Belknap County, New Hampshire
Naturalization Petitions (1906 and after)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Birthdate (NL- birthdate not listed, S=spouse. C=child)
Column 3: Place of Birthplace
Column 4: Location of Court - Belknap County New Hampshire, Supreme Court, type of record
Column 5: Volume # and page # | Volumes 1 = 1907-1917 | 2 = ? |

ALLEN, GEORGE WILFIELD                 1855                                    NOVA SCOTIA                              NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-31
ALLEN, LESLIE                          1892-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-31
ALLEN, NELLIE                          NL-S                                    MICHIGAN                                 NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-31
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         1888-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-31
ANDREWS, FREDERICK JOHN                1884                                    ENGLAND                                  NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-25
ARTOLF, ANNA M.                        NL-S                                    PENNSYLVANIA                             NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-40
ARTOLF, EDWIN W.                       1901-C                                  PENNSYLVANIA                             NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-40
ARTOLF, ELVA K.                        1904-C                                  PENNSYLVANIA                             NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-40
ARTOLF, KARL                           1875                                    GERMANY                                  NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-40
BAGLEY, SUSAN JENNETT MCKAY            1882-C                                  CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-8
BEAN, ABRAM                            1903-C                                  RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-17
BEAN, ALEC                             1902-C                                  RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-17
BEAN, BENNY                            1898-C                                  RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-17
BEAN, BESSIE                           NL-S                                    RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-17
BEAN, GOLDIE                           1900-C                                  RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-17
BEAN, JENNIE                           1907-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-17
BEAN, LOUIS                            1896-C                                  RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-17
BEAN, MORRIS                           1909-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-17
BEAN, OSCAR                            1867                                    RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-17
BEAN, SARAH                            1895-C                                  RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-17
BEARD, BERNICE CHARITY                 1905-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-10
BEARD, CLARA LOUISE                    1907-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-10
BEARD, CLEMENT STEVENS                 1900-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-10
BEARD, JOHN HARVY                      1910-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-10
BEARD, MERRILL CLEMENT                 1878                                    CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-10
BEARD, ROSE ELMA                       NL-S                                    NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-10
BELLEVEAU, ANNIE                       NL-S                                    IRELAND                                  NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-45
BELLEVEAU, MARY KATHERINE              1911-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-45
BELLEVEAU, WILLIAM JOHN                1876                                    NOVA SCOTIA                              NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-45
BLOOMFIELD, AARON                      1878-C                                  RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-33
BLOOMFIELD, BENJAMIN                   1905-C                                  RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-33
BLOOMFIELD, BERNARD                    1904-C                                  RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-33
BLOOMFIELD, FREDA                      NL-S                                    RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-33
BLOOMFIELD, HARRY                      1892-C                                  RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-33
BLOOMFIELD, JOE                        1903-C                                  RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-33
BLOOMFIELD, MAX                        1883-C                                  RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-33
BLOOMFIELD, MOSES                      1859                                    RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-33
BLOOMFIELD, WILLIAM                    1887-C                                  RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-33
CRAIG, CHARLES HOAG                    1907-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-42
CRAIG, JOHN WESTLYN                    1882                                    NEW BRUNSWICK                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-42
CRAIG, MARY JENNIE                     NL-S                                    NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-42
CROCKER, ALBERT R.                     1902-C                                  MASSACHUSETTS                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-47
CROCKER, CLARENCE C.                   1905-C                                  MASSACHUSETTS                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-47
CROCKER, ERNEST M.                     1904-C                                  MASSACHUSETTS                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-47
CROCKER, LILLIAN E.                    NL-S                                    MASSACHUSETTS                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-47
CROCKER, MILTON JAMES                  1877                                    NEW BRUNSWICK                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-47
CROCKER, MYRTLE E.                     1908-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-47
CROCKER, WALTER J.                     1901-C                                  MASSACHUSETTS                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-47
DECELLES, AMEDE HENRY                  1907-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-18
DECELLES, GEORGE ARTHUR                1910-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-18
DECELLES, IDA LABRECQUE                NL-S                                    QUEBEC                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-18
DECELLES, JOSEPH ALFRED                1879                                    QUEBEC                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-18
DECELLES, JOSEPH LEON                  1906-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-18
DECELLES, MARY ANNA                    1908-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-18
DOYLE, ELWIN ALVIN                     1884                                    CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-39
DUTILE, PETER                          1877                                    QUEBEC                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-13
ERYOU, AGNES                           1913-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-41
