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ALLEN, JOSEPH                           AL-63-B-75
ATCHISON, BARTON                        AL-63-B-181
BAKER, ELIZABETH                        AL-63-B-43
BAKER, JOHN                             AL-63-B-53
BAKER, WILLIAM A.                       AL-63-B-72
BASS, E. H.                             AL-63-B-88
BASSELL, SARAH                          AL-63-B-60
BATTES, JAMES T.                        AL-63-B-120
BEARD, J. D.                            AL-63-B-513
BEECH, PETER L.                         AL-63-B-156
BLOCK, ERNST REINHARD                   AL-63-B-204
BLOUNT, FREDERICK                       AL-63-B-41
BLUNT, SARAH AGNES                      AL-63-B-242
BONNER, JORDAN                          AL-63-B-61
BOUNT, JAMES K.                         AL-63-B-132
BOWLING, ASENETH                        AL-63-B-148
BOWLING, BARBARA                        AL-63-B-64
BOWLING, P. L.                          AL-63-B-286
BOWLING, T. C.                          AL-63-B-205
BOYKIN, JOHN                            AL-63-B-10
BOYKIN, MARY E.                         AL-63-B-200
BREWER, GEORGE                          AL-63-B-55
BRIDGES, PETER                          AL-63-B-118
BROWN, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN                AL-63-B-530
BROWN, JOHN ROBERT                      AL-63-B-414
BURLEY, CARRIE A.                       AL-63-B-267
BUSH, WILLIAM                           AL-63-B-57
CALVERT, WILLIAM                        AL-63-B-249
CAOT, A. F.                             AL-63-B-71
CAOT, LEWIS                             AL-63-B-26
CARPENTER, JOHN W.                      AL-63-B-184
CASKADEN, GEORGE                        AL-63-B-1
CATER, WILLIAM                          AL-63-B-298
CATO, BURRELL P.                        AL-63-B-45
CATO, GREEN T.                          AL-63-B-66
CAUSY, CULLEN                           AL-63-B-128
CHAPMAN, THOMAS                         AL-63-B-253
CHESTANG, THOMAS                        AL-63-B-524
COLEMAN, CAORLINE V.                    AL-63-B-144
COOPER, EARNEST EUGENE                  AL-63-B-543
COOPER, MINNIE C.                       AL-63-B-231
COWAN, THOMAS                           AL-63-B-105
CRANE, E. J.                            AL-63-B-167
DENT, JOHN W.                           AL-63-B-185
DIARMAN, BERSHEBA                       AL-63-B-135
DICKINSON, FRANK J.                     AL-63-B-430
DONALDSON, WILLIAM                      AL-63-B-134
DUMAS, HENRY C.                         AL-63-B-351
DUNBAR, YOUNG                           AL-63-B-77
EARLE, JAMES W.                         AL-63-B-80
EASLEY, SAMUEL                          AL-63-B-201
EDDY, ZEPHANIAH                         AL-63-B-207
EVERITT, ENOCH                          AL-63-B-39
EVERITT, JOHN                           AL-63-B-78
FARTH, JACKSON W.                       AL-63-B-140
FERGUSON, JERRY M.                      AL-63-B-424
FERGUSON, W. D.                         AL-63-B-385
FLETCHER, MATHEW                        AL-63-B-96
FOSTER, CALEB                           AL-63-B-264
FRIEND, WILLIAM H.                      AL-63-B-283
FULLER, MINIE                           AL-63-B-164
GARRIS, BEN W.                          AL-63-B-396
GIBSON, BLANCHE                         AL-63-B-234
GLYNN, PATRICK G.                       AL-63-B-460
GORDY, JOHN                             AL-63-B-33
GRANADE, GEORE W.                       AL-63-B-536
GRANADE, J. N.                          AL-63-B-272
GRAY, JOSEPH                            AL-63-B-193
GRAYBILL, T. J.                         AL-63-B-159
GREINERT, PAUL                          AL-63-B-555
GRIFFIN, JAMES                          AL-63-B-41
GRIMES, JOHN F.                         AL-63-B-553
HAINSWORTH, LEVIN                       AL-63-B-32
HARRIS, LUD W.                          AL-63-B-46
HAYES, CAROLINE                         AL-63-B-252
HAZARD, JOHN B.                         AL-63-B-37
HENRY, B. W.                            AL-63-B-188
HILL, ELIZABETH                         AL-63-B-43
HODGE, ELIZABETH                        AL-63-B-203
HOOKS, A. F.                            AL-63-B-521
HOOKS, A. F.                            AL-63-B-269
HOWARD, DARWIN                          AL-63-B-363
JACKSON, JAMES P.                       AL-63-B-327
JOHNSOTN, GEORGE W.                     AL-63-B-89
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         AL-63-B-90
JOHNSTON, JOSEPH                        AL-63-B-49
JONES, EDWIN E.                         AL-63-B-450
JONES, JOHN D.                          AL-63-B-257
JONES, JOHN D.                          AL-63-B-206
JONSTON, CLARA                          AL-63-B-63
