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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page #  | A =1837-1872 | C =1873-1900 | D = | E = | F = | G = |
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AAMES, FREDERICK L.                     TBL                                     AR-4-B-370
ABBOTT, JOHN                            TBL                                     AR-4-C-344
ABERCROMBIE, J. G.                      TBL                                     AR-4-C-322
ALDEN, GEORGE R.                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-193
ALLEN, JAMES                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-455
AMES, OLIVER                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-386
ANDERSON, H. A.                         ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-98
ANDERSON, JAMES                         ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-113
ARMSTRONG, ELIJA                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-409
ARNDALE, RICHARD                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-103
ARNOLD, C. C.                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-250
BACON, LANGSTON M.                      TBL                                     AR-4-B-299
BACON, MARY                             TBL                                     AR-4-C-101
BACON, SARAH                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-328
BAGGETT, ABRAHAM                        NTL                                     AR-4-A-235
BAKER, G. W.                            TBL                                     AR-4-C-81
BANTA, JACK J.                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-115
BARKHURST, CATHERINE                    TBL                                     AR-4-C-71
BARTELL, ED C.                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-414
BATES, JAMES S.                         TBL                                     AR-4-C-360
BATES, MC                               TBL                                     AR-4-C-512
BEAN, COLMON                            ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-76
BELMONT, GEORGE                         TBL                                     AR-4-C-397
BERRY, THOMAS                           ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-138
BILL, GEORGE                            TBL                                     AR-4-C-124
BIRD, D. T.                             TBL                                     AR-4-C-317
BLACK, SAMUEL                           NTL                                     AR-4-A-174
BLACKTURN, W. G.                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-558
BLAIR, JOHN C.                          ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-1
BLAKE, THOMAS K.                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-258
BLICK, GEORGE W.                        ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-116
BOUGH, THOMAS                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-249
BOWMAN, THOMAS H.                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-239
BRAITHWAIT, JOHN                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-298
BRIGHT, A. W.                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-431
BRIGHT, ALFRED                          NTL                                     AR-4-A-123
BROODHURST, HENRY                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-443
BROWN, WILLIAM G.                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-349
BUCHANNAN, JOHN                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-90
BUCK, HENDERSON                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-161
BURDEN, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     AR-4-A-25
BURGESS, JOSEPH ANDREW                  AMDIN                                   AR-4-A-23
BURNS, ELIAS                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-44
BURROW, WILLIAM F.                      TBL                                     AR-4-C-50
BUTLER, ABSOLEM                         NTL                                     AR-4-A-245
BUTLER, J. VAN                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-384
BUTLER, POWTAN                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-142
BUTTRY, JOHN                            TBL                                     AR-4-C-297
BYNUN, LAWSON                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-434
CALLAHAN, BESTON                        NTL                                     AR-4-A-215
CAMMM, MARTHA D.                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-410
CANDLE, REBECCA                         TBL                                     AR-4-C-353
CARDIN, ROBERT                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-39
CARLISLE, JOHN                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-64
CARRIKER, W. B.                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-418
CASEY, W. P.                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-478
CAUDLE, JOSHUA D.                       TBL                                     AR-4-B-458
CENTER, JOHN                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-127
CHADWICK, HARRIET L.                    TBL                                     AR-4-C-556
CHAMBERS, ELISHA                        NTL                                     AR-4-A-184
CHANDLER, DAVID                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-224
CHASE, A. A.                            TBL                                     AR-4-C-273
CHISHOLM, THOMAS                        ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-82
CLIFTON, ELDREGE                        NTL                                     AR-4-A-206
COLDWELL, BENONI                        NTL                                     AR-4-A-232
COLE, HENINGTON                         NTL, SCOTT, AR                          AR-4-A-188
CONDREY, W. F.                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-268
COOK, ELI T.                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-261
