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History of Fayette County, Pennsylvania, pub. 1882
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Column One: Name of Person
Column Two: Book Code #, Page #

ALLEBAUGH, SAMUEL                      PA0003-605
ALLISON, JAMES                         PA0003-667
BAILY, SILAS MILTON                    PA0003-355
BANNING, ANTHONY ROGERS                PA0003-545
BARTON, WILLIAM                        PA0003-694
BLACKSTON, JAMES                       PA0003-545
BLAYFORD, WILLIAM H.                   PA0003-353
BOWMAN, GOODLOE HARPER                 PA0003-457
BOYD, ARCHIBALD                        PA0003-631
BOYLE, CHARLES E.                      PA0003-352
BREADING, JAMES E.                     PA0003-650
BRITT, ROBERT                          PA0003-588
BROWN, ISAAC                           PA0003-692
BROWN, JOHN                            PA0003-827
BROWNFIELD, BASIL                      PA0003-692
BROWNFIELD, EWING                      PA0003-346
BURTON, JOHN                           PA0003-562
CAMPBELL, GEORGE W.                    PA0003-762
CANFIELD, THOMAS                       PA0003-740
CHATLAND, WILLIAM                      PA0003-462
CLEMENS, SAMUEL M.                     PA0003-691
COCHRAN, JOHN                          PA0003-804
COOK, EDWARD                           PA0003-826
COOK, JOHN BELL                        PA0003-825
COVERT, BENJAMIN                       PA0003-652
CRAFT, JAMES                           PA0003-740
CROSSLAND, ALBERT J.                   PA0003-546
CROSSLAND, GREENBERRY                  PA0003-360
CUMMINGS, DAVID                        PA0003-419
DAVIDSON, DANIEL ROGERS                PA0003-406
DAVIDSON, JOHN H.                      PA0003-721
DAVIDSON, THOMAS B.                    PA0003-405
DESAULLES, ARTHUR B.                   PA0003-544
DRAVO, JOHN F.                         PA0003-415
DUNCAN, THOMAS                         PA0003-459
DUNCAN, WILLIAM STEVENS                PA0003-460
DUNN, JUSTUS                           PA0003-590
DUNN, THOMAS                           PA0003-563
ELLIOTT, JOSEPH S.                     PA0003-628
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM                       PA0003-628
EWING, WILLIAM                         PA0003-651
FERGUSON, EDMUND MOREWOOD              PA0003-414
FERGUSON, WATSON                       PA0003-415
FINLEY, ROBERT                         PA0003-737
FORSYTH, WILLIAM                       PA0003-628
FRANKS, MICHAEL W.                     PA0003-705
FRICK, HENRY CLAY                      PA0003-414
FRISBEE, JOHN D.                       PA0003-416
FULLER, SMITH                          PA0003-347
GALLATIN, ALBERT                       PA0003-771
GANS, LEBBEUS BIGLOW                   PA0003-773
GIBSON, ALEXANDER                      PA0003-652
GOE, HENRY BATEMAN                     PA0003-629
GOE, JOHN S.                           PA0003-629
GRAHAM, HUGH                           PA0003-669
GREENE, WILSON                         PA0003-705
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM P.                    PA0003-707
GRIFFITH, SAMUEL C.                    PA0003-826
HAGUE, REUBEN                          PA0003-588
HANSEL, GEORGE W.                      PA0003-841
HEALY, MAURICE                         PA0003-542
HERBERTSON, JOHN                       PA0003-462
HIBBS, DAVID                           PA0003-739
HIBBS, SAMUEL C.                       PA0003-739
HILL, ALEXANDER J.                     PA0003-543
HOGG, GEORGE                           PA0003-458
HOGG, WILLIAM                          PA0003-459
HOGSETT, ROBERT                        PA0003-348
HOUGH, WILLIAM                         PA0003-631
HOWELL, ALFRED                         PA0003-352
HOWELL, JOSEPH BLACKWOOD               PA0003-356
HUNT, WILLIAM                          PA0003-360
HUSTON, JOHN                           PA0003-359
HYNDMAN, EDWARD K.                     PA0003-409
JACKSON,R OBERT                        PA0003-668
JACOBS, ADAM                           PA0003-458
JOHNSON, DAVID                         PA0003-604
JONES, JOHN                            PA0003-691
KENDALL, ISAAC PHILLIPS                PA0003-604
KING, JOSIAH                           PA0003-722
LEISNBING, JOHN                        PA0003-410
LENHART, LEONARD                       PA0003-741
LINDLEY, LUTELLUS                      PA0003-406
LINN, JAMES M.                         PA0003-738
LYNN, DENTON                           PA0003-827
MARCHAND, LOUIS                        PA0003-627
MATHIOT, HENRY BERNARD                 PA0003-587
MCILVAINE, ROBERT ANDREW               PA0003-538
MILLER, L. S. (RESIDENCE)              PA0003-632
MILLER, WILLIAM H.                     PA0003-463
MOORE, J. W.                           PA0003-694
MORGAN, JOHN                           PA0003-773
NEWCOMER, GEORGE W.                    PA0003-417
NEWMYER, P. S.                         PA0003-420
OGLEVEE, JOSEPH                        PA0003-541
OLIPHANT, E. H.                        PA0003-582
OLIPHANT, S. D.                        PA0003-194
PATTERSON, ALFRED                      PA0003-351
PATTERSON, WILLIAM G.                  PA0003-629
PEIRSOL, JAMES                         PA0003-721
PHILLIPS, ELLIS                        PA0003-543
POUNDSTONE, JOHN                       PA0003-695
REDBURN, JAMES THOMAS                  PA0003-358
REED, JAMES MADISON                    PA0003-540
ROBERTS, GRIFFITHS                     PA0003-738
ROBINSON, ELEAZER                      PA0003-361
ROBINSON, JAMES                        PA0003-590
ROGERS, JAMES K.                       PA0003-419
RUSH, SEBASTIAN                        PA0003-840
SCHOONMAKER, JAMES M.                  PA0003-412
SEARIGHT, WILLIAM                      PA0003-665
SHEARER, JACOB                         PA0003-563
SHEPLER, JOSEPH TAYLOR                 PA0003-544
SMITH, ROBERT                          PA0003-563
SOISSON, JOSEPH                        PA0003-420
SPRINGER, LEVI                         PA0003-690
STAUFFER, J. R. (RESIDENCE)            PA0003-802
STEELE, JOHN (RESIDENCE)               PA0003-632
STEELE, SAMUEL                         PA0003-461
STEPHENS, LEVI                         PA0003-826
STEPHENS, LEVI B.                      PA0003-826
STERLING, JOHN                         PA0003-602
STERLING, JONATHAN                     PA0003-603
STEWART, ANDREW                        PA0003-363
STONEROAD, JOEL                        PA0003-539
STRICKLER, STEWART                     PA0003-805
STURGEON, DANIEL                       PA0003-345
THOMPSON, JASPER MARKLE                PA0003-350
TRADER, WILLIAM H.                     PA0003-589
WELLS, JOSEPH                          PA0003-632
WILKEY, JAMES                          PA0003-548
WOODWARD, DAVIS                        PA0003-547
WOODWARD, JOSEPH                       PA0003-603
WORK, SAMUEL                           PA0003-547

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