JORDAN, T. D.                           AL-63-B-551
JORDAN, WILLIAM                         AL-63-B-68
KILPATRICK, JOHN E.                     AL-63-B-556
KOEN, FRED J.                           AL-63-B-124
KOEN, JOHN W.                           AL-63-B-110
KOEN, JOSEPH                            AL-63-B-101
KUCK, JOHN CHRISTIAN                    AL-63-B-244
LAFEY, JAMES                            AL-63-B-52
LAPER, JOSEPH                           AL-63-B-122
LAPER, PETER                            AL-63-B-131
LAVE, ROBERTUS                          AL-63-B-70
LOCKLING, PAUL P.                       AL-63-B-324
LOEFFLER, DANIEL                        AL-63-B-336
LONG, JOHN                              AL-63-B-24
MAGOFFIN, JAMES                         AL-63-B-126
MCAVOY, JOHN                            AL-63-B-309
MCILWAIN, ANDREW                        AL-63-B-12
MCILWAIN, ANDREW                        AL-63-B-12
MCLINDEN, SARAH A.                      AL-63-B-130
MCNEIL, JOSEPH N.                       AL-63-B-341
MELTON, ROBERT                          AL-63-B-85
MOSELY, JOHN I.                         AL-63-B-116
MOSS, ROBERT LEE                        AL-63-B-533
MOUNGER, HENRY H.                       AL-63-B-98
MOUNGER, HIRAM                          AL-63-B-114
MOUNGER, WALTER S.                      AL-63-B-99
NEEDHAM, BENJAMIN                       AL-63-B-58
NORMAN, WILLIAM L.                      AL-63-B-67
OATES, JETHRO D.                        AL-63-B-246
PALMER, DABNEY                          AL-63-B-209
PARGADE, FRANCIS                        AL-63-B-48
PATTERSON, CHARLES S.                   AL-63-B-85
PETTUS, W. B.                           AL-63-B-177
PLATT, NEACY                            AL-63-B-408
PORTER, JOHN C.                         AL-63-B-94
PORTER, WILLIAM FRANKLIN                AL-63-B-211
PRICE, THOMAS K.                        AL-63-B-217
RANK, JAMES B.                          AL-63-B-531
REED, DANIEL                            AL-63-B-69
REED, GEORGE W. SR.                     AL-63-B-196
REED, ROSE                              AL-63-B-136
REEVES, EZEKIEL                         AL-63-B-73
REINEKE, EMILY                          AL-63-B-532
RICHARDSON, JOHN                        AL-63-B-117
RIGGINS, RICHARD                        AL-63-B-125
RODMAN, WILLIS JACKSON                  AL-63-B-235
RUFFIN, A. G.                           AL-63-B-20
SHAW, MATHEW                            AL-63-B-44
SIMPSON, B. F.                          AL-63-B-142
SIMPSON, ELISHA                         AL-63-B-38
SIMPSON, JOHN P.                        AL-63-B-137
SIMPSON, PHILLIP                        AL-63-B-86
SIMPSON, URIAH E.                       AL-63-B-103
SLADE, WILLIAM B.                       AL-63-B-34
SMITH, ANN                              AL-63-B-31
SMITH, ERASTMUS C.                      AL-63-B-271
SMITH, JOHN A.                          AL-63-B-173
SMITH, ROBERT W.                        AL-63-B-150
SMITH, THOMAS G.                        AL-63-B-106
SMITH,BOOKAJAH                          AL-63-B-35
SNEED, STEPHEN                          AL-63-B-92
SNIVELY, J. C.                          AL-63-B-284
SOELMAN, A. H.                          AL-63-B-406
SOUTHER, ALICE M.                       AL-63-B-241
STITH, CINCINATUS                       AL-63-B-111
STITH, HARRIETT                         AL-63-B-112
STUART, ARTHUR P.                       AL-63-B-179
STUART, W. P.                           AL-63-B-193
SULLIVAN, GIBEON J.                     AL-63-B-276
SYLVESTER, JAMES H.                     AL-63-B-50
TAYLOR, ISHAM                           AL-63-B-323
THOMPSON, ALFRED                        AL-63-B-27
THOMPSON, CARRIE                        AL-63-B-498
THOMPSON, JAMES                         AL-63-B-17
THOMPSON, JOSEPH                        AL-63-B-3
THOMPSON, OLE                           AL-63-B-314
THOMPSON, THOMAS                        AL-63-B-13
TOUTMIN, HARRY                          AL-63-B-4
TUCKER, THOMAS ELI                      AL-63-B-280
VANIRSDALE, H. C.                       AL-63-B-295
WARRICK, JAMES MADISON                  AL-63-B-213
WASHAM, J. B.                           AL-63-B-129
WATERHOUSE, CLARENCE G.                 AL-63-B-488
WELLS, SALLIE T.                        AL-63-B-222
WELLS, WILLARD B.                       AL-63-B-437
WHEAT, MARGARET                         AL-63-B-198
WILSON, G. B.                           AL-63-B-285
WOMACK, JOHN                            AL-63-B-87
WOODYARD, W. S.                         AL-63-B-268
WOODYARD, WALTER                        AL-63-B-82
ZIEMAN, FRANK                           AL-63-B-310

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