILIP R.                       MA0001-1001
HOWLAND, EDWARD B.                     MA0001-313
HOWLAND, GUSTAVUS                      MA0001-314
HOWLAND, JOSEPH                        MA0001-314
HOWLAND, NATHANIEL                     MA0001-436
HOWLAND, NELSON                        MA0001-314
HOWLAND, ORRIN H.                      MA0001-314
HOWLAND, WILIAM C.                     MA0001-436
HOWLAND, WILLIAM H.                    MA0001-694
HOXIE, DAVID A.                        MA0001-316
HOXIE, EDWARD                          MA0001-317
HOXIE, GEORE F.                        MA0001-317
HOXIE, JOSEPH                          MA0001-314
HOXIE, NATHANIEL C.                    MA0001-317
HOYT, BELLEK.                          MA0001-878
HUCKINS, JAMES B.                      MA0001-694
HUGHES, ATKINS                         MA0001-947
HUGHES, HEZEKIAH P.                    MA0001-1002
HUGHES, SYLVANUS N.                    MA0001-1002
HUNT, CYRENUS S.                       MA0001-878
HURD, DAVID                            MA0001-773
HURD, EDWARD S.                        MA0001-773
JENKINS, BRALEY                        MA0001-437
JENKINS, CHARLES                       MA0001-878
JENKINS, CHARLES E.                    MA0001-437
JENKINS, HENRY W.                      MA0001-694
JENKINS, JAMES H.                      MA0001-437
JENKINS, ROBERT B.                     MA0001-817
JENKINS,A SA                           MA0001-437
JERAULD, L.                            MA0001-879
JOHNSON, MYRON C.                      MA0001-695
JOHNSON,JOSEPH P.                      MA0001-1002
JONES, ASA L.                          MA0001-879
JONES, GEORGE W.                       MA0001-695
JONES, ISAIAH T.                       MA0001-317
JONES, JAMES T.                        MA0001-437
JONES, JOHN                            MA0001-317
JONES, JOSIAH C.                       MA0001-695
JONES, ROWLAND R.                      MA0001-696
JONES, SILAS                           MA0001-695
JONES, SILAS                           MA0001-695
JONES, WILILAM F.                      MA0001-438
JOSEPH, ALLEN F.                       MA0001-879
JOSEPH, ALLEN F.                       MA0001-879
KELLEY, CHARLES H.                     MA0001-879
KELLEY, FERDINAND                      MA0001-438
KELLEY, HENRY                          MA0001-880
KELLEY, NEHEMIAH B.                    MA0001-879
KELLEY, PATRICK                        MA0001-880
KELLEY, WATSON B.                      MA0001-880
KELLEY, WATSON B.                      MA0001-879
KEMP, SAMUEL W.                        MA0001-818
KENDRICK, ALFRED                       MA0001-774
KENDRICK, ALONZO                       MA0001-881
KENNEY, THOMAS D.                      MA0001-881
KENRICK, ALFRED                        MA0001-774
KENRICK, JOHN                          MA0001-776
KING, B. BAYLIES                       MA0001-696
KINGMAN, MATTHEW                       MA0001-778
KINGMAN, SETH K.                       MA0001-777
KNOWLES, ELIJAH E.                     MA0001-918
KNOWLES, EZRA                          MA0001-778
KNOWLES, FREEMAN                       MA0001-741
KNOWLES, HENRY                         MA0001-918
KNOWLES, JOSIAH M.                     MA0001-741
KNOWLES, SAMUEL                        MA0001-1002
KNOWLES, SETH                          MA0001-741
KNOWLES, THEODORE L.                   MA0001-779
KNOWLES, WILLIAM W.                    MA0001-918
LANDERS, ALONZO S.                     MA0001-357
LAPHAM, SEARS C.                       MA0001-439
LAWRENCE, HERBERT H.                   MA0001-696
LAWRENCE, HIRAM N.                     MA0001-696
LAWRENCE, JOHNR .                      MA0001-697
LAWRENCE, JOSEPH T.                    MA0001-697
LAWRENCE, LEWIS H.                     MA0001-697
LAWRENCE, OLIVER M.                    MA0001-698
LAWRENCE, SOLOMON H.                   MA0001-698
