Compendium of history and biography of Carver and Hennepin counties, Minnesota (1915)

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Compendium of history and biography of Carver and Hennepin counties, Minnesota (1915)

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Column One: Name of Person
Column Two: Book Code #, Page #

ACKERMAN, WILLIAM                      MN0001-268
AKINS, EDWIN J.                        MN0001-267
AKINS, JONAS P.                        MN0001-267
AMBLARD, EMILE                         MN0001-165
ANDERSON, PETER D.                     MN0001-265
ANDESON, ANDREW O.                     MN0001-266
ARETZ, J. M.                           MN0001-265
BACHMANN, EDWARD                       MN0001-273
BEIERSDORF, CHARLES                    MN0001-273
BEIERSDORF, FRANK                      MN0001-273
BLACKKETTER, J. K.                     MN0001-272
BRADLEY, GEORGE J.                     MN0001-272
BRANDT, WILLIAM                        MN0001-271
BROBERG, THEODORE O.                   MN0001-271
BROWN, ALFRED J.                       MN0001-269
BRUCKSCHEN, HENRY P.                   MN0001-270
BURNS, EDWARD F.                       MN0001-269
BURNS, MICHAEL                         MN0001-268
CAMPBELL, GEORGE                       MN0001-276
CAMPBELL, MICHAEL P.                   MN0001-276
CEDERSTROM, ELIAS                      MN0001-275
CONNOLLY, JOSEPH B.                    MN0001-274
CORNELL, ANDREW L.                     MN0001-275
CRAWFORD, FRANK P.                     MN0001-274
DABLIN, J. P.                          MN0001-281
DAMMANN, FREDERICK                     MN0001-281
DEVINE, MICHAEL W.                     MN0001-280
DEVINE, THOMS FRANCIS                  MN0001-280
DIESSNER, HENRY D.                     MN0001-280
DIESSNER, HENRY R.                     MN0001-279
DIETHELM, CHARLES                      MN0001-278
DIETHELM, J. A.                        MN0001-279
DIETHELM, MICHAEL                      MN0001-278
DOMRES, AUGUST                         MN0001-280
DUTOIT, FREDERICK E.                   MN0001-277
EFFERTZ, FRANK J.                      MN0001-283
EFFERTZ, PETER                         MN0001-283
EFFERTZ, WILLIAM H.                    MN0001-282
EIDEN, HENRY                           MN0001-282
ENGHOLM, JOHN                          MN0001-281
FAHEY, JOHN J.                         MN0001-285
FARRELL, JOHN J.                       MN0001-285
FISCHER, H. P.                         MN0001-284
FREED, SWAN                            MN0001-284
GAST, JOSEPH                           MN0001-288
GERDSEN, HENRY                         MN0001-287
GLOEGE, FREDERICK                      MN0001-286
GOLDSCHMIDT, E. F.                     MN0001-286
HALGREN, CHARLES G.                    MN0001-289
HALGREN, HARRY A.                      MN0001-290
HEBEISON, JOHN                         MN0001-290
HECK, VINCENT                          MN0001-290
HENDRICKS, CHARLES F.                  MN0001-291
HENDRICKS, OSCAR E.                    MN0001-291
HENNING, AUGUST                        MN0001-292
HENNING, CHARLES                       MN0001-293
HILL, LOUIS                            MN0001-293
HOLMGREN, EDWARD                       MN0001-294
HOLMGREN, N. J.                        MN0001-294
HOLTMEIER, JOHN                        MN0001-294
IUSTUS, DANIEL                         MN0001-296
IUSTUS, PETER                          MN0001-296
JADWIN, MILTON                         MN0001-297
JOHNSON, CARL G.                       MN0001-298
JOHNSON, LARS A.                       MN0001-297
JOHNSON, PHILIP O.                     MN0001-295
KARELS, HENRY H.                       MN0001-99
KEHRER, ALBERT J.                      MN0001-299
KELLY, MATTHEW                         MN0001-299
KELM, HENRY L.                         MN0001-300
KIMPEL, GERHARD                        MN0001-300
KLEIN, CHARLES H.                      MN0001-301
