Biographical register of Saint Andrew's society of the state of New York, pub. 1922

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Biographical register of Saint Andrew's society of the state of New York 1756-1806 (Vol 2 will be added later), pub. 1922
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ABERCROMBY, JAMES (GEN)                NY0002-50
ABERCROMBY, JAMES (LT COL)             NY0002-63
ADAIR, JOHN                            NY0002-54
ADAMS, WALTER                          NY0002-226
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         NY0002-389
ADAMSON, ALEXANDER                     NY0002-327
AFFLECK, ROBERT                        NY0002-226
AINSLIE, ROBERT                        NY0002-382
AITKEN, CHARLES                        NY0002-127
AITKEN, HUGH                           NY0002-261
AITKEN, JOHN                           NY0002-343
AITKEN,ANDRE                           NY0002-253
ALEXANDER, COSMO                       NY0002-119
ALEXANDER, JOHN                        NY0002-30
ALEXANDER, ROBERT                      NY0002-103
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM (CAPT)              NY0002-86
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM (MAJ GEN)           NY0002-71
ALLEN, THOMAS                          NY0002-194
ANDERSON, ADAM                         NY0002-317
ANDERSON, ANDREW                       NY0002-120
ANDERSON, HUGH                         NY0002-374
ANDERSON, JAEMS                        NY0002-283
ANGUS, JOHN                            NY0002-356
ANSTRUTHER, WILLIAM                    NY0002-134
ARCHIBALD, THOMAS                      NY0002-366
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                     NY0002-283
ATSON, MATTHEW                         NY0002-295
ATTS, JOHN                             NY0002-252
AUCHINCLOSS, ARTHUR                    NY0002-357
AUCHINCLOSS, HUGH                      NY0002-374
AUCHINVOLE, DAVID                      NY0002-328
AULDJO, JOHN                           NY0002-254
BAILLIE, JAMES                         NY0002-55
BAIRD, ROBERT                          NY0002-351
BARCLAY, ANDREW                        NY0002-1
BARCLAY, ANDREW D.                     NY0002-303
BARCLAY, ANDREW D.                     NY0002-146
BARCLAY, HENRY                         NY0002-2
BARCLAY, JAMES                         NY0002-146
BARCLAY, THOMAS                        NY0002-146
BARRON, JAMES                          NY0002-261
BAYLEY, SIMEON ALEXANDER               NY0002-262
BEATON,D AVID                          NY0002-123
BELL, WILLIAM                          NY0002-261
BELLARDIE, THOMAS                      NY0002-110
BENNIE, JOHN                           NY0002-295
BEST, WILLIAM                          NY0002-324
BETHUNE, DIVIE                         NY0002-318
BIGG, HUGH                             NY0002-343
BISSETT, JAMES                         NY0002-320
BISSETT, JOHN                          NY0002-295
BLACK, JAMES                           NY0002-194
BLACKBURN, WILLIAM                     NY0002-226
BLACKSTOCK, WILLIAM                    NY0002-32
BLAIR, PETER                           NY0002-110
BOWIE, DANIEL                          NY0002-227
BOYD, JAMES                            NY0002-228
BOYD, JAMES                            NY0002-375
BREBNER, JAMES                         NY0002-195
BRIGGS, DAVID                          NY0002-319
BRODIE, JOHN                           NY0002-343
BRODIE, WILLIAM                        NY0002-382
BRODIE, WILLIAM                        NY0002-310
BROWN, ALEXANDER                       NY0002-274
BROWN, ANDREW                          NY0002-159
BROWN, ANDREW                          NY0002-285
BROWN, JOHN                            NY0002-128
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY0002-151
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY0002-30
BRUCE, GEORGE                          NY0002-383
BRUCE, PETER                           NY0002-228
BRUCE, ROBERT                          NY0002-159
BRUCE, ROBERT GEORGE                   NY0002-110
BRUCE, WILLIAM                         NY0002-72
BRUCE, WILLIAM                         NY0002-344
BRYDEN, WILLIAM                        NY0002-375
BUCHAHAN, WILLIAM                      NY0002-274
BUCHAN, ROBERT                         NY0002-333
BUCHANAN, FRANCIS JAMES                NY0002-2
BUCHANAN, JOHN                         NY0002-296, 399
BUCHANAN, ROBERT                       NY0002-262
BUCHANAN, THOMAS                       NY0002-96
BUCHANAN, WALTER                       NY0002-98
BUCHANAN, WALTER (CAPT)                NY0002-128
CAIRNS, WILLIAM                        NY0002-389