COOK, S. N.                             TBL                                     AR-4-C-479
COOLEY, JOHN B.                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-166
CORDELL, J. R.                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-429
CORLEW, S. M.                           TBL                                     AR-4-C-133
COUCH, J. A.                            TBL                                     AR-4-C-161
COWAN, D. R.                            TBL                                     AR-4-C-358
COWAN, LARKIN F.                        NTL                                     AR-4-A-176
CRANK, JOHN D.                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-142
CROCKER, URIEL                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-150
CROSLEY, WILLIAM J.                     TBL                                     AR-4-C-446
CROUCH, E. W.                           TBL                                     AR-4-C-342
CROW, E. T.                             TBL                                     AR-4-C-330
CROWDER, A. P.                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-246
CULVERHAUSE, CHARLES                    TBL                                     AR-4-B-571
CURRY, THOMAS                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-67
DALTON, JAY                             TBL                                     AR-4-C-468
DANFORD, MILTON                         TBL                                     AR-4-C-370
DAVIS, EMELINE                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-552
DAVIS, WILLIAM L.                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-475
DAWSON, KIZIAH                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-488
DEDMAN, W. D.                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-212
DENNY, JOHN A.                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-204
DEONS, CHRISTOPHER                      TBL                                     AR-4-B-551
DERRICK, JOSEPH N.                      TBL                                     AR-4-C-91
DESHONG, LOUIS F.                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-328
DESKIN, DANEIL M.                       TBL                                     AR-4-B-71
DEWITT, J. P.                           TBL                                     AR-4-C-571
DIBLER, WILLiAM                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-342
DICKSON, E. J. A.                       TBL                                     AR-4-B-188
DICKSON, EZEKIEL                        NTL                                     AR-4-A-194
DICKSON, JAMES M.                       ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-53
DICKSON, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     AR-4-A-74
DICKSON, ROBERT                         NTL                                     AR-4-A-105
DIENST, JOHN A.                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-541
DONOVAN, MARY E.                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-233
DOUGLAS, DAVID                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-564
DOUGLAS, MARSHALL                       TBL                                     AR-4-B-66
DOUGLAS, WILLIAM C.                     TBL                                     AR-4-B-368
DROKE, GEORGE                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-290
DUMAS, J. D.                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-116
DUNCKLER, JESSE F.                      TBL                                     AR-4-C-119
EDRINGTON, B. L.                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-573
EDWARDS, JOHN                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-121
ELAM, JAMES                             TBL                                     AR-4-C-34
ELDRID, S. W.                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-422
ELLIOT, JASPER                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-235
ELLIOTT, JAMES B.                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-553
ELLIS, W. C.                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-358
ENGLISH, MATTHEW C.                     NTL                                     AR-4-A-143
ENGLISH, WILLIAM G.                     ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-67
EVANS, L. E. A.                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-185
EVERETT, FRANCIS                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-340
FARD, BERRY                             TBL                                     AR-4-B-517
FARNSWORTH, W. C.                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-569
FAULKER, ASA                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-218
FELKER, STEPHEN                         TBL                                     AR-4-C-261
FERGERSON, JOHN N.                      NTL, MARION, MO                         AR-4-A-250
FERGUSON, JOHN N.                       NTL                                     AR-4-A-224
FERRENBERG, J. C.                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-144
FINEN, LEMUEL                           ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-58
FISHER, SAMUEL MARTIN                   TBL                                     AR-4-B-274
FOSTER, ACHILLES                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-248
FOWLER, WILLIAM H.                      TBL                                     AR-4-C-21
FREEMAN, GREEN C.                       TBL                                     AR-4-B-93
FRENCH, S. A.                           TBL                                     AR-4-C-619
FRIEDEL, VINCENT                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-281
FULLERTON, ROBERT S.                    ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-37
GADD, JOSEPH C.                         TBL                                     AR-4-C-524
GAINS, WILLIAM                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-381
GALBREAITH, ELIZABETH                   TBL                                     AR-4-B-81
