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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page #
Volume List: A = 1823-1855 | B = 1851-1871 | C = 1871-1891 | D = 1891-1900 | E = 1901-1910 | F = 1910-1916 | G = 1916-1923 | H = 1923-1929 |
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ADAMS, SETH K.                          GA-18-1-37
AIKIN, WILLIAM                          GA-18-A2-123
ALLEN, P. A.                            GA-18-B2-281
ALLISON, ROBERT W.                      GA-18-1-480
ALLISON, WILLIAM                        GA-18-1-439
AMMONS, ASA                             GA-18-B2-135
AMMONS, SARAH ADALINE                   GA-18-B2-135
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH                     GA-18-B1-272
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH                     GA-18-B1-368
ANDERSON, JAMES                         GA-18-B1-28
ANDERSON, JAMES                         GA-18-A1-401
ANDERSON, MARTHA                        GA-18-B1-272
ANDERSON, MARTHA                        GA-18-B1-362
ANDEWS, JOHN W.                         GA-18-B2-176
ANDREWS, ELIZA J.                       GA-18-B2-213
ANDREWS, JOHN                           GA-18-1-384
ANDREWS, JULIA                          GA-18-B2-62
ANDREWS, MARTHA                         GA-18-1-36
ANDREWS, MARTHA                         GA-18-B1-421
ANDREWS, ROBERT                         GA-18-B1-255
ANDREWS, S.E.                           GA-18-B2-322
ANDREWS, SARAH                          GA-18-B1-422
ANDREWS, SARAH                          GA-18-1-36
ANDREWS, W. S.                          GA-18-A2-298
ANDREWS, WILLIAM H.                     GA-18-A2-162
ASBURY, H. G.                           GA-18-B2-327
ATKINSON, ARTHUR C.                     GA-18-B1-496
ATKINSON, ARTHUR C.                     GA-18-A1-67
ATKINSON, CORNELIUS                     GA-18-1-534
ATKINSON, LEWIS M.                      GA-18-B2-255
ATKINSON, THOMAS T.                     GA-18-A2-203
BACON, ELLA C.                          GA-18-B2-303
BAILEY, CHARLES                         GA-18-1-406
BAILEY, MINNIE                          GA-18-A2-336
BAILEY, S. W.                           GA-18-A2-36
BALL, J. M.                             GA-18-B2-25?
BALL, JESSE                             GA-18-B1-435
BALL, JESSE                             GA-18-1-47
BANKS, HULDA (COLORED)                  GA-18-B2-261
BANKSTON, ABNER                         GA-18-1-29
BANKSTON, ABNER                         GA-18-B1-554
BANKSTON, JAMES E.                      GA-18-B1-558
BANKSTON, MARGARET                      GA-18-B2-351
BANKSTON, OLIVE                         GA-18-1-334
BANKSTON, WILLYANN                      GA-18-1-334
BARBER, DICK                            GA-18-B2-12
BARBER, G. S.                           GA-18-B2-56
BARBER, GEORGE W.                       GA-18-A2-225
BARBER, MATTHEW                         GA-18-A2-47
BARBER, MERRITT (COLORED)               GA-18-B2-241
BARBER, PLEASANT                        GA-18-B2-12
BARKER, THOMAS R.                       GA-18-1-36
BARKLEY, JOHN                           GA-18-A1-64
BARKLEY, JOHN LEWIS                     GA-18-B2-251
BARKLEY, WILLIAM MOORE                  GA-18-B2-313
BARKLEY,JANE                            GA-18-B1-179
BARLOW, ANNIE (COLORED)                 GA-18-B2-339
BARLOW, RICHARD                         GA-18-A2-107
BARNES, JOHN J.                         GA-18-B2-70
BARRON, JOHN                            GA-18-A1-123
BEAVERS, ELIZA L.                       GA-18-B1-434
BEAVERS, ELIZA L.                       GA-18-1-165
BEAVERS, HARRIET A.                     GA-18-1-165
BEAVERS, HARRIET A.                     GA-18-B1-434
BEAVERS, SARAH E.                       GA-18-B1-434
BEAVERS, SILAS M.                       GA-18-B1-597
BEAVERS, SILAS M.                       GA-18-1-12
BELL, DAVID M.                          GA-18-B2-79
BELL, THOMAS P.                         GA-18-B2-153
BELLAH, HIRAM                           GA-18-B1-34
BENTON, A. E.                           GA-18-A2-267
BENTON, MARY (COLORED)                  GA-18-B2-337
BERRY, DAVID                            GA-18-1-482
BERRY, JAMES                            GA-18-1-76
BERRY, JOHN J. D.                       GA-18-B1-594
BICKERS, MARIE LOISE                    GA-18-B2-227
BICKERSTAFF, R. J.                      GA-18-1-78
BICKERSTAFF, RIPLEY                     GA-18-B1-228
BICKERSTAFF, ROBERT                     GA-18-B1-1
BICKERSTAFF, ROBERT J.                  GA-18-B1-125
BICKERSTAFF, WILLIAM J.                 GA-18-B1-228
BLEDSOE, MORTON                         GA-18-1-44
BLEDSOE, SUSAN                          GA-18-A2-283
BLESSET, ELISHA                         GA-18-A1-1
BLESSET, GEORGE                         GA-18-A1-144
BLESSET, POLLY                          GA-18-A1-144
BLESSET, WILLIAM                        GA-18-A1-145
BLISSIT, GEORGE                         GA-18-B1-142
BLISSIT, WILLIAM                        GA-18-B1-118
BOWLES, MARTIN D.                       GA-18-A1-329
BRADY, JAMES                            GA-18-A2-37
BROCKMAN, GEORGE M.                     GA-18-1-28
