Memorial encyclopedia of the state of Massachusetts, pub. 1918

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Memorial encyclopedia of the state of Massachusetts, pub. 1918
These biographies are NOT indexed in original book!

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ADAMS, GEORGE WASHINGTON               MA0001-206
ALLEN, THOMAS                          MA0001-358
BALDWIN, HENRY CUTLER                  MA0001-24
BARROWS, CYRUS MOULTON                 MA0001-197
BATCHELDER, ALDEN                      MA0001-49
BATES, THEODORE CORNELIUS              MA0001-324
BEALS, ISAIAH ADDITION                 MA0001-252
BEAMAN, GEORGE WILLIAM                 MA0001-162
BEMIS, JOHN M.                         MA0001-332
BERRY, JOHN GEORGE                     MA0001-316
BILLINGS, GEORGE HERRIE                MA0001-28
BISHOP, HUGH GALBRAITH                 MA0001-54
BLAKNEY, CHARLES LEWIS                 MA0001-101
BOLES, ALEXANDER                       MA0001-229
BORDEN, PHILIP H.                      MA0001-367
BOWNE, FRANCIS                         MA0001-17
BRIGGS, ARTEMAS                        MA0001-391
BROOKS, LUKE SMITH                     MA0001-232
BROWN, CHARLES HAMILTON                MA0001-150
BROWN, FRANCIS FREDERICK               MA0001-14
BROWN, WILLARD HAWTHORNE               MA0001-125
BUCHANAN, ANDREW                       MA0001-431
CALLAHAN, DENNIS                       MA0001-244
CAROLAN, FRANK                         MA0001-280
CARPENTER, EDWARD ALBERT               MA0001-121
CARSTEIN, HANS LOUIS                   MA0001-267
CHASE, CHARLES AUGUSTUS                MA0001-264
CHASE, HENRY SAVAGE                    MA0001-166
CHASE, JOSEPH EDWIN                    MA0001-405
CHILSD, EDWARD FRANKLIN                MA0001-255
CLAFLEN, DANIEL B.                     MA0001-394
CLAP, EDMUND WRIGHT                    MA0001-118
CLAPP, EDWIN                           MA0001-184
CLOUTIER, FELIX J.                     MA0001-415
COLBERT, GEORGE ABNER                  MA0001-246
COLTON, SAMUEL HORTON                  MA0001-330
CUNNIFF, MICHAEL MATHEW                MA0001-289
DALE, CHARLES ANSON                    MA0001-88
DAWES, AMBROSE                         MA0001-221
DAY, LEWIS                             MA0001-200
DOLLIVER, EDWARD B.                    MA0001-377
DWIGHT, THOMAS                         MA0001-38
EARLE, LLOYD S.                        MA0001-388
EASTON, FERGUS ANGLE                   MA0001-385
ELLIOTT, ELINUS JAMES                  MA0001-65
EMERY, LEVI                            MA0001-146
ENDICOTT, EUGENE FRANCIS               MA0001-46
FARLEY, JAMES HENRY                    MA0001-286
FARMER, EDWIN SMITH                    MA0001-35
FRAHILL, JOHN                          MA0001-241
FULLER, SYLVESTER BROWN                MA0001-115
GEER, CHARLES WILLIAM                  MA0001-224
GLEASON, ALFRED DWIGHT                 MA0001-20
GLEASON, JAMES MARSHALL                MA0001-104
GOODWIN, CHARLES CLINTON               MA0001-9
GREENWOOD, WILLIAM                     MA0001-99
HARVEY, ISAAC CAMPBELL                 MA0001-58
HASTINGS, BENJAMIN                     MA0001-84
HEYWOOD, FRANCIS DANIEL                MA0001-411
HOLMAN, LYMAN                          MA0001-187
HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL                 MA0001-3
HOPEWELL, JOHN                         MA0001-141
HOUSTON, ROBERT ALONZO                 MA0001-427
HOWARD, GEORGE ESTES                   MA0001-258
HUBBARD, WILLIAM HENRY                 MA0001-350
