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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
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ADAMS, GUSTAVUS A.           NTL                             GA-74-2-68
ADAMS, JENA H.               SEE: ADAMS, GUSTAVUS A.         GA-74-2-68
ADAMS, JOSEPH B.             NTL                             GA-74-2-19
ADAMS, KINION                NTL                             GA-74-1-3
ADAMS, NANCY ELLA            NTL                             GA-74-2-27
ALLEN, COLUMBUS LAM          NTL                             GA-74-2-128
ALLEN, DONNIE CHRISTIAN      NTL                             GA-74-2-134
ALSABROOK, J. R.             NTL                             GA-74-2-19
ARNOLD, RUTH MILLER          NTL                             GA-74-2-118
ARRINGTON, C. H.             NTL                             GA-74-2-130
AWBREY, JAMES J.             ROANOKE, RANDOLPH, AL           GA-74-2-75
AWBREY, T. M.                NTL                             GA-74-2-10
AWTRY, MARSHAL T.            NTL                             GA-74-1-33
BAILEY, J. D.                NTL                             GA-74-2-102
BAILEY, J. DAVE              NTL                             GA-74-2-139
BANKS, B. F.                 NTL                             GA-74-2-14
BARKER, W. H.                NTL                             GA-74-1-153
BARNES, ELIZABETH JANE       NTL                             GA-74-2-30
BELL, DOCK E.                NTL                             GA-74-2-114
BELL, J. A.                  NTL                             GA-74-2-124
BELL, MARTHA                 NTL                             GA-74-1-132
BEVIS, JAMES F.              NTL                             GA-74-1-84
BIRD, T. J.                  NTL                             GA-74-1-70
BISHOP, J. H.                NTL                             GA-74-2-24
BLEDSOE, CHARLIE             NTL                             GA-74-2-60
BLEDSOE, J. W.               NTL                             GA-74-2-82
BOXMAN, J. W.                NTL                             GA-74-2-106
BRITTAIN, J. H.              NTL                             GA-74-1-24
BROWN, WILLIAM C.            NTL                             GA-74-1-116
BRYAN, J. L.                 NTL                             GA-74-2-104
BRYAN, J. W. H.              NTL                             GA-74-2-72
BUCHANAN, W. M.              NTL                             GA-74-1-71
CALLAWAY, MARGARET M.        NTL                             GA-74-2-82
CARNES, SARAH C.             NTL                             GA-74-1-45
CASWELL, ELLEN BROWN         NTL                             GA-74-2-46
CATER, C. N.                 NTL                             GA-74-2-63
CATES, GEORGIA B.            NTL                             GA-74-1-137
CAVENDER, G. W.              NTL                             GA-74-2-45
CHAMBERS, J. C.              NTL                             GA-74-2-84
CHAMBERS, JOSEPH A.          NTL                             GA-74-1-145
CHIVERS, SALLIE A.           NTL                             GA-74-1-82
CLINE, L. D. (MISS)          NTL                             GA-74-1-36
COOK, LOIS F.                NTL                             GA-74-2-131
COOK, N. J.                  NTL                             GA-74-2-42
COPELAND, MINNIE J.          NTL                             GA-74-1-34
COSBY, T. S.                 NTL                             GA-74-2-50
COSWELL, S. M.               NTL                             GA-74-2-6
CREWS, PIERCE                NTL                             GA-74-1-143
CROCKETT, ANGIE (MRS.)       NTL                             GA-74-2-87
CROCKETT, R. O.              NTL                             GA-74-2-4
CULPEPPER, W. M.             NTL                             GA-74-2-46
CURRAN, J. T.                NTL                             GA-74-2-53
DANIEL, EMMIE LOU            NTL                             GA-74-2-108
DANIEL, GEORGE B.            NTL                             GA-74-2-123
DANSBY, SIMON                NTL                             GA-74-1-95
DARDEN, HOMER WOOD           NTL                             GA-74-2-126
