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Volume List: 1A = 1816-1836 | 3A = 1836-1845 | 5A = 1845-1854 | 8A = 1854-1861 | 9A = 1861-1866 | 13A = 1867-1875 | 1 = 1874-1927 |
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AARON, C. B.                            GA-16-1-405
AKINS, JOHN                             GA-16-1-17
AKINS, LOUIS                            GA-16-1-218
AKINS, MAUDE                            GA-16-1-501
AKINS, MIKE                             GA-16-1-533
AKINS, RHODA                            GA-16-1-603
AKINS, ROBERT                           GA-16-1-221
AKINS, SOLOMON                          GA-16-1-284
AKINS, WILLIAM B.                       GA-16-1-242
ALDERMAN, S. H. (MRS.)                  GA-16-1-455
ANDERSON, J. L.                         GA-16-1-331
ARMSTRONG, MARY LEE                     GA-16-1-521
AYCOCK, J. D.                           GA-16-1-260
BANKNIGHT, MARIA                        GA-16-1-394
BANKS, CUYLER                           GA-16-13A-410
BANKS, FAIR C.                          GA-16-1-527
BARNES, G. B.                           GA-16-1-132
BARNES, LACENIA                         GA-16-1-403
BEADLES, JOSEPH W.                      GA-16-1-540
BELT, CARLTON                           GA-16-9A-59
BENNETT, BARNBAS                        GA-16-8A-30
BERROUGH, WILLIAM                       GA-16-1-20
BIGDEN, DANIEL                          GA-16-5A-95
BIRD, JEFFERSON                         GA-16-1-343
BIRD, LUCY A.                           GA-16-1-363
BIRD, T. A.                             GA-16-1-586
BIRD, WILLIAM                           GA-16-1-82
BLAND, JAMES                            GA-16-1-567
BLAND, WILLIAM SR.                      GA-16-13A-336
BLITCH, BESSIE M.                       GA-16-1-504
BLITCH, HORACE S.                       GA-16-1-231
BLITCH, J. DANIEL                       GA-16-1-384
BLITCH, J. GORDON                       GA-16-1-409
BLITCH, JOHN G.                         GA-16-1-7
BLITCH, SARAH E.                        GA-16-1-495
BLITCH, W. HOMER                        GA-16-1-257
BLKACBURN, W. J.                        GA-16-1-458
BONNELL, ANTHONY W.                     GA-16-5A-140
BOWEN, ELISHA                           GA-16-1A-185
BOWEN, JAMES M.                         GA-16-1-340
BOWEN, JOHN H.                          GA-16-13A-311
BRAGG, SUSANNAH                         GA-16-8A-339
BRANNE, J. A.                           GA-16-1-496
BRANNE, WILEY W.                        GA-16-1-469
BRANNEN, ALEXANDER                      GA-16-1-298
BRANNEN, ALEXANDER SR.                  GA-16-1-11
BRANNEN, D. A.                          GA-16-1-580
BRANNEN, J. I.                          GA-16-1-479
BRANNEN, JOHN                           GA-16-13A-206
BRANNEN, JOHN F.                        GA-16-1-605
BRANNEN, JOSHUA                         GA-16-1-176
BRANNEN, LOOUISA                        GA-16-1-565
BRANNEN, W. B.                          GA-16-1-196
BRANNEN, W. M. SR.                      GA-16-1-162
BRANNON, SOLOMON                        GA-16-9A-202
BREWTON, NATHAN                         GA-16-8A-229
BRINSON, D. J.                          GA-16-1-352
BRINSON, JAMES                          GA-16-5A-26
BROWN, ELEAZER                          GA-16-1-528
BUNCE, JAMES A.                         GA-16-1-372
BURNSED, H. M.                          GA-16-1-13
BURNSIDE, WILLIAM                       GA-16-9A-121
CAMPBELL, ELISHA                        GA-16-1-252
CANNON, ARCHIBALD                       GA-16-1A-55
CANNON, WILLIAM A.                      GA-16-9A-195
CITTSNER, CHARLES                       GA-16-5A-98
COBB, T. J.                             GA-16-1-523
COLEMAN, JOHN                           GA-16-1-435
CONE, AARON                             GA-16-1A-404
CONE, BARBER                            GA-16-1-77
CONE, FARLEY                            GA-16-1-288
