Biographical review; of the leading citizens of Hampshire County, Massachusetts, pub. 1896

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Biographical review; of the leading citizens of Hampshire County, Massachusetts, pub. 1896
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AIKEN, JOHN F                          MA0004-487
ALLEN, EDWARD A                        MA0004-430
ALLEN, HENRY S                         MA0004-230
ALLEN, ROSWELL H                       MA0004-203
ALLEN, SAMUEL                          MA0004-343
ANDERSON, HENRY B                      MA0004-296
ANDERSON, JAMES R                      MA0004-273
ANDREWS, MRS. MARY F.                  MA0004-284
ATKINS, JAMES D                        MA0004-414
AVERY, JOHN C                          MA0004-469
BAILEY, STEPHEN P                      MA0004-217
BAKER, EDWARD                          MA0004-526
BAKER, JOHN                            MA0004-552
BAKER, LEONARD                         MA0004-117
BARNES, DEXTER R.                      MA0004-376
BARNES, JAMES D                        MA0004-49
BARRUS, EDWARD T                       MA0004-392
BARRUS, SHERIDAN E                     MA0004-77
BARRUS, WILLIAM A                      MA0004-87
BARTLET, EUGENE P                      MA0004-562
BARTLETT, ADDISON H                    MA0004-500
BARTLETT, ELIHU P                      MA0004-375
BARTLETT, JOHN A                       MA0004-549
BATES, AUSTIN D                        MA0004-212
BATES, GORDYCE                         MA0004-177
BATES, JOHN E                          MA0004-265
BEALS, MOSES H                         MA0004-56
BELDEN, ALBERT M.                      MA0004-190
BIGELOW, ORVIS F.                      MA0004-214
BILLINGS, DAVID P                      MA0004-443
BILLINGS, GEORGE A                     MA0004-98
BISBEE, HORATIO                        MA0004-466
BLAIR, EUNICE M                        MA0004-412
BLODGETT, EDWARD P.                    MA0004-459
BLOOD, CHARLES E                       MA0004-276
BOMBARD, FELIX                         MA0004-237
BOSWORTH, JOHN L                       MA0004-312
BOYDEN, CHARLES H                      MA0004-304
BOYLE, JAMES                           MA0004-470
BRADBURN, JOHN W                       MA0004-34
BRAINARD, BENJAMIN C                   MA0004-43
BRAINARD, WELLS                        MA0004-478
BREWSTER, CHARLES K                    MA0004-93
BROOKS, CHARLES E                      MA0004-185
BROSNAHAN, JOHN T                      MA0004-311
BRYANT, FRANKLIN H                     MA0004-192
BYRNS, JAMES A                         MA0004-482
BYRNS, JEREMIAH C                      MA0004-301
CANTERBURY, GEORGE B                   MA0004-569
CARL, JACOB                            MA0004-487
CARY, FRANK W                          MA0004-207
CHASE, HENRY R                         MA0004-495
CHILSON, WILLIAM L                     MA0004-572
CHURCH, LEVI                           MA0004-64
CLAPP, DWIGHT P                        MA0004-289
CLAPP, EDWIN B                         MA0004-116
CLAPP, EGBERT J                        MA0004-535
CLAPP, JAMES                           MA0004-242
CLAPP, LYMAN W                         MA0004-334
CLAPP, WILLIAM N                       MA0004-134
CLARK, CAPT. EDWIN C                   MA0004-260
CLARK, CHARLES E                       MA0004-18
CLARK, EDWIN C, JR                     MA0004-195
CLARK, HORACE                          MA0004-112
CLARK, HORACE L                        MA0004-60
CLARK, JAIRUS E                        MA0004-224
CLARK, LEWIS A                         MA0004-367
CLARK, RODOLPHUS C                     MA0004-227
CLARK, THOMAS F                        MA0004-304
CLARK, WALTER A.                       MA0004-323
CLARK, WILLIAM S                       MA0004-384
COBB, EDWARD M                         MA0004-78
COMINS, HENRY C                        MA0004-20
CONEY, HUBERT M                        MA0004-125
COOK, SAMUEL M                         MA0004-350
COOLEY, SILAS R                        MA0004-173
