SAMPUBCO, Index Our country and its people; a descriptive and biographical record of Madison County, New York, pub. 1899

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Our country and its people; a descriptive and biographical record of Madison County, New York, pub. 1899

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Column One: Name of Person
Column Two: Book Code #, Page # (Low numbers are in Part III which begins with own paging. High number are in Part II.)

ABBOTT, FRANK J.                       NY0004-3
ABBOTT, WILLIAM WALLACE                NY0004-3
ABELL, JABEZ W.                        NY0004-3
ADAMS, EDMUND                          NY0004-147
ADAMS, HERBERT E.                      NY0004-4
ALLEN, ORLANDO                         NY0004-186
ALLEN, SPENCER B.                      NY0004-179
ANDREWS, CALVIN G.                     NY0004-4
ANDREWS, DAVID                         NY0004-148
ANDREWS, NEWTON LLOYD                  NY0004-190
ANGEL, GEORGE F.                       NY0004-148
ATKINSON, JOHN                         NY0004-4
ATKINSON, WILLIAM                      NY0004-4
AUDAS, GARRITT                         NY0004-5
AUSTIN, HARVEY O.                      NY0004-5
AVERY, GEORGE F.                       NY0004-6
BAKER, J. S.                           NY0004-153
BAKER, RICAHRD M.                      NY0004-7
BAKER, WILLIAM M.                      NY0004-9
BALDWIN, CHARLES C.                    NY0004-11
BALDWIN, WALTER M.                     NY0004-163
BAMBER, ROBERT                         NY0004-160
BARKER, GEORGE H.                      NY0004-20
BAROTT, W.E.                           NY0004-22
BARRETT, ADELBERT M.                   NY0004-22
BARRETT, GERRY F.                      NY0004-15
BARTON, AVERY                          NY0004-8
BASS, EDGAR C.                         NY0004-13
BAUM, CARL                             NY0004-15
BEAL, GEORGE                           NY0004-14
BEAL, THOMAS H.                        NY0004-15
BECKWITH, EDWARD GRIFFIN               NY0004-167
BEHR, JOSEPH                           NY0004-8
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN M.                   NY0004-17
BENJAMIN, WARREN H.                    NY0004-21
BETSINGER, PETER                       NY0004-7
BETTS, W. D.                           NY0004-11
BICKNELL, BENNETT                      NY0004-19
BICKNELL,OTIS C.                       NY0004-20
BITZ, JOHN                             NY0004-161
BLACK, L. D.                           NY0004-14
BLAIR, ALVAN                           NY0004-202
BLAIR, ALVAN                           NY0004-202
BLAIR, CHARLES C.                      NY0004-157
BLAIR, CHARLES C.                      NY0004-157
BLAIR, SETH                            NY0004-16
BLISS, NORTON A.                       NY0004-154
BLISS, RUSSELL JOSEPH                  NY0004-185
BLOCK, FRITZ C.                        NY0004-146
BLODGETT, LUDRUM                       NY0004-172
BLOWERS, TRUMAN S.                     NY0004-157
BOARDMAN, GEORGE SMITH                 NY0004-6
BODEN, EDWIN R.                        NY0004-9
BONNEY, BENJAMIN F.                    NY0004-10
BRIDGE, WILLIAML.                      NY0004-11
BROAD, JOHN H.                         NY0004-18
BROCKETT, H. D.                        NY0004-20
BROOKS, NELSON O.                      NY0004-147
BROWN, BREWSTER S.                     NY0004-8
BROWN, C. F.                           NY0004-182
BROWN, DAVID H.                        NY0004-196
BROWN, ENOCH D.                        NY0004-164
BROWN, EUGENE                          NY0004-18
BROWN, EVERETT                         NY0004-21
BROWN, H. CLIFFT                       NY0004-142
BROWN, OLIVER T.                       NY0004-172
BROWN, WILILAM DELOS                   NY0004-23
BRUCE, E. N.                           NY0004-22
BRUCE, THADDEUS                        NY0004-201
BUCKINGHAM, C. A.                      NY0004-12
BUELL, WARREN J.                       NY0004-19
BULGER, EDARD                          NY0004-6
BUMPUS, PEARL D.                       NY0004-14
BURCHARD, SYLVESTER                    NY0004-17
