Compendium of history and biography of Minneapolis and Hennepin County, Minnesota (1914) 601 bios

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Compendium of history and biography of Minneapolis and Hennepin County, Minnesota (1914)

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ABBOTT, HOWARD STRICKLAND              MN0002-185
AIRISTIAN, GEORGE H                    MN0002-246
ALCOTT, ROBERT K                       MN0002-193
ALEXANDER, ROMAN                       MN0002-199
ALLAN JOHN W                           MN0002-185
ALLEN, JOSEPH                          MN0002-184
ALLEN, LORENZO B                       MN0002-196
AMES, ELI B                            MN0002-193
AMSDEN, CHARLES M                      MN0002-190
ANDREWS, JAMES CURRIER                 MN0002-189
ATKINSON, ELMER E                      MN0002-197
ATKINSON, FREDERICK GRANT              MN0002-561
ATWOOD, HCZEKIAH S                     MN0002-189
AUSTIN, M. P.                          MN0002-474
BADGER, WALTER L                       MN0002-344
BAILEY, FRANCIS BROWN                  MN0002-288
BAILEY, WILLIAM CRAWFORD               MN0002-199
BAILLIF , RENE L                       MN0002-277
BALDWIN, SNELL J                       MN0002-460
BALTUFF, JOSEPH M                      MN0002-220
BARBER. EDWIN ROSWELL                  MN0002-348
BARDWELL, LAMENT J                     MN0002-215
BARDWELL, WINFIELD W                   MN0002-228
BARNETTE, LEWIS CASS                   MN0002-235
BARNEY, FRED ELISHA                    MN0002-200
BARR, WARREN F                         MN0002-217
BARROWS, FREDERICK C                   MN0002-380
BARTLETT, WILLIAM W                    MN0002-227
BARTON, C. A                           MN0002-423
BAUSMAN, ABNER LACOCK                  MN0002-210
BAXTER, JOHN T                         MN0002-218
BELDEN, GEORGE K                       MN0002-234
BELL, JAMES STROUD                     MN0002-234
BENJAMIN, ARTHUR EDWIN                 MN0002-213
BERRY, WILLIAM MORSE                   MN0002-213
BIBB. CLIARLCS W                       MN0002-216
BINGENHEIMER, GUSTAVE A                MN0002-215
BISBEC, EDGAR C                        MN0002-210
BLAISDOLL, JOHN TRUE                   MN0002-224
BLEEEKCR, GEORGE M                     MN0002-236
BOARDMAN. WILLIAM B                    MN0002-388
BOEHME. CLIRISTOPHER ADAM              MN0002-231
BOOKWALTER, SUMNER                     MN0002-224
BOUTELL, PAUL D                        MN0002-372
BOVEY, CHARLES A                       MN0002-198
BOVEY, CHARLES CRANSTON                MN0002-225
BOVEY. WILLIAM HOWARD                  MN0002-202
BOW, DENNIS C                          MN0002-203
BRACKEN, HENRY MARTYN                  MN0002-207
BRACKETT, GEORGE A                     MN0002-218
BRADLEY, GEORGE L                      MN0002-206
BRECKE, O. E                           MN0002-194
BREDING, ALFRED MELVIN                 MN0002-213
BRIGGS, 0. P                           MN0002-390
BROOKS, ANSON STRONG                   MN0002-202
BROOKS, LESTER R                       MN0002-254
BROWN, DAN C                           MN0002-233
BROWN, HENRY F                         MN0002-206
BROWN, JAMES P                         MN0002-220
BRUCE, OLOF LUDWIG                     MN0002-434
BUELL, SALMON A                        MN0002-562
BULL, BENJAMIN S                       MN0002-251
BULL, BENJAMIN SETH                    MN0002-251
BULL, JAMES ALVAH                      MN0002-532
BURHYTE, RANDALL S                     MN0002-218
BURNETT, WILLIAM J                     MN0002-472
BURNS, JOHN E                          MN0002-256
BURNS, WILLIAM                         MN0002-235