COONEY, MICHAEL E                      MA0004-495
COONEY, WILLIAM E                      MA0004-247
COPELAND, EDWARD P                     MA0004-175
COTTRELL, GEORGE W                     MA0004-229
COULD, FRANK M                         MA0004-558
COWING, GEORGE W                       MA0004-143
COWING, LEWIS S                        MA0004-152
COWLS, JONATHAN                        MA0004-413
COWLS, RANSOM                          MA0004-168
CRAFTS, DAVID W                        MA0004-33
CRAFTS, JOSEPHUS                       MA0004-22
CROSBY, HENRY A                        MA0004-428
CROUCH, CHARLES S                      MA0004-404
CUDWORTH, AMBROSE                      MA0004-131
CUDWORTH, JOSEPH                       MA0004-327
CURTIS, A. B                           MA0004-400
CURTIS, OLIVER H                       MA0004-248
CUSHMAN, AVERY R                       MA0004-437
DAMON, JAMES H                         MA0004-13
DAMON, SYLVANUS C                      MA0004-298
DAVIS, ANDREW J                        MA0004-58
DAVIS, BENJAMIN F                      MA0004-259
DAVIS, HENRY C                         MA0004-293
DAYTON, FREDERICK A                    MA0004-342
DEWEY, WILSON                          MA0004-88
DEWITT, MOLLIS B                       MA0004-83
DICKINSON, ASA                         MA0004-223
DICKINSON, CHARLES H                   MA0004-319
DICKINSON, DANIEL W                    MA0004-434
DICKINSON, GEORGE P                    MA0004-240
DICKINSON, MARQUIS F.                  MA0004-197
DICKINSON, SAMUEL H                    MA0004-14
DICKINSON, SAMUEL JS                   MA0004-423
DICKINSON, WILLIAM A                   MA0004-328
DICKINSON, WILLIAM C                   MA0004-156
DICKINSON, WILLIAM E.                  MA0004-407
DOWNING, STILLMAN S                    MA0004-343
DRAGON, OLIVER                         MA0004-155
DRESSER, GEORGE                        MA0004-538
DYER, CHARLES N                        MA0004-154
EDWARDS, ELISHA A.                     MA0004-451
EDWARDS, HENRY L.                      MA0004-522
EDWARDS, THEOPHILUS                    MA0004-124
EWING, JOHN B                          MA0004-568
EWING, WILLIAM                         MA0004-532
FALES, WILLIAM A                       MA0004-267
FARRAR, NATHANIEL W                    MA0004-153
FELTON, CHARLES W                      MA0004-402
FIELD, LEMUEL B                        MA0004-178
FISHER, GEORGE E.                      MA0004-143
FITZGERALD, GEORGE M.                  MA0004-381
FLINT, JOSIAH W                        MA0004-232
FORD, THOMAS                           MA0004-116
FORSYTH, JAMES                         MA0004-477
FRANZ, ADOLPH                          MA0004-86
FULLER, JOHN                           MA0004-476
GATES, ASAHEL                          MA0004-281
GATES, FRANK H. N                      MA0004-364
GAYLORD, FLAVEL                        MA0004-475
GAYLORD, WILLIAM H                     MA0004-443
GEER, AUSTIN                           MA0004-183
GERE, HENRY S                          MA0004-517
GIBBS, ARTHUR W                        MA0004-383
GILFILLAN, THOMAS                      MA0004-423
GILLETT, DANIEL B                      MA0004-512
GOLDTHWAIT, EBENEZER                   MA0004-70
GOODELL, LAFAYETTE W                   MA0004-501
GOULD, DANIEL H                        MA0004-213
GOULD, JOSEPH R. S                     MA0004-309
GOULD, LURENE S                        MA0004-530
GRANGER, JAMES                         MA0004-515
GRAVES, DWIGHT                         MA0004-57
GRAVES, MELVIN I.                      MA0004-26
GREEN, GEORGE H. B                     MA0004-483
GREEN, JOSEPH W., JR                   MA0004-47
GRIDLEY, C. A                          MA0004-401
GUILFORD, IRA A                        MA0004-222
GUILFORD, RALPH M                      MA0004-509
GURNEY, ALBERT N                       MA0004-196
HALL, GEORGE L                         MA0004-548
HAMLEN, THERON 0                       MA0004-305
HAMLIN, WOLCOTT                        MA0004-419
HANNUM, GEORGE D                       MA0004-191