BURDICK, JAMES F.                      NY0004-7
BURNHAM, SYLVESTER                     NY0004-189
BURR, WILILAM M.                       NY0004-10
BURROUGHS, LORENZO J.                  NY0004-12
BURT, ABRAM L.                         NY0004-173
BUSHNELL, ADDISON                      NY0004-169
BUSHNELL, HOLTON A.                    NY0004-195
CALKIN, CALEB                          NY0004-35
CALKINS, TRACY                         NY0004-35
CAMPBELL, JOHN A.                      NY0004-161
CARL, PETER P.                         NY0004-28
CARPENTER, AUSTIN B.                   NY0004-34
CARPENTER, GEORGE W.                   NY0004-35
CARPENTER, HENRY W.                    NY0004-175
CASE, LESTER M.                        NY0004-31
CAVANA, MARTIN                         NY0004-325
CHAFEE, HIRAM E.                       NY0004-37
CHAPIN, DWIGHT                         NY0004-26
CHAPIN, FRANK W.                       NY0004-27
CHAPIN, SAMUEL JR.                     NY0004-24
CHAPPELL, C. WILL                      NY0004-634
CHASMER, GEORGE W.                     NY0004-174
CHENEY, PRENTICE D.                    NY0004-24
CHESEBRO, A. D.                        NY0004-33
CHESEBRO, J. H.                        NY0004-33
CHILDS, PERRY G.                       NY0004-633
CHILDS, WALTER                         NY0004-29
CLARK, IRA                             NY0004-29
CLARKE, M. J.                          NY0004-31
CLARKE, WILLIAM NEWTON                 NY0004-152
CLEMENTS, ISAAC N.                     NY0004-30
CLEVELAND, C. A.                       NY0004-35
CODY, FRANCIS A.                       NY0004-23
CODY, KENDALL                          NY0004-32
COE, D. R.                             NY0004-27
COE, DUANE W.                          NY0004-37
COE, E. EMMONS                         NY0004-24
COE, MARY                              NY0004-29
COE, W. EMMETT                         NY0004-154
COLEMAN, CARLOS J.                     NY0004-197
COLES, THEODORE                        NY0004-26
COLEY, JOSEPH                          NY0004-204
COMAN, E. R.                           NY0004-165
COMSTOCK, JULIUS C.                    NY0004-31
CONKLIN, LUCIUS EDWIN                  NY0004-196
CONLEY, FRANK P.                       NY0004-32
CONNIFF, THOMAS                        NY0004-28
COOK, CHAUNCEY B.                      NY0004-145
COOLIDG, JAMES                         NY0004-645
COONS, CHARLES A.                      NY0004-165
COOPER, CHARLES H.                     NY0004-195
COOPER, FRANK                          NY0004-36
COTT, LOREN R.                         NY0004-108
COTTON, HAMILTON                       NY0004-173
COUCH, ELSENA M.                       NY0004-36
CRAMER, NORMAN L.                      NY0004-25
CRANDALL, FRANKLIN R.                  NY0004-176
CRANDALL, IRVING A.                    NY0004-34
CRAWSHAW, W. H.                        NY0004-178
CRAYTER, LUCIAN A.                     NY0004-148
CRONK, JEREMIAH                        NY0004-38
CRUMB, JOSEPH H.                       NY0004-162
CUMMINGS, LINCOLN L.                   NY0004-33
CUNNINGHAM, EDWIN R.                   NY0004-30
CURTIS, ELIZABETH G.                   NY0004-28
CURTIS, S. ALLEN                       NY0004-636
CURTIS, SAMUEL                         NY0004-173
DAMON, EDIWN S.                        NY0004-43
DAMON, LORENZ N.                       NY0004-197
DANEHY, JOHN                           NY0004-43
DARROW, C. F.                          NY0004-45
DARROW, J. J.                          NY0004-44
DAVIS, CLARK W.                        NY0004-199
DAVIS, I. WILLIS                       NY0004-43
DAVIS, JOHN H.                         NY0004-158
DAVIS, WARD ADAMS                      NY0004-42
DECLERCQ, GILBERT C.                   NY0004-174
DELANO, MILTON                         NY0004-38
DENISON, MILTON L.                     NY0004-46
DEUEL, WALTER ESTUS                    NY0004-194
DEWEY, MANFORD J.                      NY0004-40
DEWITT, GEORGE W.                      NY0004-45
DEXTER, C. W.                          NY0004-198