BROCKMAN, GEORGE M. T.                  GA-18-A1-247
BROOKS, ELBERT J.                       GA-18-1-359
BROWN, CYRENA                           GA-18-1-128
BROWN, CYRENA                           GA-18-B1-478
BROWNLEE, JAMES                         GA-18-A2-146
BRYANS, JAMES H.                        GA-18-A2-291
BRYANS, JENNIE                          GA-18-B2-354
BRYANS, ROBERT G.                       GA-18-B2-53
BRYANT, J. L. (MRS.)                    GA-18-B2-85
BRYON, NORA L.                          GA-18-B2-368
BUCHANAN, C. W. SR.                     GA-18-B2-228
BUCHANAN, ELLA T.                       GA-18-B2-417
BURFORD, THOMAS B.                      GA-18-A2-19
BURFORD, WILLIAM                        GA-18-B1-363
BURFORD, WILLIAM                        GA-18-1-137
BUTTRILL, VERA DOSTOR                   GA-18-B2-71
BYARS, GEORGE K.                        GA-18-1-279
BYARS, GEORGE K.                        GA-18-B1-451
BYARS, GEORGE W.                        GA-18-1-396
BYARS, MARY                             GA-18-A2-65
BYARS, ROBERT                           GA-18-A2-31
BYARS, TEMPERANCE                       GA-18-A2-183
BYRON, J. LEE                           GA-18-B2-225
CAMP, JAMES                             GA-18-B1-234
CAMP, JAMES                             GA-18-1-26
CAMP, NATHAN F.                         GA-18-B1-234
CAMP, NATHAN F.                         GA-18-1-25
CAMP, STERLING                          GA-18-A1-411
CAMP, STERLING                          GA-18-B1-20
CAMP, STERLING                          GA-18-1-25
CAMPBELL, JAMES H.                      GA-18-B1-550
CAMPBELL, JAMES H.                      GA-18-1-27
CAMPBELL, JOSEPH                        GA-18-A2-135
CARGILE, JOHN M.                        GA-18-A2-261
CARGILE, JOHN R.                        GA-18-A1-279
CARMICHAEL, CARRIE (COLORED)            GA-18-B2-346
CARMICHAEL, D. N.                       GA-18-B2-103
CARMICHAEL, JAMES F.                    GA-18-B2-114
CARMICHAEL, JOHN B.                     GA-18-A2-279
CARMICHAEL, JOHN R.                     GA-18-B2-74
CARMICHAEL, JOSEPH                      GA-18-A2-9
CARMICHAEL, R. E. (MRS.)                GA-18-B2-223
CARMICHAEL, SALLIE                      GA-18-B2-98
CARMICHAEL, W. L.                       GA-18-B2-34
CARMICHAEL, WILSON L.                   GA-18-1-139
CARR, W. S.                             GA-18-A2-252
CARTER, G. N.                           GA-18-A2-338
CATCHINGS, A. D. (MRS.)                 GA-18-B2-110
CHILDS, JAMES E.                        GA-18-A2-289
CHISMA, MARGARET                        GA-18-A1-316
CLARK, ALEXANDER E.                     GA-18-A2-88
CLARK, HIRAM                            GA-18-A2-26
CLAYTON, JAMES                          GA-18-A1-53
CLEATON, AUSTON                         GA-18-A1-319
COCHRAN, NANCY                          GA-18-B2-30
COLEMAN, DAVID                          GA-18-B1-290
COLLIER, CARRIE P.                      GA-18-B2-309
COLLIER, E. S.                          GA-18-A2-115
COLLIER, PAUL J.                        GA-18-B2-151
COLLINS, SAMUEL                         GA-18-A2-194
COLVIN, W. S.                           GA-18-B2-262
COMPTON, JAMES L.                       GA-18-B1-312
COMPTON, P. M.                          GA-18-A2-288
COOK, DORA COCHRAN                      GA-18-B2-311
COOK, J. T.                             GA-18-B2-132
COOK, SARAH                             GA-18-A2-90
COOK, WILLIAM                           GA-18-1-533
CORNELL, TEXAS ELDER (MRS.)             GA-18-B2-152
COWLES, OVID                            GA-18-A1-155
CRITENDEN, JAMES                        GA-18-A2-201
CURRY, DANIEL                           GA-18-B1-326
CURRY, HARRIETT ANN                     GA-18-B1-392
CURRY, HARRIETT ANN                     GA-18-1-19
CURRY, W. D.                            GA-18-B2-142
CURRY, WILLIAM                          GA-18-A2-211
DARDEN, B. H.                           GA-18-A2-95
DARDEN, C. M.                           GA-18-A2-118
DARDEN, H. J.                           GA-18-A2-94
DARDEN, M. F.                           GA-18-A2-246
DARNALL, RICHRAD H.                     GA-18-B1-564
DARNELL, RICHARD H.                     GA-18-1-106
DAUGHTRY, H. L. SR.                     GA-18-B2-347
DAVIS, A. H. S.                         GA-18-B2-298
DENNIS, E. C.                           GA-18-1-2
DENNIS, ELIZABETH C.                    GA-18-B1-464
DENNIS, JOHN                            GA-18-A1-255
DILLON, HENRY                           GA-18-1-415
DODSON, CHARLES                         GA-18-1-435
DODSON, JOHN A.                         GA-18-B2-158
DOUGLASS, EUGENIUS                      GA-18-1-90
DOUGLASS, EUGENIUS L.                   GA-18-B1-238
DOUGLASS, FRANCIS                       GA-18-1-215
DOUGLASS, FRANCIS                       GA-18-1-173
DOUGLASS, MARCELIUS                     GA-18-B1-237
DOUGLASS, MARCELLUS                     GA-18-1-89
DOUGLASS, NARCISSA                      GA-18-B1-238
DOUGLASS, NARCISSA W.                   GA-18-1-90
DOUGLASS, ROBERT F.                     GA-18-1-193
DOUGLASS, W. F.                         GA-18-B2-68
