Book of biographies; This volume contains biographical sketches
of leading citizens of the Seventeenth congressional district, Pennsylvania
, pub. 1899

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Book of biographies; This volume contains biographical sketches of leading citizens of the Seventeenth congressional district, Pennsylvania, pub. 1899
Columbia, Montour, Northumberland, and Sullivan counties

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ADAMS, LOUIS J.                        PA0002-90
ALEXANDER, EDWIN W.                    PA0002-643
ANGLE, FRANK C.                        PA0002-196
ARMENT, SAMUEL B.                      PA0002-704
ARMSTRONG, GEORGE P.                   PA0002-741
ARMSTRONG, HARRY W.                    PA0002-741
AUCKER, REUBENS .                      PA0002-228
AUTEN, VORIS                           PA0002-746
AVERY, HOWARD D.                       PA0002-476
BAKER, GEORGE G.                       PA0002-589
BALDY, PETER SR.                       PA0002-701
BARTON, THOMAS J.                      PA0002-438
BEAHEN, THOMAS W.                      PA0002-245
BEALOR, JOHN W.                        PA0002-222
BEAVER, JESSE L.                       PA0002-539
BECK, JOHNH.                           PA0002-297
BEDFORD, HENRY                         PA0002-290
BENNETT, R. GEORGE                     PA0002-164
BERGSTRESSER, SAMUEL E.                PA0002-480
BETTS, HENRY S.                        PA0002-252
BIGGER, GEORGE W.                      PA0002-765
BINDER, IGNATIUS B.                    PA0002-573
BIRD, CHRISTIANNA C.                   PA0002-426
BIRD, RANSLER B.                       PA0002-614
BIRD, ULYSSES                          PA0002-145
BLACK, MOSES R.                        PA0002-64
BLACK, WILLIAM W.                      PA0002-197
BLOOM, URIAS                           PA0002-141
BOBB, PETER G.                         PA0002-567
BOGARDUS, JOHN M.                      PA0002-414
BOODY, LINCOLN H.                      PA0002-139
BOTSFORD, MILTON W.                    PA0002-256
BOWER, HIRAM R.                        PA0002-97
BOWER, HIRAM W.                        PA0002-474
BOWER, ISAIAH                          PA0002-255
BOYD, DANIEL MONTGOMERY                PA0002-93
BRECKEL, GEORGE J.                     PA0002-753
BREECE, HORACE                         PA0002-142
BRENNAN, PATRICK F.                    PA0002-441
BREWSTER, PHILANDER S.                 PA0002-59
BRIGHT, DENNIS                         PA0002-640
BROBST, MARTIN L.                      PA0002-130
BRONG, WILLIAM                         PA0002-747
BROWER, JEREMIAH JOHN                  PA0002-411
BROWN, GEORGE E.                       PA0002-473
BROWN, HENRY                           PA0002-725
BROWN, HIRAM H.                        PA0002-147
BROWN, JAMES C.                        PA0002-132
BRYFOGLE, WINTHROP C.                  PA0002-422
BUCK, JOHN WATSON                      PA0002-561
BUCKALEW, JOHN M.                      PA0002-48
BUCKALEW, RUSSELL C.                   PA0002-719
BUDDINGER, JOSEPH                      PA0002-437
BURG, HORACE WILLIAM                   PA0002-266
CADWALLADER, GEORGE B.                 PA0002-120
CAKE, JOHN ADAM JR.                    PA0002-654
CAMP, DAVID                            PA0002-267
CAMPBELL, AZARIAH                      PA0002-535
CAMPBELL, CHARLES H.                   PA0002-413
CAMPBELL, DUNCAN C.                    PA0002-745
CARL, JOHN                             PA0002-288
CASWELL, EDWIN C.                      PA0002-721
CATHCART, ANDREW B.                    PA0002-420
CATTERALL, JOSEPH H.                   PA0002-460
CHALFANT, THOMAS                       PA0002-45
CHESTER, HOLDEN                        PA0002-317
CHRISTIAN, HOWARD S.                   PA0002-770
