A biographical album of prominent Pennsylvanians, pub. 1889

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A biographical album of prominent Pennsylvanians (First Series), pub. 1889
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Column One: Name of Person
Column Two: Book Code #, Page #

ADAMS, ROBERT JR.                      PA0004-191
ADAMSON, THOMAS                        PA0004-203
AFRICA, J. SIMPSON                     PA0004-211
AGNEW, DANIEL                          PA0004-101
ALLEN, HARRISON                        PA0004-265
ALLEN, ROBERT P.                       PA0004-167
BAIRD, ABSALOM                         PA0004-231
BAKER, ALFRED G.                       PA0004-437
BARR, JAMES P.                         PA0004-383
BATES, STOCKTON                        PA0004-421
BINGHAM, HENRY H.                      PA0004-23
BISHOP, JOHN S.                        PA0004-309
BREWSTER, BENJAMIN H.                  PA0004-97
BROOKE, H. JONES                       PA0004-149
BROOKE, JOHN R.                        PA0004-247
BUNN, WILLIAM M.                       PA0004-417
BUNNELL, FRANK C.                      PA0004-43
CAMERON, SIMON                         PA0004-89
CAMPBELL, JAMES H.                     PA0004-69
CATTELL, WILLIAM C.                    PA0004-323
CHILDS, GEORGE W.                      PA0004-357
COHEN, HENRY                           PA0004-423
COOPER, THOMAS V.                      PA0004-183
CRAWFORD, SAMUEL W.                    PA0004-253
CURTIS, ANDREW G.                      PA0004-61
DAVIS, ROBERT S.                       PA0004-397
DEMMING, HENRY C.                      PA0004-297
DICK, SAMUEL B.                        PA0004-77
DRAVO, JOHN F.                         PA0004-187
ELLIOTT, WASHINGTON L.                 PA0004-245
EVERHART, JAMES B.                     PA0004-27
FAUNCE, JOHN E.                        PA0004-179
FETTEROLF, ADAM H.                     PA0004-343
FITLER, EDWIN H.                       PA0004-223
GABLE, WILLIAM                         PA0004-99
GARRETSON, JAMES E.                    PA0004-349
GAZZAM, JOSEPH M.                      PA0004-169
GRADY, JOHN C.                         PA0004-175
GRUBB, EDWAD BURD                      PA0004-261
GUSKY, JACOB M.                        PA0004-443
HANCOCK, WINFIELD S.                   PA0004-227
HANDY, MOSES P.                        PA0004-401
HEYL, EDWARD M.                        PA0004-289
HORNE, ABRAHAM R.                      PA0004-345
HOWSON, HENRY                          PA0004-445
HOYT, HENRY M.                         PA0004-125
HUGHES, FRANCIS W.                     PA0004-141
KANDALL, SAMUEL J.                     PA0004-15
KELLEY, WILLIAM D.                     PA0004-7
KING, SAMUEL G.                        PA0004-217
KNOX, JAMES H. M.                      PA0004-335
KOONTZ, WILLIAM H.                     PA0004-73
LILLY, WILLIAM                         PA0004-285
MACCALLA, CLIFFORD P.                  PA0004-405
MACFARLANE, JOHN J.                    PA0004-16
MACKELLAR, THOMAS                      PA0004-355
MARCH, FRANCIS A.                      PA0004-339
MACCALLA, CLIFFORD P.                  PA0004-405
MCCLURE, ALEXANDER K.                  PA0004-363
MELVILLE, GEORGE W.                    PA0004-321
MERCUR, ULYSSES                        PA0004-111
MITCHELL, JOHN H.                      PA0004-57
MORWITZ, EDWARD                        PA0004-379
MURDOCH, SAMUEL K.                     PA0004-31
OSBORNE, EDWIN H.                      PA0004-37
OWEN, JOSHUA T.                        PA0004-281
PATTON, JOHN                           PA0004-47
PENROSE, BOIES                         PA0004-195
POLLOCK, OTIS W.                       PA0004-313
PORTER, HORCE                          PA0004-269
QUAY, MATTHEW S.                       PA0004-49
REYBURN, JOHN E.                       PA0004-165
SAILER, JOSEPH                         PA0004-411
SHARSWOOD, GEORGE                      PA0004-115
SINGERLY, WILLIAM M.                   PA0004-371
SMEDLEY, SAMUEL L.                     PA0004-439
SMITH, A. HERR                         PA0004-83
SMITH, CHARLES EMORY                   PA0004-387
SOWER, CHARLES G.                      PA0004-425
STARR, SAMUEL H.                       PA0004-293
STURGIS, SAMUEL D.                     PA0004-237
TAGGART, JOHN H.                       PA0004-409
WALLAE, WILLIAM A.                     PA0004-133
WEYAND, MICHAEL                        PA0004-415
WISTAR, ISAAC J.                       PA0004-277
WOLFE, CHARLES S.                      PA0004-151
WOLVERTON, SIMON P.                    PA0004-139
YOUNG, SAMUEL B. M.                    PA0004-303

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