DEXTER, EDWIN N.                       NY0004-44
DODGE, AMOS P.                         NY0004-41
DONNELLY, P. H.                        NY0004-188
DRAKE, FRANK C.                        NY0004-40
DUNHAM, E. E.                          NY0004-154
DUNLAP, EDWARD H.                      NY0004-40
DUNSTER, JOHN L.                       NY0004-46
DYER, BENJAMIN W.                      NY0004-38
EATON, HENRY E.                        NY0004-156
EDGARTON, JOHN                         NY0004-47
EDGERTON, FRANK L.                     NY0004-172
EGGLESTON, JEROME                      NY0004-170
EISAMAN, BROS                          NY0004-155
EISAMAN, WILLARD                       NY0004-48
ELLIS, FERRAND F.                      NY0004-160
ENGLISH, GEORGE E.                     NY0004-48
ENGLISH, HENRY CHARLES                 NY0004-49
ENOS, W. E.                            NY0004-46
ENSIGN, GEORGE H.                      NY0004-639
EVANS, LEWIS VINCENT                   NY0004-47
FAIRCHILD, SIDNEY T.                   NY0004-114
FARNAM, STEPHEN H.                     NY0004-644
FAULKNER, ALONZO                       NY0004-181
FAULKNER, EPHRAIM                      NY0004-160
FAUROT, HENRY                          NY0004-52
FEARON, GEORGE T.                      NY0004-164
FERGUSON, ALMIRA                       NY0004-49
FISK, DAVID L.                         NY0004-52
FITCH, JARED W.                        NY0004-50
FITCH, S. A.                           NY0004-191
FORBES, GERRIT A.                      NY0004-640
FORT, WILLIAM M.                       NY0004-168
FOX, CHARLES A.                        NY0004-50
FOX, EUGENE C.                         NY0004-50
FRANCIS, ADELBERT W.                   NY0004-53
FREEBORN, LEONARD W.                   NY0004-51
FRINK, GEORGE W.                       NY0004-144
FROST, CLARK A.                        NY0004-49
FULLER, JOHN H.                        NY0004-51
FULLER, MAY                            NY0004-193
GARDINER, FRANK D.                     NY0004-200
GARDINER, H. S.                        NY0004-54
GARDINER, J. L.                        NY0004-192
GARRETT, J. F.                         NY0004-55
GIFFORD, BARTON R.                     NY0004-152
GILL, EDGAR D.                         NY0004-55
GOFF, I. NEWTON                        NY0004-181
GOODWIN, SANDS H.                      NY0004-53
GORDON, AMBROSE E.                     NY0004-176
GOSTLING, E.                           NY0004-164
GOSTLING, G.                           NY0004-164
GREEN, A. W.                           NY0004-166
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM H.                   NY0004-153
GRISWOLD, JOHN D.                      NY0004-54
GULBRAN, CHARLES G.                    NY0004-54
HAINES, E. A.                          NY0004-67
HALL, JESSE WILSON                     NY0004-55
HAMBLIN, LUCIAN D.                     NY0004-58
HAMLIN, GEORGE N.                      NY0004-64
HAMMOND, WILLIS A.                     NY0004-66
HARP, CHRISTIAN                        NY0004-8
HARRINGTON, GILES                      NY0004-59
HARRIS, FREDERICK D.                   NY0004-183
HASKELL,E DWARD F.                     NY0004-637
HATHAWAY, HENRY H.                     NY0004-155
HAY, ARTHUR                            NY0004-63
HAYWOOD, ISYPHENE                      NY0004-161
HAZELTINE, WILLIAM E.                  NY0004-60
HECOX, CHARLES L.                      NY0004-66
HICKOX, REMINGTON B.                   NY0004-64
HICKOX, W. JEROME                      NY0004-641
HIGINBOTHAM, NILES                     NY0004-207
HILL, CHARLES A.                       NY0004-60
HILL, JOHN                             NY0004-63
HINMAN, WILLIAM J.                     NY0004-62
HOLDRIDE, REUBEN                       NY0004-66
HOLLENBECK, J. W.                      NY0004-63
HOLMES, GEORGE W.                      NY0004-67
HOPCRAFT, THOMAS                       NY0004-142
HOUSE, CHARLES                         NY0004-59
HOUSE, ELIPHALET                       NY0004-64
HOWARD, ADELBERT H.                    NY0004-68
HOWSON, JOHN W.                        NY0004-198