BURR, MELBOURNE C                      MN0002-230
BUTTERS, WILLIAM                       MN0002-233
BYRNES, WILLIAM                        MN0002-468
BYRNES, WILLIAM JOSEPH                 MN0002-219
CALDERWOOD, W. G                       MN0002-555
CALHOUN, JOHN FRANKLIN                 MN0002-564
CAMPBELL, WALLACE                      MN0002-246
CARGILL, SYLVESTER SMITH               MN0002-335
CARLETON, FRANK HENRY                  MN0002-265
CARLSON, C. M. E                       MN0002-254
CARPENTER, ELBERT L                    MN0002-267
CARTER, OLIVER PERRY                   MN0002-253
CASE, DANA L                           MN0002-249
CASTNER, FRANK H                       MN0002-263
CHAFFEE, GIBSON ALLAN                  MN0002-252
CHAFFEE, HERBERT FULLER                MN0002-396
CHAMBERLAIN, FRANCIS A                 MN0002-564
CHAPMAN. JOSEPH                        MN0002-241
CHASE, FRANK R                         MN0002-238
CHATFIELD, EDWARD CRANE                MN0002-391
CHURCH. CARLOS                         MN0002-567
CHUTE, RICHARD                         MN0002-270
CHUTE, RICHARD HENRY                   MN0002-259
CHUTE, SAMUEL HEWES                    MN0002-221
CLARK, CHARLES BRADLEY                 MN0002-259
CLARKE, HOVEY CHARLES                  MN0002-316
CLENTOR, WILLIAM P                     MN0002-273
COLLINS, HERBERT O.                    MN0002-244
COMSTOCK. EDGAR F                      MN0002-272
CONDIT, L. A                           MN0002-240
CONKEY, DE WITT CLINTON                MN0002-271
CONNOR, OILMAN                         MN0002-262
COOKE, ELBRIDGE CLINTON                MN0002-342
COOLCY, GEORGE W                       MN0002-237
COOLEY, THOMAS EDWARD                  MN0002-275
COOPER, BARCLAY                        MN0002-253
CORDELIA, VICTOR                       MN0002-260
CORRISTON, COL. FRANK T                MN0002-247
CRAFTS, LEO MELVILLE, M. D             MN0002-422
CRAMER, H. B                           MN0002-243
CRITTENDEN MASON H                     MN0002-269
CROSBY, FRANKLIN M                     MN0002-567
CROSBY, JOHN                           MN0002-556
CROSBY, JOHN                           MN0002-232
CROW, HENRY A                          MN0002-240
CUMMINGS, ROBERT WINTHROP              MN0002-565
CURRIER, FREDERICK W                   MN0002-243
CURTIS, THEODORE F                     MN0002-257
DAHL, JOHN F                           MN0002-282
DAPPRICH, L. H                         MN0002-273
DAVIES, WILLIAM H                      MN0002-288
DAVIS, CHARLES ALBERT                  MN0002-283
DAY, JAMES W                           MN0002-296
DAY, JOHN WESLEY                       MN0002-285
DE LA BARRE, WILLIAM                   MN0002-287
DE LAITTRE, HOWARD M                   MN0002-336
DE LAITTRE, JOHN                       MN0002-194
DE LAITTRE, KARL                       MN0002-288
DEAN, ALFRED J                         MN0002-237
DEAN, FREDERICK W                      MN0002-293
DEAN, JOSEPH                           MN0002-236
DECKER, EDWARD WILLIAMS                MN0002-280
DEMING, HON. FORTIUS C                 MN0002-284
DEZIEL, GODFREY, M. D                  MN0002-286
DICKEY, FREDERICK A                    MN0002-283
DINGMAN, GEORGE L                      MN0002-290
DOERR, HENRY                           MN0002-330
DONALDSON, WILLIAM                     MN0002-300
DORR, CALEB D                          MN0002-250
DOUGLAS, GEORGE P                      MN0002-400
DOUGLAS, WALTER DONALD                 MN0002-302
DOW, GEORGE H                          MN0002-276
DREGER, J. W                           MN0002-281
DREW, CHARLES WAYLAND                  MN0002-293