JEWETT, ISRAEL KINSMAN                 MA0001-174
JOYCE, JAMES HENRY                     MA0001-294
KELLY, JAMES                           MA0001-274
KENDRICK, GEORGE PERRY                 MA0001-379
KENNEDY, JOHN                          MA0001-235
KIMBALL GEORGE EDWIN                   MA0001-261
KINGSBURY, JOHN MILLER                 MA0001-156
KNIBBS, JOHN W.                        MA0001-402
KNOWLES, FRANCIS BANGS                 MA0001-363
LAWRENCE, HIRAM BARTLETT               MA0001-336
LAWRENCE, HIRAM BARTLETT               MA0001-382
LEARNED, WILLIAM NEWELL                MA0001-218
LEWIS, ALBERT GEORGE                   MA0001-400
LOMBARD, JOHN P.                       MA0001-177
LOOMIS, WILLIAM S.                     MA0001-343
LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL                  MA0001-1
LYNCH, JAMES                           MA0001-271
MACKINTOSH, DONALD                     MA0001-424
MASON, WILLIAM BENJAMIN                MA0001-212
MAYNARD, WILLIAM                       MA0001-371
MCQUESTEN, GEORGE EDWARD               MA0001-203
MILES, CHARLES EDWIN                   MA0001-71
MITCHELL, MARIA                        MA0001-312
MITCHELL, THOMAS JOSEPH                MA0001-215
MORGAN, ERNEST ISAAC                   MA0001-373
MUCHMORE, GEORGE RICHARD               MA0001-188
MURRAY, HENRY MICHAEL                  MA0001-68
NEWCOMB, NATHANIEL                     MA0001-353
OHARA, DANIEL                          MA0001-193
OSULLIVAN, PATRICK                     MA0001-277
OWENS, ANDREW                          MA0001-238
PAGE, MAGER                            MA0001-129
PARKER, ARDENNE                        MA0001-52
POLLOCK, WILLIAM                       MA0001-435
PORTER, WALTER C.                      MA0001-319
PRENTISS, GEORGE WHITING               MA0001-433
RAMAGE, JAMES                          MA0001-347
RANGER, CASPER                         MA0001-408
ROBERTS, COOLIDGE SUTTON               MA0001-209
ROBERTS, THOMAS HAINES                 MA0001-179
ROTHFUSS, GOTTLIEB                     MA0001-283
RUSSELL, IRA LOCKE                     MA0001-226
SARGENT, JOHN CARTER                   MA0001-153
SCHROEDER, JOHN H.                     MA0001-298
SHAW, SAMUEL JULIUS                    MA0001-249
SHERMAN, ASA                           MA0001-309
SKINNER, WILLIAM                       MA0001-339
SLADE, WILLIAM LAWTON                  MA0001-304
SMITH, GEORGE HERBERT                  MA0001-417
SMITH, OREN                            MA0001-157
STEARNS, GEORGE HAMILTON               MA0001-190
STEELE, BENJAMIN HEMINWAY              MA0001-62
STORY, WILLIAM WETMORE                 MA0001-7
SUMMERS, RICHARD                       MA0001-108
TENNEY, SAMUEL PARCHER                 MA0001-74
TOWNE, GEORGE MOODY                    MA0001-77
TREWORGY, HENRY HOWARD                 MA0001-421
WADE, JOSEPH MORRISON                  MA0001-80
WALDEN, RUFUS GIBBON                   MA0001-135
WALL, JAMES EDWARD                     MA0001-159
WARREN, GEORGE WASHINGTON              MA0001-111
WILBUR, FRANK EDWARD                   MA0001-96
WILCOX, THOMAS                         MA0001-397
WILEY, ALBERT MILLARD                  MA0001-32
WILKINSON, HENRY                       MA0001-181
WOOD, ALBERT                           MA0001-321
WOOD, GEORGE FRANCIS                   MA0001-43
WOOD, JAMES BARRETT                    MA0001-91
WOODMAN, CYRUS                         MA0001-132
WORTHINGTON, ERASTUS                   MA0001-171

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