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ALLEN, H. D. (DR.)                      GA-5-A-377
ALLEN, H. D. SR.                        GA-5-A-594
ALLEN, HATTIE H.                        GA-5-A-483
ALLEN, JOHN S.                          GA-5-A-459
ALLEN, JOHN T.                          GA-5-A-600
AMOSS, LUTIE P.                         GA-5-A-552
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH                     GA-5-B-60
ANDERSON, WILLIAM (COLORED)             GA-5-B-125
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       GA-5-B-108
ANDEWS, KATE INGERSOLL                  GA-5-A-547
BABB, MARTHA                            GA-5-B-419
BABB, MATTIE                            GA-5-A-634
BABB, MATTIE                            GA-5-A-634
BABB, WILLIAM                           GA-5-A-88
BAGLEY, T. S.                           GA-5-A-299
BAILEY, ALBERT C.                       GA-5-A-310
BANKS, ALEXANDER                        GA-5-A-463
BANKS, CATHARINE                        GA-5-A-168
BANKS, JANE                             GA-5-B-316
BANKS, MARIA                            GA-5-A-387
BANKS, SOLOMON                          GA-5-B-170
BARNES, W. H. H.                        GA-5-A-443
BARNES, WILLIAM                         GA-5-A-128
BARNETT, ELIAS                          GA-5-A-48
BARRTT, SOLOMON                         GA-5-A-298
BASS, BENJAMIN                          GA-5-A-551
BASS, MARTHA J.                         GA-5-B-355
BASS, WESLEY ARNOLD                     GA-5-A-611
BEAL, N. H.                             GA-5-A-62
BEALL, JEREMIAH                         GA-5-A-131
BECKHAM, BIRD                           GA-5-A-122
BELL, FRANCES HOLLINSHEAD               GA-5-A-515
BELL, FRANK C.                          GA-5-A-284
BETHUNE, F. C. (MRS.)                   GA-5-A-519
BLACKWELL, S. S.                        GA-5-A-400
BLAND, AUGUSTUS                         GA-5-A-408
BLOODWORTH, A. R.                       GA-5-A-404
BLOODWORTH, DEALPHIA E.                 GA-5-A-538
BLOODWORTH, W. T.                       GA-5-A-563
BLOUNT, MARY E.                         GA-5-A-36
BLOUNT, R. A.                           GA-5-B-180
BODDIE, FRANK FISHER                    GA-5-A-412
BOGHTON S. N.                           GA-5-A-76
BONE, MARTHA J.                         GA-5-A-527
BONNER, CHARLES HAYNES                  GA-5-A-597
BONNER, JAMES                           GA-5-B-102
BONNER, O. P.                           GA-5-A-106
BOWER, BENARD                           GA-5-B-110
BOWERS, MATILDA                         GA-5-B-383
BOYER, GEORGEAN                         GA-5-A-238
BRAKE, WILLIAM J.                       GA-5-A-610
BRAUNDAGE, JESSE                        GA-5-A-8
BRIODY, LIZZIE E.                       GA-5-A-601
BROOKS, NICHOLAS B.                     GA-5-A-86
BROWN, C. E.                            GA-5-A-244
BROWN, CHRISTIANNA                      GA-5-A-208
BROWN, D. W. SR.                        GA-5-A-368
BROWN, DAVID P.                         GA-5-A-60
BROWN, ELLA J.                          GA-5-A-489
BROWN, GEORGE A.                        GA-5-B-65
BROWN, HAMILTON C.                      GA-5-A-253
BROWN, HENRY                            GA-5-B-361
BROWN, M. W. (MRS.)                     GA-5-A-137
BROWN, MARY E.                          GA-5-A-521
BROWN, R. F. (MRS.)                     GA-5-A-623
BUCHANAN, B.                            GA-5-B-197
BUCHANAN, MAY ANN                       GA-5-B-200
BUTLER, J. N.                           GA-5-A-567
BUTLER, ZED SR.                         GA-5-A-229
BUTTS, ARTHUR J.                        GA-5-A-265
BUTTS, G. D. (MRS.)                     GA-5-A-162