DUNSMOOR, IRVING A                     MN0002-404
DUNWOODY, JOHN                         MN0002-289
DUNWOODY, WILLIAM HOOD                 MN0002-190
DURST, WILLIAM ARTHUR                  MN0002-237
DURYEA, JAMES H                        MN0002-565
DWINNELL, WILLIAM STANLEY              MN0002-279
EASTMAN, GEORGE H                      MN0002-408
EASTMAN, WILLIAM WALLACE               MN0002-216
EASTMAN. WILLIAM W                     MN0002-302
EATON, FRANKLIN J                      MN0002-294
EBERHART, AXEL ALBERT                  MN0002-568
EICHHORN, EDMUND                       MN0002-566
EITEL, GEORGE GOTTHILF                 MN0002-300
EKSTRUM, J. D                          MN0002-564
ELLINGSON, SEVER                       MN0002-291
ELWELL, GEORGE H                       MN0002-297
ELWELL, JAMES T                        MN0002-295
ELWOOD, LESTER BUSHNELL                MN0002-304
ENGQUIST, JOHN                         MN0002-299
ERDMANN, CHARLES A.                    MN0002-302
EUSTIS, JOHN B                         MN0002-458
EVANS, OWEN J.                         MN0002-410
EWE, GUSTAVE F                         MN0002-302
FAGERSTROM, JOHN                       MN0002-316
FALK, MAJOR EDWARD G                   MN0002-318
FARUSWORTH, EZRA                       MN0002-309
FARWELL, GEORGE N                      MN0002-318
FAY, CHARLES STEVENS                   MN0002-320
FIFIELD, WALTER V                      MN0002-313
FILBERT, CHRISTIAN                     MN0002-321
FISHER, GEORGE A                       MN0002-321
FITZGERALD, DON. F.                    MN0002-314
FITZGERALD, REYNALDO J.                MN0002-312
FO3S, J. F. R                          MN0002-559
FOLWELL, WILLIAM WATTS                 MN0002-319
FOREST, S. E                           MN0002-414
FOSNES, MARTIN C                       MN0002-311
FOSSEEN, MANLEY L                      MN0002-305
FOWLER, CHARLES ROLLIN                 MN0002-316
FRISBIE, WILLIAM ALBERT                MN0002-300
FRUEN, WILLIAM F                       MN0002-311
FRUEN, WILLIAM HENRY                   MN0002-304
GAGE, JAMES EDWARD                     MN0002-338
GALE, EDWARD CHENERY                   MN0002-322
GALE, SAMUEL C                         MN0002-337
GARDINER, THOMAS                       MN0002-474
GARVEY, JAMES L                        MN0002-329
GATES, CHARLES G                       MN0002-402
GERLACH, WILLIAM                       MN0002-330
GETCHCLL, P. B                         MN0002-325
GIBSON, PARIS                          MN0002-323
GILFILLAN, JOHN BACHOP                 MN0002-268
GILLETTE, LEWIS S                      MN0002-354
GILMAN, JAMES B                        MN0002-338
GLUEK, CHARLES                         MN0002-323
GLUEK, LOUIS                           MN0002-336
GODFREY, ARD                           MN0002-333
GODLCY, CHARLES M                      MN0002-333
GODWIN, J. WALKER                      MN0002-314
GOULD, WALTER HENRY                    MN0002-480
GR^ORY, WILLIAM DANIEL                 MN0002-327
GRAMLING, CHARLES N                    MN0002-273
GRAY, THOMAS KENNEDY                   MN0002-478
GRAY, WILLIAM IRVING                   MN0002-561
GREEN, T. HOMER                        MN0002-345
GREER, DORANCE DORMAN                  MN0002-326
GREER, JOHN N                          MN0002-568
GRIMES, JONATHAN T.                    MN0002-328
GROSS, FRANCIS A                       MN0002-325
GUILFORD, JONAS                        MN0002-476
GUILLOT, JOSEPH                        MN0002-482
HACKETT, MICHAEL W                     MN0002-361
HAGLIN, CHARLES F                      MN0002-362
HALE, ANDREW TOLCOTT                   MN0002-345