CAMERON, ALLAN                         NY0002-64
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER                    NY0002-72
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER                    NY0002-384
CAMPBELL, ALLAN                        NY0002-86
CAMPBELL, ANGUS                        NY0002-86
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD                    NY0002-344
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD (CAPT)             NY0002-31
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD (DR)               NY0002-111
CAMPBELL, DANIEL                       NY0002-73
CAMPBELL, DANIEL                       NY0002-366
CAMPBELL, DAVID                        NY0002-195
CAMPBELL, DONALD                       NY0002-3
CAMPBELL, GEORGE                       NY0002-310
CAMPBELL, GEORGE (MAJ GEN)             NY0002-74
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        NY0002-31
CAMPBELL, JAMES (MAJ)                  NY0002-64
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         NY0002-196
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         NY0002-311
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         NY0002-129
CAMPBELL, JOHN D.                      NY0002-263
CAMPBELL, JOHN JR.                     NY0002-55
CAMPBELL, JOHN OF DUNOON               NY0002-32
CAMPBELL, JOHN OF STRACHUR             NY0002-75
CAMPBELL, MALCOLM                      NY0002-5
CAMPBELL, MALCOM                       NY0002-197
CAMPBELL, MUNGO                        NY0002-87
CAMPBELL, PATRICK                      NY0002-129
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                       NY0002-254
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                       NY0002-33
CAMPBELL, ROBERT (CAPT)                NY0002-33
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL                       NY0002-198
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                      NY0002-357
CARGILL, DAVID                         NY0002-358
CARRE, STAIR CAMPBELL                  NY0002-5
CASSIE, JAMES                          NY0002-351
CATHERWOOD, ROBERT                     NY0002-141
CATION, DAVID                          NY0002-199
CHAMBERS, JAMES                        NY0002-76
CHISHOLM, GEORGE                       NY0002-263
CHRISTIE, ALEXANDER                    NY0002-77
CHRISTIE, JAMES                        NY0002-51
CHRISTIE, JOHN                         NY0002-33
CHRYSTIE, JAMES                        NY0002-160
CHRYSTIE, THOMAS                       NY0002-274
CLARK, KENNETH                         NY0002-333
CLARK,D AVID                           NY0002-358
CLELAND, GEORGE                        NY0002-297
CLEPHANE, JAMES                        NY0002-56
CLOW, ANDREW                           NY0002-286
COCHRAN, GAVIN                         NY0002-35
COCHRAN, JOHN                          NY0002-199
COCHRAN, THOMAS                        NY0002-88
COCK, WILLIAM                          NY0002-229
COLDEN, ALEXANDER                      NY0002-6
COLDEN, ALEXANDER (CAPT)               NY0002-303
COLDEN, CADWALLADER                    NY0002-88
COLDEN, CADWALLADER                    NY0002-297
COLDEN, CADWALLADER DAVID              NY0002-328
COLDEN, DAVID                          NY0002-57
COLDEN, RICHARD NICOLLS                NY0002-144
COPELAND, GEORGE                       NY0002-377
CORBETT, JOHN                          NY0002-229
COTT, LEWIS ALLAIRE                    NY0002-186
COUPAR, HENRY                          NY0002-147
CRAIG, JAMES SR.                       NY0002-229
CRAIGIE, ANDREW                        NY0002-230
CRAMOND, WILLIAM                       NY0002-200
CRAUFURD, JAMES                        NY0002-333
CRAUFURD, JOHN WALKINSHAW              NY0002-35
CREIGHTON, JAMES                       NY0002-359
CROOKSHANK, BENJAMIN                   NY0002-200
CRUIKSHANK, WILLIAM                    NY0002-390
CUMMING, JOHN                          NY0002-151
CUMMING, WILLIAM                       NY0002-366
CUMMING, WILLIAM                       NY0002-359
CUMMINGS, JAMES                        NY0002-286
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                       NY0002-360
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN D.                    NY0002-345
CUNNINGHAM, PETER                      NY0002-230
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM                    NY0002-161
CURRIE, ARCHIBALD                      NY0002-78
CURRIE, DAVID                          NY0002-161
CURRIE, JOHN                           NY0002-201
DALGLISH, JOHN                         NY0002-52