LEWIS, DANIEL F.                       MA0001-1002
LEWIS, HENRY C.                        MA0001-698
LEWIS, ISAAC B.                        MA0001-1003
LEWIS, THOMAS                          MA0001-698
LEWIS, THOMAS                          MA0001-1003
LEWIS, WILILAM THATCHER                MA0001-698
LIBBY, OLIVER                          MA0001-819
LINCOLN, EDGAR                         MA0001-918
LINNELL, EDMUND                        MA0001-779
LINNELL, ISAIAH                        MA0001-779
LINNELL, OLIVER H.                     MA0001-820
LINNELL,DEAN S.                        MA0001-779
LINOCLN, CLARK                         MA0001-439
LOMBARD, DAVID                         MA0001-948
LOMBARD, LEWIS                         MA0001-742
LONG, GUSTAVAS H.                      MA0001-881
LORING, HENRY F.                       MA0001-439
LOTHROP, CHARLES E.                    MA0001-881
LOTHROP, FREDERICK G.                  MA0001-439
LOVELAND, JAMES                        MA0001-882
LOVELL, ANDRW                          MA0001-439
LOVELL, BENJAMIN                       MA0001-317
LOVELL, CYRENIUS A.                    MA0001-440
LOVELL, DAVID                          MA0001-719
LOVELL, GEORGE                         MA0001-441
LUMBERT, OLIVER C.                     MA0001-441
MACOOL, ADAM                           MA0001-1003
MACY, CHARLES H.                       MA0001-317
MACY, ROBERT                           MA0001-317
MAKEPEACE, A. D.                       MA0001-442
MANTA, JOSEPH                          MA0001-1003
MARSTON, RUSSELL                       MA0001-444
MATHESON, DUNCAN A.                    MA0001-1003
MATHESON, WILLIAM                      MA0001-1004
MAXIM, SETH S.                         MA0001-358
MAYO, BENJAMIN                         MA0001-780
MAYO, ELISHA                           MA0001-882
MAYO, FREEMAN                          MA0001-780
MAYO, JOSEPH                           MA0001-919
MAYO, JOSEPH K.                        MA0001-780
MAYO, OLIVER                           MA0001-742
MAYO, SAMUEL                           MA0001-780
MAYO,E DWIN C.                         MA0001-1004
MCINTOSH, RODERICK                     MA0001-1004
MCKAY, ANGUS                           MA0001-1004
MILES, SAMUEL J.                       MA0001-882
MILLER, JOHN QUINNELL                  MA0001-318
MILLS, WILLIAM J.                      MA0001-718
MINGO, WALTER R.                       MA0001-718
MOODY, JAMES M.                        MA0001-882
MORSE, SANFORD I.                      MA0001-318
MOTT, STEPHEN                          MA0001-1004
MURRAY, JOHN 2ND                       MA0001-318
NEWCOMB, ALEXANDER T.                  MA0001-780
NEWCOMB, CHARLES W.                    MA0001-820
NICHOLS, EDWARD                        MA0001-318
NICHOLS, WILLIAM P.                    MA0001-882
NICKERSON, ASA S.                      MA0001-780
NICKERSON, CHARLES                     MA0001-1004
NICKERSON, CYRUS                       MA0001-882
NICKERSON, ELDRIDGE                    MA0001-1005
NICKERSON, FREDERIC                    MA0001-919
NICKERSON, JAMES M.                    MA0001-882
NICKERSON, JOSEPH H.                   MA0001-883
NICKERSON, JULIUS                      MA0001-446
NICKERSON, LUTHER                      MA0001-1005
NICKERSON, MARK F.                     MA0001-883
NICKERSON, REUBEN                      MA0001-742
NICKERSON, SAMUEL                      MA0001-446
NICKERSON, SETH                        MA0001-446
NICKERSON, STEPHEN E.                  MA0001-883
NICKERSON, STEPHEN T.                  MA0001-1005
NICKERSON, THOMAS A.                   MA0001-883
NICKERSON, WARREN J.                   MA0001-883
NORTON, SHUBAEL M.                     MA0001-699
NYE, DANIEL B.                         MA0001-699
NYE, DAVID B.                          MA0001-699
NYE, DAVID B.                          MA0001-699