HALE, CHARLES SUMNER                   MN0002-368
HALE, JEFFERSON M                      MN0002-364
HALE, WILLIAM DINSRAORE                MN0002-347
HALL, EMANUEL GEORGE                   MN0002-371
HALL, STEPHEN CROSBY                   MN0002-367
HANSON, HELEN F                        MN0002-355
HARDEN, SPENCER S                      MN0002-350
HARE, EARLE RUSSELL                    MN0002-352
HARNISEN, LUDWIG W                     MN0002-353
HARPER, A. W                           MN0002-376
HARRINGTON, CURTIS L                   MN0002-363
HARRISON, HUGH GALBRAITH               MN0002-238
HARRISON, PERRY                        MN0002-356
HARRISON. THOMAS ASBURY                MN0002-371
HARTIG, WILLIAM OTTO                   MN0002-358
HARTSOUGH, D. M                        MN0002-534
HASTINGS, CHARLES W                    MN0002-486
HASTINGS, SAMUEL                       MN0002-342
HAWLEY, NEWTON F                       MN0002-343
HAYCOCK. FRANK E                       MN0002-561
HAYES, MOSES P                         MN0002-374
HAYNES, JAMES C                        MN0002-358
HAYS, THEODORE L                       MN0002-349
HELM, HARRY S                          MN0002-358
HERRIEK, EDWIN WINSLOW                 MN0002-420
HEWITT, EDWIN HAWLEY                   MN0002-368
HEWITT, WILLIAM S                      MN0002-376
HEYWOOD, FRANK                         MN0002-343
HICKOK, LEWIS                          MN0002-357
HIGGINS, JUDSON C                      MN0002-366
HILL, HENRY                            MN0002-284
HNBNER, G. ADOLPH                      MN0002-348
HOAR, ALONZO D                         MN0002-369
HOBERT, ARTHUR W                       MN0002-356
HOFFMAN, CHARLES A                     MN0002-341
HOHAG, CHARLES A                       MN0002-372
HOLDRIDGE, LEASON EDWIN                MN0002-363
HOOPER, CHARLES M                      MN0002-353
HOOPER, JOHN                           MN0002-365
HOPWOOD. FRANK PURSHING                MN0002-424
HORNUNG. ADAM                          MN0002-375
HORTON, JOHN HARVEY                    MN0002-373
HUEY, GEORGE E                         MN0002-361
HUGHES, HON. ALEXANDER                 MN0002-351
HUGHES, JOHN R                         MN0002-374
HUHN, GEORGE                           MN0002-347
HULL, LOUIS KOSSUTH                    MN0002-568
HUMPHREY, OTIS MILTON                  MN0002-488
HUNT, WILLIAM S                        MN0002-369
HUNTER, ANDREW M                       MN0002-259
HYSER, GEORGE G                        MN0002-360
INGENHUTT, ANTHONY W                   MN0002-377
IRWIN, EVERETT F                       MN0002-490
IRWIN, JOHN B                          MN0002-492
JACKSON, ANDREW BLUKE                  MN0002-381
JAIRRAY, CLIVC TALBOT                  MN0002-379
JANNEY, THOMAS B                       MN0002-379
JENNISON, WILLIS JASON                 MN0002-384
JEPSON, LOWELL E                       MN0002-383
JOHNSON, ASA EMERY, M. D               MN0002-258
JOHNSON, CHARLES J                     MN0002-380
JOHNSON, GUSTAVUS                      MN0002-384
JOHNSON, H. S                          MN0002-378
JOHNSON, JOSEPH HENRY                  MN0002-377
JOHNSON, JOSEPH SMITH                  MN0002-560
JOHNSON, EDWARD MORRILL                MN0002-426
JOHNSON, WILLIAM CHANDLER              MN0002-376
JOHNSTON, HANNAH C                     MN0002-465
JOHNSTON, JAY HUGHES                   MN0002-385
JOHNSTON, U. S. B                      MN0002-464
JONES, DAVID PERCY                     MN0002-381
JONES, EDWIN SMITH                     MN0002-242
JONES, HERSCHEL V                      MN0002-382
JOYCE, FRANK MELVILLE                  MN0002-323