DALLAS, DUNCAN                         NY0002-89
DALZELL, JAMES                         NY0002-36
DARRAH, JOHN                           NY0002-201
DEAN, HUGH                             NY0002-275
DEAS, DAVID                            NY0002-303
DEAS, JAMES                            NY0002-202
DENNISTOUN, ALEXANDER                  NY0002-384
DICKSON, WILLIAM                       NY0002-311
DODS, ROBERT                           NY0002-230
DONALDSON, JAMES                       NY0002-360
DONALDSON, JAMES                       NY0002-352
DONALDSON, ROBERT                      NY0002-391
DONALDSON, WILLIAM                     NY0002-391
DONNAN, JOHN                           NY0002-202
DOUGHTY, THOMAS                        NY0002-8
DOUGLAS, GEORGE                        NY0002-162
DOUGLAS, GEORGE                        NY0002-231
DOUGLAS, JAMES                         NY0002-391
DOUGLAS, SAMUEL                        NY0002-203
DOUGLAS, WILLIAM                       NY0002-287
DOUGLASS, DAVID                        NY0002-78
DOVE, WILLIAM                          NY0002-360
DREW, JAMES                            NY0002-104
DRUMMOND, ARCHIBALD                    NY0002-297
DRUMMOND, JAMES (CAPT)                 NY0002-319
DRUMMOND, JAMES (DR)                   NY0002-8
DRUMMOND, THOMAS                       NY0002-124
DUFF, ANTHONY DUVOT                    NY0002-392
DUFFIE, JOHN                           NY0002-298
DUFFUS, JAMES SUTHERLAND               NY0002-124
DUNBAR, ROBERT                         NY0002-163
DUNBAR, WILLIAM                        NY0002-111
DUNCAN, GEORGE                         NY0002-392
DUNCAN, JAMES                          NY0002-288
DUNCAN, JOHN                           NY0002-9
DUNCAN, RICHARD                        NY0002-152
DUNMORE, JOHN MURRAY                   NY0002-136
DURIE, THOMAS                          NY0002-163
DUTHIE, JAMES                          NY0002-9
ECKFORD, HENRY                         NY0002-361
ELDER, ROBERT                          NY0002-130
ELLIOT, ANDREW                         NY0002-104
ELLIOT, JOHN                           NY0002-37
ELPHINSTONE, JOHN                      NY0002-52
ERSKINE, ROBERT                        NY0002-147
EWIN, ALEXANDER                        NY0002-304
FAIRBAIRN, FRANCIS                     NY0002-366
FAIRHOLME, JOHNSTON                    NY0002-98
FARQUHAR, JAMES                        NY0002-231
FARQUHAR, WILLIAM                      NY0002-10
FARQUHARSON, LEWIS                     NY0002-321
FENTON, PETER                          NY0002-367
FERGUSON, DUNCAN                       NY0002-232
FERGUSON, JAMES                        NY0002-255
FERGUSON,D ANIEL                       NY0002-361
FERRIER, JOHN                          NY0002-393
FLEMING, DAVID                         NY0002-89
FLEMING, JOHN BOYES                    NY0002-384
FORBES, ALEXANDER                      NY0002-99
FORBES, CHARLES                        NY0002-10
FORBES, LACHLAN                        NY0002-37
FORREST, JAMES                         NY0002-345
FORREST, ROBERT (CAPT)                 NY0002-80
FORREST, ROBERT (REV)                  NY0002-385
FORSYTH, JOHN                          NY0002-334
FOSTER, ANDREW                         NY0002-334
FOTHERINGHAME, THOMAS                  NY0002-393
FOY, EDWARD                            NY0002-137
FRASER, DONALD                         NY0002-264
FRASER, JOHN                           NY0002-361
FRASER, SIMON (CAPT)                   NY0002-38
FRASER, SIMON (ENSIGN)                 NY0002-38
FRASER, SIMON (LT GEN)                 NY0002-37
FRASER, WALTER                         NY0002-203
FRENCH, JOHN                           NY0002-112
FULLARTON, GEORGE                      NY0002-38
FYFFE, CHARLES                         NY0002-232
GALBREATH, DAVID                       NY0002-164
GALBREATH, JAMES                       NY0002-298
GALLOWAY, JAMES                        NY0002-233
GARDINER, JOHN                         NY0002-299
GARDNER, MICHAEL                       NY0002-345
GARR, ANDREW                           NY0002-304
GARR, ANDREW SHEFFIELD                 NY0002-385
GAVIN, DAVID                           NY0002-352
GEMMEL, DAVID                          NY0002-57
GIBSON, JAMES                          NY0002-276
GIBSON, THOMAS                         NY0002-352
GIBSON, WILLIAM                        NY0002-367
GIFFORD, ALEXANDER                     NY0002-393
GIFFORD, ANDREW                        NY0002-299
GILCHRIST, ADAM                        NY0002-164
GILCHRIST, ADAM                        NY0002-165
GILCHRIST, JAMES                       NY0002-203