DARDEN, MARY ORR             NTL                             GA-74-2-133
DAVIS, ELI E.                NTL                             GA-74-1-147
DAVIS, LEWIS FRANKLIN        NTL                             GA-74-2-35
DEAN, W. F.                  NTL                             GA-74-1-115
DENNIS, E. S. (MRS.)         NTL                             GA-74-2-94
DRUMMOND, GEORGE R.          NTL, MONTGOMERY, AL             GA-74-2-109
DUKE, R. H.                  NTL                             GA-74-2-67
EADY, R. H.                  NTL                             GA-74-2-93
EADY, SALLIE                 NTL                             GA-74-2-70
ECHOLS, SAMUEL D.            NTL                             GA-74-1-50
ECHOLS, W. D.                NTL                             GA-74-2-74
EDWARDS, ELIZABETH ELENDER   NTL                             GA-74-1-151
EDWARDS, MORDECAI            NTL                             GA-74-1-29
FAVER, BELL                  NTL                             GA-74-2-52
FAVER, SANDERS W.            NTL                             GA-74-1-1
FOSTER, ELIZABETH            NTL                             GA-74-1-31
FUTRAL, S. A.                NTL                             GA-74-2-41
GENTRY, D. C.                NTL                             GA-74-1-72
GENTRY, J. W.                NTL                             GA-74-2-64
GEORGE, M. L.                NTL                             GA-74-2-44
GLADNEY, R. L.               NTL                             GA-74-2-141
GLENN, GEORGE W.             NTL                             GA-74-1-10
GLOVER, P. P.                NTL                             GA-74-1-135
GORE, J. W.                  NTL                             GA-74-2-100
GORE, K. E.                  NTL                             GA-74-2-139
GRIFFITH, J. WEST            NTL                             GA-74-2-43
GRIFFITH, LEANDER S.         SEE: GRIFFITH, J. WEST          GA-74-2-43
GRIFFITH, LEANDER SCOTT      NTL                             GA-74-2-66
GROSS, P. M.                 NTL                             GA-74-1-105
HAM, BURL R.                 NTL                             GA-74-2-58
HARDIN, SARAH J.             NTL                             GA-74-1-139
HARDY, C. (MRS.)             CENTRAL HATCHEN                 GA-74-2-15
HARDY, CORNELIUS             NTL                             GA-74-2-22
HARRIS, HENRY L.             NTL                             GA-74-1-113
HARRIS, MARTHA J.            NTL                             GA-74-1-101
HARRIS, WILLIS D.            NTL                             GA-74-1-65
HAWK, ENOLA                  NTL                             GA-74-2-121
HAWK, J. R.                  NTL                             GA-74-2-48
HEARN, CHARLES W.            NTL                             GA-74-1-51
HENDRICK, MARTHA S.          NTL                             GA-74-1-87
HENDRICK, WILLIAM A.         NTL                             GA-74-1-128
HIGHTOWER, H. C.             NTL, CARROLL, GA                GA-74-2-76
HILL, W. C.                  NTL                             GA-74-2-137
HOGAN, T. M.                 NTL                             GA-74-1-104
HOGAN, WILLIAM               NTL                             GA-74-1-154
HOROWITZ, ALBERT             NTL                             GA-74-2-77
HOWARD, JOHN C.              NTL                             GA-74-1-160
HUNT, BETHANY                NTL                             GA-74-2-91
HUNT, M. V. (MRS.)           NTL                             GA-74-2-18
HUNT, MACON H.               NTL                             GA-74-2-138
JACKSON, DEWEY OLIVER        NTL                             GA-74-2-49
JACKSON, F. H.               NTL                             GA-74-2-90
JACKSON, JAMES ANDREW        NTL                             GA-74-2-39
JACKSON, JOE T.              NTL                             GA-74-2-33
JACKSON, JOSEPH S.           NTL                             GA-74-2-8
JACKSON, SAMUEL T.           NTL                             GA-74-1-119
JACKSON, W. W.               NTL                             GA-74-1-64
JACKSON, WILLIAM M.          NTL                             GA-74-2-57
JOHNSTON, MARY E.            NTL                             GA-74-1-163