HUBBARD, CALVIN                        NY0004-643
HUBBARD, EDWARD G.                     NY0004-158
HUBBARD, F. F.                         NY0004-67
HUBBARD, JOHN F.                       NY0004-57
HUBBARD, ROBERT F.                     NY0004-56
HUBBARD, ROBERT J.                     NY0004-56
HUGHES, JOHN CHARLES                   NY0004-68
HUNT, FRANK L.                         NY0004-58
HUNTLEY, JAMES F.                      NY0004-60
HUTCHINSON, LEROY H.                   NY0004-68
HUTCHINSON, NATHAN BAILEY              NY0004-180
HUYCK, PHILIP J.                       NY0004-57
HYATT, FRANCIS A.                      NY0004-207
HYATT, SMITH K.                        NY0004-59
INGALLS, ALBET                         NY0004-69
INGALLS, B. FRANKLIN                   NY0004-163
ISAACS, I. HENRY                       NY0004-69
JESSUP, SAMUEL                         NY0004-70
JOHNSON, WILLIAM J.                    NY0004-69
JOHNSOTN, A. S.                        NY0004-71
JOHNSTON, BROS                         NY0004-155
JONES, DAVID W.                        NY0004-72
JONES, RICAHRD T.                      NY0004-71
JOY, MILTON R.                         NY0004-71
JURDEN, THOMAS H.                      NY0004-70
KEATING, DANIEL                        NY0004-184
KEELER, CHARLES F.                     NY0004-162
KEITH, AMBROSE                         NY0004-74
KEITH, FRANK                           NY0004-72
KEITH, WATSON D.                       NY0004-76
KELLEY, JAMES A.                       NY0004-638
KELLOWAY, W. M.                        NY0004-165
KELLY, DENNIS                          NY0004-75
KENNEDY, HARRIET                       NY0004-74
KENNEDY, JOHN M.                       NY0004-75
KENYON, A. E.                          NY0004-163
KINNEY, CALVIN T.                      NY0004-73
KLING, & PAYNE                         NY0004-73
KNAPP, JAMES W.                        NY0004-179
KNOWLES, JAEMS H.                      NY0004-166
KNOX, WILLIAM                          NY0004-73
LAMB, CALVIN AUGUSTUS                  NY0004-76
LAMUNION, A. J.                        NY0004-79
LANGWORTHY, ORTHELLOS.                 NY0004-80
LANGWORTHY, WILLIAM F.                 NY0004-143
LARKIN, LEROY                          NY0004-80
LEDYARD, GEORGE S.                     NY0004-78
LEDYARD, JONATHAN D.                   NY0004-625
LEE, CHARLES A.                        NY0004-182
LEWIS, A. E.                           NY0004-79
LEWIS, BENJAMIN                        NY0004-81
LINCKLAEN, JOHN                        NY0004-629
LINDSLEY, A. W.                        NY0004-78
LIPPITT, W. G.                         NY0004-78
LLOYD, FREDERICK O.                    NY0004-191
LOOMIS, EDWIN DWIGHT                   NY0004-77
LOOMIS, SILAS L.                       NY0004-77
LOUCKS, HOWARD                         NY0004-81
LOVE, CHARLES E.                       NY0004-78
LOWE, C. H. S.                         NY0004-203
LOYSTER, J. A.                         NY0004-77
LUM, WILLIAM TAPPAN                    NY0004-201
LYNCH, JAMES C.                        NY0004-82
LYPE, NORMAN                           NY0004-76
MAINE, PAUL S.                         NY0004-83
MARBLE,F RED                           NY0004-158
MARCELLUS, ALBERT                      NY0004-87
MARQUISEE, LEWIS                       NY0004-90
MARSHALL, CHARLES P.                   NY0004-83
MARSHALL, JAMES W.                     NY0004-85
MATSON, WILLIAM E.                     NY0004-144
MATTERSON, H. H.                       NY0004-168
MAXON, SAMUEL A.                       NY0004-88
MAXWELL, JOHN                          NY0004-86
MAYNARD, CHARLS E.                     NY0004-145
MAYNARD, W. H.                         NY0004-192
MCCARTHY, JAMES                        NY0004-84
MCGREGORY, J. F.                       NY0004-178
MESSINGER, ISAAC NEWTON                NY0004-209
MILLER, ALBERT E.                      NY0004-84
MILLER, EDGAR LAKE                     NY0004-642
MILLER, JACOB H.                       NY0004-82
MILLER, LEVI JR.                       NY0004-90
MITCHELL, THOMAS H.                    NY0004-167