ERYOU, BEATRICE                        1916-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-41
ERYOU, MAUDL.                          NL-S                                    NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-41
ERYOU, WILLIE HENRY                    1887                                    QUEBEC                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-41
FALBO, FRANCESCO                       1885                                    ITALY                                    NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-46
FOURNIER, HECTOR                       1883                                    CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-49
GALLAGHER, JAMES                       1856                                    IRELAND                                  NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-27
GAUTHIER, WILFRED                      1888                                    CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-14
GRABERT, HENRY                         1895-C                                  POLAND                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-6
GRABERT, JENNIE                        1896-C                                  POLAND                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-6
GRABERT, MARTHA                        1901-C                                  POLAND                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-6
GRABERT, MARY                          NL-S                                    POLAND                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-6
GRABERT, PAUL                          1866                                    GERMANY                                  NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-6
GRABERT, SIGMONT                       1899-C                                  POLAND                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-6
GREENLAY, NELLIE                       NL-S                                    NEW YORK                                 NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-44
GREENLAY, WILLIAM JAMES                1879                                    QUEBEC                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-44
HELLSTROM, ARTHUR BARTHOLOMEW          1881                                    SWEDEN                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-9
HOLBROOK, MYRTIE M. MCKAY              1872-C                                  CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-8
HOYT, ROSIE MABLE MCKAY                1878-C                                  CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-8
JENISCH, ALOIS                         1882                                    AUSTRIA                                  NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-24
JENISCH, ELIZABETH                     1913-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-24
JENISCH, FRIEDRICH KARL                1911-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-24
JENISCH, MATILDA                       NL-S                                    BOHEMIA                                  NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-24
JENISCH, WILHELM HENRY                 1910-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-24
JEWETT, ELIZABETH ALEXINA              1880-C                                  CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-8
KANAKSTANOS, ETHEL                     1912-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-37
KANAKSTANOS, JOHN                      1914-C                                  GREECE                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-37
KANAKSTANOS, MAKES                     1872                                    GREECE                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-37
KANAKSTANOS, REGINA                    NL-S                                    GREECE                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-37
KANAKSTANOS, THEODORE                  1913-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-37
LOONEY, CATHERINE MARY                 1907-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-12
LOONEY, EDWARD LAWRENCE                1880                                    IRELAND                                  NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-12
LOONEY, MARY ANN                       NL-S                                    IRELAND                                  NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-12
MCKAY, ALICE CRISTEIL                  1892-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-8
MCKAY, ALICE ISABELLA                  NL-S                                    VERMONT                                  NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-8
MCKAY, EDNA FLOSSIE                    1890-C                                  CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-8
MCKAY, GEORGE ALEXANDER                1876-C                                  CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-8
MCKAY, HECTOR                          1845                                    CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-8
MCKAY, JAMES ROBERT                    1885-C                                  CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-8
MCKAY, JOHN MALCOMB                    1894-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-8
MCKAY, LEWIS HECTOR                    1901-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-8
MILLAR, FLORENCE EMMA                  NL-S                                    QUEBEC                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-48
MILLAR, JOHN ALFRED                    1871                                    QUEBEC                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-48
MOORE, ELEANOR MULD                    NL-S                                    NOVA SCOTIA                              NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-2
MOORE, FREDERICK WILLIAM               1876                                    CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-2
MOORE, LOLITA STURGEON                 1907-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-2
MOORE, VICTORIA ELEANOR                1906-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-2
MOSCARDINI, GIOVANNI                   1877                                    ITALY                                    NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-38
MOSCARDINI, LOUIS                      1905-C                                  ITALY                                    NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-38
MOSCARDINI, STELLA                     NL-S                                    ITALY                                    NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-38
MOSCARDINI, WILLIAM                    1915-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-38
NORMANDIN, FORTUNAT ERNEST             1890                                    CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-29
ORFANETHES, JOHN HERESTO               1887                                    TURKEY                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-28
PAKSTIS, KAZIMERAS                     1888                                    LITHUANIA                                NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-22
PAQUETTE, ALICDE                       1883                                    CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-50
PAQUETTE, ANDRE THOMAS                 1910-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-50
PAQUETTE, ANTONIA                      1909-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-50
PAQUETTE, DOMINIQUE PIERRE             1913-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-50
PAQUETTE, GERARD ARCHILE               1917-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-50
PAQUETTE, HERVE CAROLUS                1905-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-50