DOUGLASS, WILLIAM S.                    GA-18-B1-71
DOUGLASS, WILLIAM S.                    GA-18-1-89
DOZIER, WOODY BAILEY                    GA-18-B2-256
DUFFEY, MARY                            GA-18-1-206
DUFFEY, SAMUEL F.                       GA-18-B2-118
DUKE, A. G.                             GA-18-B1-386
DUKE, A. G.                             GA-18-B1-22
DUKE, ARISTOLE                          GA-18-1-18
DUKE, ARISTOLE G.                       GA-18-A1-426
DUKE, COATSWORTH                        GA-18-1-18
DUKE, E. D. (MRS.)                      GA-18-B2-190
DUKE, ELIZABETH                         GA-18-1-18
DUKE, EMMA L.                           GA-18-A2-305
DUKE, HENRY                             GA-18-A2-1
DUKE, J. M.                             GA-18-B2-329
DUKE, JULIA                             GA-18-B2-89
DUKE, LULA M.                           GA-18-B2-290
DUKE, MARY                              GA-18-1-18
DUKE, WILLIAM                           GA-18-1-18
DUKE, WILLIAM M.                        GA-18-A2-130
EDUARDS, MARY ANN                       GA-18-B2-254
EIDSON, JOHN                            GA-18-1-17
ELDER, JENNIE                           GA-18-B2-99
ELDER, WILLIAM A. SR.                   GA-18-A2-323
ELLIS, ELIZABETH J.                     GA-18-A2-260
ETHEREDGE, FLORENCE                     GA-18-B2-234
ETHERIDGE, CASELL                       GA-18-A2-66
ETHERIDGE, R. N.                        GA-18-B2-406
EVANS, DAVID                            GA-18-A2-171
EVANS, JOHN B.                          GA-18-B2-126
FEARS, T. E.                            GA-18-B2-263
FERGUSON, NIEL                          GA-18-A1-353
FIELDER, JOSEPH H.                      GA-18-1-378
FINCHER, C. F. (MRS.)                   GA-18-B2-184
FINCHER, J. T.                          GA-18-B2-207
FINLEY, J. M.                           GA-18-B2-192
FINLEY, JAMES                           GA-18-A2-232
FINLEY, MARY J.                         GA-18-B2-65
FLETCHER, H. B.                         GA-18-A2-311
FLETCHER, J. T. (MRS.)                  GA-18-B2-389
FLETCHER, J. W.                         GA-18-B2-182
FLEWELLEN, LOUISA C.                    GA-18-A1-6
FOLDS, THOMAS                           GA-18-A2-102
FOSSETT, JOHN                           GA-18-B2-404
FOSTER, MAGGIE E.                       GA-18-B2-291
FOSTER, W. J.                           GA-18-A2-183
FREEMAN, EMMA                           GA-18-B2-122
FREEMAN, ISHAM                          GA-18-A2-57
GASTON, MATHEW                          GA-18-A2-71
GASTON, SALLIE                          GA-18-A2-127
GIBSON, JOHN W.                         GA-18-A2-312
GILES, E. P.                            GA-18-A2-315
GILES, W. H.                            GA-18-A2-227
GILMORE, AQUILLA                        GA-18-B1-143
GILMORE, R. F.                          GA-18-A2-29
GLASS, SAMUEL E.                        GA-18-B2-116
GODDARD, ABRAM G.                       GA-18-A2-345
GODDARD, L. P.                          GA-18-A2-111
GOEN, JOHN M.                           GA-18-B2-14
GOODMAN, J. T.                          GA-18-B2-179
GOODMAN, JOHN                           GA-18-A2-175
GRANT, E. H.                            GA-18-B2-191
GRAVES, MARTHA J.                       GA-18-B2-216
GRAY, ALLEN                             GA-18-A2-250
GRAY, ANDREW                            GA-18-B1-64
GRAY, ELIZABETH J.                      GA-18-A2-104
GRAY, JAMES                             GA-18-1-112
GREER, ELIZABETH M.                     GA-18-B2-106
GREER, JOHN                             GA-18-B1-583
GREER, MARY                             GA-18-B2-13
GREER, THOMAS H.                        GA-18-B2-124
GRESHAM, FLORENCE GIBBS                 GA-18-B2-372
GREY, ELIZABETH                         GA-18-B1-441
GREY, JAMES                             GA-18-A1-165
GREY, RACHEL                            GA-18-A1-337
GRIER, A. S.                            GA-18-A2-100
GRIER, JASON                            GA-18-1-23
GRIER, JOHN                             GA-18-1-10
GRIER, ROBERT                           GA-18-1-1
GRIMMITT, ROBERT                        GA-18-B1-247
GUNN, LUCY J.                           GA-18-B2-61
GUNN, OLLIE                             GA-18-B2-201
GURN, J. T.                             GA-18-A2-149
HALE, EMMA                              GA-18-B2-195
HALE, JOSEPH E. SR.                     GA-18-B2-181
HALE, WILLIAM                           GA-18-A2-42
HALL, AND HUNTER                        GA-18-1-308
HALL, E. M.                             GA-18-A2-44
HALL, JOHN                              GA-18-A2-144
HAM, J. H.                              GA-18-B2-259
HAM, JOE S.                             GA-18-B2-147
HAMMOCK, JEREMIAH                       GA-18-A1-186
HAMMOND, CARRIE LEE                     GA-18-B2-320
HAMMOND, WILLIAM J.                     GA-18-B1-280
HAMMOND, WILLIAM J.                     GA-18-1-75
HARDY, OSCAR B.                         GA-18-B2-319
HARKNESS, AMELIA M.                     GA-18-A2-285
HARKNESS, E. S. JANE                    GA-18-B2-52
HARKNESS, J. B.                         GA-18-A2-38