BUTTS, LEN                              GA-5-A-413
BUTTS, LEWIS                            GA-5-B-267
BUZARD, BRINKLEY                        GA-5-B-271
CALLAWAY, E. K. (MRS.)                  GA-5-A-396
CALLAWAY, L. N.                         GA-5-A-236
CALLAWAY, NANCY C.                      GA-5-A-251
CALLAWAY, R. C.                         GA-5-A-57
CALLAWYA, J. A.                         GA-5-A-332
CAMPBELL, D. C.                         GA-5-B-334
CARAKER, CHARLES T.                     GA-5-A-619
CARAKER, E. B. (MRS.)                   GA-5-A-222
CARAKER, WILLIAM                        GA-5-A-325
CARNES, ELIZA J.                        GA-5-A-166
CARRINGTON, PAULINE V.                  GA-5-A-394
CARTER, FARISH                          GA-5-B-307
CASE, GEORGE D.                         GA-5-A-485
CHAMBERS, ELIZA                         GA-5-A-51
CHAMPION, MARY E.                       GA-5-A-591
CHAPMAN, MILLY                          GA-5-B-6
CHILDRES, WALTER W.                     GA-5-A-452
CLARY, THOMAS L.                        GA-5-A-274
CLAYTON, GEORGE R. SR.                  GA-5-B-97
CLEMENTS, STEPHEN                       GA-5-B-19
CLINE, IDA                              GA-5-A-362
COBB, ELIZABETH                         GA-5-A-207
COBB, MARIA R.                          GA-5-A-115
COBB, SAMUEL                            GA-5-A-201
COBB, TURNER                            GA-5-A-285
COLEMAN, MOSES                          GA-5-A-133
COLLINS, NETTIE                         GA-5-A-575
COLLINS, S. B.                          GA-5-A-528
COMPTON, GUY D.                         GA-5-A-574
COMPTON, LYDIA R.                       GA-5-A-256
COMPTON, LYMAN H.                       GA-5-A-338
COMPTON, P. M.                          GA-5-A-177
CONE, O. M.                             GA-5-A-447
CONN, HENRIETTA MILLER                  GA-5-A-405
CONN, JOHN                              GA-5-A-541
CONN, JOHN                              GA-5-B-395
CONN, W. T. SR.                         GA-5-A-442
CONN, W. T. JR.                         GA-5-A-599
COOK, ANNE ELIZABETH                    GA-5-A-318
COOK, FRANCES MILTON                    GA-5-A-543
COOK, IDA                               GA-5-A-588
COOLEY, MARGARET                        GA-5-A-237
COOPER, T. J.                           GA-5-A-473
COVEY, JOSHUA                           GA-5-A-58
COWLES, MARY B.                         GA-5-A-6
CROLEY, W. F.                           GA-5-A-456
CROWDER, THOMAS                         GA-5-B-86
CUMMINGS, FRANCES A.                    GA-5-A-340
DAGO, CLOE                              GA-5-A-28
DANIEL, AUGUSTUS                        GA-5-B-398
DANIEL, DAVID                           GA-5-A-596
DAVIES, WILLIAM                         GA-5-B-1
DAVIS, JACK                             GA-5-A-603
DAVIS, M. F.                            GA-5-A-609
DAVIS, MARIA                            GA-5-A-508
DAY, ROBERT L.                          GA-5-A-324
DEAUSSURE, JULY                         GA-5-A-255
DEGRAFFENREID, B. B.                    GA-5-A-24
DELAUNAY, MARIA S.                      GA-5-B-235
DEMING, GEORGE L.                       GA-5-A-103
DENTON, MARY A.                         GA-5-B-174
DEVAUL, MATHA L.                        GA-5-A-465
DIGBY, ELIZABETH                        GA-5-A-112
DIGBY, GEORGE W.                        GA-5-A- 232
DIGBY, T. J.                            GA-5-A-384
DOLES, THOMAS                           GA-5-B-127
DOYLE, DENNIS                           GA-5-B-91
DOZIER, E. B. (MRS.)                    GA-5-A-628
DUBOURG, ANDREW                         GA-5-B-190