GALYEAN, G. S.                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-614
GARRETT, ELIJAH                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-42
GARRETT, SIMEON                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-572
GARRETT, WILLIAM F.                     TBL                                     AR-4-B-125
GHOLSON, HIRAM                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-58
GIBBS, SARAH                            TBL                                     AR-4-C-28
GILBERT, ELIZA A.                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-617
GILLESPIE, H. W.                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-595
GILLESPIE, HENRY F.                     TBL                                     AR-4-B-296
GILLIES, EDWARD S.                      TBL                                     AR-4-B-263
GITHERS, DEWITT C.                      TBL                                     AR-4-B-524
GIVENS, JOHN                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-118
GLADDEN, J. W.                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-228
GLEDHILL, A. S.                         TBL                                     AR-4-C-470
GOAD, ROBERT R.                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-214
GORDON, CHARLES G.                      TBL                                     AR-4-C-473
GORDON, THOMAS J.                       TBL                                     AR-4-B-51
GOTCHER, JESSE                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-89
GRAHAM, FREEBORN                        ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-122
GRAHAM, NANCY                           ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-56
GRAMMAR, JOHN C.                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-241
GREGORY, WILLIAM WESLEY                 NTL                                     AR-4-A-256
GRIFFIN, JOHN L.                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-169
GUNLOCK, JOHN                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-556
GUNNER, HANNAH A.                       TBL                                     AR-4-B-56
HAISTEW, D. J.                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-460
HAMBY, W. H.                            TBL                                     AR-4-C-313
HAMILL, CAROLINE S.                     TBL                                     AR-4-C-564
HAMMACK, WILLIAM M.                     NTL                                     AR-4-A-199
HANEY, JAMES                            TBL                                     AR-4-C-23
HARRIS, HANDY                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-210
HART, EDMOND L.                         TBL                                     AR-4-C-46
HARTER, MARY ELIZABETH                  TBL                                     AR-4-C-376
HASTINGS, HENRY C.                      TBL                                     AR-4-B-52
HASWELL, ELIZABETH M.                   TBL                                     AR-4-B-360
HATON, LOUISIANA                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-255
HAYDEN, CLEMENT                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-312
HAYS, FRANCIS B.                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-137
HEAGERTY, RICHARD                       TBL                                     AR-4-B-545
HEATH, J. G.                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-175
HEATH, WILBER M.                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-355
HELLIMAN, THOMAS S.                     TBL                                     AR-4-B-230
HENDERSON, THOMAS G.                    ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-57
HIGH, GEORGE                            ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-50
HIGH, GEORGE                            ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-73
HILL, G. W.                             TBL                                     AR-4-C-174
HILL, M. C.                             TBL                                     AR-4-B-276
HILTON, THOMAS A.                       TBL                                     AR-4-B-123
HOBBS, J. M.                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-294
HOLLAND, S. N.                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-26
HOLLINGSWORTH, S.                       TBL                                     AR-4-B-382
HOPKINS, P. B.                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-7
HORDIN, W. B.                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-432
HORNSBY, AMANDA M.                      TBL                                     AR-4-C-69
HORTON, JANES                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-107
HORTON, ROBERT A.                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-109
HOWELL, JOHN W.                         TBL                                     AR-4-C-13
HUBBARD, CHARLES                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-207
HUBBARD, JAMES                          ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-142
HUBBARD, PLEASANT                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-123
HUBBARD, WILLIAM C.                     TBL                                     AR-4-B-177
HUDDLESTON, SAMUEL H.                   NTL                                     AR-4-A-219
HUGHES, GEORGE W.                       ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-119
HUGHES, VIRGINIA                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-31
HUNTER, SAMUEL W.                       ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-127
HUTTON, JOSEPH                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-129
INGERSOLL, EDWIN SR.                    TBL                                     AR-4-C-198
IRELOW, FRANCIS M.                      TBL                                     AR-4-C-281
JACKMAN, HENRY T.                       TBL                                     AR-4-B-420
JACKSON, C. G.                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-345