CLEMENT, CHARLES M.                    PA0002-105
CLEMENT, JOHN KAY                      PA0002-103
CLIFFORD, JOHN                         PA0002-518
COLT, JOHN T.                          PA0002-265
CONNER, HARRISON J.                    PA0002-158
COTNER, A. B.                          PA0002-764
CREASY, SAMUEL C.                      PA0002-347
CRONINGER, MATTHIAS                    PA0002-217
CRUIKSHANK, WILLIAM Y.                 PA0002-759
CUMMINGS, ROBERT M.                    PA0002-285
DAVENPORT, RAY H.                      PA0002-257
DAVIS, D. ERNEST                       PA0002-671
DAVIS, HENRY EYRE                      PA0002-273
DEAN, SAMUEL HALSEY                    PA0002-679
DEARMOND, SAMUEL EDWARD                PA0002-435
DEETER, WILLIAM H.                     PA0002-524
DEININGER, JAMES C.                    PA0002-469
DERBY, JAMES M.                        PA0002-502
DEWART FAMILY                          PA0002-468
DEWART, LEWIS                          PA0002-469
DICKSON, DUVAL                         PA0002-39
DIEMER, HARRY                          PA0002-650
DILLON, JOHN LLOYD                     PA0002-79
DILTZ, ELIAS                           PA0002-653
DIVEL, HENRY                           PA0002-88
DORR, CHARLES H.                       PA0002-246
DRINKER, FRANCIS P.                    PA0002-212
DUNLAP, CORRELL                        PA0002-606
ECKMAN, ELISHA M.                      PA0002-313
EDGAR & HUNT                           PA0002-712
EDGAR, THOMAS H.                       PA0002-129
EDWARDS, THOMAS J.                     PA0002-676
ELLIOTT, JOHN A.                       PA0002-268
ELWELL, GEORGE EDWARD                  PA0002-179
ELWELL, WILLIAM                        PA0002-175
ERIEG, GEORGE A.                       PA0002-509
EVANS, CHARLES C.                      PA0002-336
EVANS, LEWIS                           PA0002-629
EVERETT, FRANCIS M.                    PA0002-514
EVERT, WILLIAM WEVER                   PA0002-442
EVES, ELLIS                            PA0002-683
FAGELY, GEORGE K.                      PA0002-135
FAUGHNAN, JOHN C.                      PA0002-282
FAUGHNAN, P. J.                        PA0002-695
FAUST, DANIEL                          PA0002-452
FAUST, WILLIAM                         PA0002-191
FAUST, WILLIAM B.                      PA0002-459
FAWCETT, HENRY E.                      PA0002-568
FERRIS, OLAF F.                        PA0002-750
FERTIG, GEORGE                         PA0002-777
FISCHER, WILLIAM E.                    PA0002-280
FISHER, ALBERT C.                      PA0002-488
FISHER, Z. B.                          PA0002-759
FLEMING, JOHN                          PA0002-311
FLEMING, JOHN R.                       PA0002-14
FLYNN, JOHN W.                         PA0002-400
FORRESTER, PHILIP M.                   PA0002-645
FORRY, WILLIAM F.                      PA0002-526
FOSNOT, LEW C.                         PA0002-140
FOSTER, JAMES                          PA0002-760
FRICK, ELIZABETH M.                    PA0002-598
FRITZ, ANDREW LUCIUS                   PA0002-371
FUNK, NEVIN U.                         PA0002-122
FURMANN, P. H.                         PA0002-121
GALLAGHER, FRANCIS W.                  PA0002-234
GALLAGHER, JOHNE.                      PA0002-318
GAMBLE, BLAKE E.                       PA0002-644
GANSEL, JOSEPH                         PA0002-534
GARR, ELMER F.                         PA0002-403
GEARHART, BONHAM R. JR.                PA0002-63
GEARHART, GEORGE M.                    PA0002-351
GIBBONS, JOHN F.                       PA0002-656
GILBERT, SAMUEL F.                     PA0002-585
GLENN, HENRY F.                        PA0002-230
GLOCKLER, ANTHONY                      PA0002-328
GOESER, JOHN H.                        PA0002-485