NYE, FREDERICK F.                      MA0001-699
NYE, GEORGE B.                         MA0001-318
NYE, HERBERT F.                        MA0001-700
NYE, HIRAM                             MA0001-700
NYE, LEVI S.                           MA0001-319
NYE, M. M.                             MA0001-446
NYE, NATHAN                            MA0001-359
NYE, SAMUEL H.                         MA0001-319
NYE, WILLIAM L.                        MA0001-319
OTIS, AMOS                             MA0001-447
PACKARD, WILLIAM E.                    MA0001-359
PACKWOOD, NEHEMIAH                     MA0001-319
PAINE, ALVIN F.                        MA0001-820
PAINE, ARTEMA                          MA0001-1005
PAINE, DANIEL E.                       MA0001-948
PAINE, EDWARD E.                       MA0001-820
PAINE, JAMES C. N.                     MA0001-1005
PAINE, JOSIAH                          MA0001-883
PAINE, LUCIAN K.                       MA0001-447
PAINE, LYSANDER N.                     MA0001-1005
PAINE, NEHEMIAH H.                     MA0001-820
PAINE, SAMUEL C.                       MA0001-949
PAINE, THOMAS K.                       MA0001-742
PAINE, THOMAS K.                       MA0001-1006
PAINE, WILIAM L.                       MA0001-820
PARKER, CHARLES F.                     MA0001-447
PARSONS, NATHAN K.                     MA0001-949
PENNIMAN, EDWARD                       MA0001-742
PENNIMAN, EDWARD                       MA0001-744
PERCIVAL, EPHRAIM C.                   MA0001-319
PERCIVAL, JAMES W.                     MA0001-780
PERRY, ANDREW F.                       MA0001-360
PERRY, CHARLES G.                      MA0001-447
PERRY, DAVIS                           MA0001-360
PERRY, GEORGE W.                       MA0001-360
PERRY, SILAS                           MA0001-360
PERRY, WILLIAM E.                      MA0001-361
PERVERE, FRANK H.                      MA0001-820
PETTES, GEORGE W.                      MA0001-1006
PHINNEY, ABISHIA                       MA0001-700
PHINNEY, ABRAM                         MA0001-361
PHINNEY, ANDRW                         MA0001-447
PHINNEY, ELI                           MA0001-447
PHINNEY, GEORGE E.                     MA0001-361
PHINNEY, JESSE F.                      MA0001-361
PHINNEY, JOHN B.                       MA0001-361
PHINNEY, LEVI L.                       MA0001-362
PHINNEY, NELSON                        MA0001-448
PHINNEY, SYLVESTER O.                  MA0001-362
PIERCE, FRED E.                        MA0001-320
PIERCE, MARCUS M.                      MA0001-781
POPE, EZRA T.                          MA0001-320
POTTER, JOHN CLEAVER                   MA0001-701
PPIERCE, OBED                          MA0001-701
PROCTOR, JOSEPH L.                     MA0001-448
PUTNAM, A. LOUIS                       MA0001-1006
QUINN, CHARLES                         MA0001-320
RAYMOND, ASA                           MA0001-362
RAYMOND, JOSEPH                        MA0001-884
REED, JAMES A.                         MA0001-1006
RHODEHOUSE, NELSON                     MA0001-448
RICH, JOHN H.                          MA0001-949
RICH, JOHN L.                          MA0001-949
RICH, JOSHUA A.                        MA0001-820
RICH, MICHAEL A.                       MA0001-949
RICH, NEWEL B.                         MA0001-821
RICH, RICHARD A.                       MA0001-949
RICH, SETH                             MA0001-448
RICH, WINFIELD S.                      MA0001-821
RICH,JOSIAH F.                         MA0001-949
ROBBINS, BENJAMIN F.                   MA0001-884
ROBBINS, HENRY C.                      MA0001-884
ROBBINS, JOSEPH K.                     MA0001-884
ROBINSON, EDMUND B.                    MA0001-362
ROBINSON, PHILIP H.                    MA0001-320
ROBINSON, SOLMOMON D.                  MA0001-702
ROBINSON, SYLVANUS D.                  MA0001-320