JACKSON, D. H.                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-114
JACKSON, D. W.                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-278
JACKSON, DIOCATIAN                      NTL                                     AR-4-A-59
JACKSON, MARY JANE (COLORED)            TBL                                     AR-4-B-465
JAMISON, HENRY                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-132
JANUARY, HIRAM                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-221
JEFFERSON, GEORGE H.                    NTL                                     AR-4-A-79
JEFFERSON, WILLAM W.                    ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-172
JOHNSON, ANDREW JACKSON                 TBL                                     AR-4-C-116
JOHNSON, J. B.                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-268
JOHNSON, J. H.                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-462
JOHNSON, RICHAR DM.                     TBL                                     AR-4-C-575
JOHNSTON, FRANCIS M.                    ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-126
JOHNSTON, SPENCER B.                    ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-3
JOURS, MIRIAM                           TBL                                     AR-4-C-622
KEITHLY, GEORGE W.                      TBL                                     AR-4-B-568
KELLEY, RICHARD                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-252
KELLEY, WILLIAM C.                      TBL                                     AR-4-B-173
KEYS, WILLIAM J.                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-399
KINDLEY, CYRUS                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-126
KING, IRA                               TBL                                     AR-4-C-489
KING, WILLIAM                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-522
KING, WYLEY                             TBL                                     AR-4-B-508
KISNER, AMAZARIAH                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-79
KUNS, ISAIAH                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-348
LAMAR, THOMAS J.                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-99
LANGSTON, SINGLETON                     TBL                                     AR-4-B-68
LEECH, ROBET                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-92
LEFORS, HENRY                           TBL                                     AR-4-C-94
LEFORS, JOHN                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-54
LEILE, WELLINGTON                       NTL                                     AR-4-A-139
LEWIS, STEPHEN D.                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-177
LICHLYTER, GEORGE C.                    TBL                                     AR-4-B-168
LOCKE, S. B.                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-193
LOONY, WILLIAM H.                       NTL                                     AR-4-A-213
LOVE, SARAH R. K.                       GUARDIANSHIP                            AR-4-A-55
LOWRY, NANCY                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-33
LUDEWICK, GEORGE                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-284
LYNN, SARAH                             TBL                                     AR-4-C-528
MACKEY, AVIS W.                         TBL                                     AR-4-C-414
MACON, E. J.                            TBL                                     AR-4-C-432
MALONE, SAMUEL                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-244
MALORY, AMANDA J.                       TBL                                     AR-4-B-497
MALORY, WILLIAM A.                      TBL                                     AR-4-B-476
MANWARING, J.                           TBL                                     AR-4-C-233
MARKLAND, ALLEN                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-213
MARKLEY, ABRAM                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-321
MARKSBERRY, SAMUEL                      TBL                                     AR-4-B-316
MARLOW, ISOM                            TBL                                     AR-4-C-584
MARROW, M. B.                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-403
MARRS, CHRISTOPHER                      TBL                                     AR-4-B-470
MARTIN, PHEBE                           ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-68
MASON,W . H. SR.                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-543
MASSINGALE, PHAROAH                     ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-112
MASSINGALE, PHARROW                     ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-115
MAXWELL, DAVID P.                       NTL                                     AR-4-A-83
MAXWELL, DAVID P.                       NTL                                     AR-4-A-92
MAXWELL, EMMA M.                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-54
MAXWELL, JOHN L.                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-265
MAXWELL, NANCY                          NTL                                     AR-4-A-32
MCALISTER, HENRY P.                     TBL                                     AR-4-C-456
MCBRIDE, W. H.                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-482
MCCARTER, NANCY D.                      TBL                                     AR-4-B-108
MCCARTER, THOMAS                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-588
MCCURDY, ALLEN                          ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-15
MCGINNIS, A. F.                         TBL                                     AR-4-C-338
MCGINNIS, JOHN R.                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-4
MCILY, GUSTAVUS                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-319
MCKISSICK, JAMES                        ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-101
MCKISSICK, JAMES                        NTL                                     AR-4-A-95