DUBOURG, VIRGINIA                       GA-5-B-154
DUNCAN, WALKER                          GA-5-A-172
DUNN, JOHN JAMES                        GA-5-A- 158
DUNN, MARY                              GA-5-A-241
DUNN, SARAH                             GA-5-A-241
DUPREL, ALICE                           GA-5-A-500
DURHAM, C. L.                           GA-5-A-472
DYER, ANN                               GA-5-B-15
ECHOLS, PETER                           GA-5-A-94
EDWARDS, GARNER                         GA-5-A-135
ELLINGTON, MARTHA                       GA-5-B-350
ELLIS, JOSHUA T.                        GA-5-A-415
ELLIS,COOPER                            GA-5-A-413
ELLISON, A. L.                          GA-5-A-467
ELLISON, OBIE                           GA-5-A-450
ENNIS, C. W.                            GA-5-A-266
ENNIS, ZILLAH M.                        GA-5-A-434
ETHERIDGE, LOUISA J.                    GA-5-A-627
EVANS, SAMUEL SR.                       GA-5-A-277
FITZGERALD, CATHARINE                   GA-5-B-409
FLEMISTER, B. R.                        GA-5-A-558
FOARD, A. J.                            GA-5-B-411
FOARD, JANE S.                          GA-5-B-88
FOARD, THOMAS                           GA-5-B-121
FORT, EUDOCIA W.                        GA-5-A-98
FORT, O. H.                             GA-5-A-220
FORT, TOMLINSON                         GA-5-B-298
FOSTER, R. R.                           GA-5-A-334
FOSTER, SARAH W.                        GA-5-A-290
FRALEY, B. I.                           GA-5-A-583
FRALEY, LIZZIE W.                       GA-5-A-262
FREEMAN, MORGAN                         GA-5-A-390
GAUSE, JOHN                             GA-5-A-409
GAUSE, LULA                             GA-5-A-536
GEDDES, ANN E.                          GA-5-B-164
GIBSON, ANNIE B.                        GA-5-A-486
GIBSON, ELOISE                          GA-5-A-445
GIBSON, MINERVA (COLORED)               GA-5-A-617
GIBSON, ROBERT                          GA-5-A-310
GILL, DAYS                              GA-5-B-38
GILMORE, JAMES H.                       GA-5-A-80
GLADIN, JAMES                           GA-5-B-193
GLASIER, S. G. W.                       GA-5-A-493
GRANTLAND, SEATON                       GA-5-B-366
GRAYBILL, MICHAEL                       GA-5-B-90
GREEN, CAROLINE                         GA-5-A-269
GREENE, ELIZABETH                       GA-5-B-148
GRIEVE, MILLER                          GA-5-A-230
GRIMES, JIM (COLORED)                   GA-5-A-550
GRIMES, JOHN                            GA-5-B-209
GRIMES, O. E. H.                        GA-5-A-164
GUMM, HERMAN                            GA-5-A-428
GUMM, R. L. C.                          GA-5-A-281
GUMM, SARAH                             GA-5-A-273
HAAS, JOHN                              GA-5-B-376
HADDOCK, OLLIE                          GA-5-A-627
HALL, BENJAMIN                          GA-5-B-113
HALL, JOHN W. SR.                       GA-5-A-82
HALL, MARY                              GA-5-B-253
HALL, SARAH D. H.                       GA-5-A-439
HAMMOND, ABNER                          GA-5-B-8
HARPER, MINNIE R.                       GA-5-A-370
HARPER, MINNIE REYNOLDS                 GA-5-A-370
HARPER, R. H.                           GA-5-A-141
HARPER, WILLIAM I.                      GA-5-A-534
HARRIS, IVERSON L. SR.                  GA-5-A-67
HARRIS, J. L. (DR.)                     GA-5-A-215
HAUFT, EMMA P.                          GA-5-A-490
HAUFT, FRED                             GA-5-A-200
HAUG, FRED                              GA-5-A-282
HAUGH, EMMA                             GA-5-A-566
HAWKINS, NATHAN                         GA-5-A-18
HAWKINS, NELLIE SHORT                   GA-5-A-365