GOLEMBIEWSKI, ANTHONY                  PA0002-119
GOODWILL, ROBERT                       PA0002-445
GORREY, THOMAS                         PA0002-605
GRAHAM, W. T.                          PA0002-746
GREEN, WHELEER                         PA0002-627
GRIER, ISAAC X.                        PA0002-751
GROSS, FRANK M.                        PA0002-574
GROSS, FREDERICK                       PA0002-361
GROTZ, JOHN K.                         PA0002-329
HAAS, AMBROSE G.                       PA0002-630
HAAS, FREDERICK                        PA0002-490
HAAS, HIRAM M.                         PA0002-591
HAAS, JOHN PACKER                      PA0002-613
HAAS, JOHNK.                           PA0002-368
HALEY, WILLIAM F.                      PA0002-702
HALL, HYMAN P.                         PA0002-679
HAMILTON, EMANUEL CLAY                 PA0002-312
HANCOCK, CHARLES P.                    PA0002-622
HANLON, WILLIAM J.                     PA0002-53
HANNAN, FRANK                          PA0002-185
HARDING, JAMES J.                      PA0002-440
HARMAN, JOHNG.                         PA0002-752
HARMAN, PETER S.                       PA0002-649
HARPE, WILILAM F.                      PA0002-513
HARPEL, MARCUS HOWARD                  PA0002-457
HARRIS, ROBERT N.                      PA0002-699
HARRISON, W. JOSEPH                    PA0002-695
HARTER, THEODORE C.                    PA0002-29
HARTMAN, F. Q.                         PA0002-586
HARTZELL, WILLIAM A.                   PA0002-298
HASSERT, GEORGE (MRS)                  PA0002-453
HAWLEY, FRANCES E.                     PA0002-663
HAZEN, CHARLES E.                      PA0002-218
HEIM, ANDREW A.                        PA0002-263
HEIM, ANDREW A.                        PA0002-263
HELLER, HIRAM W.                       PA0002-410
HEMINGRAY, WILLIAM SR.                 PA0002-486
HEMINGWAY, GEORGE H.                   PA0002-324
HEMPSTED, JAMES G.                     PA0002-20
HENNESSY, MARTIN I.                    PA0002-201
HERR, AUGUST C.                        PA0002-498
HERRING, GRANT                         PA0002-37
HIGBEE, JAMES I.                       PA0002-492
HIGGINS, GEORGE J.                     PA0002-573
HILL, JOHN                             PA0002-634
HINCKLEY, HENRY M.                     PA0002-362
HOFFMAN, EDWARD G.                     PA0002-706
HOFFMAN, THEODOR                       PA0002-96
HOLLENBACK, REUBEN                     PA0002-762
HOLLISTER, WILLIAM G.                  PA0002-575
HOLLOWAY, WILLIAM K.                   PA0002-642
HOLMES, WILLIAM O.                     PA0002-416
HOOVER, DAVID                          PA0002-755
HORN, MARCUS D.                        PA0002-510
HOUCK, SAMUEL                          PA0002-114
HOUCK, WILLIAM A.                      PA0002-320
HOWELLS, JOHN                          PA0002-470
HUBER, JAMES A.                        PA0002-689
HUBLER, SIMON                          PA0002-531
HUCKELL, DANIEL THOMAS                 PA0002-40
HUGO, ROSALIE                          PA0002-600
HULL, MARGARET MCCORMICK               PA0002-720
JEFFERSON, JOHN                        PA0002-152
JOHN, RALPH R.                         PA0002-115
JOHNSON, WILLIAM F.                    PA0002-281
JURY, WILSON U.                        PA0002-365
KARNS, RUSSELL                         PA0002-112
KARNS, SEDGWICK B.                     PA0002-126
KASE, J. D. CLINTON                    PA0002-775
KASHNER, PETER S.                      PA0002-89
KAY, ALBERT                            PA0002-191
KEARNEY, WILLIAM E.                    PA0002-725
KEEFER, GEORGE F.                      PA0002-733
KEEFER, GEORGE W.                      PA0002-731
KEIM, JOSEPH                           PA0002-617
KEISER, JACOB R.                       PA0002-111