KNOBLAUCH, ANTON                       MN0001-301
KRAUSE, CHARELS                        MN0001-302
KRAUSE, JACOB D.                       MN0001-302
KRAUSE, JUSTUS                         MN0001-303
KUNTZ, FRANK                           MN0001-304
KUNTZ, WILLIAM J.                      MN0001-304
LENZEN, HENRY G.                       MN0001-304
LIGHT, BENJAMIN F.                     MN0001-305
LIGHT, JOEL B.                         MN0001-305
LOHMAR, HUBERT                         MN0001-305
LUETKE, FRANK A.                       MN0001-306
LUNDSTEN, FRANK G.                     MN0001-307
LUNDSTEN, JOHN                         MN0001-307
LUNDSTROM, EPHRIAM                     MN0001-308
LUNDSTROM, OSCAR L.                    MN0001-308
LYNCH, JOHN                            MN0001-309
MAISER, BENEDICT                       MN0001-309
MAPES, ORLOW W.                        MN0001-310
MATTSON, FRANK A.                      MN0001-311
MAYER, FRANK S.                        MN0001-311
MCGILL, PATRICK                        MN0001-309
MEULENERS, WILLIAM C.                  MN0001-312
MEYER, ALBERT                          MN0001-312
MEYER, HENRY                           MN0001-313
MEYER, JOHN                            MN0001-313
MEYER, JOHN JR.                        MN0001-313
MIESELER, FRANK                        MN0001-313
MILLER, ANDREW G.                      MN0001-314
MOHRBACHER, PAUL                       MN0001-315
MONSON, CARL FREDERICK                 MN0001-315
MONSON, JOHN M.                        MN0001-291
MONSON, SAMUEL                         MN0001-316
MORRISON, PATRICK W.                   MN0001-317
MURPHY, EDWARD                         MN0001-318
MURPHY, ICHABOD                        MN0001-318
NELSON, ANDREW                         MN0001-319
NEWSTROM, EDWARD                       MN0001-320
NEWSTROM, JOHN A.                      MN0001-320
NOERENBURG, AUGUST                     MN0001-320
NOTERMANN, ARNOLD                      MN0001-321
OBERG, ADOLPH P.                       MN0001-322
OBERG, EDGAR T.                        MN0001-322
OBERG, JOHN A.                         MN0001-322
OGARA, THOMAS                          MN0001-323
OLSON, OLF M.                          MN0001-323
OTTINGER, GEROGE                       MN0001-324
PETERMAN, HENRY                        MN0001-324
PETERMAN, WILLIAM H.                   MN0001-325
PETERSON, ANDREW                       MN0001-325
POFAHL, PAUL                           MN0001-326
PRETZEL, AUGUST                        MN0001-326
RADDE, JACOB                           MN0001-327
RADDE, PAUL A.                         MN0001-327
RAEDEKE, HENRY                         MN0001-328
RIETZ, HENRY                           MN0001-329
RIPPEL, JOHN                           MN0001-286
ROLF, THEODORE                         MN0001-340
SCHUTZ, ANDREW F.                      MN0001-329
SELL, HELMUTH R.                       MN0001-330
SEXTON, THOMAS                         MN0001-331
SINGLEY, MATTHIAS                      MN0001-331
SKARLUND, ALBERT A.                    MN0001-332
SKARLUND, JOHN G.                      MN0001-332
SKOOG, ANDREW L.                       MN0001-333
SOPER, JOHN E.                         MN0001-333
SWANSON, CHARLES                       MN0001-334
SWANSON, JOHN                          MN0001-334
TESCH, EMIL                            MN0001-335
TESCH, HERMAN F.                       MN0001-335
TRENDE, FRANK                          MN0001-336
TRUWE, AUGUST F.                       MN0001-336
VOLLRATH, AUGUST                       MN0001-337
VOLLRATH, OSCAR                        MN0001-337
WAGNER, JOHN A.                        MN0001-337
WELTERS, HENRY                         MN0001-338
WESTERMAN, DIETRICH F.                 MN0001-338
WETTER, WILLIAM F.                     MN0001-339
WILLIAMS, FRIEND L.                    MN0001-316

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