GILCHRIST, ROBERT                      NY0002-234
GILLAN, JAMES                          NY0002-148
GILLESPIE, GEORGE                      NY0002-377
GILLESPIE, ROBERT                      NY0002-368
GILLESPIE, THOMAS                      NY0002-166
GILMOUR, JOHN                          NY0002-378
GLEN, JAMES                            NY0002-57
GORDON, ADAM                           NY0002-112
GORDON, ANN (LT)                       NY0002-90
GORDON, PATRICK                        NY0002-66
GORDON, THOMAS                         NY0002-58
GORDON,D AVID                          NY0002-335
GOSMAN, ROEBRT                         NY0002-256
GOURLAY, ROBERT                        NY0002-204
GRACIE, ARCHIBALD                      NY0002-321
GRAEME, CHARLES                        NY0002-38
GRAEME, JOHN                           NY0002-91
GRAHAM, AENEAS                         NY0002-11
GRAHAM, EDWARD                         NY0002-11
GRAHAM, JOHN                           NY0002-378
GRAHAM, JOHN                           NY0002-288
GRAHAM, ROBERT                         NY0002-205
GRANT, ALEXANDER                       NY0002-113
GRANT, CHARLES                         NY0002-256
GRANT, JAMES                           NY0002-166
GRANT, MICHAEL                         NY0002-91
GRAY, ANDRWE                           NY0002-257
GRAY, BENJAMIN                         NY0002-322
GRAY, JOHN                             NY0002-353
GREIG, JAMES                           NY0002-362
GRIGG, JOHN                            NY0002-39
GROZART, JOHN                          NY0002-362
GROZART, JOHN                          NY0002-235
HAGGART, WILLIAM                       NY0002-92
HALLIDAY, ROBERT                       NY0002-325
HAMILTON, ALEXANDER                    NY0002-166
HAMILTON, ALEXANDER JAMES              NY0002-235
HARDIE, JAMES                          NY0002-236
HART, PATRICK                          NY0002-205
HASTIE, HENRY                          NY0002-335
HATTRICK, PETER                        NY0002-276
HAY, THOMAS                            NY0002-264
HAY, UDNEY                             NY0002-169
HAY, WILLIAM                           NY0002-12
HENDERSON, HUGH                        NY0002-170
HENDESON, WILLIAM                      NY0002-268
HERVEY, JOHN                           NY0002-319
HODGE, ROBERT                          NY0002-170
HOSACK, ALEXANDER                      NY0002-205
HOSACK, DAVID                          NY0002-312
HOSIE, ANDREW                          NY0002-336
HUDSWELL, JOHN                         NY0002-268
HUNTER, HAMILTON                       NY0002-368
HUNTER, JOHN                           NY0002-114
HUNTER, ROBERT                         NY0002-206
HUNTER, WALTER                         NY0002-12
HUNTER, WILLIAM JR.                    NY0002-237
HYSLOP, JOHN                           NY0002-326
HYSLOP, MAXWELL                        NY0002-386
INDERWICK, ANDREW                      NY0002-264
INGLIS, JAMES                          NY0002-237
INGLIS, JOHN                           NY0002-207
INNES, JOHN                            NY0002-12
JACKSON, THOMAS                        NY0002-92
JAMIESON, JOHN                         NY0002-265
JAMIESON, NEIL                         NY0002-171
JAMIESON, ROBERT                       NY0002-277
JERVIS, MATTHEW                        NY0002-305
JOHNSOTN, GEORGE                       NY0002-313
JOHNSTON, DAVID                        NY0002-12
JOHNSTON, HENRY                        NY0002-289
JOHNSTON, JAMES                        NY0002-369
JOHNSTON, JAMES                        NY0002-257
JOHNSTON, JOHN                         NY0002-238
JOHNSTON, SAMUEL                       NY0002-277
KEMP, JOHN                             NY0002-238
KENNEDY, ARCHIBALD                     NY0002-13
KENNEDY, ARCHIBALD (CAPT)              NY0002-135
KENNEDY, JOHN                          NY0002-289
KENNEDY, ROBERT                        NY0002-80
KERR, SAMUEL                           NY0002-172
KEVAN, ANDREW                          NY0002-363
KEVAN, JOHN                            NY0002-239
KIDD, GEORGE                           NY0002-106
KING, DAVID                            NY0002-336
KING, WILLIAM                          NY0002-240
KISSAM, BENJAMIN                       NY0002-207
KNOX, JOHN                             NY0002-305
LAIDLIE, ARCHIBALD                     NY0002-115
LAING, PETER                           NY0002-394
LAMB, JAMES                            NY0002-207
LANG, JOHN                             NY0002-336
LAURANCE, JOHN MCDOUGAL                NY0002-330
LAURIE, GEORGE                         NY0002-369
