Book of biographies; This volume contains biographical sketches
of leading citizens of the Seventeenth congressional district, Pennsylvania
, pub. 1899

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Book of biographies; This volume contains biographical sketches of leading citizens of the Seventeenth congressional district, Pennsylvania, pub. 1899
Columbia, Montour, Northumberland, and Sullivan counties

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BAKER, GEORGE G                        PA0002-588
BEAVER, JESSE L                        PA0002-538
BIRD, ULYSSES                          PA0002-144
BOBB, PETER G                          PA0002-566
BOODY, LINCOLN H                       PA0002-138
BOWER, ISAIAH                          PA0002-254
BOYD, DANIEL MONTGOMERY                PA0002-92
BREWSTER, PHILANDER S.                 PA0002-58
BROWN, GEORGE E                        PA0002-472
BUCK, JOHN WATSON                      PA0002-560
BUCKALEW, RUSSELL C                    PA0002-718
CHALFANT, THOMAS                       PA0002-44
CHESTER, HOLDEN                        PA0002-316
CLEMENT, CHARLES M.                    PA0002-101
CLEMENT, JOHN KAY                      PA0002-100
CRONINGER, MATTHIAS                    PA0002-216
CUMMINGS, ROBERT M.                    PA0002-284
DAVIS, HENRY EYRE                      PA0002-272
DEARMOND, SAMUEL EDWARD                PA0002-434
DILLON, JOHN LLOYD                     PA0002-78
EDGAR, THOMAS H                        PA0002-128
FRITZ, ANDREW LUCIUS                   PA0002-370
GARR, ELMER E                          PA0002-402
GEISINGER, GEORGE F                    PA0002-194
GOESER, JOHN H                         PA0002-484
GOLEMBIEWSKI, ANTHONY                  PA0002-118
GOODWILL, ROBERT                       PA0002-444
GORREY, THOMAS                         PA0002-604
GREEN, WHEELER                         PA0002-626
HALL, HYMAN P                          PA0002-578
HANLON, WILLIAM J.                     PA0002-52
HARMAN, JAMES LEE                      PA0002-648
HARMAN, PETER S                        PA0002-648
HARPEL, MARCUS HOWARD                  PA0002-456
HARRIS, ROBERT N.                      PA0002-698
HARTER, THEODORE C.                    PA0002-28
HEIM, ANDREW A                         PA0002-260
HEIM, HESTER K.                        PA0002-261
HERRING, GRANT                         PA0002-36
HIGGINS, GEORGE J.                     PA0002-572
HUBER, JAMES A.                        PA0002-688
JURY, WILSON U                         PA0002-364
KEIM, JOSEPH                           PA0002-616
KOCH, JOHN JOSEPH                      PA0002-22
KULP, MONROE H.                        PA0002-160
KURTZ, JENNINGS U.                     PA0002-354
LEWIS, BENJAMIN                        PA0002-594
LITTLE, EZRA S                         PA0002-610
LITTLE, ROBERT R.                      PA0002-188
LOWRY, ANDREW M.                       PA0002-232
MARKLE, JACOB                          PA0002-632
MARKLE, MARTIN                         PA0002-638
MASON, WILLIAM CLAYTON                 PA0002-84
MCBRIDE, HUGH D                        PA0002-658
MCKAMEY, SAMUEL                        PA0002-294
MEARS, GEORGE W                        PA0002-428
MEEK, FRANCIS J.                       PA0002-550
MEEK, J. FLORIAN                       PA0002-550
MERITHEW, STANLEY S.                   PA0002-278
NEWBAKER, P. C.                        PA0002-172
ORAM, WILLIAM H. M.                    PA0002-108
PACKER, JOHN B.                        PA0002-210
POLK, RUFUS K                          PA0002-506
PURMAN, WILLIS H.                      PA0002-522
REBER, WILLIAM MCCLELLAN               PA0002-166
RICHARD, FREDERICK J.                  PA0002-248
ROGERS, MOSES AUSTIN                   PA0002-668
ROHRBACH, LLOYD T.                     PA0002-300
RYON, GEORGE W                         PA0002-396
SANDS, CHARLES L                       PA0002-516
SAVIDGE, C. R                          PA0002-66
SEELY, ANDREW D.                       PA0002-408
SEILER, EMANUEL G.                     PA0002-72
SHANNON, JOSEPH L.                     PA0002-326
SHARRETTS, EDWARD A.                   PA0002-332
SHEW, JAMES M                          PA0002-182
SHEW, JAMES U. M.                      PA0002-582
SHINDEL, WILL I                        PA0002-494
SHIPMAN, D. WEBSTER                    PA0002-418
SMINK, WILLIAM H R                     PA0002-226
SMITH, JAMES E                         PA0002-528
STAVER, JAMES M                        PA0002-544
TAYLOR MATTHEW                         PA0002-728
TAYLOR, ROBERT, JR.                    PA0002-150
THOMPSON, JOSEPH D.                    PA0002-338
VASTINE, JACOB H.                      PA0002-500
WALTER, LINCOLN S.                     PA0002-478
WERKHEISER, JACOB D.                   PA0002-708
WEST, WILLIAM KASE                     PA0002-380
WHITE, ALEM BRITTON                    PA0002-238
WIEST, DANIEL A                        PA0002-306
WILLIAMS, JOHN L.                      PA0002-386
WILLITS, ISAIAH W.                     PA0002-344
WOLVERTON, SIMON P.                    PA0002-16
WOODIN, WILLIAM HARTMAN                PA0002-204
YOUNG, A. P.                           PA0002-450

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