CONE, J. G.                             GA-16-1-183
CONE, JAMES                             GA-16-5A-359
CONE, JOSEPH L.                         GA-16-1-303
CONE, MARTHA                            GA-16-1-93
CONE, PETER                             GA-16-9A-281
CONE, ROBERT                            GA-16-5A-1
CONE, W. S.                             GA-16-1-475
COOK, A. W.                             GA-16-1-326
CRUMPTON, JOHN                          GA-16-9A-1
DAVIS, C. R.                            GA-16-1-236
DAVIS, JOHN C.                          GA-16-1-74
DAVIS, SEABORN                          GA-16-1-376
DEAL, ALLISON                           GA-16-1-587
DEKLE, W. W.                            GA-16-1-290
DELOACH, D. D.                          GA-16-1-271
DELOACH, GEORGE W.                      GA-16-9A-170
DELOACH, JOHN                           GA-16-1-103
DELOACH, JOSHUA D.                      GA-16-13A-208
DELOACH, WILY W.                        GA-16-1-28
DENMARK, JAMES                          GA-16-1A-337
DENMARK, JAMES                          GA-16-1-180
DENMARK, JAMES W.                       GA-16-1-499
DENMARK, MALACHI                        GA-16-5A-29
DONALDSON, JAMES                        GA-16-1-462
DRIGGERS, JOHN                          GA-16-9A-217
DUGGER, DAVID                           GA-16-8A-270
DURRENCE, NORA ROSSER                   GA-16-1-574
DUTTON, JOSEPH                          GA-16-1-174
DUTTON, OVERTON                         GA-16-1-223
DUTTON, Z. E.                           GA-16-1-98
EDENFIELD, EPHRAIM                      GA-16-1-16
ELLERBEE, JAMES                         GA-16-1-153, 200
EVERETT, BEDFORD                        GA-16-1-493
EVERETT, JOHN                           GA-16-1A-220
EVERITT, JOHN                           GA-16-3A-114
EVERITT, SARAH                          GA-16-8A-193
FINK, JOHN G.                           GA-16-8A-312
FORD, ANN E.                            GA-16-1-370
FOSS, WILLIAM L.                        GA-16-1-160
FRANKLIN, A. J.                         GA-16-1-599
FRANKLIN, JASPER S.                     GA-16-1-597
FRANKLIN, JINCEY                        GA-16-1-264
FRANKLIN, JOHN                          GA-16-1-443
FRANKLIN, REMER                         GA-16-1-322
FRANKLIN, SARAH                         GA-16-1-151
FUTCH, JOHN                             GA-16-13A-153
FUTCH, SOLOMON                          GA-16-3A-12
GAY, BRIDGET                            GA-16-1-210
GIBSON, JOHN W.                         GA-16-9A-168
GIGGES, SARAH                           GA-16-5A-95
GIVENS, JOHN                            GA-16-9A-284
GOODMAN, DAVID                          GA-16-1A-71
GOODMAN, JOHN                           GA-16-13A-202
GOODMAN, SMART                          GA-16-1-139
GOULD, WILLIAM                          GA-16-1-254
GREEN, JOHN                             GA-16-1-53
GRINER, SARAH                           GA-16-1-130
GROOVER, AGE                            GA-16-1-461
GROOVER, DANIEL R.                      GA-16-1-249
GROOVER, JAMES B.                       GA-16-1-453
GROOVER, SAMUEL E.                      GA-16-1-144
GROOVER, WILLIAM                        GA-16-1-114
GROSNER, DANIEL R.                      GA-16-8A-8
GROSNER, JAMES B.                       GA-16-9A-398
GROSNER, JOHN SR.                       GA-16-8A-94
GROSNER, MARTHA                         GA-16-5A-308
GROSNER, WILLIAM                        GA-16-5A-382
HAGAIN, HEZEKIAH                        GA-16-1-3
HAGEN, SOLOMON                          GA-16-1A-437
HAGIN, ABSALOM                          GA-16-3A-56
HAGIN, JOHN C.                          GA-16-9A-232
HAGIN, JOHN S.                          GA-16-9A-219
HAGINS, W. A.                           GA-16-1-209
HALL, NATHANIEL                         GA-16-1A-6
HARMAN, J. W.                           GA-16-1-492