MOODY, ADELBERT                        NY0004-90
MOORE,SIDNEY W.                        NY0004-88
MORGAN, FRANCIS A.                     NY0004-82
MORGAN, JOHN                           NY0004-89
MORSE, GEORGE                          NY0004-83
MORSE, SILAS E.                        NY0004-84
MORSE, WALTER                          NY0004-85
MOTT, DAVID C.                         NY0004-88
MUNROE, LORING                         NY0004-187
NEAR, J. DEFOREST                      NY0004-91
NEAR, WILLIAM S.                       NY0004-91
NEW, JEFFERSON                         NY0004-161
NEWTON, ALFRED J.                      NY0004-176
NICHOLS, OMAR A.                       NY0004-196
NICHOLS, ORVILLE A.                    NY0004-92
NILES, R. OLMSTEAD                     NY0004-93
NIXDORF, WILLIAM G.                    NY0004-92
NORTHRUP, JOEL                         NY0004-91
NORTHRUP,IRVING J.                     NY0004-91
NOURSE, J. HARVEY                      NY0004-93
OBRIEN, THOMAS                         NY0004-93
OWENS, WILLIAM W.                      NY0004-94
PARSONS, CYRUS                         NY0004-95
PAYNE, ELISHA                          NY0004-630
PEET, MARY A.                          NY0004-97
PENNOCK, CHARLES F.                    NY0004-201
PERKINS, GARDNER, H.                   NY0004-96
PERRY, ANNA H. WELLS                   NY0004-96
PFAFF, OTTO                            NY0004-94
PHIPPS, DAVID H.                       NY0004-94
POTTER, GEORGE H.                      NY0004-94
POTTER, HENRY H.                       NY0004-180
PRATT, CHARLES E.                      NY0004-95
PRESTON, GEORGE                        NY0004-97
PRICE, GEORGE H.                       NY0004-99
RATNOUR, BARNEY                        NY0004-184
RAWSON, JOSIAH                         NY0004-40
REEVE, JONAS L.                        NY0004-104
REIDY, JOHN                            NY0004-103
RICE, BAXTER                           NY0004-200
RICH, JAMES W.                         NY0004-100
RICHARDS, WELLINGTON R.                NY0004-104
RICHARDSON, A. E.                      NY0004-100
RICHARDSON, SIDNEY J.                  NY0004-105
RICHMOND, ASA N.                       NY0004-159
RIDDELL,E . L. (MRS)                   NY0004-103
RIGHTMYER, DENNISON R.                 NY0004-102
ROBBINS, HERMAN D.                     NY0004-102
ROBERTS, DE WITT CLINTON               NY0004-101
ROBERTS, THOMAS R.                     NY0004-106
ROCKWELL, HIRAM L.                     NY0004-170
ROGERS, J. F.                          NY0004-102
ROOT, ALFRED E.                        NY0004-200
ROOT, SAMUEL                           NY0004-203
ROOT, SOLOMON                          NY0004-103
ROUSE, GEORGE L.                       NY0004-99
ROUSE, H. J.                           NY0004-99
SABINE, A. M.                          NY0004-118
SADLER, GEORGE S.                      NY0004-119
SALISBURY, GEORGE W.                   NY0004-106
SALSBURY, JULIUS EUGENE                NY0004-171
SAWYER, AMBROSE E.                     NY0004-112
SCHEIFELE, GEORGE L.                   NY0004-113
SCOTT, HENRY                           NY0004-113
SCOVILLE, J. EDWARD                    NY0004-125
SHELDON, E. B.                         NY0004-1115
SHELDON, WILLIAM P.                    NY0004-108
SHEPARDSON, FRANK LUCIUS               NY0004-169
SHERMAN, EDGAR D.                      NY0004-183
SHERMAN, WILLIAM C.                    NY0004-111
SHERMAN, WILLIAM C.                    NY0004-119
SHERWOOD, J. T.                        NY0004-121
SHUTE, GEORGE S.                       NY0004-115
SIKES, JOHNH.                          NY0004-120
SISSON, EUGENE P.                      NY0004-192
SMITH, ADON N.                         NY0004-115
SMITH, ALONZO D.                       NY0004-186
SMITH, CHARLES EDWARD                  NY0004-126
SMITH, HORACE K.                       NY0004-107
SMITH, IRA E.                          NY0004-124
SMITH, JAMES W.                        NY0004-179
SMITH, JOHN E.                         NY0004-646
SMITH, JOSEPH                          NY0004-108
SMITH, LUCIAN B.                       NY0004-125