LAURIE, PETER                          NY0002-208
LAW, JAMES                             NY0002-67
LAW, ROBERT                            NY0002-81
LAWRANCE, THOMAS                       NY0002-172
LECKIE, ALEXANDER                      NY0002-240
LEITCH, ARCHIBALD                      NY0002-289
LENOX, JAMES                           NY0002-300
LENOX, ROBERT                          NY0002-173
LESLIE, ALEXANDER                      NY0002-145
LINDSAY, GEORGE                        NY0002-265
LINDSAY, GEORGE                        NY0002-257
LINDSAY, ROBERT                        NY0002-322
LISTON, ROBERT                         NY0002-323
LIVINGSTON, EDWARD                     NY0002-240
LIVINGSTON, JAMES                      NY0002-40
LIVINGSTON, JOHN                       NY0002-14
LIVINGSTON, JOHN ROBERT                NY0002-241
LIVINGSTON, PETER ROBERT               NY0002-99
LIVINGSTON, PHILIP                     NY0002-289
LIVINGSTON, PHILIP                     NY0002-14
LIVINGSTON, PHILIP PHILIP              NY0002-208
LIVINGSTON, ROBERT R.                  NY0002-149
LIVINGSTON, WILLIAM                    NY0002-15
LIVINGSTON, WILLIAM SMITH              NY0002-242
LOCH, JOHN                             NY0002-40
LOUDON, SAMUEL                         NY0002-209
LOUTTIT, JAMES                         NY0002-16
LOWTHER, TRISTRAM                      NY0002-175
LOWTHER, WILLIAM                       NY0002-142
MACGREGOR, ALEXANDER                   NY0002-338
MACGREGOR, COLIN                       NY0002-211
MACGREGOR, JOHN                        NY0002-290
MACGREGOR, ROBERT                      NY0002-268
MAIN, JAMES                            NY0002-363
MAITLAND, ALEXANDER                    NY0002-125
MAITLAND, JAMES                        NY0002-339
MAITLAND, RICHARD                      NY0002-107
MAITLAND, WILLIAM                      NY0002-331
MALCOLM, WILLIAM                       NY0002-100
MALCOM, SAMUEL BAYARD                  NY0002-331
MARQUIS, ALEXANDER                     NY0002-131
MARTIN, DANIEL                         NY0002-259
MARTIN, WILLIAM                        NY0002-68
MASON, JOHN                            NY0002-213
MASON, JOHN MITCHELL                   NY0002-301
MASTERSTON, DAVID                      NY0002-100
MASTERTON, ALEXANDER                   NY0002-292
MASTERTON, PETER                       NY0002-292
MATHESON, KENNETH                      NY0002-43
MAXWELL, JAMES HOMER                   NY0002-176
MAXWELL, WILLIAM                       NY0002-138
MAXWELL, WILLIAM                       NY0002-313
MAXWELL, WILLIAM JR.                   NY0002-177
MCADAM, GILBERT                        NY0002-67
MCADAM, JOHN                           NY0002-337
MCADAM, JOHN                           NY0002-353
MCADAM, WILLIAM                        NY0002-81
MCALPINE, COLIN                        NY0002-17
MCARTHUR, JAMES                        NY0002-242
MCBEAN, ALEXANDER                      NY0002-40
MCBEAN, JOHN                           NY0002-278
MCCALL, ALEXANDER                      NY0002-242
MCCARR, JOHN                           NY0002-305
MCCLELLAN, JOHN                        NY0002-258
MCCREDIE, ANDREW                       NY0002-338
MCDONALD, ALEXANDER                    NY0002-121
MCDONALD, ALEXANDER                    NY0002-290
MCDONALD, ALEXANDER LEWIS              NY0002-346
MCDONELL, JOHN                         NY0002-58
MCDONELL, RANDALD                      NY0002-59
MCDOUGALL, ALEXANDER                   NY0002-210
MCDOUGALL, ARCHIBALD                   NY0002-306
MCDOUGALL, GEORGE                      NY0002-115
MCDOUGALL, HUGH                        NY0002-300
MCDOUGALL, PETER                       NY0002-175
MCDOUGALL, WILLIAM                     NY0002-143
MCGILLIVRAY, ALEXANDER                 NY0002-278
MCGILLIVRAY, SIMON                     NY0002-369
MCILWORTH, THOMAS                      NY0002-41
MCILWRAITH, IVIE                       NY0002-291
MCINTOSH, GEORGE                       NY0002-41
MCINTOSH, JAMES                        NY0002-176
MCINTYRE, NEIL                         NY0002-243
MCIVER, WILLIAM                        NY0002-291
MCKAY, ENEAS                           NY0002-258
MCKAY, FRANCIS                         NY0002-42
MCKENZIE, ALEXANDER                    NY0002-279
MCKENZIE, GEORGE                       NY0002-130
MCKENZIE, JOHN                         NY0002-291
MCKENZIE, KENNETH                      NY0002-60
MCKESSON, JOHN                         NY0002-17
MCKIE, JOHN                            NY0002-42
MCKINLAY, PETER                        NY0002-354
MCKINNON, NEIL                         NY0002-379