HARLOW, CHARLES N                      MA0004-420
HARLOW, GEORGE W                       MA0004-421
HARNEY, RICHARD                        MA0004-139
HARWOOD, BENJAMIN T.                   MA0004-277
HASKELL, CHARLES D                     MA0004-500
HATCH, FRANCIS L                       MA0004-206
HAUNTON, HORACE                        MA0004-220
HAY, ROBERT                            MA0004-537
HAYES, IRVING B.                       MA0004-344
HEBERT, JOSEPH                         MA0004-250
HERRICK, CHARLES E                     MA0004-255
HILL, DAVID                            MA0004-339
HILL, FLIRAM G                         MA0004-501
HILL, HENRY W                          MA0004-469
HILLS, SAMUEL F                        MA0004-49S
HITCHCOCK, GEORGE G.                   MA0004-219
HOBART, EDMUND                         MA0004-170
HOLBROOK, HORACE                       MA0004-165
HOLLEY, JACOB                          MA0004-109
HORTON, DWIGHT A                       MA0004-185
HOSFORD, CHARLES L                     MA0004-1S2
HOUSE, ALBERT R                        MA0004-129
HOWE, HENRY C M                        MA0004-435
HOWES, MILTON S                        MA0004-257
HOXIE, DAVID E                         MA0004-108
HUBBARD, GEORGE W.                     MA0004-359
HUBBARD, RHODA W.                      MA0004-427
HUBBARD, SILAS G                       MA0004-427
HUMPHREY, CHARLES E                    MA0004-71
HUNTER, AUSTIN                         MA0004-205
HUNTINGTON, FREDERIC D.                MA0004-235
INGHAM, ERASTUS J                      MA0004-36
JENNISON, DAVID A                      MA0004-275
JONES, IRA D                           MA0004-167
JUDD FAMILY                            MA0004-560
JUDD, FREDERICK H                      MA0004-147
KAPPEL, AUGUST K                       MA0004-541
KEATING, JOHN T                        MA0004-393
KEATING, ROBERT M                      MA0004-278
KEEDY, EDWARD E.                       MA0004-402
KEITH, JUSTIN W                        MA0004-291
KEITH, MONROE                          MA0004-110
KELLEY, EUGENE G                       MA0004-28
KELLOGG, CHARLES H                     MA0004-349
KELLOGG, SIMEON                        MA0004-370
KIDGELL, JOHN J                        MA0004-274
KIMBALL, HENRY A                       MA0004-9
KIMBALL, WILLIAM B.                    MA0004-331
KING, ALONZO S                         MA0004-10
KING, EBENEZER A                       MA0004-231
KING, MERRIAM                          MA0004-152
KINGMAN, LEVI W                        MA0004-320
KINGSBURY, ARTHUR L                    MA0004-337
KINGSLEY, ELBRIDGE                     MA0004-117
KINGSLEY, JOSEPH H                     MA0004-253
KINGSLEY, JUSTUS H                     MA0004-567
KINNEY, CHARLES M                      MA0004-246
KNEELAND, FREDERICK N.                 MA0004-35
KNIGHT, OSMAN E                        MA0004-303
LAMBIE, JASPER E                       MA0004-268
LATHAM, WILLIAM C                      MA0004-543
LEE, SAMUEL W. JR                      MA0004-162
LIVERMORE, ORRIN E                     MA0004-208
LOOMIS, FRANCIS                        MA0004-38
LUSSIER, HARMIDASSE                    MA0004-529
LYMAN, CHARLES B                       MA0004-388
LYMAN, DARWIN E                        MA0004-571
LYMAN, E. PAYSON                       MA0004-28
LYMAN, EUGENE H                        MA0004-147
LYMAN, ROBERT W                        MA0004-160
LYNCH, MICHAEL P                       MA0004-506
MARSH, EDWIN D                         MA0004-229
MATHER, JOHN L                         MA0004-271
MCARDLE, OWEN                          MA0004-264
MCCLOUD, HENRY M                       MA0004-221
MCLELLAN, FRANK R                      MA0004-255
MEEKINS, LUCINDA                       MA0004-239
MEEKINS, MARIA S.                      MA0004-429
MILLER, EDWIN C                        MA0004-257
MILLER, GORDON B                       MA0004-542
MILLER, WILLIAM S                      MA0004-389
MONTAGUE, FRANCIS C                    MA0004-302