JOYCE, ISAAC WILSON                    MN0002-530
JUDD, WILLIAM SHELDON                  MN0002-252
KENYON, ALBERT H                       MN0002-389
KEIR, WILLIAM A                        MN0002-386
KELLOGG, JAMES ALFRED                  MN0002-432
KELLY, ANTHONY                         MN0002-388
KENYON, THOMAS N                       MN0002-387
KINGMAN, JOSEPH RAMSDELL               MN0002-387
KNIGHT. WILLIAM M                      MN0002-392
KNOLL, PAUL H                          MN0002-536
KNOTT. HENRY N                         MN0002-390
KOON, MARTIN B                         MN0002-208
KUNZ, JACOB                            MN0002-385
KUNZ, MATTHIAS                         MN0002-390
LAGERQUIST, GUST                       MN0002-416
LANDIS, WILLIAM H                      MN0002-400
LANE, LESLIE C                         MN0002-398
LANGDON, CAVOUR S                      MN0002-403
LANGDON, ROBERT BRUCE                  MN0002-244
LARAWAY, ORLO MELVIN                   MN0002-415
LARNWAY, FLOYD MELVIN                  MN0002-419
LAWRENCE, W. H                         MN0002-401
LAYMAN, CHARELS B                      MN0002-406
LEE, JOSEPH F                          MN0002-524
LEHMAN, MAX A                          MN0002-395
LEIGHTON, HORACE NEWELL                MN0002-417
LEIGHTON, LEVI E                       MN0002-438
LENHART, FRANK F                       MN0002-395
LENNON, HON. JOHN G                    MN0002-412
LINDLEY, ALFRED HADLEY                 MN0002-399
LINSMAYER, CHARLES F                   MN0002-410
LIVINGSTONE, NEIL S                    MN0002-405
LNTTA, J. A                            MN0002-403
LOCLIREN, JUDGE WILLIAM                MN0002-392
LOHMAR, JOHN                           MN0002-395
LONGFELLOW, LEVI                       MN0002-401
LONGYEAR, EDMUND J                     MN0002-418
LORIIIG, CHARLES M                     MN0002-272
LORING, ALBERT C                       MN0002-403
LOUGEE, CHARLES D                      MN0002-412
LOWRY, HORACE                          MN0002-409
LOWRY, THOMAS                          MN0002-183
LUCAS, JOHN T                          MN0002-397
LUCE, COL. ERIE D                      MN0002-356
LUNDEEN, ERNEST                        MN0002-436
LYONS, P. J                            MN0002-430
MAHONEY, JOHN                          MN0002-499
MANCHESTER, JAMES EUGENE               MN0002-496
MANTON, JOSEPH R                       MN0002-501
MARCH, SAMUEL A                        MN0002-499
MARTIN, CAPTAIN JOHN                   MN0002-260
MARTIN, CHARLES JAIRUS                 MN0002-226
MARTIN, HENRY LUTHER                   MN0002-493
MARTIN, JAMES H                        MN0002-490
MASSOLT, ALBERT                        MN0002-488
MATSON, NELS ALBIN                     MN0002-508
MATTHEWS, ALINUS C                     MN0002-479
MATTISON, SCHUYLER H                   MN0002-500
MCCOY, PETER                           MN0002-482
MCDONALD, FRANCIS S                    MN0002-478
MCDONALD, HUGH N.                      MN0002-458
MCDONELL, DUNCAN D                     MN0002-440
MCGOWAN, JOHN T                        MN0002-334
MCLNERNY, M. P                         MN0002-481
MCMILLAN, JAMES                        MN0002-498
MCMILLAN, JOHN D                       MN0002-478
MCMILLAN, PUTNAM DANA                  MN0002-446
MCMUUEN, JAMES                         MN0002-476
MCREYNOLDS, LUCIEN ALDEN               MN0002-475
MEAD, ELLERY                           MN0002-487
MERRILL, ALFRED E                      MN0002-569
MERRILL, EUGENE ADELBERT               MN0002-483
MERRIMAN, ORLANDO C                    MN0002-340
MEYST, FRANK JAY                       MN0002-497