MCKIRDY, DONALD                        NY0002-67
MCLACHLAN, MICHAEL                     NY0002-243
MCLEAN, ALEXANDER                      NY0002-43
MCLEAN, ALLAN                          NY0002-17
MCLEAN, ARCHIBALD                      NY0002-143
MCLEAN, ARCHIBALD                      NY0002-212
MCLEAN, DONALD                         NY0002-106
MCLEAN, HUGH                           NY0002-339
MCLEAN, HUGH MUNRO                     NY0002-346
MCLEAN, JAMES                          NY0002-387
MCLEAN, JOHN                           NY0002-212
MCLEOD, NORMAN                         NY0002-61
MCMILLAN, ROBERT                       NY0002-339
MCPHERSON, DANIEL                      NY0002-244
MCPHERSON, JOHN                        NY0002-354
MCQUEEN, JOHN                          NY0002-18
MCQUEEN, JOHN                          NY0002-258
MERCER, ROBERT                         NY0002-61
MIDDLETON, PETER                       NY0002-19
MIDDLETON, ROBERT                      NY0002-101
MILLEN, JOHN                           NY0002-326
MILLEN, QUENTIN                        NY0002-292
MILLER, GEORGE                         NY0002-293
MILLER, JAMES                          NY0002-293
MILLER, SAMUEL                         NY0002-306
MILLER, THOMAS                         NY0002-20
MILLER, WILLIAM                        NY0002-81
MILLIGAN, DAVID                        NY0002-43
MILLIGAN, JAMES                        NY0002-213
MILLIGAN, JOHN                         NY0002-20
MILNE, DAVID                           NY0002-62
MINTO, WALTER                          NY0002-259
MITCHELL, ANDEW                        NY0002-177
MITCHELL, JAMES                        NY0002-214
MITCHELL, WALTER                       NY0002-340
MITCHELSON, DAVIDN                     NY0002-178
MITCHELSON, WALTER                     NY0002-93
MONCREIFF, PATRICK                     NY0002-138
MONTEITH, WALTER                       NY0002-244
MOODIE, ANDREW                         NY0002-245
MOORE, THOMAS WILLIAM                  NY0002-82
MORGAN, WILLIAM                        NY0002-364
MORISON, DONALD                        NY0002-21
MORISON, JAMES                         NY0002-364
MORISON, PETER                         NY0002-340
MORRIS, JACOB                          NY0002-178
MORRIS, JOHN                           NY0002-379
MORRIS, LEWIS                          NY0002-53
MORRIS, RICHARD                        NY0002-21
MORRIS, RICHARD HUGH                   NY0002-327
MORRIS, STAATS LONG                    NY0002-245
MORTON, THOMAS CAMPBELL                NY0002-340
MOWATT, ALEXANDER                      NY0002-294
MOWATT, JOHN                           NY0002-265
MOWATT, JOHN JR.                       NY0002-323
MOYES, HENRY                           NY0002-179
MUIR, JAMES                            NY0002-269
MUIRSON, JAMES DE LANCEY               NY0002-246
MUNRO, JOHN                            NY0002-214
MUNRO, JOHN                            NY0002-320
MUNRO, JOHN (CAPT)                     NY0002-108
MUNRO, JOHN (CAPT)                     NY0002-44
MUNRO, PETER JAY                       NY0002-2269
MUNRO, ROBERT                          NY0002-307
MURDOCH, PATRICK                       NY0002-280
MURRAY, ALEXANDER                      NY0002-68
MURRAY, JAMES                          NY0002-21
MURRAY, JOHN                           NY0002-214
MUTER, ROBERT                          NY0002-246
NAPIER, ANDREW                         NY0002-348
NAPIER, JAMES                          NY0002-45
NEWLAND, ALEXANDER                     NY0002-394
NEWTON, THOMAS                         NY0002-69
NICHOLSON, JAMES                       NY0002-280
NIVEN, DANIEL                          NY0002-180
OGILVIE, JOHN                          NY0002-131
OGILVIE, PETER                         NY0002-215
OUGSTON, THOMAS                        NY0002-62
PAGAN, WILLIAM                         NY0002-116
PALMER, JAMES JR.                      NY0002-348
PALMER, JOHN JAMES                     NY0002-370
PANTON, FRANCIS                        NY0002-215
PATERSON, JAMES (CAPT)                 NY0002-349
PATERSON, JAMES (CAPT)                 NY0002-102
PATERSON, JAMES BARD                   NY0002-371
PATERSON, JOHN                         NY0002-259
PATON, JAMES                           NY0002-247
PATRICK, WILLIAM                       NY0002-216
PATTISON, ANDREW                       NY0002-270
PEACOCK, ALEXANDER                     NY0002-247
PHYN, JAMES                            NY0002-116
PICKEN, ANDREW                         NY0002-216
PIRRIE, WILLIAM                        NY0002-387
PRESTON, CHARLES                       NY0002-139
PRINGLE, FRANCIS                       NY0002-22