HARKNESS, J. W.                         GA-18-B2-44
HARKNESS, R. B.                         GA-18-B2-258
HARKNESS, SARAH M.                      GA-18-A2-237
HARKNESS, THOMAS A.                     GA-18-A2-235
HARKNESS, THOMAS M.                     GA-18-A2-238
HARKNESS, WILLIAM B.                    GA-18-A2-207
HARRELL, ELIZABETH                      GA-18-1-254
HARRIS, G. L.                           GA-18-B2-38
HARRIS, MOLLIE E.                       GA-18-B2-358
HARRIS, T. J.                           GA-18-B2-299
HARRISON, BENJAMIN                      GA-18-1-22
HARRISON, BENJAMIN                      GA-18-1-1
HARRISON, BENJAMINE                     GA-18-1-526
HARRISON, ELIZABETH                     GA-18-1-389
HARRISON, JAMES                         GA-18-A1-322
HARRISON, JAMES                         GA-18-B1-32
HARRISON, THOMAS                        GA-18-1-389
HARRISON, WILLIAM                       GA-18-1-168
HEAD, HELEN S. SCALES                   GA-18-B2-331
HEAD, JAMES D.                          GA-18-A2-215
HEAD, WILLIAM J.                        GA-18-A2-22
HEARD, CHARLES                          GA-18-A1-233
HEARD, CHARLES CLARENDON                GA-18-B2-385
HEARD, STEPHEN G.                       GA-18-A1-4
HEATH, DAWSON                           GA-18-A2-168
HEATH, GEORGE D.                        GA-18-A2-220
HEATH, MARTHA                           GA-18-A2-330
HEFLIN, MARY                            GA-18-B2-244
HENDRICK, GUSTAVUS                      GA-18-A2-223
HIGGINS, JOHN                           GA-18-A2-221
HIGGINS, MATILDA                        GA-18-B2-57
HIGGINS, NANCY                          GA-18-B1-559
HIGGINS, NANCY                          GA-18-1-13
HILLMAN, CHILDREN                       GA-18-1-543
HITCHINS, A. G.                         GA-18-B2-21
HOARD, ELMA L.                          GA-18-B2-235
HOARD, WILLIAM                          GA-18-A2-166
HODGES, WILLIAM                         GA-18-B2-81
HOLIFIELD, CHRISTOPHER                  GA-18-1-19
HOLIFIELD, CHRISTOPHER H.               GA-18-B1-544
HOLIFIELD, WILLIS                       GA-18-A2-209
HOLLIS, JOHN                            GA-18-A2-70
HOLMES, JAMES                           GA-18-B2-7
HOOD, ESTHER                            GA-18-A2-105
HOWELL, OLIN BRYAN                      GA-18-B2-415
HUGHEY, J. R.                           GA-18-B2-278
HUMBER, A. E.                           GA-18-1-389
HUMBER, JOHN                            GA-18-1-389
HUMBER, ROBERT                          GA-18-B1-432
HUMBER, ROBERT                          GA-18-1-223
HUNTER, ALEXANDER                       GA-18-A2-34
HUNTER, AND HALL                        GA-18-1-308
HUNTER, ROBERT W.                       GA-18-B1-291
HUNTER, ROBERT W.                       GA-18-1-64
INGRAM, ARIE                            GA-18-B2-393
INGRAM, JOHN S.                         GA-18-B1-500
INGRAM, JOHN S.                         GA-18-1-125
JAMES, JOHN P.                          GA-18-1-245
JARRELL, WILLIAM                        GA-18-1-225
JENKINS, JACK J.                        GA-18-B2-245
JENKINS, NANCY                          GA-18-B2-156
JENKINS, WILLIS C.                      GA-18-B1-378
JENKINS, WILLIS C.                      GA-18-1-266
JESTER, JAMES                           GA-18-B1-68
JESTER, LEVI                            GA-18-B1-387
JINKENS, JANE                           GA-18-A1-291
JINKS, BURWELL                          GA-18-B1-573
JINKS, BURWELL                          GA-18-1-16
JINKS, JAMES M.                         GA-18-1-109
JINKS, JOSEPH G.                        GA-18-1-108
JINKS, MARY                             GA-18-1-109
JINKS, MATHEW                           GA-18-A1-231
JOHNSON, ARNOLD                         GA-18-B1-181
JOHNSON, EDDIE G.                       GA-18-B2-336
JOHNSON, M. A.                          GA-18-B2-318
JOHNSON, REUBEN                         GA-18-A2-120
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM H.                    GA-18-B1-75
JOLLY, DELANY                           GA-18-A2-178
JOLLY, EMMA DICKSON                     GA-18-B2-276
JONES, JOHN                             GA-18-B1-81
JONES, JOHN E.                          GA-18-B1-145
KELLY, B. B. (MRS.)                     GA-18-B2-367
KEY, JOSEPH                             GA-18-A2-62
KEY, M. ANNIE                           GA-18-A2-281
KIMBELL, F. M.                          GA-18-A2-92
KIMBELL, JAMES G. SR.                   GA-18-B2-24
KIMBELL, LUCY L.                        GA-18-1-64
KIMBELL, MARTHA F.                      GA-18-1-241
KIMBELL, MARTHA F.                      GA-18-1-64
KIMBELL, MARY G.                        GA-18-1-64
KIMBELL, MARY G.                        GA-18-1-261
KIMBELL,LUCY L.                         GA-18-1-200
KING, E. NAOMI                          GA-18-B2-282
KING, JAMES                             GA-18-1-318
KING, SAMUEL                            GA-18-B1-444
KNIGHT, ELI                             GA-18-A1-371
KNIGHT, ELI                             GA-18-B1-33
KNIGHT, RICHARD                         GA-18-A1-143
KNIGHT, WALTER T.                       GA-18-A1-60