MILLER, JAMES H                        MN0002-504
MILLER, MARCUS                         MN0002-526
MOORE, HARRY L                         MN0002-490
MOORE, JAMES EDWARD                    MN0002-496
MORGAN, KIMBALL SCRIBNER               MN0002-510
MORISON, WILLIAM K                     MN0002-497
MORRISON, CLINTON                      MN0002-453
MORRISON, DORILUS                      MN0002-489
MORRISON, FRANK L                      MN0002-487
MORSE, CHARLES                         MN0002-480
MORSE, FRANK LEONARD                   MN0002-491
MORSE, WILLARD W                       MN0002-364
MUNRO, WEED                            MN0002-492
MUSGRAVE, JOHN H                       MN0002-492
NELSON, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN              MN0002-278
NEWELL, GEORGE R                       MN0002-418
NICHOLSON, S. J                        MN0002-417
NOERENBERG, FREDERICK D                MN0002-421
NORRED, CHARLES HENRY                  MN0002-415
NORTHROP, CYRUS                        MN0002-413
NORTHUP, WILLIAM GUILE                 MN0002-419
NORTON, WILLIS I                       MN0002-422
NOTT, WILLIAM S                        MN0002-420
NUTTER, FRANK H                        MN0002-421
NYE, FRANK MELLEN                      MN0002-406
NYE, WALLACE G                         MN0002-414
O'DONNELL, JAMES S                     MN0002-433
OARKE, HON. CHARLES H                  MN0002-262
OBRIEN, JAMES E                        MN0002-432
OCHU, PAUL F                           MN0002-436
ODIUM, GEORGE                          MN0002-431
OGDEN, JAMES K                         MN0002-427
OLSON, C. O. ALEXIUS                   MN0002-425
ORDE, GEORGE F                         MN0002-435
OSBORNE, EDWARD N                      MN0002-426
OSTROM, OLOF N                         MN0002-294
OSWALD, HENRY                          MN0002-424
OWEN, HORATIO R                        MN0002-425
OWEN, SYDNEY M                         MN0002-444
OWENS, DAVID LLOYD                     MN0002-538
OZIAS, ALBERT NEWTON                   MN0002-428
PALMER, FRANK L                        MN0002-452
PARKS, ALBERT H.                       MN0002-455
PAUL, AMASA C                          MN0002-437
PAULY, GUSTAV J                        MN0002-553
PAUUE, LEONARD                         MN0002-457
PEAVEY, FRANK H                        MN0002-214
PEAVEY, GEORGE WRIGHT                  MN0002-441
PECK, DANIEL F                         MN0002-449
PECK, FRANK                            MN0002-452
PEIRCE, WASHINGTON                     MN0002-455
PENNINGTON, EDMUND                     MN0002-460
PEPPARD, MATTHEW J                     MN0002-416
PETELER, EDWIN                         MN0002-449
PETELER, FRANCIS                       MN0002-448
PETERSON, ALFRED                       MN0002-461
PETERSON, JOHN P                       MN0002-455
PETERSON, SWAN J                       MN0002-438
PETTIT, CURTIS HUSSEY                  MN0002-431
PHELPS, KDMUND JOSEPH                  MN0002-428
PIKE, WILLARD CARLOS                   MN0002-558
PILLSBURY, ALFRED FISKE                MN0002-555
PILLSBURY, CHARLES ALFRED              MN0002-200
PILLSBURY, GEORGE A                    MN0002-212
PILLSBURY, JOHN SARGENT                MN0002-186
PILLSBURY, JOLIN SARGENT               MN0002-433
PIPER, GEORGE FRANK                    MN0002-256
POEHLER, ALVIN HENRY                   MN0002-439
POEHLER, HENRY                         MN0002-274
POND, JONATHAN H                       MN0002-506
POOLER, GEORGE W                       MN0002-450
PORTEOUS, JAMES S                      MN0002-446
PRATT, EZRA C                          MN0002-434
