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Column One: Name of Testator
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ADAMS, ABSOLUM                          GA-22-A-137
ADAMS, WILLIAM                          GA-22-A-29
ALFORD, JEPTHA                          GA-22-A-96
ALLEN, L. P.                            GA-22-A-268
ALLEN, LARKIN A.                        GA-22-A-8
ANTHONY, NANCY                          GA-22-A-48
ASHLEY, MARY A. F.                      GA-22-A-303
AWTREY, JACOB                           GA-22-A-45
AWTREY, W. H.                           GA-22-A-131
BAILEY, WILLIAM                         GA-22-A-233
BANON, T. J.                            GA-22-A-86
BARKIN, JAMES                           GA-22-A-257
BARNES, JETHRO H.                       GA-22-A-304
BARR, JOSIAH K.                         GA-22-A-271
BARROW, JAMES R.                        GA-22-A-167
BARTLETT, H. B.                         GA-22-A-298
BAXTER, ELIZA                           GA-22-A-42
BEAN, ANNIS                             GA-22-A-190
BECK, ISAIAH JR.                        GA-22-A-9
BECK, ISAIAH SR.                        GA-22-A-7
BENSON, ELI                             GA-22-A-252
BLACKMAN, JAMES                         GA-22-A-15
BLOODWORTH, DAVID M.                    GA-22-A-71
BLOODWORTH, W. L.                       GA-22-A-113
BONNER, JOHN                            GA-22-A-310
BONNER, SANDERS W.                      GA-22-A-57
BOON, WILLIAM                           GA-22-A-261
BRIDGES, JAMES M.                       GA-22-A-114
BROOK, WILLIAM T.                       GA-22-A-293
BROOKS, ROBERT                          GA-22-A-?161
BROOKS, W. J.                           GA-22-A-194
BROOKS, WILLIAM                         GA-22-A-122
BROOKS, WILLIAM                         GA-22-A-248
BROOKS, WILLIAM J.                      GA-22-A-214
BROWN, SAMUEL                           GA-22-A-104
BRYANT, JOHN                            GA-22-A-210
BRYCE, JAMES                            GA-22-A-161
BURKE, EUGENIA M.                       GA-22-A-64
BURNETT, A.                             GA-22-A-119
BURSON, G. W.                           GA-22-A-200
BUYERS, JOHN                            GA-22-A-33
CAMP, F. M.                             GA-22-A-297
CAMP, WESLEY                            GA-22-A-116
CARNES, THOMAS                          GA-22-A-54
CARR, J. J.                             GA-22-A-76
CARR, JOHN T.                           GA-22-A-4
CARSON, J. W.                           GA-22-A-255
CAVENDER, JESSE J.                      GA-22-A-11
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM P.                    GA-22-A-229
CHANCE, GEORGE W.                       GA-22-A-258
CHANCE, WARREN                          GA-22-A-327
CHANDLER, THOMAS                        GA-22-A-282
CHAPMAN, DEBORAH S.                     GA-22-A-35
CHEAVES, SARAH                          GA-22-A-20
COBB, W. W.                             GA-22-A-78
COBB,MARY                               GA-22-A-72
COCHRAN, ELI                            GA-22-A-150
COOK, B. W.                             GA-22-A-322
COOK, SHUN                              GA-22-A-58
COPELAND, WILLIAM                       GA-22-A-207
CROCKETT, ROBERT                        GA-22-A-200
CURRY, ELIZA                            GA-22-A-21
DAUGHERTY, DENNIS                       GA-22-A-101
DEMONEY, JOHN                           GA-22-A-213
DIMMOCK, WILLIAM                        GA-22-A-164
DOBBS, SILAS                            GA-22-A-28
DORRIS, JOHN                            GA-22-A-69
DRISKELL, GEORGE P.                     GA-22-A-112
DRISKELL, WILLIAM M.                    GA-22-A-156
DRIVER, JOHN                            GA-22-A-22