PRINGLE, HENRY                         NY0002-380
PROUDFIT, DANIEL                       NY0002-387
PROVOST, JOHN                          NY0002-83
QUEEN, JOHN                            NY0002-395
RAMSAY, JOHN                           NY0002-62
RAMSAY, WILLIAM                        NY0002-45
RANKIN, JOHN                           NY0002-270
REID, GEORGE                           NY0002-217
REID, JOHN                             NY0002-281
REID, JOHN                             NY0002-395
REID, JOHN (CAPT)                      NY0002-117
REID, JOHN (GEN)                       NY0002-93
REID, THOMAS                           NY0002-349
REID, WILLIAM                          NY0002-153
RENWICK, JAMES                         NY0002-181
RENWICK, WILLIAM                       NY0002-314
RIDDELL, ALEXANDER                     NY0002-181
RIDDELL, JOHN                          NY0002-83
RITCHIE, WILLIAM                       NY0002-153
ROBERTSON, ALEXANDER                   NY0002-307
ROBERTSON, ALEXANDER                   NY0002-182
ROBERTSON, ARCHIBALD                   NY0002-294
ROBERTSON, CHARLES                     NY0002-184
ROBERTSON, JAMES                       NY0002-395
ROBERTSON, JAMES                       NY0002-46
ROBERTSON, JOHN                        NY0002-248
ROBERTSON, JOHN STARK                  NY0002-307
ROBERTSON, ROBERT                      NY0002-218
ROBERTSON, THOMAS                      NY0002-281
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                     NY0002-218
ROBETSO, GILBERT                       NY0002-349
ROBINSON, BEVERLY                      NY0002-95
RONALDS, JAMES                         NY0002-248
RONALDS, JOHN                          NY0002-371
ROSS, ALEXANDER                        NY0002-248
ROSS, ALEXANDER (DR)                   NY0002-145
ROSS, JAMES                            NY0002-119
ROSS, JOHN                             NY0002-22
ROSS, ROBERT                           NY0002-249
ROSS, WILLIAM                          NY0002-350
RUSSELL, DAVID                         NY0002-354
RUSSELL, HUGH                          NY0002-249
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                       NY0002-46
RUTHERFURD, JOHN                       NY0002-184
RUTHERFURD, JOHN (MAJ)                 NY0002-23
RUTHERFURD, WALTER                     NY0002-24
SAIDLER, JAMES                         NY0002-184
SALTUS, SOLOMON                        NY0002-271
SANDS, JOSHUA                          NY0002-218
SAUNDERSON, WILLIAM                    NY0002-341
SCOT, JOHN                             NY0002-126
SCOTLAND, JOHN                         NY0002-302
SCOTT, CHARLES                         NY0002-117
SCOTT, DAVID                           NY0002-139
SCOTT, GEORGE                          NY0002-350
SCOTT, HECTOR                          NY0002-324
SCOTT, JAMES                           NY0002-185
SCOTT, JAMES                           NY0002-354
SCOTT, JOHN                            NY0002-308
SCOTT, JOHN MORIN                      NY0002-25
SEMPLE, WILLIAM                        NY0002-250
SERVICE, GEORGE                        NY0002-187
SERVICE, THOMAS                        NY0002-350
SETH, DAVID                            NY0002-219
SETON, JAMES                           NY0002-309
SETON, WILLIAM                         NY0002-118
SHARP, JOHN                            NY0002-388
SHARP, JOHN                            NY0002-355
SHARP, ROBERT                          NY0002-355
SHAW, DANIEL                           NY0002-150
SHAW, DAVID                            NY0002-380
SHAW, DAVID                            NY0002-84
SHAW, NEIL                             NY0002-84
SHEDDEN, THOMAS                        NY0002-364
SHEDDEN, WILLIAM RALSTON               NY0002-187, 399
SIMPSON, JOHN JOSEPH                   NY0002-85
SINCLAIR, JAMES                        NY0002-372
SINCLAIR, ROBERT                       NY0002-150
SLOAN, DUNBAR                          NY0002-260
SMALL, JOHN                            NY0002-102
SMIBERT, WILLIAM                       NY0002-140
SMITH, ANDREW                          NY0002-327
SMITH, ANDREW                          NY0002-341
SMITH, CHARLES                         NY0002-219
SMITH, JAMES                           NY0002-219
SMITH, JAMES R.                        NY0002-220
SMITH, JOHN                            NY0002-315
SMITH, JOHN (CAPT)                     NY0002-220
SMITH, WILLIAM                         NY0002-356
SOMERVILLE, ALEXANDER                  NY0002-342
SPROAT, DAVID                          NY0002-108
STCLAIR, JOHN                          NY0002-46
