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ADAMS, MOSES C.                         GA-28-C-434
ALEXANDER, GEORGE W.                    GA-28-C-435
ANDERSON, ETTIE                         GA-28-C-415
ANDERSON, J. M.                         GA-28-C-168
ANDERSON, RUSHESS                       GA-28-C-355
ARCHER, A. W. (MRS)                     GA-28-C-464
ARCHER, WILSON B.                       GA-28-C-393
ATTAWAY, JOHN D.                        GA-28-C-378
AVERY, ABSOLEM C.                       GA-28-C-252
BARRETT, ALICE L.                       GA-28-C-431
BARRETT, JAMES                          GA-28-C-147
BARTON, JEFERSON                        GA-28-B-356
BATES, JESSE                            GA-28-B-350
BATES, RUSSELL S.                       GA-28-C-242
BATES, STEPHEN                          GA-28-B-52
BEASLEY, HENRY                          GA-28-B-73
BEASLEY, JOHN                           GA-28-C-261
BEAVERS, J. T. SR.                      GA-28-C-437
BELL, JEFFERSON                         GA-28-C-397
BENNETT, RICHARD                        GA-28-C-364
BIBB, JOHN H.                           GA-28-C-206
BIRD, JOHN G.                           GA-28-B-159
BISHOP, KINDRED                         GA-28-C-292
BLACKWELL, FANNIE M.                    GA-28-C-492
BLACKWELL, S. J.                        GA-28-C-488
BOBO, CHANCEY                           GA-28-C-326
BOGER, C. C.                            GA-28-C-17
BOGER, MARTIN E.                        GA-28-C-45
BOGER, MARTIN H.                        GA-28-C-49
BOLDING, JOHN O.                        GA-28-C-432
BORING, JOHN P.                         GA-28-C-380
BOSTON, M. J.                           GA-28-C-418
BRASELTON, AMOS                         GA-28-C-60
BRASELTON, WILLIAM G.                   GA-28-C-259
BRODY, THOMAS M.                        GA-28-C-381
BROOKE, KATE                            GA-28-C-327
BROWN, GEORGE R.                        GA-28-C-269
BROWN, JAMES R.                         GA-28-C-438
BRUCE, WILLIAM                          GA-28-C-372
BRYANT, H. D.                           GA-28-C-414
BRYANT, VIRGINIA                        GA-28-C-231
BURNS, JOHN                             GA-28-B-267
CARPENTER, LEWIS A.                     GA-28-C-430
CHAMLEE, MARTIN                         GA-28-C-215
CHAMLEE, TILMAN                         GA-28-C-200
CHAPMAN, DDULEY                         GA-28-C-21
CHAPMAN, GEORGE ANN                     GA-28-C-487
CHAPMAN, JOHN W.                        GA-28-C-344
CLAYTON, MADISON A.                     GA-28-C-296
CLIFFORD, RALPH H.                      GA-28-C-360
CLINE, LEVI                             GA-28-C-383
CLINE, MITCHAEL                         GA-28-C-288
CLINE, THOMAS M.                        GA-28-C-459
COCKBURN, ARCHIBALD                     GA-28-B-97
COGGINS, JONATHAN L.                    GA-28-C-214
COLLINS, A. G.                          GA-28-C-453
COOK, JEREMIAH                          GA-28-B-260
COOK, NATHANIEL J.                      GA-28-C-40
COOPER, JAMES                           GA-28-C-6
CORBIN, JOHN                            GA-28-B-95
COX, JOHN M.                            GA-28-B-60
COX, S. P.                              GA-28-C-381
CROSS, WILLIAM T.                       GA-28-C-478
DARNELL, GEORGE W.                      GA-28-C-436
DASS, GEORGE S.                         GA-28-C-300
DAVIS, ELIJAH                           GA-28-C-93
DAVIS, ROBERT F.                        GA-28-C-182
DAY, LEWIS                              GA-28-C-78
DAY, REUBEN                             GA-28-C-209
DEAN, W. H.                             GA-28-C-416
DELANEY, JOHN M.                        GA-28-B-428
DELAY, F. L.                            GA-28-C-466
DIAL, BERTHA                            GA-28-C-401
DIMSDALE, HIRAM                         GA-28-C-36
DOBBS, PERRY                            GA-28-C-27