HAWKINS, W. G.                          GA-5-A-355
HENDRIX, ISABELL A.                     GA-5-A-226
HIGHLANDER, M. C. (MRS.)                GA-5-A-196
HILL, DAVID B.                          GA-5-A-249
HILL, ELVIRA                            GA-5-A-287
HILL, JACK E.                           GA-5-A-386
HILL, STEPHEN                           GA-5-A-475
HINES, M.                               GA-5-A-210
HODGE, JOHN                             GA-5-B-327
HOLLAND, MARTHA                         GA-5-B-212
HOLT, WILLIAM R.                        GA-5-A-426
HOPKINS, MARY ELIZABETH                 GA-5-A-308
HORNE, CARRIE SHERMAN                   GA-5-A-454
HORNE, JULIS A.                         GA-5-A-430
HORNE, MARTHA                           GA-5-A-148
HORNE, THOMAS H.                        GA-5-A-484
HORTON, ELISABETH B.                    GA-5-A-225
HOWARD, PENLOPE                         GA-5-B-323
HUBBARD, JAMES A.                       GA-5-A-565
HUFF, POLLEY                            GA-5-B-17
HUFFMAN, AVARILLA                       GA-5-A-496
HUMBER, LEILA                           GA-5-A-354
HUMPHRIES                               GA-5-A-180
HUMPHRIES, ANNIE E.                     GA-5-A-612
HUMPHRIES, WILLIAM C.                   GA-5-B-277
HUSON, CHARLES B.                       GA-5-B-219
IVEY, CLEOPAS L.                        GA-5-A-520
IVEY, JAMES L.                          GA-5-A-590
IVEY, RICHARD                           GA-5-A-510
IVEY, ROBERT                            GA-5-B-146
JACKSON, ANNIE                          GA-5-A-602
JARRATT, ALEXANDER                      GA-5-B-214
JARRATT, ANN                            GA-5-B-382
JARRATT, JAMES A. SR.                   GA-5-A-150
JARRATT, ROXIE MCCOMB                   GA-5-A-556
JOHNS, MAY BELLE                        GA-5-A-497
JOHNSON, ANN                            GA-5-A-416
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         GA-5-B-206
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         GA-5-A-293
JONES L. M. SR. (DR.)                   GA-5-A-488
JONES, LODRICK MALONE                   GA-5-A-546
JORDAN, E. T.                           GA-5-B-286
JORDAN, GREEN H.                        GA-5-B-240
JOSEPH, LEO                             GA-5-A-462
KEIL, HATTIE L.                         GA-5-A-407
KEIL, MARY E.                           GA-5-A-516
KEIL, MATTIE A.                         GA-5-A-532
KEITH, E. V. (MRS.)                     GA-5-A-419
KELL, NATHAN C.                         GA-5-A-117
KENAN, AUGUSTUS H.                      GA-5-A-16
KENAN, SARAH E.                         GA-5-A-53
KIDD, JAMES EDWARDS                     GA-5-A-568
KILLINGS, ANNIE                         GA-5-A-410
KING, ELIJAH                            GA-5-B-250
KING, MARGARETV                         GA-5-B-292
KRAMER, SAMUEL                          GA-5-A-491
LAMAR, LUCIUS JAMES                     GA-5-A-512
LAMAR, RICHARD N.                       GA-5-A-342
LAMAR, SOL                              GA-5-A-240
LAMAR, THOMAS B.                        GA-5-B-385
LAMAR, ZACHARIAH                        GA-5-B-40
LANE, CHARLES S.                        GA-5-A-315
LANE, M. B. (MRS.)                      GA-5-A-367
LANE, S. H.                             GA-5-A-367
LANE, S. H.                             GA-5-A-32
LATIMER, THOMAS H.                      GA-5-A-313
LEEVES, GEORGE                          GA-5-B-379
LESTER, W. W.                           GA-5-A-3
LEWIS, E. A. (MRS.)                     GA-5-A-224
LEWIS, FIELDING                         GA-5-A-70
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          GA-5-B-195
