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BANKS, FRANCIS ANN                      GA-1-2-14
BAXLEY, MARY E.                         GA-1-2-4
BLACKWOOD, MARY ANN                     GA-1-2-65
BLANTON, JOHN A. SR.                    GA-1-2-80
BUTLER, W. O.                           GA-1-2-55
CAMAS, JOHN                             GA-1-1-85
CARTER, HARRIET                         GA-1-1-57
CARTER, JOHN J.                         GA-1-1-187
CAULEY, W. F.                           GA-1-2-57
CHAMBERS, VANNIE                        GA-1-2-60
COPELAND, E. C. SR.                     GA-1-2-73
COTHERN, EZEKIEL                        GA-1-1-15
CRAPP, J. W.                            GA-1-1-243
CROSBY, B. W.                           GA-1-1-191
CROSBY, SARAH                           GA-1-1-202
DAVIS, JOSHUA T.                        GA-1-2-21
DAY, F. V.                              GA-1-1-45
DEEN, HENRY                             GA-1-1-179
DEEN, NANCY E.                          GA-1-1-163
DOUGLASS, ALEXANDER                     GA-1-1-7
EASON, M. L. P.                         GA-1-1-178
GILMORE, H. C.                          GA-1-1-160
GRAHAM, W. W.                           GA-1-1-145
HALL, CONTANCE                          GA-1-1-29
HALL, E. W.                             GA-1-2-29
HALL, SEABORN                           GA-1-1-68
HANA, WILLIAM R. L.                     GA-1-1-107
HAYS, JOSIAH                            GA-1-1-103
HERNDON, GEORGE                         GA-1-1-175
HODGES, J. A.                           GA-1-1-222
HOLTEN, H. J.                           GA-1-1-140
HOLTON, R. JOHN                         GA-1-1-26
HORNE, LULA                             GA-1-2-78
HUNTER, EMMA                            GA-1-2-71
HUTCHINSON, J. L.                       GA-1-2-95
JOHNS, WARD                             GA-1-1-59
JOHNSON, J. W. SR.                      GA-1-1-164
JOHNSON, JAMES W.                       GA-1-2-86
LEGGETT, MATTIE                         GA-1-2-27
LOWE, J. T. (MRS.)                      GA-1-2-83
LOWE, J. T.                             GA-1-2-62
LYNN, HENRY                             GA-1-2-72
MCEACHIN, DANIEL                        GA-1-1-63
MILTON, J. P.                           GA-1-1-255
MIMS, E. E.                             GA-1-1-199
MIMS, R. A. (MRS.)                      GA-1-2-32
MIMS, W. J.                             GA-1-1-3
MITCHELL, JOHN M.                       GA-1-2-75
MOODY, JOHN                             GA-1-1-32
MORRIS, PAULINE A.                      GA-1-1-244
MORRIS, T. J.                           GA-1-1-225
MULLIS, JOHN J.                         GA-1-1-227
NEWTON, M. A.                           GA-1-2-1
OWENS, SAMUEL H.                        GA-1-2-18
PRESCOTT, SAMANTHA                      GA-1-1-23
QUINN, HAMPTON                          GA-1-1-92
RAY, CARRIE A.                          GA-1-1-263
REED, SARAH                             GA-1-1-193
REEVES, HENRY D.                        GA-1-1-196
SELLERS, ANDREW                         GA-1-2-82
SELLERS, E. W.                          GA-1-2-98
SMITH, G. N.                            GA-1-2-76
SWINSON, LOTT W.                        GA-1-2-68
TAYLOR, BERZILLA S.                     GA-1-1-98
TAYLOR, M. H.                           GA-1-1-168
THIGPEN, WELTHY                         GA-1-1-127
THOMAS, ELIZABETH                       GA-1-1-54 94
THORNTON, ANNIE E.                      GA-1-1-257
TILLMAN, J. C.                          GA-1-1-166
TILLMAN, JAMES                          GA-1-1-149
TINLEY, MINNIE W.                       GA-1-2-92
TURNER, ELIZABETH                       GA-1-1-20
WEATHERLEY, G. N.                       GA-1-1-235
WEATHERLY, AMANDA                       GA-1-1-75
WEVER, L. C.                            GA-1-2-90
WILLIAMS, BRYANT N.                     GA-1-1-110
WILLIAMS, E. R. L. (MRS.)               GA-1-1-234

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