KENNEDY, ROBERT A.                     PA0002-564
KENNEDY, THOMAS E.                     PA0002-398
KENNEDY, WILLIAM A.                    PA0002-106
KIEFER, WILLIAM                        PA0002-619
KIMBLE, JOHNG.                         PA0002-42
KITCHEN, FRANK R.                      PA0002-357
KLEIM, CHRISTOPHER A.                  PA0002-425
KLINE, HARRY W.                        PA0002-454
KNIGHT, FREDERICK HENRY                PA0002-540
KNIGHT, HARRY S.                       PA0002-388
KOCH, JOHN JOSEPH                      PA0002-23
KOCHER, WILLIAM R.                     PA0002-243
KOHLBRAKER, FRANCIS H.                 PA0002-769
KONSTANKIWICZ, JOHN CH.                PA0002-270
KOPP, JOSEPH                           PA0002-319
KREAMER, CONRAD                        PA0002-124
KREITZER, JOHN H.                      PA0002-671
KREMER, CHARLES L.                     PA0002-322
KRICKBAUM, WILLIAM                     PA0002–180
KULP, MONROE H.                        PA0002-161
KURTZ, JENNINGS U.                     PA0002-355
LAIRD, THOMAS S.                       PA0002-589
LANCASTER, ROBERT D.                   PA0002-358
LAY, ANSON A.                          PA0002-383
LEISERING, DAYTON K.                   PA0002-694
LESHER, ALBERT U.                      PA0002-607
LEWIS, BENJAMIN                        PA0002-595
LEWIS, OSCAR                           PA0002-258
LILLEY, JOSEPH M.                      PA0002-26
LITTLE, EZRA S.                        PA0002-611
LITTLE, ROBERT R.                      PA0002–189
LOGAN, JOE A.                          PA0002-352
LONGSHORE, ASHBEL                      PA0002-448
LORENZO, FREDERICK W. V.               PA0002-757
LOTIER, VICTOR A.                      PA0002-431
LOW, ELISHA W. M.                      PA0002-767
LOWRY, ANDREW M.                       PA0002-233
LUCKENBILL, FRANKLIN W.                PA0002-286
LUDY, AUGUSTUS A.                      PA0002-774
MAGARGEL, JACOB B.                     PA0002-711
MARGARGEL, PHOEBE E.                   PA0002-715
MARKLE, ANNIE                          PA0002-633
MARKLE, MARTIN                         PA0002-639
MASON, WILLIAM CLAYTON                 PA0002-85
MAUSER, A.                             PA0002-378
MAY, ISAAC SR.                         PA0002-773
MCBRIDE, HUGH D.                       PA0002-659
MCCARTHY, JAMES A.                     PA0002-660
MCCLEERY, JAMES POLLOCK                PA0002-491
MCCLEERY, JOHN                         PA0002-576
MCELIECE, JOHN                         PA0002-366
MCELWEE, JOHN                          PA0002-584
MCFARLANE, JAMES                       PA0002-32
MCHENRY, DANIEL                        PA0002-55
MCHENRY, JAMES BOYD                    PA0002-404
MCKAMEY, SAMUEL                        PA0002-295
MCKILLIP, HARVEY A.                    PA0002-335
MCWILLIAMS, KIMBER C.                  PA0002-666
MEARS, GEORE W.                        PA0002-429
MEEK, FRANCIS J.                       PA0002-551
MERCER, JAMES H.                       PA0002-334
MERITHEW, STANLEY S.                   PA0002-279
MEUWESE, ALOYSIUS                      PA0002-199
MEYLERT, MICHAEL                       PA0002-710
MILELR, ELIAS SWARTZ                   PA0002-730
MILLER, ALVIN P.                       PA0002-186
MILLER, CHARLES W.                     PA0002-436
MILLER, DANIEL L.                      PA0002-131
MILLER, JAMES P.                       PA0002-221
MILLER, PETER G.                       PA0002-488
MILLER, WILLIAM E.                     PA0002-68
MISICKI, THOMAS                        PA0002-553
MOMLEY, CHRISTIAN                      PA0002-542
MONTELIUS, RALPH W.                    PA0002-620
MONTGOMERY, JAMES R.                   PA0002-321
MOODY, W. W.                           PA0002-116