LEWIS, WILLIAM J.                       GA-5-B-238
LINDSEY, PRISCILLA                      GA-5-A-468
LITTLE, MARGARET E.                     GA-5-A-154
LITTLE, YOUNG ALLEN                     GA-5-A-632
LOCKHART, JULIA                         GA-5-A-406
LOPTON, ROSE                            GA-5-A-231
LORD, RACHEL                            GA-5-A-478
LYNCH, DRUCILLA                         GA-5-B-326
MAHON, SERENA                           GA-5-A-14
MAHON, ZILPHA                           GA-5-B-187
MALONE, CHARLES                         GA-5-B-69
MALONE, HENRY W.                        GA-5-B-56
MARLOR, ANN                             GA-5-B-134
MARTIN, E. P. (MRS.)                    GA-5-A-392
MASSEY, VESTITIA F.                     GA-5-A-239
MATHIS, REID                            GA-5-A-614
MCCOMB, H. E.                           GA-5-A-349
MCCOMB, KATE                            GA-5-A-322
MCCOMB, MARIA G.                        GA-5-A-613
MCCOMB, SAMUEL                          GA-5-A-26
MCCOOK, MARTHA A.                       GA-5-A-90
MCCRARY, FRANCIS M.                     GA-5-B-363
MCCRARY, JANE B.                        GA-5-A-126
MCCRARY, ORRIN                          GA-5-A-25
MCCULLAR, LOUIS                         GA-5-A-422
MCCULLAR, SARAH J.                      GA-5-A-458
MCDONALD, CATHARINE                     GA-5-B-405
MCDONALD, MARIA                         GA-5-B-407
MCGEHEE, CATHARINE                      GA-5-B-142
MCKINLEY, L. ANNE                       GA-5-A-119
MCKINLEY, WILLIAM                       GA-5-A-84
MCKINLEY, WILLIAM R.                    GA-5-A-300
MCMILLAN, J. W.                         GA-5-A-529
MCMURRAY, JAMES                         GA-5-B-523
MCNEIL, JOHN S.                         GA-5-B-228
MEACHAM, ANGELINA                       GA-5-B-118
MEACHAM, HENRY                          GA-5-B-81
MILLER, ALMA                            GA-5-A-411
MILLER, HENRIETTA                       GA-5-A-75
MILLER, JOSEPH                          GA-5-A-206
MILLS, BRANTLEY                         GA-5-A-559
MINE, MARY                              GA-5-B-295
MITCHELL, J. J.                         GA-5-B-254
MITCHELL, WILLIAM S.                    GA-5-B-100
MOORE, . N.                             GA-5-A-260
MOORE, JOHN R.                          GA-5-A-4
MOORE, L. M.                            GA-5-A-92
MOORE, PRISCILLA J. M.                  GA-5-B-280
MOORE, ROBERT H.                        GA-5-A-626
MOORE, SALLIE WILLIAMSON                GA-5-A-553
MOORE, WHITTINGTON                      GA-5-B-24
MORAN, JOHN                             GA-5-B-79
MORAN, LIZZIE F.                        GA-5-A-198
MORAN, MARTHA FRANCIS                   GA-5-A-615
MORAN, WILLIAM                          GA-5-A-22
MORGAN, SHADE                           GA-5-A-399
MORRIS, C. L.                           GA-5-A-389
MURPH, GEORGE                           GA-5-B-237
MURPH, MARY                             GA-5-B-399
MURPHY, CORNELIUS                       GA-5-B-32
MURPHY, DRUREY                          GA-5-B-50
MURRAY, GEORGE W.                       GA-5-B-71
MYRICK, E. S. (MRS.)                    GA-5-A-174
MYRICK, GOODWIN DOWDELL                 GA-5-A-580
MYRICK, JOHN                            GA-5-B-61
MYRICK, MARTHA                          GA-5-B-338
MYRICK, S. P.                           GA-5-A-152
NAPIER, ISABELLA R.                     GA-5-A-548
NEWSOME, CORA GUMM                      GA-5-A-479
NISET, E. DELAUNCY                      GA-5-A-156
NORMENT, JAMES RENNOLDS                 GA-5-A-577
NORRIS, MAUDE                           GA-5-A-517
OGLETREE, SANDY                         GA-5-A-43