DOBBS, W. PARKS                         GA-28-C-427
DOWALD, MALCOM M.                       GA-28-C-187
DOWDA, JAMES O.                         GA-28-C-137
DOWDA, SALLIE K.                        GA-28-C-411
DOWDA, WILLIAM A.                       GA-28-C-97
DOWDY, BENJAMIN                         GA-28-C-387
DRUMMOND, DNAIEL W.                     GA-28-C-92
DUNCAN, IVY                             GA-28-C-53
DUNN, JOHN                              GA-28-C-55
DUPRE, WILLIAM G.                       GA-28-C-212
DURHAM, LEVI                            GA-28-C-163
EDDINGTON, JAMES                        GA-28-B-255
EDWARD, CHARLES                         GA-28-C-5
ELLIS, W. M.                            GA-28-C-419
ELLISON, E. G.                          GA-28-C-450
ELLISON, HENRY G.                       GA-28-B-367
ELLISON, VINCENT J.                     GA-28-C-216
EVANS, MARTHA                           GA-28-C-262
EVANS, PHILLIP J.                       GA-28-C-186
EVANS, THOMS D.                         GA-28-C-328
FAIR, ANTHONY                           GA-28-C-424
FERGUSON, LUCRETIA                      GA-28-C-169
FIELD, E. C. SR.                        GA-28-C-291
FIELDS, JEREMIAH                        GA-28-B-170
FINDLEY, AARON                          GA-28-B-268
FITZGERALD, EDWARD                      GA-28-C-228
FLEMMING, A. M.                         GA-28-C-333
FORD, FELICIA A.                        GA-28-C-404
FOSTER, IRA R.                          GA-28-C-309
FOWLER, A. R.                           GA-28-C-476
FOWLER, ANIS L.                         GA-28-C-392
FOWLER, JAMES A.                        GA-28-C-104
FOWLER, JOHN M.                         GA-28-C-409
FOWLER, MARK                            GA-28-B-353
FOWLER, N. .A                           GA-28-C-254
FOWLER, R. D.                           GA-28-C-465
FOWLER, THOMAS                          GA-28-C-26
FRASER, G. D.                           GA-28-C-418A
GALT, JABEZ                             GA-28-C-449
GALT, JOEL L.                           GA-28-C-47
GANT, LEWIS                             GA-28-C-146
GARNER, W. M.                           GA-28-C-480
GASKINS, ALONZO F.                      GA-28-C-218
GILSTRAP, B. N.                         GA-28-C-445
GREEN, A. A.                            GA-28-C-394
GREEN, JESSE                            GA-28-C-62
GRIFFIN, MARTHA                         GA-28-C-31
GRISHAM, JOSEPH                         GA-28-B-246
GRISHAM, LEVI (COLORED)                 GA-28-C-350
GROGAN, JAMES W.                        GA-28-C-460
GROOVER, JAMES P. SR.                   GA-28-C-319
GROOVER, JAMES R.                       GA-28-C-155
HALBERT, HIRAM M.                       GA-28-C-321
HAMES, COLMAN                           GA-28-C-289
HAMES, WILLIAM A.                       GA-28-C-154
HARMON, HENRY O.                        GA-28-C-406, 420
HARP, A. C.                             GA-28-C-389
HATHCOCK, JAMES                         GA-28-C-317
HAWKINS, A. M. F.                       GA-28-C-338
HAWKINS,A. G.                           GA-28-C-388
HAYNES, LITTLETON                       GA-28-C-486
HEARD, LEWIS (COLORED)                  GA-28-C-208
HENDERSON, ALBERT H.                    GA-28-C-452
HESTER, ANDREW T.                       GA-28-C-403
HILL, FRANCES                           GA-28-C-162
HOALL, ROBERTSON B.                     GA-28-C-115
HOBGOOD, L. C.                          GA-28-C-219
HOLBROOK, MARY E.                       GA-28-C-405
HOLCOMB, MARIAN L.                      GA-28-C-342
HOLCOMBE, GEORGE W.                     GA-28-C-182
HOLCOMBE, HENRY B.                      GA-28-C-140
HOLCOMBE, JAMES J.                      GA-28-C-39
HOLDEN, MILES N.                        GA-28-C-263
HOLEY, JOEL                             GA-28-C-64
HOLLAND, A.                             GA-28-B-12