MOORE, N. PATTERSON                    PA0002-508
MOOREHEAD, GEORGE E.                   PA0002-95
MORTON, JOEL                           PA0002-405
MOWREY, ISAAC                          PA0002-552
MULLEN, JOHN                           PA0002-30
MYERS, GEORGE W.                       PA0002-608
NEWBAKER, P. C.                        PA0002-173
NEWMAN, JSOEPH S.                      PA0002-250
NORTON, POWELL                         PA0002-134
ORAM, WILLIAM H. M.                    PA0002-109
OSLER, JEREMIAH M.                     PA0002-155
PACKER, JOHN B.                        PA0002-211
PARDOE, JOHN                           PA0002-184
PARDOE, JOSEPH                         PA0002-154
PAULES, WILLIAM R.                     PA0002-292
PEALER, SAMUEL JASON                   PA0002-723
PENSYL, HATTON A.                      PA0002-525
PETERMAN, PHILP                        PA0002-98
PHILLIPS, MAYNARD J.                   PA0002-61
PLUMSTEAD, MARTIN ELIAS                PA0002-394
POLK, RUFUS K.                         PA0002-507
PRICE, THOMAS J.                       PA0002-504
PRIESTLEY, JOSEPH                      PA0002-596
PURCELL, MARTN E.                      PA0002-548
PURMAN, WILILS H.                      PA0002-523
QUICK, GEORGE MATTHEW                  PA0002-349
QUIRK, JOSEPH B.                       PA0002-554
RABB, CHARLES W.                       PA0002-303
RAESSLER, JOEL G.                      PA0002-628
RAKER, FREDERICK D.                    PA0002-693
RAMSEY, WILLIAM J.                     PA0002-406
RANDALL, WALLACE JOSEPH                PA0002-756
RATTI, JOSEPH                          PA0002-244
RAUP, JOHN                             PA0002-287
REBER, WILLIAM MCCLELLAN               PA0002-167
REBMAN, JOHN                           PA0002-618
REDEKER, THEODORE                      PA0002-202
REED, JACOB H.                         PA0002-223
REESE, THOMAS C.                       PA0002-447
REIMARD, CHARLES H.                    PA0002-423
RHAWN, WILLIAM H.                      PA0002-393
RICHARD, FREDERICK J.                  PA0002-249
RICHARDSON, JOHNLYMAN                  PA0002-734
RIEHL, JAMES L.                        PA0002-308
ROBBINS, CORTEZ B.                     PA0002-430
ROBERTSON, ANDREW                      PA0002-673
ROBERTSON, ANDREW D.                   PA0002-214
ROBISON, JAMES BOYD                    PA0002-46
ROCKEFELLER, WILLIAM M.                PA0002-661
ROGERS, MOSES AUSTIN                   PA0002-669
ROHRBACH, LLOYD T.                     PA0002-301
ROTHROCK, JOHN HENRY                   PA0002-592
RUTTER, JOHN C.                        PA0002-157
RYON, GEORGE W.                        PA0002-397
RYON, WILLIAM W.                       PA0002-76
SANDS, CHARLES L                       PA0002-517
SANGER, THOMAS                         PA0002-464
SAVAGE, ROBERT HENRY                   PA0002-749
SAVIDGE, C. R.                         PA0002-67
SCHAFFER, JOHN F.                      PA0002-391
SCHILL, GEORGE                         PA0002-421
SCHLIEF, DANIEL                        PA0002-748
SCHMICK, DANIEL F.                     PA0002-652
SCHNEDER, CHARLES B.                   PA0002-563
SCHOENER, SOLOMON                      PA0002-489
SEELY, ANDREW D.                       PA0002-409
SEIBERT, GEORGE W.                     PA0002-383
SEILER, EMANUEL G.                     PA0002-73
SHANNON, JOSEPH L.                     PA0002-327
SHARPLESS, JOSEPH                      PA0002-556
SHARRETTS, EDWARD A.                   PA0002-333
SHAY, WILLIAM FIELD                    PA0002-348
SHEW, JAMES M.                         PA0002-183
SHEW, JAMES U. M.                      PA0002-583
SHINDEL, MARTINL.                      PA0002-55
SHINDEL, WILL L.                       PA0002-495