ORME, ABBY A.                           GA-5-A-191
OSBORN, GRACIE A. E.                    GA-5-A-311
PAINE, ANNIE E.                         GA-5-A-270
PARK, JOSEPH                            GA-5-B-321
PARK, SUSAN                             GA-5-B-330
PARKS, M. M.                            GA-5-A-539
PARTEE, G. W. (MRS.)                    GA-5-A-542
PITTS, MARIA                            GA-5-A-460
POTTLE, CLARA WILLIAMS                  GA-5-A-593
POWELL, FRANCES A.                      GA-5-A-545
POWELL, T. O.                           GA-5-A-306
PRATT, SOPHRONIA D.                     GA-5-A-336
PRITCHARD, P. E.                        GA-5-A-30
PROSSER, C. E.                          GA-5-A-345
PRUSHEA, VIOLET                         GA-5-A-272
PULLEY, JAMES H.                        GA-5-A-124
RAIFORD, KATIE                          GA-5-A-243
RANDOLPH, A. W.                         GA-5-A-69
RAY, SHERMAN                            GA-5-A-511
REESE, HORTON                           GA-5-A-544
REYNOLDS, EZEKIEL                       GA-5-A-217
RICE, JACKSON (COLORED)                 GA-5-A-65
RICE, SUSAN                             GA-5-B-233
RICHARDSON, SARAH DARGAN                GA-5-A-252
ROBERSON, JOHN C.                       GA-5-B-378
ROBERTS, N. C.                          GA-5-A-379
ROBINSON, ANN K.                        GA-5-A-20
ROBINSON, JOHN R.                       GA-5-B-22
ROBINSON, W. E.                         GA-5-A-625
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                       GA-5-A-64
ROBSON, C. W.                           GA-5-A-503
ROONEY, ELLEN                           GA-5-A-99
ROOT, EVALINA                           GA-5-B-364
ROSE, MARY C.                           GA-5-A-213
ROWELL, RICHARD                         GA-5-B-167
RUSSELL, MARTIN                         GA-5-B-281
RUTHERFORD, JOHN                        GA-5-B-28
SALEY, JOSEPH                           GA-5-A-327
SANFORD, DANIEL B.                      GA-5-A-423
SANFORD, DANIEL STETSON                 GA-5-A-514
SANFORD, ELIZABETH E.                   GA-5-A-424
SANFORD, HERSCHEL V.                    GA-5-A-562
SANFORD, LUCY (COLORED)                 GA-5-A-560
SANFORD, WILLIAM                        GA-5-B-342
SARCY, BENJAMIN PERRY                   GA-5-A-381
SCOTT, A. B.                            GA-5-A-286
SCOTT, JOHN                             GA-5-A-20
SCOTT, MARY HOWELL                      GA-5-A-572
SHEPHERD, GEORGE PIERCE                 GA-5-A-537
SHOEMBEIN, FREDRICK                     GA-5-B-318
SIBLEY, MATTIE ERWIN                    GA-5-A-607
SIMMONS, BENJAMIN JUDSON                GA-5-A-358
SIMMONS, CHARLES W.                     GA-5-A-417
SIMPSON, DOLLIE                         GA-5-A-506
SKINNER, A. F.                          GA-5-A-245
SMITH, L. L.                            GA-5-B-304
SMITH, L. W.                            GA-5-A-139
SMITH, LEVIN J.                         GA-5-A-55
SMITH, LEWIS M.                         GA-5-A-502
SMITH, LUCIUS DORMAN                    GA-5-A-630
SMITH, MANCELL J.                       GA-5-B-105
SMITH, MARTHA M.                        GA-5-A-235
SPEIGHTS, JOHN                          GA-5-B-359
SPINHOLSER, J. N.                       GA-5-A-109
STANBRIDGE, G. M.                       GA-5-A-525
STANLEY, EULA                           GA-5-A-631
STANLEY, LUCY P.                        GA-5-A-247
STANLEY, SUSAN M.                       GA-5-A-398
STEELE, ELIZABETH                       GA-5-B-13
STONE, BUENA VISTA (MRS.)               GA-5-A-524
STOVAL, JOSEPH                          GA-5-B-158
STUBBS, JAMES W.                        GA-5-B-255