ROGERS, ELEAZER                        MA0001-781
ROGERS, JOSEPH W.                      MA0001-781
ROSENTHAL, JOHN                        MA0001-1006
ROWE, HIRAM D.                         MA0001-920
RYDER, JOSHUA H.                       MA0001-449
RYDER, ROBERT J.                       MA0001-362
RYDER, STILLMAN S.                     MA0001-362
RYDER, WILSON                          MA0001-449
SANFORD, DAVID L.                      MA0001-702
SAVERY, LEVI S.                        MA0001-362
SEARS, HENRY B.                        MA0001-449
SEARS, J. HENRY                        MA0001-920
SEARS, SIMEON K.                       MA0001-885
SEARS, THOMAS D.                       MA0001-921
SHATTUCK, CARMI H.                     MA0001-781
SHERMAN, ANDREW F.                     MA0001-449
SHERMAN, JOHN T.                       MA0001-702
SHEVLIN, JAMES                         MA0001-320
SHIVERICK, ASA                         MA0001-702
SHIVERICK, SAMUEL F.                   MA0001-704
SMALL, ABNER L.                        MA0001-450
SMALL, BENJAMIN                        MA0001-1006
SMALL, ELDRIDGE F.                     MA0001-781
SMALL, HIRAM E.                        MA0001-704
SMALL, I. MORTON                       MA0001-950
SMALL, ISAAC JR.                       MA0001-363
SMALL, JAMES A.                        MA0001-1006
SMALL, JOHN F.                         MA0001-885
SMALL, JOSHUA T.                       MA0001-1007
SMALL, PHILIP N.                       MA0001-885
SMALL, SAMUEL                          MA0001-885
SMALL, SAMUEL N.                       MA0001-885
SMALL, THOMAS F.                       MA0001-950
SMALL, ZEBINA H.                       MA0001-885
SMALLEY, CHARLES F.                    MA0001-363
SMALLEY, HENRY                         MA0001-887
SMITH, DAVID                           MA0001-1007
SMITH, EBEN                            MA0001-450
SMITH, FRANCIS M.                      MA0001-745
SMITH, FRANCIS P.                      MA0001-1007
SMITH, FREEMAN                         MA0001-887
SMITH, H. MERRILL                      MA0001-1007
SMITH, HEMAN 2ND                       MA0001-745
SMITH, JOHN                            MA0001-1007
SMITH, JOHN M.                         MA0001-781
SMITH, JOSHUA H.                       MA0001-782
SMITH, LUTHER B.                       MA0001-745
SMITH, PHILIP                          MA0001-745
SMITH, THOAMS                          MA0001-782
SMITH, WALLACE A.                      MA0001-746
SMITH, WILIAM M.                       MA0001-1007
SNOW, AARON                            MA0001-782
SNOW, ALEXANDER F.                     MA0001-887
SNOW, AUGUSTUS C. 2ND                  MA0001-887
SNOW, CALVIN                           MA0001-782
SNOW, CHARLES A.                       MA0001-887
SNOW, CHARLES H.                       MA0001-783
SNOW, DAVID                            MA0001-779
SNOW, ELISHA                           MA0001-888
SNOW, ELKANAH L.                       MA0001-783
SNOW, FREDERICK W.                     MA0001-821
SNOW, FREEMAN                          MA0001-784
SNOW, FREEMAN A.                       MA0001-821
SNOW, ISAIAH                           MA0001-950
SNOW, JESSE S.                         MA0001-821
SNOW, JONATHAN F.                      MA0001-1008
SNOW, MARK C.                          MA0001-784
SNOW, NICHOLAS                         MA0001-450
SNOW, OBADIAH                          MA0001-1008
SNOW, REUBEN S.                        MA0001-1008
SNOW, WILLIS                           MA0001-784
SNOW, ZOETH                            MA0001-921
SNOW,F REEMAN H.                       MA0001-784
SPARROW, DEAN                          MA0001-784
SPARROW, SAMUEL S.                     MA0001-746
STEEVER, J. CHARLES                    MA0001-321
STOKES, ELIJAH L.                      MA0001-888
STOKES, ELIJAH L.                      MA0001-888