HONEY, J. S.                            GA-28-C-240
HONEY, JACOB                            GA-28-C-177
HOOD, LAZARUS                           GA-28-B-178
HOOK, JACOB                             GA-28-B-172
HOPKINS, ELIZABTH D.                    GA-28-C-390
HOUSTON, FRANKLIN                       GA-28-C-127
HOUSTON, SAMUEL T.                      GA-28-C-100
HOWELL, F. M.                           GA-28-C-425
HOWELL, JOHN                            GA-28-C-3
HOWELL, JOHN D.                         GA-28-C-285
HUBBARD, PATRICK                        GA-28-B-362
HUEY, ANDREW THOMAS                     GA-28-C-384
HUEY, JAMES                             GA-28-B-374
HUEY, JOHN T.                           GA-28-C-222
HUFTETLER, EMANUEL                      GA-28-C-386
HUGGINS, D. J.                          GA-28-C-331
HUGGINS, SARAH                          GA-28-C-459
HUGGINS, WILLIAM J.                     GA-28-C-455
HUGHES, JANE                            GA-28-C-220
HUGHES, JOHN T.                         GA-28-C-470
HUNNICUTT, GEORGE W.                    GA-28-C-429
HUNT, THOMAS                            GA-28-B-1
HUNT, TIMOTHY                           GA-28-B-18
HUNT, WILLIAM H.                        GA-28-C-267
HUOT, GREEN B.                          GA-28-B-370
HUTCHERSON, GRIFFITH                    GA-28-C-461
HUTCHERSON, THOMAS                      GA-28-C-334
INGRAM, E. C.                           GA-28-C-482
INGRAM, HAYAKIAH                        GA-28-C-258
INGRAM, MARTIN                          GA-28-C-227
INGRAM, ROBERT                          GA-28-B-163
IRVIN, MARY C.                          GA-28-C-457
JARVIS, JOHN W.                         GA-28-C-376
JARVIS, SAMUEL                          GA-28-C-165
JOHNSON, EMMA L.                        GA-28-C-469
JOHNSON, JOHN D.                        GA-28-C-485
JOHNSON, JORDAN                         GA-28-C-44
JOHNSON, LEMUEL                         GA-28-C-69
JOHNSON, ROBINSON                       GA-28-B-278
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         GA-28-C-121
JOHNSON, THOMAS G.                      GA-28-B-426
JOHNSTON, JOHN C.                       GA-28-C-444
JOHNSTON, SMITH                         GA-28-C-361
JONES, JOHN J.                          GA-28-C-306
KEITH, JAMES R.                         GA-28-C-475
KEITH, MARYARS                          GA-28-C-189
KEMP, STEPHEN                           GA-28-C-246
KING, GEORGE L. SR.                     GA-28-C-463
KING, LOUISA M.                         GA-28-C-467
KINNETH, JOHN P.                        GA-28-C-96
KIRK, W. T.                             GA-28-C-479
KNOX, JAMES                             GA-28-C-50
KUYKENDALL, J. E.                       GA-28-C-448
KUYKENDALL, JOHN                        GA-28-C-217
LASTER, JAMES E.                        GA-28-C-412
LATHEM, GEORGE W.                       GA-28-C-287
LATHEM, JOHN H.                         GA-28-C-379
LATHEM, RICHARD M.                      GA-28-C-222
LATIMER, NANCY V.                       GA-28-C-149
LAVINGGOOD, GEORGE W.                   GA-28-C-204
LAWLESS, SARAH                          GA-28-C-184
LAY, CHARLES F.                         GA-28-C-80
LEONARDS, JAMES                         GA-28-B-166
LIVELY, J. B.                           GA-28-B-177
LYON, P. H.                             GA-28-C-398
MAHONE, WILLIAM                         GA-28-B-376
MANNING, MARY                           GA-28-B-67
MASS, JAMES W.                          GA-28-C-458
MCAFEE, COLLIE (MRS)                    GA-28-C-304
MCAFEE, JOHN M.                         GA-28-C-10
MCCLURE, OLIVER P.                      GA-28-C-302
MCCLURE, RICHARD A.                     GA-28-B-357
MCCOLLUM, DAVID J.                      GA-28-C-391
MCCOLLUM, JESSE                         GA-28-C-377
MCCONNELL, JOHN                         GA-28-B-442
MCCONNELL, JOSEPH                       GA-28-B-430