HAYES, MARY ANN                         GA-16-1-367
HEATH, C. B.                            GA-16-1-584
HENDRICKS, WILEY                        GA-16-8A-202
HENDRIX, JASPER W.                      GA-16-1-518
HENDRIX, JOHN QUINCY                    GA-16-1-356
HENDRIX, L. V. (MRS.)                   GA-16-1-278
HENDRIX, MATTHEW                        GA-16-1-168
HENDRIX, MITCHELL R.                    GA-16-1-593
HENDRY, LITTLETON                       GA-16-1-89
HERRINGTON, QUEEN A.                    GA-16-1-399
HODGES, BEN D.                          GA-16-1-560
HODGES, JOSHUA                          GA-16-3A-125
HODGES, JOSHUA F.                       GA-16-1-15
HODGES, LOUISA A.                       GA-16-1-295
HODGES, NATHANIEL                       GA-16-8A-219
HODGES, WASHINGTON                      GA-16-1-537
HOLLAND, JOHN                           GA-16-1-526
HOLLOWAY, JAMES                         GA-16-3A-174
ILES, WILLIAM                           GA-16-9A-76
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        GA-16-1A-112
JONES, BAZZELL                          GA-16-8A-157
JONES, BEN                              GA-16-1-109
JONES, BRIDGER                          GA-16-1A-41
JONES, G. A.                            GA-16-1-467
JONES, HARLEY T.                        GA-16-1-519
JONES, JOHN G.                          GA-16-1-573
JONES, JOSHUA A.                        GA-16-9A-283
JONES, JULIA                            GA-16-1-383
JONES, MARTHA                           GA-16-5A-306
JONES, MINNIE PRUELLA                   GA-16-1-515
JONES, NATHAN                           GA-16-3A-187
KENNEDY, D. L.                          GA-16-1-316
KENNEDY, D. L. (DR.)                    GA-16-1-239
KENNEDY, DAVID                          GA-16-1A-340A
KENNEDY, DEBORAH RUTH                   GA-16-1-576
KENNEDY, EDMUND                         GA-16-1-272
KENNEDY, M. J.                          GA-16-1-418
KENNEDY, STEPHEN                        GA-16-13A-406
KENNEDY, STEPHEN                        GA-16-13A-401
KENNEDY, STEPHEN H.                     GA-16-1-320
KERBY, ARTHUR                           GA-16-1-38
KERBY, JOHN                             GA-16-1-5, 27
KICKLIGHTER, ANDREW                     GA-16-9A-84
KINGERY, A. J.                          GA-16-1-315
KIRBY, ARTHUR                           GA-16-3A-59
KNIGHT, A. H. S.                        GA-16-1-526
KNIGHT, JOSEPH SR.                      GA-16-13A-330
LANA, MARY V.                           GA-16-1-368
LANE, E. S.                             GA-16-1-549
LANE, ELIZA J.                          GA-16-1-595
LANE, RICHARD A.                        GA-16-13A-1
LANIER, J. B.                           GA-16-1-465
LANIER, J. D.                           GA-16-1-308
LANIER, L. R.                           GA-16-1-446
LAWRENCE, JOSEPH D.                     GA-16-13A-433
LAWTHER, MARY                           GA-16-5A-362
LEE, A. .A. (MRS.)                      GA-16-1-362
LEE, DAN C.                             GA-16-1-310
LEE, ELMIRA A. F.                       GA-16-1-364
LEE, GENERAL SR.                        GA-16-9A-68
LEE, HIRAM                              GA-16-1-301
LEE, JAMES                              GA-16-9A-215
LEE, JAMES                              GA-16-1-527
LEE, JAMES SR.                          GA-16-3A-112
LEE, JOHN C.                            GA-16-1-105
LEE, M. A. E. (MRS.)                    GA-16-1-382
LEE, SARAH                              GA-16-1-31
LEE, WILLIAM                            GA-16-1-141
LEE, WILLIAM SR.                        GA-16-13A-204
LESTER, DANIEL                          GA-16-3A-5
LESTER, ROBERT F.                       GA-16-8A-29
LESTER, W. B.                           GA-16-1-60
LINDSEY, JOEL A.                        GA-16-1-437
LIVINGSTON, W. P.                       GA-16-1-439