SWANN, EDWARD J.                       MA0001-321
SWETT, JAMES                           MA0001-823
SWETT, JAMES                           MA0001-821
SWIFT, AARON C.                        MA0001-363
SWIFT, ABIEL                           MA0001-704
SWIFT, ABRAM F.                        MA0001-363
SWIFT, CHARLES E.                      MA0001-363
SWIFT, EUGENE E. C.                    MA0001-704
SWIFT, EZEKIEL E.                      MA0001-704
SWIFT, GEORGE A.                       MA0001-363
SWIFT, GEORGE W.                       MA0001-705
SWIFT, HOWARD                          MA0001-364
SWIFT, SILAS F.                        MA0001-705
TALLMAN, JOSEPH W.                     MA0001-451
TALLMAN, STEPHEN B.                    MA0001-451
TARRENT, RICHARD G.                    MA0001-1008
TAYLOR, AMASA                          MA0001-1008
TAYLOR, BARNABAS                       MA0001-888
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN                       MA0001-785
TAYLOR, HERBERT S.                     MA0001-451
TAYLOR, JOHN H.                        MA0001-364
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                         MA0001-785
TAYLOR, THOMAS S.                      MA0001-1008
TERRY, GEORGE H.                       MA0001-321
THOMPSON, JOHNG .                      MA0001-950
TOBEY, ASA PHINNEY                     MA0001-705
TOBEY, ELISHA H.                       MA0001-364
TOBEY, GEORGE N.                       MA0001-705
TOBEY, JOHN A.                         MA0001-705
TOOVEY, AGNEW F.                       MA0001-746
TURNER, GEORGE H.                      MA0001-705
TUTTLE, JOHN B.                        MA0001-888
UNDERWOOD, WILLIAM H.                  MA0001-889
WAITT, ROBERT M.                       MA0001-451
WALKER, JEREMIAH                       MA0001-889
WAREHAM, WILILIAM                      MA0001-746
WATERHOUSE, MOSES C.                   MA0001-364
WEDLOCK, JOHN W.                       MA0001-364
WEEKES, EBENEZER 2ND                   MA0001-889
WEEKES, GEORGE                         MA0001-889
WEEKS, DARIUS F.                       MA0001-889
WEEKS, JOSEPHS .                       MA0001-706
WEST, JAMES H.                         MA0001-364
WEST, JOSEPH A.                        MA0001-1009
WHITCOMB, JOHN G.                      MA0001-1009
WHITCOMB, JOSEPH                       MA0001-1009
WHITTEMORE, JOSEPH                     MA0001-452
WICKS, ASAPH S.                        MA0001-365
WICKS, JOHN O.                         MA0001-705
WILEY,F REEMAN A.                      MA0001-824
WILLIAMS, ANDREW T.                    MA0001-1009
WILLSON, WILILAM S.                    MA0001-889
WING, ALVAN                            MA0001-365
WING, BENNETT                          MA0001-321
WING, ELIZA G.                         MA0001-321
WING, HENRY                            MA0001-321
WING, JOSEPH                           MA0001-706
WING, JOSEPH 2ND                       MA0001-322
WING, OLVER, C.                        MA0001-365
WING, SETH B.                          MA0001-322
WING, STEPHEN R.                       MA0001-322
WING, WILILAM H.                       MA0001-365
WINSLOW, BARTLETT B.                   MA0001-921
WORTHEN, EDWIN P.                      MA0001-950
WRIGHT, AUGSUTUS W.                    MA0001-365
WRIGHT, NOAH H.                        MA0001-365
WRIGHT, ZADOCK                         MA0001-365
WRIGHT, ZENAS W.                       MA0001-322
YOUNG, BARNABAS S.                     MA0001-824
YOUNG, ISAIAH C.                       MA0001-824
YOUNG, JONATHAN                        MA0001-785
YOUNG, MULFORD                         MA0001-889
YOUNG, NATHAN                          MA0001-1009
YOUNG, NOAH                            MA0001-824
YOUNG, PARON C.                        MA0001-1010

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