TAK, MARTHA J.                          GA-5-A-436
TALING, M. (MRS.)                       GA-5-A-194
TATEM, DUDLEY H.                        GA-5-A-233
TATUM, NELLIE                           GA-5-A-344
TAYLOR, KATHARINE                       GA-5-A-34
TEMPLES, HENRY                          GA-5-A-145
TENAGE, RUTH W.                         GA-5-A-186
THOMAS, LEWIS                           GA-5-A-72
THOMAS, LULA HOGAN                      GA-5-A-320
THOMAS, MARY                            GA-5-B-417
THOMAS, MARY A.                         GA-5-A-160
THOMAS, MARY N.                         GA-5-A-441
TICE, EZEKIEL                           GA-5-A-50
TINSLEY, WILLIAM B.                     GA-5-B-394
TOMPKINS, WILEY J.                      GA-5-B-210
TORRANCE, CORDELIA C.                   GA-5-A-383
TORRANCE, WILLIAM H.                    GA-5-B-84
TORRENCE, MARY M.                       GA-5-A-268
TREANOR, JOHANAH                        GA-5-A-143
TUCKER, ANNA                            GA-5-B-138
TUCKER, SARAH B.                        GA-5-B-315
TURK, THOMAS                            GA-5-A-101
TURNER, M. E. (MRS.)                    GA-5-A-170
TURNER, RACHEL L.                       GA-5-A-12
TURNER, STEPHEN C.                      GA-5-B-381
TUTTLE, MARGARET ANN                    GA-5-A-606
UNDERWOOD, ADA C.                       GA-5-A-540
UNDERWOOD, THOMAS R.                    GA-5-A-557
VAUGHAN, AMANDA E.                      GA-5-A-264
VEASEY, THOMAS                          GA-5-B-10
VINSON, CHARLES                         GA-5-A-388
VINSON, E.                              GA-5-B-383
WALKER, ALEX                            GA-5-A- 182
WALKER, JEFF                            GA-5-A-507
WALKER, JOEL                            GA-5-B-221
WALKER, SAMUEL                          GA-5-A-219
WARD, JOHN                              GA-5-B-276
WARD, PEYTON                            GA-5-B-348
WARD, RIDLEY                            GA-5-B-261
WARD, Z. T.                             GA-5-A-432
WASHINGTON, ELIZABETH                   GA-5-A-44
WASHINGTON, ROBERT B. SR.               GA-5-B-54
WELBURN, ROBET                          GA-5-B-119
WEST, JOSEPH                            GA-5-B-94
WEST, MOSES S.                          GA-5-B-204
WHILDEN, G. T.                          GA-5-A-510
WHITAKER, J. C.                         GA-5-A-509
WHITAKER, J. M. (DR.)                   GA-5-A-377
WHITAKER, JAMES C. SR.                  GA-5-A-73
WHITAKER, ROSA S.                       GA-5-A-347
WHITAKER, WILLIAM                       GA-5-B-76
WHITE, ASINE B.                         GA-5-A-402
WHITE, BENJAMIN A.                      GA-5-B-389
WHITE, KATE D.                          GA-5-A-78
WHULER, SIMON                           GA-5-A-356
WIGGINS, J. H.                          GA-5-A-480
WILLIAMS, CHARLIE (COLORED)             GA-5-A-586
WILLIAMS, LUCINDA                       GA-5-A-10
WILLIAMS, PETER                         GA-5-A-420
WILLIAMS, PETER J.                      GA-5-B-217
WILLIAMSON, CLAUD (MRS.)                GA-5-A-617
WILLIAMSON, PETER W.                    GA-5-A-535
WILLIS, FANNIE BROWN                    GA-5-A-481
WIMBLE, MARY                            GA-5-A-205
WINDSOR, MARTHA E.                      GA-5-A-228
WINSON, BETTIE                          GA-5-A-316
WOOD, MAXEY                             GA-5-A-163
WOOTEN, JOSIAH M.                       GA-5-B-265
WRIGHT, MARIAH                          GA-5-A-360
WRIGHT, S. E. SR.                       GA-5-A-571
YOUNG, THOMAS                           GA-5-B-150
YOUNGBLOOD, JOSEPH                      GA-5-A-624

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