SMITH, SIDNEY D.                       NY0004-178
SNELL, MOREY                           NY0004-109
SNYDER BROTHERS                        NY0004-149
SOUTER, JOHN W.                        NY0004-121
SOUTHWORTH, O. W.                      NY0004-116
SOUTHWORTH, OSCAR L.                   NY0004-116
SPAULDING, PHILANDER                   NY0004-183
SPEAR, ANNIE AUGUSTA                   NY0004-124
STAFFORD, HENRY M.                     NY0004-109
STANBRO, WILLIAM                       NY0004-116
STANLEY, C. M.                         NY0004-145
STANTON, ALBERT C.                     NY0004-121
STEBBINS, H. L.                        NY0004-118
STEBBINS, JOHN                         NY0004-113
STEPHENS, ALBERT G.                    NY0004-120
STEWART, JOHN G.                       NY0004-111
STEWART, ROBERT A.                     NY0004-184
STILLMAN, ARTHUR J.                    NY0004-107
STIMSON, JOHN E.                       NY0004-121
STISSER, FAMILY                        NY0004-110
STISSER, WILLIAM H.                    NY0004-147
STODDARD, ALBERT A.                    NY0004-1222
STODDARD, J. FLOYD                     NY0004-123
STODDARD, S. J.                        NY0004-117
STONE, JOHN E.                         NY0004-112
STONE, LEWIS B.                        NY0004-143
STRADLING, THOMAS                      NY0004-151
STROUD, R. W.                          NY0004-120
TABOR, BYRON                           NY0004-159
TACKABURY, N. J.                       NY0004-166
TALLETT, MORELL E.                     NY0004-129
TAYLOR, HARVEY I.                      NY0004-16
TAYLOR, JAMES MORFORD                  NY0004-189
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        NY0004-131
TAYNTOR, JOSEPH                        NY0004-150
TENEYCK, JACOB                         NY0004-648
THOMAS, RALPH W.                       NY0004-191
THOMPSON, GIDEON                       NY0004-127
THOMPSON, LUTHER BROWNELL              NY0004-126
TIFFT, W. A.                           NY0004-131
TILLOTSON, FAMILY                      NY0004-127
TIMMERMAN, SILAS                       NY0004-130
TONDEUR, CLEON A.                      NY0004-193
TOOKE, JAMES N.                        NY0004-129
TRIPP, MELVIN                          NY0004-128
TRUAX, JAMES                           NY0004-126
TUCKER, ELVIA B.                       NY0004-131
TUTTLE, ABRAHAM                        NY0004-130
TUTTLE, CHARLES N.                     NY0004-156
TUTTLE, IRVING                         NY0004-130
TYLER, W. I.                           NY0004-166
UFFORD, JOEL                           NY0004-132
VANVALKENBURGH, A. T.                  NY0004-168
WAGER, PHILIP H.                       NY0004-137
WALRATH, ELGIN DANIEL                  NY0004-193
WALRATH, GEORGE                        NY0004-135
WALRATH, PETER                         NY0004-188
WARNER, A. J.                          NY0004-182
WARNER, JUDSON W.                      NY0004-137
WARRICK, J. C.                         NY0004-169
WATERMAN, STEPHEN C.                   NY0004-141
WATKINS, WILLIAM                       NY0004-133
WATTS, JOHN R.                         NY0004-132
WEAVER, BROS                           NY0004-134
WEBB,F RANK L.                         NY0004-194
WELLS, EDWARD G.                       NY0004-133
WENTZ, GEORGE                          NY0004-142
WEST, W. M.                            NY0004-135
WESTCOTT, JAMES H.                     NY0004-141
WHITE, C. C.                           NY0004-134
WHITE, CHARLES M.                      NY0004-136
WHITE, SAMUEL                          NY0004-173
WILLIAMS, WILILAM R.                   NY0004-140
WILSON, JOHN H.                        NY0004-136
WINCHELL, WALLACE M.                   NY0004-133
WITTER, WILLIAM E.                     NY0004-140
WOOD, FRED R.                          NY0004-137
WOOD, M. C.                            NY0004-146
WOODBURY, JOHN N.                      NY0004-135
WRIGHT, DE ESTIN                       NY0004-136
YORK, JARED F.                         NY0004-149

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