PAQUETTE, ROCHILLE ROSE                1915-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-50
PAQUETTE, ZEPHIRINE L.                 NL-S                                    CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-50
PARENT, DOCINA                         1909-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-26
PARENT, HENRY JOSEPH                   1890                                    CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-26
PARENT, MICHAELANGELO                  1912-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-26
PARENT, PHOEBE                         NL-S                                    CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-26
PEASE, CHARLES FREDERICK               1875                                    CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-5
PEASE, EDWIN A.                        1907-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-5
PEASE, ELIZABETH FAY                   NL-S                                    CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-5
PEASE, PERCY E.                        1900-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-5
RAFFAELLI, BERTOLOMEO                  1895                                    ITALY                                    NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-30
RAFFAELLI, GIOVANNI                    1876                                    ITALY                                    NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-1
RAFFAELLI, GIOVANNINI                  NL-S                                    ITALY                                    NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-30
RAFFAELLI, LEONELLA                    1903-C                                  ITALY                                    NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-30
RAFFAELLI, LEONTINOR                   1906-C                                  ITALY                                    NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-30
RAFFAELLY, JOSEPH                      1881                                    ITALY                                    NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-21
SAKANSKY, ISSACK                       1878                                    RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-7
SAKANSKY, SOPHIE                       NL-S                                    RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-7
SCEJNVOK, ADAM                         1911-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-16
SCEJNVOK, KOSTYK                       1883                                    RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-16
SCEJNVOK, MARY BEL                     NL-S                                    AUSTRIA                                  NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-16
SCHNAUDT, AMY LOEFFLER                 NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-23
SCHNAUDT, OTTO                         1886                                    GERMANY                                  NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-23
SCHNAUDT, WILLIAM                      1884                                    GERMANY                                  NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-34
SCHNAUDT, WILLIAM FREDERICK            1913-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-23
SCHRODER, ALWIN ADOLF ROBERT           1889                                    SAXONY                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-32
SCHRODER, ELMIRE                       NL-S                                    CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-32
SIMONEAU, ALEXANDRINE VACHOU           NL-S                                    CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-43
SIMONEAU, ALFRED WILFRED               1881                                    CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-20
SIMONEAU, ERNEST F.                    1905-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-20
SIMONEAU, HENRIETTE                    NL-S                                    NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-20
SIMONEAU, JOSEPH                       1889                                    CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-43
SIMONEAU, LEON                         1906-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-20
SIMONEAU, RAYMOND                      1908-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-20
SIMONEAU, ROLAND                       1910-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-20
SNEIERSON, ABRAM                       1894-C                                  RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-3
SNEIERSON, DAVID                       1859                                    RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-3
SNEIERSON, GOLDIE                      1881-C                                  RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-3
SNEIERSON, HYMAN                       1899-C                                  RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-3
SNEIERSON, MINNIE                      1903-C                                  RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-3
SNEIERSON, MORRIS                      1901-C                                  RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-3
SNEIERSON, YETTA                       NL-S                                    RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-3
STEENBERGEN, ANNA ELLA                 NL-S                                    VERMONT                                  NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-11
STEENBERGEN, ARENT HENDRIK             1908-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-11
STEENBERGEN, HENDRIK WILLEM            1872                                    NETHERLANDS                              NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-11
VALLIER, LAZAR FREMAN                  1887                                    CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-36
VALLIER, LUCY FORTIN                   NL-S                                    CANADA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-36
VALLIER, WILLIE F.                     1909-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-36
VALLION, JOSEPH                        1897-C                                  ITALY                                    NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-15
VALLION, MARIE                         1900-C                                  ITALY                                    NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-15
VALLION, MARIE TROYLT                  NL-S                                    UNKNOWN                                  NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-15
VALLION, NICOLA                        1873                                    ITALY                                    NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-15
WEIN, LATTEA MOLANSKY                  NL-S                                    RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-19
WEIN, RUBERT                           1890                                    RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-19
WICHTA, ROBERT                         1886                                    RUSSIA                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-35
YOUNG, CLARISSA MANDANA                NL-S                                    NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-4
YOUNG, ELMER ORANGE                    1868                                    QUEBEC                                   NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-4
YOUNG, PEARL NANA                      1897-C                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE                            NH-BELKNAP-SC-PET                       1-4

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