PRATT, JAMES                           MN0002-189
PRATT, ROBERT                          MN0002-437
PRENDERGAST, EDMOND A                  MN0002-439
PRESTON, ARTHUR G                      MN0002-449
PRICE, GEORGE HERBERT                  MN0002-459
PRINCE, FRANK MOODY                    MN0002-435
PRYOR, LUMAN C                         MN0002-458
PURDY, EDWARD A                        MN0002-559
QUIST, CHARLES A.                      MN0002-462
RAHN, ANDREW A. D                      MN0002-471
RAND, ALONZO COOPER                    MN0002-473
RAVICZ, SIMON                          MN0002-475
RAWITZER, CLARENCE M                   MN0002-467
REEVE, CHAS. MC. C                     MN0002-442
REEVES, NELSON H                       MN0002-477
RIHELDAFLER, JOHN H                    MN0002-472
RINGER, CLIARLES W                     MN0002-472
ROBB, JOHN G                           MN0002-442
ROBBINS, ANDREW BONNEY                 MN0002-450
ROBERTS, J. WARREN                     MN0002-469
ROBINSON, CHARLES H                    MN0002-469
ROBINSON, CHARLES N                    MN0002-460
ROBINSON, SUMNER C                     MN0002-470
ROGERS, ARTHUR R                       MN0002-447
ROSS, CHARLES HENRY                    MN0002-512
ROWE, JOHN H                           MN0002-474
RUBBERT, ERNEST                        MN0002-467
RUHNKE, ALBERT R                       MN0002-514
SAMELS, F. A                           MN0002-520
SANFORD, MARIA L                       MN0002-525
SATTERLEE, WILLIAM EUGENE              MN0002-511
SATTERLEE, WILLIAM W                   MN0002-516
SAWYER, HON. CHARLES L                 MN0002-517
SCANLON, M. J                          MN0002-339
SCHAEFER, JACOB                        MN0002-540
SCHOBER, GOTTLIEB                      MN0002-505
SCHWERDFCGER, AUGUST                   MN0002-512
SCHWERDFEGER, KARL                     MN0002-502
SCLDEN, LEWIS H                        MN0002-506
SCOTT, CHARLES H                       MN0002-508
SCRIVCR, HIRAM A                       MN0002-505
SECOMBE, DAVID ADAMS                   MN0002-484
SEHEID, PETER J                        MN0002-534
SELOVCR, ARTHUR WILLIAM                MN0002-50O
SESSIONS, JOHN HEBARD                  MN0002-511
SHEARER, JAMES DUNCAN                  MN0002-501
SHELDON, ALBERT MILLARD                MN0002-520
SHELLICLD, BENJAMIN B                  MN0002-352
SHEVLIN, THOMAS HENRY                  MN0002-222
SHILLOCK, DANIEL GEORGE                MN0002-523
SHUMWAY, JOHN P                        MN0002-503
SIDLE, JACOB K                         MN0002-230
SIMMONS, CHESTER                       MN0002-518
SIMONSON, HANS                         MN0002-508
SIMS, CLIARLES F                       MN0002-516
SKELLET, THOMAS J                      MN0002-510
SKILCS, THOMAS DAGGS                   MN0002-314
SMITH, FRED L                          MN0002-519
SMITH, GEORGE F                        MN0002-515
SMITH, HON. EDWARD E                   MN0002-509
SMITH, HON. GEORGE R                   MN0002-518
SMITH, PAUL W                          MN0002-514
SMITH, PAYSON                          MN0002-515
SNYDER, FRED BEAL                      MN0002-320
SNYDER, SIMON PETER                    MN0002-312
SOMSEN, GARRETT J                      MN0002-525
STACY, EDWIN PAGE                      MN0002-454
STARNES, PLEASANT M                    MN0002-370
STEELE, FRANKLIN                       MN0002-462
STEVENS, JOHN HARRINGTON               MN0002-485
STEWART, LEVI M                        MN0002-228
STILLMAN, HORATIO R                    MN0002-522
STILWELL, EUGENE J                     MN0002-507
STOF T, JACOB                          MN0002-504