MONTAGUE, GEORGE C                     MA0004-404
MOORE, ZAAVAN A                        MA0004-505
MORELL, JOHN F                         MA0004-338
MORRIS, FRANKLIN G.                    MA0004-42
MORTON, JOHN A                         MA0004-123
MORTON, LYMAN M                        MA0004-374
MOULTON, GEORGE P                      MA0004-80
NICHOLS, ALBERT                        MA0004-111
NICHOLS. PHINEAS P                     MA0004-357
NIMS, EDWARD P.                        MA0004-48
NORRIS, MICHAEL                        MA0004-146
NUTTING, GEORGE                        MA0004-552
ODONNELL. JOHN B                       MA0004-32[
ORCUTT, WILLIAM W                      MA0004-138
OSGOOD, FREDERICK A                    MA0004-283
OTIS, HARRY P                          MA0004-76
OWEN, OZIAS B                          MA0004-266
PACKARD, EDWARD C                      MA0004-182
PACKARD, RUSSELL R.                    MA0004-488
PAIGE, CHRISTOPHER W                   MA0004-340
PARSONS, HARRIET E.                    MA0004-52
PARSONS, HENRY A                       MA0004-50
PARSONS, HORACE K                      MA0004-186
PARSONS, SAMUEL L                      MA0004-41
PIERCE, CHAUNCEY H                     MA0004-351
PITMAN, JOHN N                         MA0004-285
POLLEY, SUMNER 0                       MA0004-19
POMEROY, WILLIAM C                     MA0004-21
PORTER, JONATHAN E                     MA0004-564
POTTER, EDWARD C                       MA0004-222
POTTER, LYMAN D                        MA0004-282
POWERS, CHARLES X                      MA0004-254
POWERS. FRANKLIN C                     MA0004-380
PRATT, CHARLES S                       MA0004-570
PRATT, WILLIAM F                       MA0004-11
PRESCOTT, ALFRED C                     MA0004-380
PRESTON, CYRUS S                       MA0004-574
PROUTY, ORIVILLE W                     MA0004-37
PUFFER, CHARLES A                      MA0004-123
RAINVILLE, REV. N                      MA0004-547
RANNENBERG, CHARLES                    MA0004-444
RAY, GEORGE H                          MA0004-411
RECORD, CHARLES S                      MA0004-408
REED, ALDEN D                          MA0004-144
REW. ERNEST W                          MA0004-506
RHOADES, HARVEY                        MA0004-140
RHODES, LEANDER L                      MA0004-532
RHODES, STEPHEN H                      MA0004-351
RICE, LYMAN                            MA0004-348
RICE, WASHINGTON                       MA0004-228
RICHARDS, CHARLES                      MA0004-240
RICHARDSON, AIMER F                    MA0004-285
RICHARDSON, EBENEZER C                 MA0004-476
ROBERTS, RUSSELL L                     MA0004-347
ROHAN, SAMUEL P                        MA0004-271
ROSS, AUSTIN                           MA0004-363
RUDE, ELIAS                            MA0004-360
RUDER, BRUNO F                         MA0004-433
SABIN, LYMAN                           MA0004-330
SAMPSON, MERITT F                      MA0004-355
SAWYER, EZRA THOMAS                    MA0004-457
SCHILLARE, AMAND J                     MA0004-491
SEARLE, HOLSEY J                       MA0004-396
SEELYE, JULIUS H                       MA0004-314
SHATTUCK, CHARLES S.                   MA0004-51
SHAW, LORIN A                          MA0004-320
SHEARN. JOSEPH H                       MA0004-481
SHIPMAN, HENRY S                       MA0004-218
SHUMWAY, THOMAS T                      MA0004-547
SLOAN, TIMOTHY W.                      MA0004-390
SMITH, ASA C                           MA0004-457
SMITH, BYRON                           MA0004-399
SMITH, ELLEN G                         MA0004-529
SMITH, FRED M                          MA0004-297
SMITH, GEORGE                          MA0004-104
SMITH, GEORGE H. W                     MA0004-542
SMITH, HENRY M                         MA0004-324
SMITH, HENRY N                         MA0004-25
SMITH, MARSHALL C                      MA0004-1G6
SMITH, NEWTON                          MA0004-213
SMITH, OREN B                          MA0004-373
SMITH, SAMUEL                          MA0004-19S