SHIPMAN, ABRAHAM                       PA0002-689
SHIPMAN, D. WEBSTER                    PA0002-419
SHULTZ, CAMERON                        PA0002-310
SHUMAN, JESSE E.                       PA0002-125
SIDLER, WILLIAM L.                     PA0002-497
SLATE, WILLIAM H.                      PA0002-208
SMALL, WILLIAM HENRY                   PA0002-393
SMINK, WILLIAM H. R.                   PA0002-227
SMITH, BURTON B.                       PA0002-555
SMITH, CLINTON S.                      PA0002-80
SMITH, JACOB                           PA0002-682
SMITH, JAMES E.                        PA0002-529
SMITH, JOHN M.                         PA0002-123
SMITH, NELSON M.                       PA0002-635
SNYDER, JACOB L.                       PA0002-680
SOLLENBERGER, DAVID L.                 PA0002-570
SOWERS, JOSEPH E. A.                   PA0002-412
STAGER, R. E.                          PA0002-467
STARR, WILLIAM ELLIS                   PA0002-558
STAVER, JAMES M.                       PA0002-545
STEANS, WILLIAM I.                     PA0002-251
STERLING, GEORGE S.                    PA0002-432
STROH, ANDREW JACKSON                  PA0002-511
STROUP, JAMES                          PA0002-599
SULT, ALONZO J.                        PA0002-235
SUPPLEE, HORACE G.                     PA0002-309
SWEISFORT, J.                          PA0002-758
SWENK, JACOB H.                        PA0002-482
TAGGART, ANNIE P.                      PA0002-275
TAYLOR, GEORGE E.                      PA0002-776
TAYLOR, MATTHEW                        PA0002-729
TAYLOR, ROBERT JR.                     PA0002-151
TAYLOR, WILLIAM B.                     PA0002-655
THOMAS, JOHN T.                        PA0002-768
THOMPSON, ALBERT E.                    PA0002-761
THOMPSON, JOSEPHD .                    PA0002-339
THOMPSON, SAMUEL Y.                    PA0002-87
VANDYKE, JAMES                         PA0002-304
VANNAN, FORBES H.                      PA0002-318
VASTINE, JACOB H.                      PA0002-501
VINCENT, JOHN H.                       PA0002-169
VISICK, JAMES                          PA0002-579
WALLIZE, HARRY CLARK                   PA0002-33
WALTER, LINCOLN S.                     PA0002-479
WALTON, HARRYE .                       PA0002-546
WATKINS, MATTHW KEAR                   PA0002-219
WEBSTER, JOHN J.                       PA0002-763
WEICKSEL, HARVEY J. S.                 PA0002-612
WELLS, EDWARD C.                       PA0002-547
WELSH, JOHN F.                         PA0002-580
WENDLING, PETER                        PA0002-553
WERKHEISER, JACOB D.                   PA0002-709
WEST, ISAAC D.                         PA0002-532
WEST, WILLIAMKASE                      PA0002-381
WHITE, ALEM BRITTON                    PA0002-239
WHITE, ALEM BRITTON                    PA0002-239
WHITLEY, JOHN                          PA0002-578
WIEST, DANIEL A.                       PA0002-307
WILCOX, G. ELDAAH                      PA0002-340
WILLAMS, WILLIAM C.                    PA0002-81
WILLIAMS, JOHN L.                      PA0002-387
WILLIAMS, JOHN P.                      PA0002-289
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM T.                   PA0002-602
WILLITS, ISAIAH W.                     PA0002-345
WILSON, HARRY W.                       PA0002-342
WOLVERTON, SIMON P.                    PA0002-17
WOODIN, CLEMUEL RICKETTS               PA0002-205
WRAGG, WILLIAM                         PA0002-624
YOST, ALFRED NEVIN                     PA0002-466
YOST, DANIEL                           PA0002-415
YOUNG, A. P.                           PA0002-451
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN                        PA0002-359
ZUERN, JOSEPH                          PA0002-636

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