JOHNSTON, RUTH B.            NTL                             GA-74-1-28
JONES, NATHAN                NTL                             GA-74-2-17
KENT, J. A.                  NTL                             GA-74-2-115
KIRK, J. N.                  NTL                             GA-74-2-71
KIRK, MATTIE JANE            NTL                             GA-74-2-91
KITCHENS, ANDREW J.          NTL                             GA-74-1-150
KITCHENS, M. J.              NTL                             GA-74-2-37
KNIGHT, ANNA E.              NTL                             GA-74-2-29
KNIGHT, JOHN H. SR.          NTL                             GA-74-2-98
LANCASTER, MAYHAYLEY         NTL                             GA-74-2-88
LANE, T. B.                  NTL                             GA-74-2-81
LANE, A. J.                  NTL                             GA-74-2-132
LANE, EFFIE JONES            NTL                             GA-74-2-135
LANE, M. A.                  NTL                             GA-74-1-107
LANE, NANCY C.               NTL                             GA-74-1-123
LESTER, L. A.                NTL                             GA-74-2-49
LEVENS, ROBERT N.            NTL                             GA-74-1-171
LIPFORD, JOHN DARDEN         NTL                             GA-74-2-28
LIPFORD, T. H.               NTL                             GA-74-2-80
LOFTIN, EULA B.              NTL                             GA-74-1-155
LOFTIN, FRANK S.             NTL                             GA-74-2-31
LOFTIN, MOLLIE DAVIS         NTL                             GA-74-1-90
MARLOW, LONIE (MRS.)         NTL                             GA-74-2-56
MARSHALL, J. L.              NTL                             GA-74-2-86
MATHEWS, GAY                 NTL                             GA-74-2-120
MCCLENDON, FRANCES J.        NTL                             GA-74-1-159
MCCRAY, HATTIE               NTL                             GA-74-2-37
MCCUTCHEN, P. T.             NTL                             GA-74-2-61
MCWHORTER, DOCK F.           NTL                             GA-74-2-97
MCWHORTER, W. A.             NTL                             GA-74-2-20
MEADOWS, ELIZA               NTL                             GA-74-1-126
MELSON, WILLIAM H.           NTL                             GA-74-1-102
MERELL, W. F.                NTL                             GA-74-2-59
MIDDLEBROOKS, W. H.          NTL                             GA-74-1-124
MILLER, JOHN ISAAC           CORINTH                         GA-74-1-109
MILLER, SArAH FRANCES        NTL                             GA-74-2-55
MILLER, W. H.                NTL                             GA-74-2-142
MILLER, WILLIS               NTL                             GA-74-1-174
MITCHELL, E. A.              NTL                             GA-74-2-73
MITCHELL, E. A. (MRS.)       SEE: MITCHELL, E. A.            GA-74-2-73
MONTGOMERY, C. J.            NTL                             GA-74-2-125
MOON, JACKSON J.             NTL                             GA-74-1-49
MOORE, AMANDA WYATT          NTL                             GA-74-2-36
MOORE, E. C. (MRS)           NTL                             GA-74-1-60
MOORE, J. H.                 NTL                             GA-74-1-162
MORGAN, EMILINE              NTL                             GA-74-1-78
NATION, V. M.                NTL                             GA-74-2-102
NOLES, L. F.                 NTL                             GA-74-2-116
ORR, G. M.                   NTL                             GA-74-1-164
OWENSBY, CINTHIA ELIZABETH   NTL                             GA-74-1-148
OWENSBY, HARRIET E.          NTL                             GA-74-1-138
OWENSBY, OSBORN JENNINGS     NTL                             GA-74-1-130
PARHAM, J. H.                NTL                             GA-74-2-34
PARKER, L. J.                NTL                             GA-74-2-2
PASCHAL, GEORGE W.           NTL                             GA-74-2-23
PATTERSON, MARY              NTL                             GA-74-2-127
PERSONS, MIKE                NTL                             GA-74-1-43
PIKE, J. D.                  NTL                             GA-74-2-30
