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APPLETON, GEORGE LYMON                  GA-15-3-69
ARNOLD, RICHARD I.                      GA-15-2-25
BAKER, RANK                             GA-15-3-55
BANKS, SIMON                            GA-15-2-19
BEITCH, LEON BERRIAN                    GA-15-3-206
BLITCH, JAMES H.                        GA-15-3-116
BLITCH, JOHN M.                         GA-15-3-230
BLITCH, MOORE                           GA-15-3-112
BLITCH, WILLIAM                         GA-15-2-14
BRAILSFORD, WILLIAM                     GA-15-2-110
BROWN, ALLEN J.                         GA-15-3-108
BROWN, EFFIE B.                         GA-15-3-134
BROWN, J. P.                            GA-15-3-5
BUTLER, ANGALINE                        GA-15-3-198
BUTLER, J. M.                           GA-15-3-7
BUTLER, JAMES M.                        GA-15-2-116
BUTLER, JEFFERSON                       GA-15-2-10
BUTLER, JOHN                            GA-15-3-31
CANNON, N. A.                           GA-15-3-131
CARR, HATTIE H.                         GA-15-3-219
CAWART, JOHN C.                         GA-15-3-137
CHESTER, WILLIAM G.                     GA-15-3-36
CLANTON, CHARLES W.                     GA-15-3-21
CLAY, ELIZA C.                          GA-15-3-24
CLAY, R. HABERSHAM                      GA-15-3-165
CORBETT, THOMAS G.                      GA-15-3-102
CRIBBS, SUSAN                           GA-15-3-122
DAVIS, JOHN A.                          GA-15-2-111
DAVIS, JOHN A.                          GA-15-2-93
DESAUSSAIRE, W. G.                      GA-15-2-104
DUBOIS, W. P.                           GA-15-3-216
DUGGAR, CHARLES M.                      GA-15-3-161
DUGGAR, D. H.                           GA-15-2-90
DUGGAR, HERSHALL W.                     GA-15-2-96
DUGGAR, NATHANIEL J.                    GA-15-2-106
EDWARDS, JOHN HOLMES                    GA-15-2-202
ELARBEE, ISHAM                          GA-15-2-71
GARRICK, J. C. (MRS)                    GA-15-3-205
GAY, JOHN W.                            GA-15-3-127
GEIGER, DAVID                           GA-15-2-1
GEIGER, FRANCIS (COLORED)               GA-15-3-124
GRANT, THOMAS (COLORED)                 GA-15-3-19
GREVENSTEEN, SHADRACK                   GA-15-2-84
HARPER, ANN R.                          GA-15-3-150
HARRIS, LONDON                          GA-15-2-68
HART, MARSHALL                          GA-15-2-5
HARVEY, JAMES                           GA-15-3-94
HARVEY, JAMES B.                        GA-15-3-96
HARVEY, MARY JANE                       GA-15-3-183
HARVEY, N. J.                           GA-15-3-59
HASKELL, PAUL T.                        GA-15-3-140
HEERY, ISAAC D.                         GA-15-2-62
HUTCHISON, N. F.                        GA-15-3-200
KENEDY, E. J.                           GA-15-3-196
KENNEDY, WILLIAM                        GA-15-3-44
LETFORD, WILLIAM                        GA-15-3-20
MANN, MARGARET                          GA-15-2-56
MORGAN, FANNEN A.                       GA-15-3-86
MORGAN, JOSEPH A.                       GA-15-3-61
MORGAN, THOMAS C.                       GA-15-3-142
OLIVE, R. W.                            GA-15-3-53
OSTEIN, T. J.                           GA-15-3-154
PARISH, W. W.                           GA-15-3-218
PATE, W. J.                             GA-15-2-76
PATRICK, MATTHEW                        GA-15-3-163
PRIESTER, SUSAN F.                      GA-15-3-283
RIMES, HENRIETTA P.                     GA-15-3-152
RIMES, P. I.                            GA-15-3-210
SCHAFER, JOHN A.                        GA-15-2-114
SHERMAN, AGNES                          GA-15-3-225
SHERMAN, W. A.                          GA-15-3-208
SHRENK, MARTIN                          GA-15-3-106
SHUMAN, ELIJAH                          GA-15-2-86
SHUMAN, H. H.                           GA-15-3-9
SHUMAN, JOHN M.                         GA-15-2-78
SIMS, MARTHA                            GA-15-2-74
SMITH, ELENOR E. C.                     GA-15-2-80
SMITH, JOSHUA                           GA-15-2-44
SMITH, JULIUS M.                        GA-15-3-145
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                       GA-15-3-17
STEPHENS, HENRY ANDREW                  GA-15-3-138
STRICKLAND, WILLIAM HENRY               GA-15-3-158
WALLERS, RICHARD                        GA-15-3-1
WARD, J. R.                             GA-15-3-57
WESCOTT, AMOSA S.                       GA-15-2-43

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