DUKE, THOMAS                            GA-22-A-84
DYER, JOHN                              GA-22-A-233
EDGE, M. L.                             GA-22-A-302
EMBRY, A. O.                            GA-22-A-92
ENTREKIN, SAM                           GA-22-A-161
ENTREKIN, WILLIAM                       GA-22-A-134
FAVER, COLUMBUS M.                      GA-22-A-279
FOSTER, WILLIAM S.                      GA-22-A-147
FOWLER, ELBERT                          GA-22-A-133
GARR, R. W.                             GA-22-A-85
GARRISON, WILLIAM                       GA-22-A-55
GILLEY, MATILDA                         GA-22-A-265
GOLDEN, CALEB                           GA-22-A-23
GOLDIN, A. W.                           GA-22-A-126
GOODSON, MARY                           GA-22-A-292
GRICE, LARRY                            GA-22-A-195
GRIFFIN, CHARLES W.                     GA-22-A-351
GRIFFIN, J. W.                          GA-22-A-136
GRIFFIN, THOMAS H.                      GA-22-A-146
HAMMOCK, SUSAN                          GA-22-A-323
HAMRICK, J. D. SR.                      GA-22-A-337
HAMRICK, JAMES M. SR.                   GA-22-A-305
HAND, SHEROD                            GA-22-A-83
HART, SMAUEL                            GA-22-A-157
HATELY, JOHN                            GA-22-A-13
HELMES, JOHN                            GA-22-A-172
HICKS, GREEN                            GA-22-A-41
HOGE, MARTH AT.                         GA-22-A-38
HOLAWAY, SOLOMON                        GA-22-A-27
HOLLAND, JERUSHA                        GA-22-A-216
HUTCHISON, ARTHUR                       GA-22-A-333
JACKSON, EPHRAIM                        GA-22-A-1
JOHNSON, AARON                          GA-22-A-242
JOHNSON, SUSAN J.                       GA-22-A-344
JOHNSON, W. F.                          GA-22-A-313
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        GA-22-A-202
JOHNSON, WILLIAM T.                     GA-22-A-152
JONES, DANIEL                           GA-22-A-197
JONES, ELIZABETH                        GA-22-A-112
JONES, ORRAN                            GA-22-A-74
JONES, THOMAS B.                        GA-22-A-176
JORDAN, M. V                            GA-22-A-331
JUHAN, D. B.                            GA-22-A-190
JUHAN, JAMES JOHNSON                    GA-22-A-218
JUHAN, JESSIE                           GA-22-A-260
KEESE, J. H.                            GA-22-A-209
KENEDY, THOMA                           GA-22-A-231
KING, SEARCY                            GA-22-A-151
KINGSBERY, SANFORD                      GA-22-A-98
KINNEY, ELIZABETH                       GA-22-A-84
LANY, S. M.                             GA-22-A-86
LEUDERMAN, HENRY                        GA-22-A-349
LONG, JOHN                              GA-22-A-107
LONG, THEOPHILUS                        GA-22-A-115
LYLE, KIRBY                             GA-22-A-75
MABRY, BRANCH M.                        GA-22-A-52
MABRY, CHARLES                          GA-22-A-66
MARTIN, E. B.                           GA-22-A-93
MARTIN, NATHAN                          GA-22-A-142
MATTHEWS, ABEL                          GA-22-A-135
MCALLISTER, JAMES B.                    GA-22-A-47
MCCLURE, JAMES                          GA-22-A-105
MCCOLLISTER, A. J.                      GA-22-A-227
MCKEE, MARY M.                          GA-22-A-110
MCKEE, R. W.                            GA-22-A-91
MCKINZIE, J. P.                         GA-22-A-128
MCMULLEN, ANDREW                        GA-22-A-18
MCWHORTER, LEROY                        GA-22-A-143
MERK, HENRY                             GA-22-A-88
MERRELL, H. F.                          GA-22-A-100
MITCHELL, JOHN L.                       GA-22-A-238
MITCHELL, N.                            GA-22-A-103
MOORE, W. W.                            GA-22-A-171