MCKISSICK, JANE                         NTL                                     AR-4-A-94
MCKISSICK, JANE                         NTL                                     AR-4-A-71
MCMILLEN, E.                            TBL                                     AR-4-C-611
MCNAIR, SARAH                           TBL                                     AR-4-C-59
MCPHAIL, JOHN SR.                       ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-128
MILLER, PLEASANT D.                     TBL                                     AR-4-B-49
MILLER, WILLIAM A.                      TBL                                     AR-4-B-476
MINER, MARY A.                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-599
MITCHELL, CHARLES                       NTL                                     AR-4-A-229
MITCHELL, GEORGE W.                     TBL                                     AR-4-C-324
MITCHELL, GEORGE W.                     TBL                                     AR-4-C-324
MITCHELL, JAMES                         TBL                                     AR-4-C-440
MONTGOMERY, ROBERT                      NTL                                     AR-4-A-240
MOON, SOLOMON                           NTL                                     AR-4-A-150
MOORE, JANE B.                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-149
MORGAN, CEMETER                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-351
MORGAN, JOHN WILLIAM                    TBL                                     AR-4-B-440
MORRISON, ANDREW M.                     ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-129
MORROW, JAMES A.                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-83
MURPHY, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     AR-4-C-599
MURRAY, G. W.                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-181
NELSON, JOHN A.                         TBL                                     AR-4-C-560
NESBITT, JOHN C.                        ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-81
NETHERTON, J. W.                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-336
NETTLE, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-119
NEWKIRK, BEN                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-539
NOBLETT, JOHN J.                        ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-110
NORWOOD, THOMAS WILKINSON               NTL                                     AR-4-A-99
NORWOOD, THOMAS WILKINSON               ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-103
OAKLEY, W. Y.                           TBL                                     AR-4-C-591
OAKLY, ELSBY                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-310
ORR, R. P.                              TBL                                     AR-4-C-404
OSBUN, J. K.                            TBL                                     AR-4-C-351
OWENS, JOHN E.                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-425
PAGE, SELDEN G.                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-559
PAINE, ROBERT                           ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-66
PALLETT, R. D.                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-159
PARKRE, W. A.                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-436
PARKS, JAMES                            TBL                                     AR-4-C-526
PARKS, THURZA PAULINA                   TBL                                     AR-4-B-493
PARSONS, THOMAS                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-448
PATERSON, HORACE H.                     TBL                                     AR-4-C-10
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     AR-4-A-165
PATTON, F. J.                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-510
PATTON, JAMES D.                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-83
PEARCE, WESLEY                          NTL                                     AR-4-A-157
PEARSON, M. J.                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-509
PEEL, A. H.                             TBL                                     AR-4-C-465
PERKINS, ELIZABETH                      TBL                                     AR-4-B-79
PETTIJOHN, JOHN                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-73
PHILLIPS, B. W.                         TBL                                     AR-4-C-188
PHILLIPS, H. C.                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-543
PHILLIPS, J. W.                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-226
PHILLIPS, JAMES H.                      TBL                                     AR-4-C-507
PHILLIPS, LEVI                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-270
PHILLIPS, SALINA                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-628
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     AR-4-B-514
PHINNEY, GEORGE                         TBL                                     AR-4-C-226
PHINNEY, ROSINA JANE                    TBL                                     AR-4-C-226
PIERCE, JAMES                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-282
PING, STEPHEN                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-267
PINYON, GEORGE W.                       TBL                                     AR-4-B-145
PLUMMER, MARGARET                       TBL                                     AR-4-B-520
PLYMPTON, SOPHIE E.                     TBL                                     AR-4-B-366
PORTER, W. H.                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-438
POTTER, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     AR-4-A-107
POTTS, GEORGE W.                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-164
POTTS, ROBERT                           NTL                                     AR-4-A-186
PRICE, JOHN                             TBL                                     AR-4-C-550
PRICE, PHEBA                            ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-170
PRICE, RICHARD                          NTL                                     AR-4-A-86