LOCKHART, SAMUEL T.                     GA-16-1A-376
LOVE, NED                               GA-16-1-347
MANES, ELISABETH A.                     GA-16-1-41
MARSH, C. N.                            GA-16-1-305
MARTIN, C. M.                           GA-16-1-546
MCCROAN, HARRIET A.                     GA-16-1-304
MCDONALD, JEREMIAH                      GA-16-5A-182
MCELVEEN, AMERICA                       GA-16-1-245
MCELVEEN, M. J.                         GA-16-1-577
MCELVEEN, MOSES J.                      GA-16-1-35
MCELVEEN, WILLIAM E.                    GA-16-1-46
MCELVEEN, WILLIAM E.                    GA-16-1-29
MCRAE, ANTHONY                          GA-16-1-207
MERCER, B. B.                           GA-16-1-511
MERCER, MARY                            GA-16-9A-2
MERITT, AARON                           GA-16-8A-327
MIKELL, ALLEN                           GA-16-13A-98
MIKELL, JAMES H.                        GA-16-13A-422
MIKELL, SARAH                           GA-16-1-517
MIKELL, THOMAS H.                       GA-16-1-189
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       GA-16-1-248
MILLER, FRANCIS M.                      GA-16-1-277
MILLER, JAMES J.                        GA-16-9A-198
MILLER, ROBERT P.                       GA-16-1-297
MINCY, PHILIP                           GA-16-1A-192
MITCHELL, JANIE                         GA-16-1-381
MOCK, G. H.                             GA-16-1-401
MONK, HIRAM                             GA-16-1A-26
MOORE, L. B.                            GA-16-1-335
MOORE, MATTHEW C.                       GA-16-1-299
MOORE, S. L. SR.                        GA-16-1-2123
MORRIS, B. F.                           GA-16-1-342
MURPHY, SARAH A.                        GA-16-1-157
NESMUTH, N. J. (MRS.0                   GA-16-1-509
NEWMAN, JOHN G.                         GA-16-1-262
NEWSOM, JOEL                            GA-16-1-135
NEWSOME, JOEL                           GA-16-1-135
NEWTON, BARNETT B.                      GA-16-1-204
NEWTON, WILLIAM R.                      GA-16-1-313
NOTTAGE, THOMAS                         GA-16-1A-200
OCONNER, PATRICK                        GA-16-5A-119
OGLESBY, JULIA                          GA-16-1-286
OLLIFF, JOHN                            GA-16-1-111
OLLIFF, JOSEPH F.                       GA-16-1-366
OLLIFF, MATHEW                          GA-16-1-125
OLLIFF, SOLOMON F.                      GA-16-1-422
OUTLAND, B. T.                          GA-16-1-441
PARRISH, ANSELL                         GA-16-9A-276
PARRISH, B. SR.                         GA-16-1-338
PARRISH, HENRY                          GA-16-1A-1
PARRISH, JAMES M.                       GA-16-1-354
PARRISH, MADISON                        GA-16-1-415
PARRISH, MARY J. SR.                    GA-16-1-155
PARRISH, PETER                          GA-16-9A-334
PARRISH, THOMAS                         GA-16-1-483
PEARSON, BENJAMIN                       GA-16-3A-7
PECK, SUSAN                             GA-16-1A-49
PENNINGTON, HOPIE                       GA-16-1-610
PERKINS, J. H.                          GA-16-1-602
PERKINS, L. C.                          GA-16-1-463
PERKINS, M. C.                          GA-16-1-268
PRETORIUS, CHARLES                      GA-16-1-360
PROCTOR, EZEKIEL L.                     GA-16-9A-204
PROCTOR, H. J. SR.                      GA-16-1-457
PROCTOR, JOHN                           GA-16-1-67
PROCTOR, JONAS WILLIAM                  GA-16-1-329
PROCTOR, SARAH                          GA-16-1-121
PROCTOR, SEBORN M.                      GA-16-1-170
PROCTOR, TABITHA                        GA-16-1-142
RAWLS, ALLEN                            GA-16-8A-96
RAWLS, JOHN                             GA-16-1A-116
RAWLS, W. H.                            GA-16-8A-282
REGISTER, FRANK P.                      GA-16-1-361
RICHARDSON, ABRAHAM                     GA-16-8A-291
RICHARDSON, PETER C.                    GA-16-1-397
