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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List : A=1854-1935
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ADAMS, EDWIN                            GA-26-A-68
ADAMS, GEORGIA                          GA-26-A-124
ADAMS, ILA F.                           GA-26-A-125
ATTAWAY, S. T.                          GA-26-A-66
BAGLEY, WILLIAM                         GA-26-A-86
BERRY, A. D.                            GA-26-A-157
BERRY, JOHN G.                          GA-26-A-56
BETHUM, BENJAMIN T.                     GA-26-A-15
BREWER, JOHN L.                         GA-26-A-169
BROWN, LONA                             GA-26-A-192
BUSH, THOMAS                            GA-26-A-21
BUSSEY, LUCY B.                         GA-26-A-7
CHAPMAN, GREEN                          GA-26-A-139
CLARK, WILLIAM W.                       GA-26-A-104
COBB, JAMES M.                          GA-26-A-58
COBB, PATSEY                            GA-26-A-77
COBB, SETH                              GA-26-A-4
CODY, LAWSON                            GA-26-A-73
COOK, CHARLES E.                        GA-26-A-144
COOK, JAMES                             GA-26-A-62
CULPEPPER, AMOS D.                      GA-26-A-177
DAVIS, REBECCA                          GA-26-A-64
DOZIER, LUCY                            GA-26-A-24
DOZIER, PRYOR                           GA-26-A-51
DUNCAN, JOHN S.                         GA-26-A-39
FARMER, BRYAN                           GA-26-A-109
FARR, TILLMAN                           GA-26-A-92
FISHER, CHARLES                         GA-26-A-61
FISHER, GEORGE W.                       GA-26-A-57
FUSSELL, BENJAMIN A.                    GA-26-A-71
FUSSELL, JOHN I.                        GA-26-A-127
GAINES, ANN                             GA-26-A-142
GEORGE, M. H.                           GA-26-A-45
GILBERT, THOMAS                         GA-26-A-81
GORDON, ISREAL                          GA-26-A-115
GORDY, FRANCES C.                       GA-26-A-179
GORDY, MARTHA J.                        GA-26-A-151
GORDY, MARY J.                          GA-26-A-135
GORDY, WILSON                           GA-26-A-97
GORHAM, A. F.                           GA-26-A-64
HARK, L.                                GA-26-A-118
HARP, EDNA                              GA-26-A-12
HAWKINS, H. H.                          GA-26-A-107
HICKEY, JAMES                           GA-26-A-367
HOLLIS, ALBERT VICTOR                   GA-26-A-173
HOUSE, WILLIAM                          GA-26-A-34
HOWARD, HATTIE A.                       GA-26-A-88
HOWARD, L. L.                           GA-26-A-174
JOHNOSN, CHARLES                        GA-26-A-94
JOHNSON, ANNIE KATHLEEN                 GA-26-A-154
JONES, C. B.                            GA-26-A-131
JONES, GEORGE S.                        GA-26-A-158
JONES, GEORGE W.                        GA-26-A-101
JONES, MOSES                            GA-26-A-47
KELLY, JAMES                            GA-26-A-27
KING, CAROLINE                          GA-26-A-94
KING, G. WOOD (MRS.)                    GA-26-A-205
KING, HENRY                             GA-26-A-80
KING, J. F.                             GA-26-A-63
KING, J. L.                             GA-26-A-214
LANE, BRYANT                            GA-26-A-10
LIGHTNER, J. M.                         GA-26-A-133
LITTLE, JAMES M.                        GA-26-A-219
LYON, FLORENCE MAY                      GA-26-A-221
MBRIDE, SAMUEL                          GA-26-A-70
MCBRIDE, NANCY E.                       GA-26-A-79
MCBRIDE, WILLIAM                        GA-26-A-1
MCGLAUN, D. G.                          GA-26-A-99
MCGLAUN, J. D.                          GA-26-A-222
MCKINZIE J. W.                          GA-26-A-167
MEYERS, JOHN                            GA-26-A-55
MILLER, MARTHA                          GA-26-A-17
MOLDER, M. S.                           GA-26-A-146
MOLDER, W. F.                           GA-26-A-96
MOON, JAMES M.                          GA-26-A-112
PARKMAN, G. W.                          GA-26-A-153
PSALMONDS, THOMAS L.                    GA-26-A-90
PUTNAM, HOSEA                           GA-26-A-19
RAY, J. T.                              GA-26-A-208
REDDY, ARTIE BELLE                      GA-26-A-218
REVELL, MATTHEW                         GA-26-A-91
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        GA-26-A-30
ROGERS, AARON                           GA-26-A-176
SAPP, THEOPHILUS                        GA-26-A-76
SHIPP, EMILY B.                         GA-26-A-106
SHIPP, W. W.                            GA-26-A-84
SIZEMORE, R. D.                         GA-26-A-110
SLAYTON, MARTHA                         GA-26-A-149
SMITH, LUCY                             GA-26-A-137
SPRIGHT, LUCY GORDY                     GA-26-A-210
STEPHENS, SALLIE M.                     GA-26-A-148
SURLS, THOMAS                           GA-26-A-59
UNDERWOOD, C. B.                        GA-26-A-216
URLES, F. H.                            GA-26-A-121
VANHORN, W. J.                          GA-26-A-181, 194
VIGAL, H. C.                            GA-26-A-75
WALKER, J. G.                           GA-26-A-163
WEST, JOHN                              GA-26-A-102
WHITE, C. A. (MRS.)                     GA-26-A-54
WILKINSON, C. E.                        GA-26-A-114
WILLIAMS, LEROY                         GA-26-A-52
WILLIS, EDGAR M.                        GA-26-A-138
WOOLDRIDGE, EMILINE                     GA-26-A-82
WRIGHT, A. H. (MRS.)                    GA-26-A-122
WYATT, O. C.                            GA-26-A-165
WYNN, T. H.                             GA-26-A-46

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