PRULL, JOHN                             ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-118
PRUYN, T. D.                            TBL                                     AR-4-C-190
PURSELL, W. N.                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-401
RANDEL, C. B.                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-442
RATLIFF, JOHN                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-95
REDDICK, JOHN                           ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-149
REED, ORAM                              TBL                                     AR-4-B-483
REYNOLDS, ALLEN L.                      ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-77
REYNOLDS, JOSEPH D.                     TBL                                     AR-4-B-345
RICE, ASA                               TBL                                     AR-4-B-500
RICE, JOHN                              ADMIN (NTL, MCMINN, TN)                 AR-4-A-168
RICHARDS, J. M.                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-179
RICHARDS, S. J.                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-134
RIDGE, JOHN                             ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-29
RIFE, E. J.                             TBL                                     AR-4-B-192
RIFE, WILLIAM H.                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-77
RITTER, JOEL                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-238
ROBINSON, JOHN                          NTL                                     AR-4-A-63
ROSS, JOHN P.                           NTL                                     AR-4-A-208
ROTRAMEL, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     AR-4-B-453
ROYSE, JOSEPH                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-424
RUDDICK, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     AR-4-A-136
RUSH, ALONZO                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-222
RYGAR, AN                               TBL                                     AR-4-B-170
SAMMONS, B. A.                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-535
SCOFIELD, LEANDER E.                    TBL                                     AR-4-C-129
SCORGIN, LULA M.                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-312
SCROGIN, MOLLIE W.                      TBL                                     AR-4-C-294
SCRUGGS, WILLIAM C.                     TBL                                     AR-4-C-157
SCUDDER, DANIEL CLARK                   TBL                                     AR-4-B-47
SHANE, LOU                              TBL                                     AR-4-C-608
SHEFFIELD, THOMAS C.                    TBL                                     AR-4-B-343
SHELLY, JEREMIAH                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-37
SIMMONS, ROBERT K.                      TBL                                     AR-4-B-85
SIMMS, ELIZABETH                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-74
SIMMS, FREDRICK P.                      TBL                                     AR-4-B-144
SIMPSON, SARAH E.                       TBL                                     AR-4-B-270
SIMS, JAMES                             TBL                                     AR-4-C-438
SINGLETON, F. A.                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-112
SLABACK, ANDERSON                       TBL                                     AR-4-B-70
SLEEPER, JACOB                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-195
SMILEY, JAMES B.                        ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-78
SMITH, FLESTIUS S.                      TBL                                     AR-4-C-412
SMITH, JAMES                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-353
SMITH, NANCY M.                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-490
SMITH, WILSON                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-64
SPAKER, WILLIAM N.                      TBL                                     AR-4-B-561
SPARKS, G. W.                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-451
SPENCE, THOMAS                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-185
SPRAGUE, GORAS P.                       NTL                                     AR-4-A-124
SPRAGUE, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     AR-4-B-528
SPURGEON E.                             TBL                                     AR-4-B-555
STANLEY, E. B.                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-363
STEARNS, EDWARD NORRIS                  TBL                                     AR-4-C-126
STEELE, DAVID N.                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-320
STEELE, SMAUEL G.                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-274
STOLIKER, GEORGE E.                     TBL                                     AR-4-C-393
STONE, S. S.                            TBL                                     AR-4-C-362
STORY, WILLIAM                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-354
STOUT, BOYETTA                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-218
STOUT, THEO                             TBL                                     AR-4-B-566
STROUD, THOMAS                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-163
STULEY, NEIL M.                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-480
SWEET, D. E.                            TBL                                     AR-4-C-151
TALIAFERRO, P. D.                       TBL                                     AR-4-B-462
TANNEHILL, H.                           TBL                                     AR-4-C-30
TATE, MARY E.                           TBL                                     AR-4-C-230
TENAN, SAMUEL                           NTL                                     AR-4-A-19
THOMAS, JACOB F.                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-244
THOMAS, JOSEPH                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-87
THOMASON, ALFRED B.                     NTL                                     AR-4-A-204