KNOWLES, LAVONIA C.                     GA-18-A2-339
LACY, THOMAS                            GA-18-1-448
LANE, MARY M.                           GA-18-B2-101
LANE, ROSA W.                           GA-18-B2-376
LASITER, J. M. SR.                      GA-18-A2-343
LAVINDER, R. G.                         GA-18-B2-1
LAWSON, ADAM                            GA-18-A1-5
LAWSON, ARTHUR                          GA-18-A2-40
LAWSON, RICHMOND                        GA-18-B2-67
LAZER, T. J.                            GA-18-A2-322
LEE, EMMA S.                            GA-18-B2-353
LEE, HARVEY S.                          GA-18-1-417
LEE, HENRY                              GA-18-B1-114
LEE, LILLIS                             GA-18-B1-450
LEE, NANCY                              GA-18-1-336
LEE, WILLIAM                            GA-18-A1-305
LEE, WILLIAM                            GA-18-B1-72
LEGUIN, JOHN                            GA-18-A2-263
LEWIS, KATE                             GA-18-B2-226
LINDSEY, DOLPHIN                        GA-18-A2-189
LINDSEY, J. D.                          GA-18-A2-97
LINDSEY, SAMUEL                         GA-18-A1-22
LOFTON, JOHN                            GA-18-1-526
LUNSFORD, R. E.                         GA-18-B2-221
LYONS, J. E. B.                         GA-18-A2-52
MADDOX, A. C.                           GA-18-B2-386
MADDOX, ANNIE LEE                       GA-18-B2-355
MADDOX, DAVID                           GA-18-A2-324
MADDOX, DAVID                           GA-18-A2-324
MADDOX, E. J. (MRS.)                    GA-18-B2-130
MADDOX, J. W.                           GA-18-B2-409
MADDOX, N. N.                           GA-18-B2-222
MADDUX, DAVID                           GA-18-A2-164
MADDUX, DENNIS                          GA-18-A2-50
MADDUX, JAMES L.                        GA-18-B2-2
MADDUX, LUCY ANN C.                     GA-18-B2-2
MADUX, E. M.                            GA-18-A2-160
MAGBEE, RACHEL                          GA-18-B1-238
MAGBY, RCHEL                            GA-18-A1-239
MALLETTE, REUBEN C.                     GA-18-B2-423
MALONE, EMILY                           GA-18-1-77
MALONE, JOHN                            GA-18-A1-113
MALONE, JOHN A.                         GA-18-B1-126
MALONE, JOHN A.                         GA-18-1-76
MALONE, MARTHA                          GA-18-1-77
MALONE, SARAH                           GA-18-1-77
MAPP, J. L.                             GA-18-B2-5
MASON, JOHN                             GA-18-B1-530
MATHEWS, JEREMIAH                       GA-18-B1-38
MATHEWS, MORRIS                         GA-18-B1-166
MATHEWS,JUBAL                           GA-18-B1-38
MAYFIELD, R. M.                         GA-18-B2-330
MAYO, JAMES G.                          GA-18-A2-67
MAYO, RICHARDSON                        GA-18-B1-439
MAYO, STEPHEN D.                        GA-18-B1-519
MAYO, STEPHEN D. (ORPHANS)              GA-18-1-24
MAYS, EMMA                              GA-18-B2-210
MAYS, JOHN M.                           GA-18-A2-202
MCCARTY, DENNIS                         GA-18-B1-3
MCCLENDON, ALLEN                        GA-18-B1-4
MCCLENDON, ALLEN                        GA-18-A1-389
MCCLENDON, ALLEN                        GA-18-1-45
MCCLENDON, DANIEL                       GA-18-B1-132
MCCLENDON, DANIEL                       GA-18-1-86
MCCLENDON, JEREMIAH P.                  GA-18-B1-154
MCCLENDON, JEREMIAH P.                  GA-18-1-21
MCCLENDON, JOSEPH F.                    GA-18-B1-155
MCCLENDON, NANCY                        GA-18-B1-489
MCCLENDON, NANCY                        GA-18-1-43
MCCLENDON, O. H. P.                     GA-18-B1-217
MCCLENDON, WILLIAM C.                   GA-18-B1-155
MCCLURE, SARAH P.                       GA-18-B2-209
MCCLURE,T. J.                           GA-18-B2-129
MCCORD, J. G.                           GA-18-A2-98
MCCORD, J. R. (CHILDREN0                GA-18-1-377
MCCORD, JOHN W. SR.                     GA-18-A2-303
MCCORD, THEODORE WALSTEIN               GA-18-B2-312
MCCOY, GREER                            GA-18-A1-202
MCCUNE, CORNELIUS M.                    GA-18-B1-372
MCCUNE, CORNELIUS M.                    GA-18-1-26
MCCUNE, ELIZABETH                       GA-18-1-349
MCCUNE, MICAJAH F.                      GA-18-B1-175
MCDANIEL, JAMES STARK                   GA-18-1-543
MCDANIEL, JOHN H.                       GA-18-1-221
MCDANIEL, MARY                          GA-18-1-543
MCDANIEL, T. M.                         GA-18-A2-80
MCELHENEY, WILLIAM F.                   GA-18-B2-36
MCELHENNEY, F. T.                       GA-18-B2-203
MCFARLIN, PETER                         GA-18-B1-325
MCGOUGH, THOMAS                         GA-18-A2-191
MCGUIRE, ABIA                           GA-18-1-466
MCKIBBEN, M. V.                         GA-18-A2-326
MCKIBBEN, THOMAS                        GA-18-A2-205
MCMAHAN, JOHN                           GA-18-A1-228
MCMICHAEL, D. G.                        GA-18-B2-288
MCMICHAEL, GEORGE                       GA-18-A2-214
MCMICHAEL, J. MATT                      GA-18-B2-172
MCMICHAEL, LEVI                         GA-18-B1-438
MCMICHAEL, NANCY                        GA-18-B2-175