MCCOY, JAMES H.                         GA-28-B-164
MCCRAW, GEORGE                          GA-28-C-152
MCCURLEY, ELIZABETH                     GA-28-C-234
MCCURRY, MARY                           GA-28-C-479
MCFARLAND, J. F.                        GA-28-C-496
MCKINNEY, JAMES                         GA-28-C-166
MCKINNEY, JAMES                         GA-28-C-131
MCMAHAN, JAMES                          GA-28-C-199
MERONEY, JOHN                           GA-28-C-32
MERRITT, LEVI                           GA-28-C-87
MESSERS, SAMUEL J.                      GA-28-C-4
MILFORD, R. T.                          GA-28-C-468
MITCHELL, JOHN                          GA-28-B-176
MOODY, JULIA ANN MATILDA                GA-28-C-498
MOORE, JOHN                             GA-28-C-2
MOORE, THOMPSON                         GA-28-C-370
MORGAN, ELIZABETH                       GA-28-C-254
MORGAN, HENRY                           GA-28-C-194
MORGAN, RICHARD                         GA-28-C-264
MORRIS, JOHN S.                         GA-28-C-502
MORRIS, NANCY T.                        GA-28-C-363
MURPHY, HIRAM B.                        GA-28-C-210
NATIONS, JAMES                          GA-28-C-484
NEAL, RICHARD                           GA-28-B-72
NEWELL, JOHN                            GA-28-C-135
NICHOLSON, GEORGE C.                    GA-28-C-358
NIX, CHARLES                            GA-28-C-19
NIX, ELIAS                              GA-28-C-323
PADEN, M. S.                            GA-28-C-463
PAGE, JAMES D.                          GA-28-C-286
PAGE, WILLIAM D.                        GA-28-C-382
PASCAL, SAMUEL                          GA-28-C-195
PASCOE, JOHN                            GA-28-B-75
PASESE, JEREMIAH                        GA-28-C-18
PAYNE, SILAS K.                         GA-28-C-239
PERKINS, NEWTON J.                      GA-28-C-237
PERKINSON, WILLIAM H.                   GA-28-C-255
PETTY, WILEY                            GA-28-C-238
PHARR, JOSEPH                           GA-28-B-275
PITMAN, THOMAS                          GA-28-C-77
PITMAN, WILLIAM                         GA-28-C-124
PITMAN, ZACHARIAH                       GA-28-C-156
PONDER, JOHN T.                         GA-28-C-356
POPHAM, WILLIAM T.                      GA-28-C-250
PRICE, G. D.                            GA-28-C-413
PRICE, JOHN B.                          GA-28-C-113
PRUITT, JONATHANL .                     GA-28-C-221
PRUITT, WILLIAM F.                      GA-28-C-400
PRUITT, ZACHARIAH T.                    GA-28-C-194
PUCKETT, JOHN B.                        GA-28-C-184
PUGH, J. M.                             GA-28-C-467
PURCELL, ANDREW J.                      GA-28-C-402
PURCELL, BENJAMIN                       GA-28-C-315
PURSELL, JAMES                          GA-28-C-160
PUTMAN, DANIEL                          GA-28-C-203
QUARLES, JOHN                           GA-28-C-36
RAGSDALE, RICHARD                       GA-28-B-4
RAMPLEY, CAL T.                         GA-28-C-485
RAMSEY, JAMES                           GA-28-B-304
RAMSEY, JAMES D.                        GA-28-C-324
RANEY, JOHN                             GA-28-B-48
REEAC, ROBERT                           GA-28-C-368
REECE, WILLIAM                          GA-28-C-119
REINHARDT, LEWIS W.                     GA-28-C-175
RHYNE, JOHN P.                          GA-28-C-72
RICHARDS, WILLIAM                       GA-28-C-14
RIGGINS, ANDREW                         GA-28-C-1
ROACH, ALFRED                           GA-28-C-283
ROACH, D. C.                            GA-28-C-504
ROBERTS, A. W.                          GA-28-C-472
ROBERTS, JOHN N.                        GA-28-C-422
ROBERTSON, JOHN                         GA-28-B-168
ROBETS, H. L.                           GA-28-C-483
RUDICILL, LEVI                          GA-28-B-264
RUSH, HUGH                              GA-28-C-66