THOMASON, JAMES M.                      TBL                                     AR-4-B-74
THOMPSON, JAMES M.                      TBL                                     AR-4-C-167
THOMPSON, JOSEPH                        ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-47
TIMIN, HUGH                             TBL                                     AR-4-C-164
TINNEN, HUGH                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-105
TITCOMB, JOHN M.                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-284
TOFFELMIRE, BENJAMIN F.                 TBL                                     AR-4-C-541
TORBETT, J. C.                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-158
TRAMWELL, MARY                          NTL                                     AR-4-A-226
TROTT, ENOCH                            NTL                                     AR-4-A-200
TROUSDALE, JOHN N.                      ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-121
TROUT, JOHN L.                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-399
TROUTTS, ELIZABETH                      TBL                                     AR-4-C-406
TRUSDALL, JOHN N.                       ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-104
TURNEY, JACOB                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-62
VANDUYNE, GEORGE H.                     TBL                                     AR-4-C-430
VANWINKLE, TEMPERANCE                   TBL                                     AR-4-C-136
WALKER, ELIZABETH                       ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-120
WALKER, HENRY                           TBL                                     AR-4-C-224
WALKER, M. K.                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-182
WALL, HENRY H.                          NTL, OUCHITA, AR                        AR-4-A-154
WALLACE, ALFORD                         VAN BUREN, CRAWFORD, AR                 AR-4-A-177
WALLACE, JACOB                          ADMIN (IN CALIFORNIA)                   AR-4-A-148
WALLACE, JAMES                          ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-130
WALLACE, THOMAS                         NTL                                     AR-4-A-131
WARCLAW, NANCY                          TBL                                     AR-4-B-206
WASHBURN, JAMES W.                      NTL                                     AR-4-A-192
WATKINS, EMILY E.                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-548
WATKINS, MARIA JANE                     TBL                                     AR-4-B-473
WATSON, ISAM                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-532
WATSON, M. L.                           TBL                                     AR-4-C-597
WAYT, ALLEN                             TBL                                     AR-4-B-111
WEAVER, CLARA O.                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-301
WEAVER, DAVID                           TBL                                     AR-4-C-422
WEAVER, ROBERT                          NTL                                     AR-4-A-40
WEBB, STEPHEN B.                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-32
WEBB, T. F.                             TBL                                     AR-4-C-290
WEBB, W. W.                             TBL                                     AR-4-B-468
WELLS, BARSHEBA                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-549
WELLS, JAMES                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-291
WELTON, JANE E.                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-172
WHITCOMB, ALONZO L.                     TBL                                     AR-4-C-516
WHITE, CATHARINE                        ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-17
WHITE, MARY J.                          TBL                                     AR-4-C-546
WHITEZELL, M. H.                        TBL                                     AR-4-C-514
WILCOX, CLARA                           TBL                                     AR-4-C-449
WILLIAMS, JOHN A.                       NTL                                     AR-4-A-260
WILLIAMS, MASTEN E.                     TBL                                     AR-4-C-310
WILLIAMS, S. N.                         TBL                                     AR-4-C-435
WILLIAMSON, FELEN                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-87
WILLIAMSON, HENRY Y.                    TBL                                     AR-4-C-336
WILSON, ELI                             TBL                                     AR-4-B-159
WILSON, HARDY                           NTL                                     AR-4-A-220
WILSON, JAMES                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-110
WILSON, NANINE E. M.                    TBL                                     AR-4-C-391
WILSON, ROBERT B.                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-213
WINSTEAD, W. B.                         TBL                                     AR-4-C-451
WINTON, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     AR-4-A-238
WISNER, ELLA E.                         TBL                                     AR-4-B-339
WOOD, JACK                              TBL                                     AR-4-B-61
WOODS, DAVID                            NTL                                     AR-4-A-222
WOODS, DYSART                           TBL                                     AR-4-B-97
WOODS, FRANCIS N.                       ADMIN                                   AR-4-A-70
WOODS, JAMES                            TBL                                     AR-4-C-395
WOODS, JOHN                             NTL                                     AR-4-A-210
WOOLDRIDGE, H. B.                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-485
WOOLSEY, HENRY B.                       TBL                                     AR-4-C-57
YOUNG, J. P.                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-59
YOUNG, JACOB                            TBL                                     AR-4-B-318

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