STONE, ALVIN                           MN0002-522
STONE, FRANK L                         MN0002-457
STONE, HENIAN W                        MN0002-456
STORER, GEORGE CUTLER                  MN0002-531
STRATTON, LEVI WOODBURY                MN0002-514
STRONG, ALBERT W                       MN0002-521
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL J                    MN0002-503
SUMMERS, GEORGE                        MN0002-518
SWETT, OWEN T                          MN0002-513
SWIFT, LUCIAN                          MN0002-494
TAYLOR, THOMAS NEWTON                  MN0002-533
TENNANT, GEORGE HENRY                  MN0002-527
THOMAS, GUY A                          MN0002-308
THORP, WALTER H                        MN0002-524
THORPE, SAMUEL S                       MN0002-388
TILLENY, LAZARUS                       MN0002-520
TOURTELLOTTE, JACOB F.                 MN0002-306
TRASK, EUGENE L                        MN0002-531
TRAXLER, CLIARLES JEROME               MN0002-534
TRICKETT, W. P                         MN0002-537
TRYON, CHARLES JOHN                    MN0002-533
TURNBLAD, SWAN JOHAN                   MN0002-532
TURNBULL, ROBERT W                     MN0002-528
TUTTLE, HARRY A                        MN0002-384
UPTON, ROBERT J                        MN0002-537
UPTON, RUFUS PORTER                    MN0002-536
VAN DOOM, JOHN C                       MN0002-540
VAN SLYKE, VADER HARMANUS              MN0002-526
VAN VALKENBURG, JESSE                  MN0002-536
VELIE, CHARLES DEERE                   MN0002-324
VENIE, PRANK J                         MN0002-371
VINCENT, GEORGE EDGAR                  MN0002-539
VOEGELI, THOMAS                        MN0002-538
VONDERWEYER, WILLIAM J                 MN0002-535
WADSWORTH, FRANK H                     MN0002-543
WADSWORTH, HARRY H                     MN0002-552
WAITE, HARRY B                         MN0002-334
WALES, CHARLES E                       MN0002-299
WALES, WILLIAM W                       MN0002-398
WALKER, MRS. THOMAS B                  MN0002-529
WALKER, THOMAS BARLOW                  MN0002-204
WARE, JOSEPH EDWIN                     MN0002-542
WARNER, ELLSWORTH C                    MN0002-346
WARNES, OLIVER F                       MN0002-542
WARREN, GEORGE HENRY                   MN0002-386
WASHBURN, WILLIAM DREW                 MN0002-545
WEBB, RALPH DAY                        MN0002-548
WEBBER, CHARLES C                      MN0002-542
WEBSTER, HENRY                         MN0002-394
WELLES, HENRY TITUS                    MN0002-248
WELLS, EDWARD PAYSON                   MN0002-546
WEYERHAEUSER, FREDERICK                MN0002-470
WHEELER, CHARLES HALL                  MN0002-502
WHEELER, WILLIAM E                     MN0002-541
WHEELOEK, RALPH W                      MN0002-550
WHITE, SAMUEL                          MN0002-548
WHITED, ORIC                           MN0002-286
WHITMORE, GEORGE A                     MN0002-539
WILCOX, JOHN FINLEY                    MN0002-326
WILLIAMS, F. L                         MN0002-550
WILLIAMS, MARTIN C                     MN0002-547
WILLSON, FRANK J                       MN0002-551
WINCHELL, NEWTON HORACE                MN0002-556
WINSTON, PHILIP B                      MN0002-551
WOODS, ALBERT FREDERICK                MN0002-547
WRIGHT, FREDERICK B                    MN0002-541
WULLING, FREDERICK JOHN                MN0002-549
WYMAN, JAMES THOMAS                    MN0002-292
WYMAN, OLIVER CROMWELL                 MN0002-382
YALE, STEPHEN M                        MN0002-552
YOUNG, CHARLES                         MN0002-553
YOUNG, FRED D                          MN0002-554

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