SANDOW, JOHN A.                         GA-28-C-474
SANDOW, SHERMAN M.                      GA-28-C-330
SARGEANT, EPHRAM B.                     GA-28-C-346
SATTERFIELD, J. M.                      GA-28-C-489
SAYE, P. J.                             GA-28-C-383
SAYE, WILLIAM                           GA-28-C-110
SCOTT, MARY                             GA-28-B-16
SEAGO, BENJAMIN W.                      GA-28-B-261
SHARP, CICERO M.                        GA-28-C-229
SHERMAN, WILLIAM H.                     GA-28-C-224
SIMPSON, J. T.                          GA-28-C-34
SMITH, ANDERSON D.                      GA-28-C-71
SMITH, E. J.                            GA-28-C-451
SMITH, J. .                             GA-28-C-423
SMITH, JAMES P.                         GA-28-C-365
SMITH, MARTIN T. L.                     GA-28-C-407
SMITH, THADEUS L.                       GA-28-C-433
SMITH, W. J.                            GA-28-C-13
SMITH, WARREN F.                        GA-28-C-308
SMITHWICK, TYRE H.                      GA-28-C-336
SPEARS, REBECCA                         GA-28-C-157
SPENCE, GEORGE W.                       GA-28-C-211
SPEVIN, NICHOLAS                        GA-28-C-207
STARNES, LUCINDA                        GA-28-C-456
STEELE, JAMES                           GA-28-C-74
STEPHENS, JOHN                          GA-28-C-43
STEPHENS, JOHN H.                       GA-28-B-424
STERNS, JOSEPH                          GA-28-C-145
STEWART, JAMES                          GA-28-B-74
STONER, MICHEAL                         GA-28-B-369
STRAIN, JAMES                           GA-28-C-22
STRIPLIN, W. F.                         GA-28-C-500
STROUD, LULA                            GA-28-C-396
TAYLOR, GEORGE M.                       GA-28-B-372
TERRELL, THOMAS                         GA-28-B-61
THOMAS, JEFFERSON                       GA-28-C-257
THOMAS, THOMAS                          GA-28-C-320
TILLMAN, MARTHA                         GA-28-B-11
TIMMONS, WILLIAM                        GA-28-C-180
TIPPEN, JOHN L.                         GA-28-B-257
VAUGHN, SANDFORD M.                     GA-28-C-410
WALDROP, IRA                            GA-28-C-173
WARREN, DIZIE E.                        GA-28-C-421, 426
WATKINS, MARY E.                        GA-28-C-446
WATSON, GILFORD D.                      GA-28-C-143
WATSON, SAPHRONA M.                     GA-28-C-85
WEAVER, SILAS                           GA-28-C-37
WEBB, ALFRED                            GA-28-C-171
WEBB, ELISHA                            GA-28-C-129
WEST, WILLIAM                           GA-28-C-226
WHEELER, HENRY                          GA-28-C-275
WHEELER, JULIUS W.                      GA-28-C-428
WHEELER, NATHEN                         GA-28-C-52
WHITE, ANDREW J.                        GA-28-C-362
WHITE, HUGH                             GA-28-C-188
WHITE, WILLIAM T.                       GA-28-C-284
WILBANKS, PHOMAS                        GA-28-C-103
WILEY, D. E.                            GA-28-C-230
WILEY, L. H.                            GA-28-C-375
WILEY, L. H.                            GA-28-C-462
WILEY, M. A.                            GA-28-C-375
WILEY, OSBORNE                          GA-28-C-108
WILEY, RUFUS R.                         GA-28-C-316
WILILAMS, JOSEPH W.                     GA-28-C-399
WILLIAM, MADISON                        GA-28-C-211
WILLIAMS, JOHNATHAN                     GA-28-C-29
WILLIAMS, ZEBULON                       GA-28-C-122
WILLIAMSON, JAMES                       GA-28-B-348
WILLSON, WILLIAM T.                     GA-28-C-294
WILSON, NARIAH                          GA-28-C-249
WOOD, SOLOMEN                           GA-28-C-352
WOOD, THURSTON                          GA-28-C-117
WORLEY, ALSON                           GA-28-C-265
WORLEY, E. G.                           GA-28-C-395
WORLEY, PLEASANT                        GA-28-B-439

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