Williams College : life sketches of the class of 1855, pub. 1882

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History of Barnstable County, Massachusetts, 1620-1637-1686-1890, pub. 1890
These biographies are NOT indexed in original book!

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Column One: Name of Person
Column Two: Book Code #, Page #

ACKER, HENRY ACOB                      MA0002-9
ACKER, HENRY J.                        MA0002-131
ADAMS, WILLIAM W.                      MA0002-131
ADAMS, WILLIAM WISNER                  MA0002-11
ADRIANCE, JOHN                         MA0002-131
ADRIANCE, JOHN                         MA0002-12
AVERILL, BRADFORD V.                   MA0002-131
AVERILL, BRADFORD YOUNG                MA0002-14
BROWN, SABIN H.                        MA0002-111
BROWN,S ABIN H.                        MA0002-132
BULKLEY, SOLOMON T.                    MA0002-111
BULKLEY, SOLOMON T.                    MA0002-132
BURNHAM, SAMUEL                        MA0002-131
BURNHAM, SAMUEL                        MA0002-16
BURTON, R. BIGELOW                     MA0002-132
BURTON, REUBEN BIGELOW                 MA0002-111
CHANDLER, AUGUSTUS                     MA0002-21
CHANDLER, AUGUSTUS                     MA0002-131
COATES, WESLEY F.                      MA0002-131
COATES, WESLEY FRANCIS                 MA0002-23
COLE, MARTIN D.                        MA0002-113
COLE, MARTIN D.                        MA0002-132
COOPER, HENRY                          MA0002-113
COOPER, HENRY                          MA0002-132
DECKER, HENRY E.                       MA0002-113
DECKER, HENRY E.                       MA0002-132
DEWEY, DANIEL                          MA0002-131
DEWEY, DANIEL                          MA0002-24
DIMMOCK, WILLIAM R.                    MA0002-131
DIMMOCK, WILLIAM REYNOLDS              MA0002-25
DODD, CYRUS M.                         MA0002-131
DODD, CYRUS MORRIS                     MA0002-29
DOWNER, WILLIAM R.                     MA0002-131
DOWNER, WILLIAM RICHARDS               MA0002-31
EDSON, HANFORD A.                      MA0002-131
EDSON, HANFORD ABRAM                   MA0002-33
EDWARDS, WALTER JR.                    MA0002-131
EDWARDS, WALTER JR.                    MA0002-35
FAIRFIELD, WILLIAM B.                  MA0002-114
FAIRFIELD, WILLIAM B.                  MA0002-132
FITCH, CHARLES E.                      MA0002-131
FITCH, CHARLES ELLIOTT                 MA0002-35
FOOT, JOHN                             MA0002-38
FOOT, JOHN                             MA0002-131
FORBES, SAMUEL B.                      MA0002-131
FORBES, SAMUEL BAKER                   MA0002-41
GRAY, CHARLES A.                       MA0002-114
GRAY, CHARLES A.                       MA0002-132
GRISWOLD, ALPHA D.                     MA0002-114
GRISWOLD, ALPHA D.                     MA0002-132
HAIRE, JOHN P.                         MA0002-131
HAIRE, JOHN PURSEL                     MA0002-42
HALL, JOSEPH                           MA0002-115
HALL, JOSEPH                           MA0002-132
HAMNER, JAMES G.                       MA0002-131
HAMNER, JAMES GARLAND                  MA0002-44
HARRIS, WILLIAM J.                     MA0002-115
HARRIS, WILLIAM J.                     MA0002-132
HITCHCOCK, PHINEAS W.                  MA0002-131
HOLMES, DANIEL J.                      MA0002-131
HOLMES, DANIEL JAMES                   MA0002-49
HOOKER, EDWARD                         MA0002-131
HOOKER, EDWARD                         MA0002-51
HOPKINS, CHARLES                       MA0002-116
HOPKINS, CHARLS                        MA0002-132
HOPKINS, W. S. B.                      MA0002-131
HUBBARD, DWIGHT                        MA0002-131
HUBBARD, DWIGHT                        MA0002-55
HYDE, CHAUNCEY T.                      MA0002-117
HYDE, CHAUNCEY T.                      MA0002-132
INGALLS, JOHN JAMES                    MA0002-131
INGALLS, JOHN JAMES                    MA0002-56
INGERSOLL, EDWARD P.                   MA0002-131
INGERSOLL, EDWARD PAYSON               MA0002-58