SMITH, WILLIAM A                       MA0004-245
SMITH, WILLIAM E                       MA0004-352
SPEAR, MIRICK N                        MA0004-306
SPELMAN, ONSLOW G                      MA0004-61
STACY, ALANSON W                       MA0004-358
STANTON FAMILY                         MA0004-394
STEBBINS, FRANCIS S                    MA0004-464
STEELE, ISAAC H                        MA0004-438
STEVENS, AARON                         MA0004-169
STEVENS, ARLIN V                       MA0004-322
STEVENS, CHARLES E                     MA0004-64
STEVENS, LAFAYETTE                     MA0004-169
STEVENSON, BENJAMIN V.                 MA0004-133
STONE, BRADSHAW H                      MA0004-103
STONE, EVERETT C                       MA0004-62
STORRS, JOHN H                         MA0004-333
STRATTON, CHESTER                      MA0004-531
STRONG, CHARLES E                      MA0004-544
SWAIN, RICHARD L.                      MA0004-465
SWIFT RIVER COMPANY                    MA0004-334
TAYLOR, FREDERICK                      MA0004-96
TAYLOR, HIRAM                          MA0004-159
TAYLOR, HIRAM                          MA0004-497
TAYLOR, HORACE S                       MA0004-412
TAYLOR, SYLVESTER H                    MA0004-17
TAYLOR, WILLARD A                      MA0004-482
THAYER, WALTER H                       MA0004-356
THIEME, WILLIAM M                      MA0004-379
THOMSON, GEORGE F.                     MA0004-382
THORINGTON, ANDREW N.                  MA0004-563
THORPE, JOHN C                         MA0004-313
THURSTON, LYSANDER                     MA0004-249
TILESTON, CHARLES E.                   MA0004-71
TINKER, GEORGE W                       MA0004-508
TODD, ASA A                            MA0004-369
TODD, WILLIAM H                        MA0004-238
TOWER, DEXTER                          MA0004-121
TOWER, LORENZO H                       MA0004-131
TOWER, WARREN E                        MA0004-201
TOWNSEND, ARTHUR C.                    MA0004-447
TRUMBULL, JAMES R                      MA0004-58
TURNER, JOHN M                         MA0004-418
UFFORD, HENRY L                        MA0004-559
UNDERWOOD, RICHARD F.                  MA0004-91
UPSON, CHARLES H                       MA0004-79
UTLEY, GEORGE D                        MA0004-550
VAUGHN, HORACE H                       MA0004-44
VOGEL, JOHN                            MA0004-191
WAINWRIGHT, J. ARTHUR                  MA0004-360
WALKER BROTHERS                        MA0004-525
WALKER, OLIVER                         MA0004-554
WALSH, CHARLES F. A.                   MA0004-310
WARD, ARTHUR J. N                      MA0004-521
WARD, WILBUR H. H                      MA0004-63
WARNER, ALONZO C                       MA0004-175
WARNER, CHARLES L                      MA0004-72
WARNER, EGBERT S                       MA0004-489
WARNER, HENRY W                        MA0004-202
WARREN, ALONZO H                       MA0004-95
WARREN, CHARLES L                      MA0004-575
WASHBURN, MARY C.                      MA0004-442
WATTS, OSMYN                           MA0004-130
WEBSTER, JEDEDIAH P                    MA0004-368
WELLS, DANIEL W                        MA0004-148
WETHERELL, BARNEY T                    MA0004-286
WHITCOMB, WALDO H                      MA0004-68
WHITE, LUKE B                          MA0004-85
WIETHAUPER, JOHN H                     MA0004-454
WILLCUTT, JASON                        MA0004-441
WILLCUTT, MARTIN                       MA0004-102
WILLIAMS, LUCAS                        MA0004-573
WILLIAMS, LUCIEN B                     MA0004-462
WILLIAMS, OREN                         MA0004-107
WJTHERELL, CHAUNEEY                    MA0004-84
WOODS, CYRUS F                         MA0004-273
WOODS, HENRY M                         MA0004-295
WRIGHT, ANSEL                          MA0004-516
WRIGHT, CLARK B                        MA0004-162
WRIGHT, JOHN                           MA0004-549
WRIGHT, JONATHAN R                     MA0004-553
WRIGHT, LUTHER C                       MA0004-101

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