MCMICHAEL, SALLIE J.                    GA-18-B2-268
MCMICHAEL, VIRGIE                       GA-18-B2-274
MCMICHAEL, WILLIAM G.                   GA-18-A2-265
MCNAHAN, ROBERT                         GA-18-A2-241
MEREDITH, ELIZABETH M.                  GA-18-1-157
MEREDITH, LOUISA M.                     GA-18-1-157
MEREDITH, MARTHA                        GA-18-1-142
MERIDETH, NELSON                        GA-18-1-91
MERIDITH, NELSON                        GA-18-B1-498
MERRITT, J. T.                          GA-18-B2-325
MESSER, ISABEL                          GA-18-A1-44
MITH, SAMUEL J.                         GA-18-B2-413
MOORE, A. J.                            GA-18-B2-66
MOORE, CARRIE DUPREE                    GA-18-B2-340
MOORE, D. B.                            GA-18-A2-244
MOORE, DAVIS J.                         GA-18-B2-121
MOORE, ELIZABETH                        GA-18-1-6
MOORE, F. A. B.                         GA-18-A2-134
MOORE, HARRIET ELLEN                    GA-18-B2-121
MOORE, J. T.                            GA-18-A2-180
MOORE, JAMES M.                         GA-18-B2-369
MOORE, JOHN A.                          GA-18-B2-266
MOORE, JOHN L.                          GA-18-1-341
MOORE, L. H.                            GA-18-B2-42
MOORE, MARY                             GA-18-1-342
MOORE, SALLIE JUDSON                    GA-18-B2-418
MOORE, STEPHEN                          GA-18-1-404
MOORE, SUSAN T.                         GA-18-B2-91
MOORE, THOMAS                           GA-18-1-50
MOORE, WILLIS                           GA-18-1-281
MOREY, FREDERICK R.                     GA-18-A2-332
MORRIS, ELIZABETH                       GA-18-1-219
MOSS, ADELLA                            GA-18-B2-123
MOSS, JOSEPH A.                         GA-18-B2-131
MOSS, WILLIAM                           GA-18-B2-115
NASEWORTHY, JAMES                       GA-18-A2-152
NELSON, ELLEN R.                        GA-18-A2-318
NEWTON, JAMES M.                        GA-18-A2-86
NEWTON, OLIVER H. P.                    GA-18-1-360
NEWTON, W. A.                           GA-18-B2-344
NOLEN, EMMA LEE                         GA-18-B2-388
NOLEN, MARY                             GA-18-1-303
NOLEN, THOMAS                           GA-18-A2-140
NOLEN, THOMAS H.                        GA-18-B2-365
NORRIS, YOUNG R.                        GA-18-B1-445
NORRIS, YOUNG R.                        GA-18-1-8
ONAIL, AARON                            GA-18-B1-377
ONAIL, AARON                            GA-18-1-138
ONAIL, EDWARD                           GA-18-A2-198
PACE, JULIA A.                          GA-18-1-532
PACE, MARY T.                           GA-18-1-531
PACE, WILLIAM A.                        GA-18-1-531
PALMER, SALLY                           GA-18-A1-136
PATRICK, JOHN                           GA-18-A1-6
PATTERSON, DREURY S.                    GA-18-A2-257
PATTERSON, MARY JANE                    GA-18-B2-139
PEARSON, ENOCH                          GA-18-B1-19
PEARSON, ENOCH                          GA-18-A1-151
PETTIGREW, JAMES H.                     GA-18-A2-306
PETTIGREW, JOHN E.                      GA-18-A2-177
PHILLIPS, DAVID                         GA-18-B1-317
PHILLIPS, J. W.                         GA-18-A2-158
PHILLIPS, REUBEN                        GA-18-B1-581
PHILLIPS, REUBEN                        GA-18-1-88
PITTMAN, C. A.                          GA-18-B2-197
PITTMAN, JOSEPH                         GA-18-A2-116
PLYMALE, D. Z.                          GA-18-B2-217
POPE, A. H.                             GA-18-B2-357
POUND, OSCEOLA A.                       GA-18-B2-421
POWELL, HILLIS BERLIN                   GA-18-B2-407
PRESLEY, MARY K.                        GA-18-B2-16
PRESOTN, GILLIAM                        GA-18-A1-209
PRESOTN, GILLIAM H.                     GA-18-B1-544
PRESOTN, THOMAS J.                      GA-18-B1-543
PRESTON, GILLIAM                        GA-18-B1-118
PRESTON, GILLIAM                        GA-18-1-348
PRESTON, JOHN                           GA-18-1-117
PRESTON, T. J.                          GA-18-B2-94
PRESTON, THOMAS J.                      GA-18-1-166
PRICE, BERRY                            GA-18-B1-486
PRICE, ELIZABETH                        GA-18-1-208
PRICE, EPHRAIM                          GA-18-1-78
PRICE, STEPHEN W.                       GA-18-A2-75
RAY, WILLIAM                            GA-18-B1-22
REDMAN, LEOLA M.                        GA-18-B2-88
REDMAN, MARTHA                          GA-18-B1-406
REDMAN, MARTHA                          GA-18-1-6
REDMAN, MARY                            GA-18-A2-77
REDMAN, MARY C.                         GA-18-B1-405
REDMAN, WILLIAM                         GA-18-B1-32
REDMAN, WILLIAM                         GA-18-A1-162
REDMAN, WILLIAM                         GA-18-1-6
REDMAN, WILLIAM T. C.                   GA-18-B1-407
REDMAN, WILLIAM T.                      GA-18-1-6
REEVES, GREEN B.                        GA-18-B1-26
REEVES, GREEN B.                        GA-18-1-158
REEVES, MARY ANN                        GA-18-B2-200
REYNOLDS, FRANCES (COLORED)             GA-18-B2-107
REYNOLDS, R. M.                         GA-18-A2-113