PIKE, J. H.                  NTL                             GA-74-2-143
POPE, R. B.                  NTL                             GA-74-2-103
PORTER, EDWARD W.            NTL                             GA-74-2-79
PRINCE, S. A.                NTL                             GA-74-1-152
PULLIAM, JOSEPH D.           NTL                             GA-74-1-46
PURDUE, LAVADA KIGHT         NTL                             GA-74-2-136
PURGASON, JOHN               NTL                             GA-74-1-14
RAY, JOHN L.                 NTL                             GA-74-1-170
RIDLEY, ALLIS                NTL                             GA-74-1-32
RIDLEY, HARMON               NTL                             GA-74-1-156
ROGERS, N. A.                NTL                             GA-74-2-99
ROGERS, W. L.                NTL                             GA-74-2-53
ROLLINS, J. R.               NTL                             GA-74-2-38
SCRIVENS, LUCY J.            NTL                             GA-74-2-47
SHARMAN, J. W.               NTL, RANDOLPH, AL               GA-74-1-121
SHEARMAN, ELIZABETH          NTL                             GA-74-1-136
SHELNUTT, EMILY              NTL                             GA-74-2-105
SIMONTON, C. T.              NTL                             GA-74-2-122
SMITH, DORIS L.              SEE: SMITH, VICTOR O.           GA-74-2-140
SMITH, MARY J.               NTL                             GA-74-1-58
SMITH, R. L.                 NTL                             GA-74-2-77
SMITH, VICTOR O.             NTL                             GA-74-2-140
SPRADLIN, ADA                NTL                             GA-74-2-92
SPRUILL, Z. C.               NTL                             GA-74-2-1
STEPHENS, LUCY               NTL                             GA-74-2-7
STEPHENS, M. J.              NTL                             GA-74-2-32
STEPHENS, P. A. (MRS.)       NTL                             GA-74-1-111
STEPHENS, W. B.              NTL                             GA-74-1-173
STRICKLAND, B. E.            NTL                             GA-74-2-129
TAYLOR, J. L.                NTL                             GA-74-2-113
TAYLOR, MELVINA ATHELENA     NTL                             GA-74-1-142
TAYLOR, O. M. B.             NTL                             GA-74-2-85
TAYLOR, W. D.                NTL                             GA-74-1-161
TEAL, M. A.                  NTL                             GA-74-1-118
THOMAS, SALLIE E.            NTL                             GA-74-1-62
THOMPSON, JOHN               NTL                             GA-74-1-66
THORNTON, J. F.              NTL                             GA-74-2-51
TOLLEY, J. D.                NTL                             GA-74-2-13
TOLLISON, MINNIE LEE         ANNISTON, CALHOUN, AL           GA-74-2-107
TOMPKINS, B. H.              NTL                             GA-74-1-97
TOMPKINS, NICHOLAS           NTL                             GA-74-1-6
WALLS, C. B.                 NTL                             GA-74-1-167
WALLS, SARAH FANNIE          NTL                             GA-74-1-165
WARE, S. M.                  NTL                             GA-74-1-125
WEBB, L. M.                  NTL                             GA-74-2-65
WEBB, LEE B.                 NTL                             GA-74-1-140
WEST, MARTHA L.              NTL                             GA-74-2-26
WHITAKER, G. J.              FRANKLIN                        GA-74-2-95
WHITAKER, J. J.              NTL                             GA-74-1-39
WHITLEY, J. L.               NTL                             GA-74-2-133
WILLIAMS W. W.               NTL                             GA-74-1-112
WILSON, JAMES HOWELL         NTL                             GA-74-2-51
WINGO, MATTIE                NTL                             GA-74-2-77
WOOD, JOE B.                 NTL                             GA-74-2-119
WOOD, P. H.                  NTL                             GA-74-1-41
WORLEY, R. L.                NTL                             GA-74-2-69
WORTHA, A. G.                NTL                             GA-74-2-101
WRIGHT, W. H.                NTL                             GA-74-1-133

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