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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List : A1=1794-1803 | A2=1798-1806 | A3=1800-1803 | A4=1801-1809 | B=1802-1815 | C=1803-1816 | D-H=? |
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ADAMS, JAMES                           GA-70-A-111
ADAMSON, DOROTHY                       GA-70-A3-48
ALLEN, FREEMAN                         GA-70-B-106
BARNES, EPHRAIM                        GA-70-B-62
BARNES, LEWIS                          GA-70-B-215
BISHOP, WILLIAM                        GA-70-B-88
BOWEN, EPHRAIM                         GA-70-A2-165
BREWER, JOHN                           GA-70-B-19
BRYANT, ROBERT                         GA-70-A2-153
BUCKNER, WILLIAM                       GA-70-A2-109
BUTLER, EDMOND                         GA-70-B-11
CASSELBURRY, RICHARD                   GA-70-B-232
CASTLEBERRY, JOHN                      GA-70-A4-58
CLEMENTS, DAVID                        GA-70-B-1
COFFEE, PETER                          GA-70-B-130
COLBERT, WILLIAM                       GA-70-A-258
COOPER, THOMAS                         GA-70-A-82
CROWDER, EDMUND                        GA-70-A-151
CROXON, JOHN                           GA-70-A-155
CURETON, RICHARD                       GA-70-A2-159
DANIELL, JAMES                         GA-70-A-284
DANIELL, LEVI                          GA-70-A3-37
DICKINSON, JACOB                       GA-70-B-120
DICKSON, MICHAEL                       GA-70-B-114
DOWDLE, JAMES                          GA-70-A-88
ELLIS, JOSHUA                          GA-70-B-209
FOX, GILLIAM                           GA-70-B-46
GOLDSON, JOHN                          GA-70-B-51
HALLEY, SAMUEL                         GA-70-B-6
HARBERT, THOMAS                        GA-70-A2-79
HOGG, JAMES SR.                        GA-70-B-82
HOLLOMON, RICHARD                      GA-70-A-313
HOWARD, JOSEPH                         GA-70-A4-141
HUCKEBY, ISHAM                         GA-70-A4-54
HUNT, JOHN                             GA-70-A2-61
JACKSON, MARK                          GA-70-A-274
JOHNSON, DANIEL                        GA-70-A4-43
JONES, ALLEN                           GA-70-A2-142
KENNY, JOSHUA                          GA-70-A4-46
LANCASTER, LEVI                        GA-70-B-158
LAWSON, WILLIAM                        GA-70-A3-20
LUCAS, JAMES                           GA-70-B-96
MAPP, WILLIAM                          GA-70-A2-99
MCKENZIE, AARON SR.                    GA-70-A-210
MERIT, EMANUEL                         GA-70-B-78
MIDDLETON, HOLLAND                     GA-70-A-40
MILLER, JONATHAN                       GA-70-B-140
MINOR, WILLIAM                         GA-70-A-205
MOON, RICHARD                          GA-70-A-26, 32
MOORE, CHARLES                         GA-70-A2-148
MOORE, EPHRAIM                         GA-70-A4-98
MOORE, THOMAS                          GA-70-A-126
NORSWORTHY, GEORGE                     GA-70-B-8
OWSLEY, NEWDAY                         GA-70-A-184
PARKER, JOHN                           GA-70-A-8
PINKSON, JOHN                          GA-70-B-112
POGUE, ANDREW                          GA-70-A-214
POPE, BARNABY                          GA-70-A-292
PRICE, EDWARD                          GA-70-A2-95
PRICE, MEREDITH                        GA-70-A-134
RANDLE, JAMES                          GA-70-B-25
REPESS, JOHN                           GA-70-A3-1
RICHARDSON, DANIEL                     GA-70-A-173
ROAN, TUNSTALL                         GA-70-A4-26
SANDERS, JAMES                         GA-70-B-228
SCURLOCK, JOSHUA                       GA-70-A-46
SHIP, BENJAMIN                         GA-70-A-118
SLEDGE, JOHN                           GA-70-A2-18
SMITH, ARCHIBALD SR.                   GA-70-A2-65
STRICKLAND, DAVID                      GA-70-B-223
STROUD, MARK                           GA-70-A2-22
SWINT, JOHN                            GA-70-A4-2
THOMPSON, BENJAMIN                     GA-70-A-177
THORANTON, ROGER                       GA-70-A-225
TRIPP, JOHN                            GA-70-A-19, 29
TUCKER, PEYTON                         GA-70-A-304
VAUGHAN, BETTY                         GA-70-A-86
VEZEY, JAMES                           GA-70-A-55
WALKER, ELIZABETH                      GA-70-B-102
WALLER, JOHN                           GA-70-A-300
WASHINGTON, WILLIAM                    GA-70-A2-113
WHATLEY, WILLIS                        GA-70-A2-123
WILKINSON, EZEKIEL                     GA-70-B-137
WILLIAMS, CHRISTOPHER                  GA-70-A3-52
WILSON, ROBERT                         GA-70-A2-27
WILSON, SAMUEL                         GA-70-B-44
WOMACK, ABRAHAM                        GA-70-A-219

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