JEMISON, CHARLES                       MA0002-131
JEMISON, CHARLES                       MA0002-59
KNAPP, ALONZO                          MA0002-117
KNAPP, ALONZO                          MA0002-132
KNOWLSON, JOHN                         MA0002-61
KNOWLSON, JOHN                         MA0002-131
LANSING, ABRAHAM                       MA0002-131
LANSING, ABRAHAM                       MA0002-64
LASELL, EDWARD                         MA0002-118
LASELL, EDWARD                         MA0002-132
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM A.                   MA0002-131
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM ABBOTT               MA0002-66
LINCOLN, EPHRAIM L.                    MA0002-131
MARSH, CHARLES                         MA0002-67
MARSH, CHARLES                         MA0002-131
MCCLELLAN, CARSWELL                    MA0002-131
MCCLELLAN, CARSWWELL                   MA0002-68
MCCLELLAN, ELY                         MA0002-118
MCCLELLAN, ELY                         MA0002-132
MCCLELLAN, ROBERT W.                   MA0002-118
MCCLELLAN, ROBERT W.                   MA0002-132
MCKEE, JOHN                            MA0002-131
MCKEE, JOHN                            MA0002-70
MILLER, GEORGE A.                      MA0002-131
MILLER, GEORGE ALPHA                   MA0002-71
MINER, HENRY E.                        MA0002-119
MINER, HENRY E.                        MA0002-132
MIXER, PHINEAS                         MA0002-131
MIXER, PHINEAS                         MA0002-72
MONTAGUE, GEORGE L.                    MA0002-131
MONTAGUE, GEORGE LOWELL                MA0002-73
MOORE, JOHN W.                         MA0002-119
MOORE, JOHN W.                         MA0002-132
NETTLETON, WILLIAM A.                  MA0002-131
NETTLETON, WILLIAM ALFRED              MA0002-74
NIVEN, THORNTON M. JR.                 MA0002-131
NIVEN, THORNTON MCNESS JR              MA0002-74
ORTON, JAMES                           MA0002-131
ORTON, JAMES                           MA0002-75
PRATT, JACOB                           MA0002-132
PRATT, JACOB W.                        MA0002-122
PRENTICE, WILILAM P.                   MA0002-131
PRENTICE, WILLIAM PACKER               MA0002-80
PULLEN, THOMAS J.                      MA0002-131
PULLEN, THOMAS JEFFERSON               MA0002-81
RAMSEY, DAVID B.                       MA0002-122
RAMSEY, DAVID B.                       MA0002-132
RICHARDS, JOHN                         MA0002-81
RICHARDS, JOHN                         MA0002-131
RUSSELL, EDWARD                        MA0002-123
RUSSELL, EDWARD                        MA0002-132
SAVARY, JOHN                           MA0002-82
SAVARY, JOHN                           MA0002-131
SCUDDER, DAVID COIT                    MA0002-84
SEYMOUR, HENRY WILLIAM                 MA0002-88
SEYMOUR, STEPHEN ELIJAH                MA0002-89
SHAW, SAMUEL FRANCIS                   MA0002-89
SIBLEY, GEORGE EDWARD                  MA0002-93
SNOW, CYRUS AUSTIN                     MA0002-94
STONE, EDWIN                           MA0002-124
STONE, EDWIN                           MA0002-132
TAFT, EDWARD PAYSON                    MA0002-95
TINGIER, SEYMOUR ALLEN                 MA0002-99
VANDERPOEL, JOHN                       MA0002-99
WALKER, GILBERT C.                     MA0002-124
WALKER, GILBERT C.                     MA0002-132
WALLACE, ALVIN                         MA0002-125
WALLACE, ALVIN                         MA0002-132
WARD, HENRY A.                         MA0002-125
WARD, HENRY A.                         MA0002-132
WASHBURN, GEORGE THOMAS                MA0002-104
WELLS, EDWAD L.                        MA0002-126
WELLS, EDWARD L.                       MA0002-132
WHEELER, CHARLES P.                    MA0002-127
WHEELER, CHARLES P.                    MA0002-132
WOOD, JOHN S.                          MA0002-127
WOOD, JOHN S.                          MA0002-132
WOODIN, SIMEON FOSTER                  MA0002-105

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