RICHARDSON, S. J. (MRS.)                GA-16-1-481
RIGDON, DANIEL                          GA-16-9A-166
RIGGS, A. B.                            GA-16-1-84
RIGGS, DEMPSEY                          GA-16-13A-408
RIGGS, DEMPSEY                          GA-16-13A-404
RIGGS, JAMES                            GA-16-1-547
RIMES, JAMES W.                         GA-16-1-22
ROACH, ABRAHAM W.                       GA-16-8A-255
ROACH, T. S.                            GA-16-1-123
ROBERTS, W. H.                          GA-16-1-224
ROGERS, ERWIN G.                        GA-16-1-198
ROGERS, GEORGIA                         GA-16-1-280
ROGERS, URIAH A.                        GA-16-1-55
RUSHING, JAMES H.                       GA-16-1-505
RUSHING, JOHN B.                        GA-16-1-164
SANDERS, CAROLINE E.                    GA-16-1-228
SCOTT, W. M.                            GA-16-1-530
SHEPPART, B. W. S.                      GA-16-1-237
SHERMAN, WILLIAM J.                     GA-16-1-48
SHOCKLEY, A. E. (MRS.)                  GA-16-1-430
SIMMON, C. C.                           GA-16-1-426
SIMMONS, HASKELL                        GA-16-1-62
SIMMONS, R.                             GA-16-1-542
SLATER, SAMUEL                          GA-16-5A-174
SMITH, CYNTHIA A.                       GA-16-1-359
SMITH, JACOB                            GA-16-1-428
SMITH, M. CARTER                        GA-16-1-406
SMITH, MARY                             GA-16-5A-127
SMITH, MILLENTON                        GA-16-1-451
SMITH, T. G.                            GA-16-1-539
STATESBURY, JAMES V.                    GA-16-8A-311
STODDARD, W. A.                         GA-16-1-503
STYLES, DAVID                           GA-16-1-491
TAYLOR, EASTER                          GA-16-1-332
TEMPLET, HUDSON                         GA-16-1-485
TILLMAN, MARY                           GA-16-1-472
TULLIS, JOHN N.                         GA-16-1-211
TULLIS, W. J.                           GA-16-1-229
TURNER, BENJAMIN E.                     GA-16-1-281
VEVILL, JACOB                           GA-16-8A-353
WARNOCK, JESSEE K.                      GA-16-9A-279
WATERS, ALEXANDER                       GA-16-1-1
WATERS, ALLEN                           GA-16-5A-331
WATERS, ANNIE                           GA-16-1-266
WATERS,, H. I.                          GA-16-1-431
WATERS, PHARISEE                        GA-16-1-216
WATERS, SARAH E.                        GA-16-1-487
WATERS, THOMAS                          GA-16-5A-256
WATERS, THOMAS H.                       GA-16-1-489
WATSON, SAMUEL                          GA-16-1-345
WHALEY, THOMAS J.                       GA-16-1-274
WILKERSON, NED                          GA-16-1-433
WILLAMS, MARY                           GA-16-8A-92
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE                     GA-16-1-33
WILLIAMS, J. G.                         GA-16-1-70
WILLIAMS, JAMES                         GA-16-1A-74
WILLIAMS, JEFF G.                       GA-16-1-226
WILLIAMS, MITCHELL                      GA-16-1-371
WILLIAMS, NATHANIEL                     GA-16-1-319
WILLIAMS, R. M.                         GA-16-1-324
WILLIAMS, SETH                          GA-16-1A-196
WILLIAMS, W. W.                         GA-16-1-87
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       GA-16-9A-157
WILSON, A. J.                           GA-16-1-65
WILSON, ADNREW                          GA-16-8A-170
WILSON, C. A.                           GA-16-1-477
WILSON, JAMS W.                         GA-16-1-376
WILSON, JOHN S.                         GA-16-1-219
WILSON, JOSEPH SR.                      GA-16-13A-403
WILSON, MARY M.                         GA-16-1-205
WISE, WILLIAM                           GA-16-1A-4
WRIGHT, JOHN M.                         GA-16-13A-3
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         GA-16-3A-94

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