STEEL, ROBERT MEGGAT                   NY0002-372
STEUART, CHARLES                       NY0002-132
STEUART, JOHN                          NY0002-48
STEUART, WILLIAM                       NY0002-133
STEVENS, JOHN                          NY0002-188
STEVENSON, ALEXANDER                   NY0002-380
STEVENSON, HAY                         NY0002-189
STEVENSON, JAMES                       NY0002-381
STEVENSON, JAMES                       NY0002-109
STEVENSON, PETER                       NY0002-315
STEVENSON, THOMAS                      NY0002-266
STEWART, ALEXANDER                     NY0002-151
STEWART, ALEXANDER (CAPT)              NY0002-250
STEWART, CHARLES                       NY0002-281
STEWART, JAMES ALEXANDER               NY0002-221
STEWART, WILLIAM                       NY0002-381
STEWART, WILLIAM                       NY0002-309
STEWART, WILLIAM                       NY0002-119
STORRY, ALEXANDER                      NY0002-350
STORRY, ANDRWE                         NY0002-351
STORY, JAMES                           NY0002-63
STUART, JAMES                          NY0002-54
STUART, JAMES                          NY0002-260
SUTHERLAND, JAMES                      NY0002-154
SUTHERLAND, NICHOLAS                   NY0002-96
SWAN, WILLIAM                          NY0002-373
SWANSTON, JOHN                         NY0002-271
SYME, JOHN                             NY0002-140
SYMINGTON, JAMES                       NY0002-271
TAYLOR, JOHN                           NY0002-189
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        NY0002-351
TELFORD, FRANCIS                       NY0002-250
THOMSON, ADAM                          NY0002-26
THOMSON, ALEXANDER                     NY0002-302
THOMSON, JOHN                          NY0002-221
THOMSON, JOHN                          NY0002-190
THOMSON, ROBERT                        NY0002-388
TILLARY, JAMES                         NY0002-222
TOD, JAMES                             NY0002-266
TODD, MICHAEL                          NY0002-356
TOLMIE, NORMAND                        NY0002-69
TRAILE, GEORGE                         NY0002-26
TROUP, HENRY                           NY0002-223
TROUP, JOHN                            NY0002-27
TROUP, ROBERT                          NY0002-223
TURNBULL, GEORGE (CAPT)                NY0002-191
TURNBULL, GEORGE (LT COL)              NY0002-48
TURNBULL, JOHN                         NY0002-332
TURNBULL. WILLIAM                      NY0002-272
TURNER, JOHN JR                        NY0002-191
TYRIE, JAMES                           NY0002-251
URQUHART, JOHN                         NY0002-316
VANCORTLANDT, PIERRE JR.               NY0002-252
VANS, CHRISTOPHER                      NY0002-96
WADDELL, JOHN                          NY0002-28
WADDELL, ROBERT                        NY0002-140
WALKER, GEORGE                         NY0002-260
WALKER, JOHN (CAPT)                    NY0002-28
WALKER, JOHN (CAPT)                    NY0002-28
WALLACE, HUGH                          NY0002-127
WARDROP, JAMES                         NY0002-49
WARDROP, JOHN                          NY0002-267
WARDROP, JOHN                          NY0002-365
WARRAND, JOHN                          NY0002-282
WATTS, JOHN                            NY0002-29
WEIR, DANIEL                           NY0002-49
WEIR, ROBERT                           NY0002-365
WEIR, WAHER                            NY0002-356
WHEELER, DONALD                        NY0002-267
WHITLAW, CHARLES                       NY0002-316
WHITLAW, THOMAS                        NY0002-382
WILLIAMSON, DAVID                      NY0002-272
WILLIAMSON, RICHARD                    NY0002-343
WILSON, ALEXANDER                      NY0002-388
WILSON, BRUCE                          NY0002-317
WILSON, CAMPBELL                       NY0002-310
WILSON, GEORGE                         NY0002-103
WILSON, JAMES                          NY0002-224
WILSON, JOHN                           NY0002-225
WILSON, JOHN (CAPT)                    NY0002-85
WILSON, PETER                          NY0002-272
WILSON, ROBERT                         NY0002-192
WILSON, WILLIAM                        NY0002-193
WITHERSPOON, JOHN                      NY0002-144
WOOD, THOMAS                           NY0002-29
WRIGHT, GEORGE                         NY0002-225
WRIGHT, JAMES                          NY0002-282
WRIGHT, THOMAS                         NY0002-283
WYLIE, HENRY                           NY0002-373
YATES, PETER WALDRON                   NY0002-225
YOUNG, JOHN                            NY0002-193
YOUNG, JOHN                            NY0002-70
YOUNG, WILLIAM                         NY0002-50

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