MORGAN, W. H.                           GA-22-A-91
MORRIS, J. L.                           GA-22-A-186
MOSTELLER, JOHNATHAN                    GA-22-A-62
NEAL, STEPHEN H.                        GA-22-A-340
NORMAN, W. Z.                           GA-22-A-250
OMARY, GEORGE W.                        GA-22-A-13
ONEAL, WILLIAM                          GA-22-A-108
OWENSBY, S. J. F. (MRS)                 GA-22-A-328
PITTS, H. W.                            GA-22-A-307
PITTS, SARAH                            GA-22-A-60
POLSTON, JONATHAN                       GA-22-A-79
POOL, T. J.                             GA-22-A-117
POPE, J. F.                             GA-22-A-179
PRICE, C. C.                            GA-22-A-272
REESE, A. C.                            GA-22-A-339
REEVES, JAMES                           GA-22-A-36
REEVES, MARY                            GA-22-A-199
REID, MATHEW                            GA-22-A-163
ROBERTS, JAMES M.                       GA-22-A-312
ROBERTS, JULIA ANN                      GA-22-A-252
ROBSON, ANDREW J.                       GA-22-A-142
ROOP, MARTIN                            GA-22-A-185
ROWE, ALLEN                             GA-22-A-223
RUFFIN, R. V. C.                        GA-22-A-56
RUSSELL, HARRIS                         GA-22-A-124
SCOGGINS, JAMES I.                      GA-22-A-144
SCOGIN, JOHN W.                         GA-22-A-2
SCUDDER, WILLIAM                        GA-22-A-110
SHARP, HIRAM JR.                        GA-22-A-148
SHARP, HIRAM SR.                        GA-22-A-138
SMITH, B. M.                            GA-22-A-204
SMITH, JOHN                             GA-22-A-232
SMITH, NATHANIEL                        GA-22-A-87
SMITH, SARAH E.                         GA-22-A-295
SMITH, WESLEY                           GA-22-A-205
SPRUELL, JOHN F.                        GA-22-A-184
SPRUELL, M. B.                          GA-22-A-308
STAPLES, JOHN F.                        GA-22-A-254
STEPHENSON, JAMES M.                    GA-22-A-25
STEWART, JOOHN W.                       GA-22-A-192
STEWART, WILLIAM                        GA-22-A-281
STOGNER, JOHN                           GA-22-A-329
TANNER, W. S.                           GA-22-A-89
TAYLOR, JAMES                           GA-22-A-263
TAYLOR, W. H.                           GA-22-A-129
THOMASON, FRANCIS M.                    GA-22-A-277
THURMAN, RICHARD                        GA-22-A-31
THURMAN, WILLIAM SR.                    GA-22-A-287
TIMMON, WILLIAM                         GA-22-A-146
TURNER, HIRAM                           GA-22-A-81
TURNER, WILLIAM A.                      GA-22-A-180
UPSHAW, ADKIN                           GA-22-A-221
UPSHAW, G. M.                           GA-22-A-347
URQUHART, HOLLAND                       GA-22-A-269
VEAZEY, CALEB                           GA-22-A-63
WALKER, JOSEPH                          GA-22-A-173
WALKER, LARKIN                          GA-22-A-46
WARD, JOHN L.                           GA-22-A-158
WARREN, J. V.                           GA-22-A-309
WARREN, JESSE                           GA-22-A-177
WARREN, THOMAS J.                       GA-22-A-77
WHITE, A. F.                            GA-22-A-246
WILLIAMS, JOEL                          GA-22-A-111
WILSON, MOSES                           GA-22-A-127
WOOD, JORDON A.                         GA-22-A-188
WOOD, THOMAS A.                         GA-22-A-67
WOODARD, JESSE                          GA-22-A-285
WOODLEY, JAMES B.                       GA-22-A-49
WOODS, JOEL                             GA-22-A-51
WOODY, JOHN                             GA-22-A-40
WORD, WILLIAM                           GA-22-A-183
WYATT, JOHN J.                          GA-22-A-291

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