RHODES, JAMES M.                        GA-18-B1-19
RHODES, JAMES M.                        GA-18-A1-281
RHODES, JAMES M.                        GA-18-B1-146
RHODES, JAMES M. (ORPHANS)              GA-18-1-111
RHODES, JESIAH                          GA-18-1-349
RHODES, WILLIAM                         GA-18-B1-34
RHODES, WILLIAM                         GA-18-A1-38
RHODES, WILLIAM M.                      GA-18-1-349
RICH, J. B.                             GA-18-B2-323
RICH, JACKSON                           GA-18-A2-308
RIDGEWAY, GEORGE R.                     GA-18-B2-137
RIDGWAY, SAMUEL                         GA-18-A2-229
ROBERTS, LEONIDAS A. (COLORED)          GA-18-B2-363
ROBERTS, M. A. D. (MRS.)                GA-18-B2-204
ROBERTS, MICHAEL A.                     GA-18-A2-212
RUNNELS, THOMAS                         GA-18-A1-28
SASNETT, RHODA EVA                      GA-18-B2-87
SASNETT, SARAH H.                       GA-18-A2-300
SAUNDERS, JACOB                         GA-18-1-118
SAUNDERS, JOHN                          GA-18-B1-530
SAUNDERS, JOHN                          GA-18-1-63
SAUNDERS, LUCIAN L.                     GA-18-1-159
SAUNDERS, P. C.                         GA-18-B2-219
SAUNDERS, W. M.                         GA-18-B2-159
SCALES, HELEN SMITH HEAD                GA-18-B2-331
SCOTT, HENRY M.                         GA-18-B2-19
SCOTT, SARAH A.                         GA-18-B2-40
SCOVILLE, MARY (COLORED)                GA-18-B2-148
SCREWS, JAMES                           GA-18-B1-185
SCRUGGS, JAMES                          GA-18-A1-43
SHOCKLEY, C. R. C.                      GA-18-A2-126
SIMS, CHARLES W.                        GA-18-A2-234
SKIPPER, ADALINE FRANCIS                GA-18-1-531
SLATEN, CORNELIUS                       GA-18-B1-594
SLATON, CORNELIUS                       GA-18-1-67
SLATON, HENRY W.                        GA-18-1-167
SLATON, MANDAM                          GA-18-1-263
SLATON, OLIVER H.                       GA-18-1-214
SLATON, SMAUEL JONES                    GA-18-1-219
SLATON, WILLIAM G.                      GA-18-1-236
SLAUGHTER, N. T.                        GA-18-A2-83
SLAUGHTER, SUSIE P.                     GA-18-B2-334
SMITH, A. B.                            GA-18-B2-249
SMITH, A. H.                            GA-18-B2-143
SMITH, ALICE F.                         GA-18-B2-401
SMITH, E. LEE                           GA-18-B2-391
SMITH, J. P. T.                         GA-18-B2-95
SMITH, JOHN                             GA-18-A1-188
SMITH, JOHN                             GA-18-A1-26
SMITH, JOHN N.                          GA-18-B1-229
SMITH, JOHN N.                          GA-18-1-90
SMITH, LAURA                            GA-18-B2-402
SMITH, MARY FRANCIS                     GA-18-B2-316
SMITH, O. D.                            GA-18-B2-96
SMITH, PETERSON                         GA-18-1-413
SMITH, R. W.                            GA-18-A2-154
SMITH, RICHARD                          GA-18-B1-359
SMITH, RICHARD                          GA-18-1-76
SMITH, ROBERT S.                        GA-18-A2-3
SMITH, SAMUEL F.                        GA-18-A2-269
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                       GA-18-B1-331
SPEAK, MARGARET T.                      GA-18-A1-333
SPEAR, JOSEPH                           GA-18-A1-15
SPEARS, JOHN M.                         GA-18-A2-148
SPENCER, DAVID                          GA-18-1-177
SPENCER, LEILA                          GA-18-B2-360
SPENCER, THOMAS A.                      GA-18-1-390
STARK, SAMUEL C.                        GA-18-B1-64
STARK, SAMUEL C.                        GA-18-A1-83
STARK, SAMUEL C.                        GA-18-1-400
STARK, SAMUEL JAMES H.                  GA-18-B1-64
STARK, SAMUEL JAMES H.                  GA-18-1-264
STEPHENS, ISABELLA (COLORED)            GA-18-B2-118
STEWART, JAMES THOMAS                   GA-18-B2-86
STILL, BARTHOLOMEW                      GA-18-1-507
STRICKLAND, JOHN M.                     GA-18-A1-49
STROUD, BARSHEBA                        GA-18-1-143
STROUD, WILLIAM                         GA-18-B1-412
SWINT, AMANDA J.                        GA-18-B2-10
TANNER, NEAL (COLORED)                  GA-18-B2-150
TAPRLEY, JOHN JR.                       GA-18-B1-443
TARPLEY, DAVID T.                       GA-18-B1-444
TARPLEY, JOANNA E.                      GA-18-1-121
TARPLEY, JOANNAH                        GA-18-B1-442
TARPLEY, JOHN                           GA-18-B1-318
TARPLEY, JOHN                           GA-18-1-120
TARPLEY, MATTHEW                        GA-18-B1-443
TARPLEY, MATTHEW                        GA-18-1-121
TAYLOR, JOHN M.                         GA-18-A1-54
TAYLOR, MARY                            GA-18-A1-58
TAYLOR, MARY ELISE                      GA-18-B2-370
TAYLOR, MATTIE J.                       GA-18-B2-338
TAYLOR, NOAH W.                         GA-18-A1-56
THAXTON, CHARLES G.                     GA-18-B1-160
THAXTON, CHARLES G.                     GA-18-A1-128
THAXTON, GREAR C.                       GA-18-A2-236
THAXTON, HENRY C.                       GA-18-B2-4
THAXTON, J. B.                          GA-18-B2-138
THAXTON, Y.                             GA-18-A2-109
THOMAS, JOHN B.                         GA-18-B2-73
THOMAS, N. J.                           GA-18-B2-285
THOMPSON, ELMIRY E.                     GA-18-B1-246
THOMPSON, JAMES C.                      GA-18-B1-246
THOMPSON, JOHN N.                       GA-18-B1-246
THOMPSON, LAVINA                        GA-18-B1-37
THOMPSON, NANCY L.                      GA-18-A2-337
THOMPSON, SALLIE E.                     GA-18-B2-174
THOMPSON, SEABRON L.                    GA-18-B2-279
THOMPSON, SOPHRONIA E.                  GA-18-B2-279
THURSOTN, SAMUEL D.                     GA-18-B2-196
THURSTON, G. W.                         GA-18-A2-309
TOLES, SARAH                            GA-18-A2-29
TORBET, FRANCIS                         GA-18-A1-376
TORBET, R. B.                           GA-18-B2-286
TOSBERT, HUGH S.                        GA-18-B1-146
TOWLES, C. A.                           GA-18-B2-287
TURNER, JOHN R.                         GA-18-A2-80
VALENTINO, KATE                         GA-18-B2-394
VARNER, AMANDA                          GA-18-B2-136
VARNER, CYNTHIA H.                      GA-18-A2-248
VARNER, JOE (MISS)                      GA-18-B2-232
VAUGHN, NANCY ANN                       GA-18-B2-153
VICKERS, HOWARD                         GA-18-1-188
VICKERS, JACOB                          GA-18-1-188
VICKERS, PRUDENCE JANE                  GA-18-1-188
VICKERS, ROSANNA                        GA-18-1-188
VICKERS, WILLIAM                        GA-18-B1-121
VICKERS, WILLIAM                        GA-18-1-21
VICKERS, WITT                           GA-18-1-189
VINCENT, MARY                           GA-18-B1-261
WAGNER, WILLIAM D.                      GA-18-B2-211
WALDRIP, ABRAHAM                        GA-18-A1-44
WALDROP, THOMAS J.                      GA-18-B2-349
WALDROP, W. A.                          GA-18-B2-220
WALKER, JAMES                           GA-18-A1-50
WALTHAL, TURMAN                         GA-18-A2-17
WARD, BENJAMIN F.                       GA-18-A2-242
WARD, FRANK (COLORED)                   GA-18-B2-119
WASHINGOTN, LOU H.                      GA-18-B2-374
WASHINGTON, MATTIE                      GA-18-B2-396
WATKINS, A. M.                          GA-18-B2-238
WATKINS, ALFRED M. C.                   GA-18-A2-277
WATKINS, ANNIE                          GA-18-B2-359
WATKINS, B. F. SR.                      GA-18-B2-185
WATKINS, EMMA F.                        GA-18-B2-304
WATKINS, JOEL B.                        GA-18-B2-171
WATKINS, MAIE PULLIN                    GA-18-B2-399
WATKINS, SALLIE E.                      GA-18-B2-293
WATKINS, W. P.                          GA-18-A2-259
WATTS, JUBAL                            GA-18-B1-409
WATTS, JUBAL                            GA-18-1-20
WATTS, SARAH                            GA-18-B1-408
WATTS, SARAH                            GA-18-1-20
WEAVER, J. J.                           GA-18-A2-91
WEAVER, JOSEPH E.                       GA-18-B2-59
WEAVER, W. R.                           GA-18-A2-320
WEBB, T. S.                             GA-18-B2-93
WHATLEY, BOSE (COLORED)                 GA-18-B2-242
WHITAKER, JANNIE D.                     GA-18-B2-133
WHITE, A. F. SR.                        GA-18-B2-269
WHITE, ROBERT                           GA-18-1-505
WILDER, BARNEY                          GA-18-B2-202
WILKERSON, SAMUEL                       GA-18-A2-137
WILLIAMS, ANNIE (COLORED)               GA-18-B2-341
WILLIAMS, NATHAN                        GA-18-B1-46
WILLIAMS, NATHAN                        GA-18-A1-386
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM M.                    GA-18-B1-219
WILLIAMSON, C. NATHAN                   GA-18-A2-7
WILLIAMSON, JOHN                        GA-18-A1-157
WILLIS, T. L.                           GA-18-B2-212
WILLSON, JAMES                          GA-18-B1-240
WILSON, JOSEPH                          GA-18-B1-397
WILSON, W. H.                           GA-18-A2-274
WISE, ISAIAH                            GA-18-B1-40
WISE, ISAIAH                            GA-18-A1-408
WISE, JACOB                             GA-18-B1-24
WISE, JOEL                              GA-18-B1-34
WISE, JOEL                              GA-18-A1-193
WOODRUFF, CLIFFORD                      GA-18-B1-445
WOODRUFF, CLIFFORD                      GA-18-1-141
WOODWARD, R. J.                         GA-18-A2-295
WOODWARD, ROBERT J.                     GA-18-B2-48
WOODWARD, W. J.                         GA-18-B2-199
WOOTEN, ADDISON A.                      GA-18-B1-82
WOOTEN, ADISON A.                       GA-18-A1-230
WOOTEN, JAMES                           GA-18-B1-83
WOOTEN, JAMES                           GA-18-A1-48
WOOTEN, JAMES JR.                       GA-18-A1-231
WOOTEN, SEABORN L.                      GA-18-B1-82
WOOTEN, SEABORN L.                      GA-18-A1-230
WOOTEN, SIMEON                          GA-18-A1-231
WOOTEN, SIMEON                          GA-18-B1-82
WOOTTEN, JAMES JR.                      GA-18-B1-517
WOOWARD, AARON                          GA-18-1-519
WRIGHT, ELLEN                           GA-18-B2-83
WRIGHT, IDA                             GA-18-B2-117

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