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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List : 1 = 1840-1872 | 2 = 1872-1922 |
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ADAIR, EDWARD                NTL                             GA-106-1-93
ALEXANDER, AARON F.          NTL                             GA-106-2-133
ANDERSON, JAMES SR.          NTL                             GA-106-1-99
BAILEY, WILLIAM              NTL, JACKSON, GA                GA-106-1-15
BATES, ANDREW J.             NTL                             GA-106-1-4
BATES, JOHN                  NTL                             GA-106-1-43
BATES, JULIUS                NTL                             GA-106-1-86
BEAMER, JANE & ET AL    (CON'T)                          GA-106-2-74
BEAMER, JOHN                 NTL                             GA-106-2-71
BERRY, L. D. J.              NTL                             GA-106-2-98
BERRY, THOMAS ALEXANDER      NTL                             GA-106-2-113
BLACK, GEORGE                NTL                             GA-106-1-30
BROWN, GEORGE R.             NTL                             GA-106-2-46
CARTER, SAMUEL M.            NTL                             GA-106-2-151
CARTER, SAMUEL M.            TYPEWRITTEN                     GA-106-2-161A
CHASTAIN, MILES R.           NTL                             GA-106-2-140
CLEARY, A. L.                NTL                             GA-106-2-73
COCKBURN, JOHN               NTL                             GA-106-2-1
CONNALLY, THOMAS             NTL                             GA-106-2-34
DOUGLAS, WILLIAM             NTL                             GA-106-2-178
DRUMMOND, DANIEL             NTL                             GA-106-1-24
DUCKET, MARTHA               NTL                             GA-106-2-86
DUCKET, MARTHA E.            NTL                             GA-106-1-67
DWIGHT, SAMUEL B.            NTL                             GA-106-1-63
EALEY, SAMUEL                NTL                             GA-106-2-66
EDMUNDSEN, GEORGE A.         NTL                             GA-106-2-37
FIELDER, SARAH               NTL                             GA-106-2-32
FITZPATRICK, JACKSON         NTL                             GA-106-1-25
FOWTS, M. E.                 NTL                             GA-106-2-138
GAITHER, ELIZABETH C.        NTL                             GA-106-1-69
GRAVES, ISAAC                NTL                             GA-106-2-16
GRAY, ROBERT                 NTL                             GA-106-1-122
HARRIS, MARGARET W.          NTL                             GA-106-2-50
HARRIS, MINERVA              NTL                             GA-106-2-120
HARRISON, NATHAN             NTL                             GA-106-1-38
HARTLY, LORANZE D.           NTL                             GA-106-2-90
HAWKINS, JOHN H.             NTL                             GA-106-1-88
HILL, RICHARD                NTL                             GA-106-1-22
HOLLAND, ELIZABETH           SEE: HOLLAND, JACOB             GA-106-2-62
HOLLAND, JACOB               NTL                             GA-106-2-62
HUMPHREYS, JOAB              NTL                             GA-106-1-91
HUMPHRIES, DAVID             NTL                             GA-106-1-106
ISENHOWER, JOHN D.           NTL                             GA-106-2-68
JACKSON, LITTLEBURY          NTL                             GA-106-1-52
JACKSON, WILLIAM             NTL                             GA-106-2-75
JOHNSON, JASON               NTL                             GA-106-1-17
JOHNSON, WILLIAM J.          NTL                             GA-106-2-59
JUNKINS, SAMUEL              NTL                             GA-106-1-125
KENNER, SHELOMA              NTL                             GA-106-2-174
KILLINGSWORTH, FRANCIS R.    NTL                             GA-106-1-60
KING, ELIAS                  NTL                             GA-106-1-20
LEA, ANDREW J.               NTL                             GA-106-2-100
LEFFMAN, JOHN                NTL                             GA-106-2-4
LEONARD, ALEXANDER J.        NTL                             GA-106-2-57
LOUGHBRIDGE, BENJAMIN        NTL                             GA-106-2-27
MACKEY, WILLIAM              NTL                             GA-106-2-44
MADDIX, MARTHA H.            NTL                             GA-106-2-130
MATHIS, JACOB                NTL                             GA-106-2-42
MCCLAIN, WILLIAM M.          NTL                             GA-106-1-61
MCCUNE, THOMAS               NTL                             GA-106-2-64
MCCURDY, STEPHEN             NTL                             GA-106-1-18
MCENTIRE, JOHN C.            NTL                             GA-106-1-75
MCGHEE, JAMES                NTL                             GA-106-1-28
MCLAIN, GEORGE C.            NTL                             GA-106-2-92
MONTGOMERY, MILKEY           NTL                             GA-106-2-84
MOORE, ELI                   NTL                             GA-106-2-169
NEAL, ADAM                   NTL                             GA-106-1-1
NEAL, ROBERT                 NTL                             GA-106-1-109
OATES, MARTHA A.             NTL                             GA-106-2-81
OGLETREE, NANCY              NTL                             GA-106-2-164
OWENS, COHROTTA L.           NTL                             GA-106-2-145
PANNEL, T. A.                NTL                             GA-106-2-181
PARR, CHARLES D.             NTL                             GA-106-1-57
PARRATT, JOSIAH SR.          NTL                             GA-106-2-19
PATTERSON, ROBERT C.         NTL                             GA-106-1-2
PEEPLES, DRURY               NTL                             GA-106-2-95
PICKETT, JAMES               NTL, GREENVILLE DIST., SC       GA-106-1-46
POTEET, WILLIAM G.           NTL                             GA-106-2-148
PRITCHETT, JASPER            NTL                             GA-106-2-142
RAY, WILLIAM C.              NTL                             GA-106-1-77
RAY, WILLIAM J.              NTL                             GA-106-1-96
RICE, NANCY CAROLINE         NTL                             GA-106-2-123
ROLLINS, CALVIN              NTL                             GA-106-2-24
ROLSTON, LEWIS               NTL, FRANKLIN, GA               GA-106-1-9
ROWAN, MARY                  NTL, MONROE, TN                 GA-106-2-160
RUSSELL, A. B.               NTL                             GA-106-2-88
SCOTT, MELVINEY              NTL                             GA-106-2-102
SHELTON, ELIZABETH           NTL                             GA-106-1-104
SLOAN, ROBERT                NTL                             GA-106-1-7
SMITH, RACHAL                CONNASUGA                       GA-106-2-175
SPRINGFIELD, BENNETT         NTL                             GA-106-2-29
STANFORD, NEHEMIAH           NTL                             GA-106-2-104
STEED, JAMES L.              NTL                             GA-106-2-172
STEVENSON, JOHN              NTL                             GA-106-1-33
STEWART, SUSAN               NTL                             GA-106-1-72
STRAWN, JACKSON M.           NTL                             GA-106-2-78
STROWD, JOHN                 NTL                             GA-106-2-167
STROWN, LUKE B.              NTL                             GA-106-1-101
SUMMEROUS, ARABELLA          NTL                             GA-106-2-116
SUMMEROUS, FRANKLIN          NTL                             GA-106-2-6
SWAN, JANE F.                NTL                             GA-106-2-54
TERRY, DUNCAN                NTL                             GA-106-1-82
TERRY, LEWIS                 NTL                             GA-106-1-36
TERRY, WILLIAM               NTL                             GA-106-2-109
THOMPSON, BENJAMIN J.        NTL                             GA-106-1-50
TILTON, WILLIAM CAPERS       NTL                             GA-106-2-162
VINING, ALBERT G.            NTL                             GA-106-1-41
WALKER, SAMUEL S.            NTL                             GA-106-1-80
WASHBORN, DAVID              NTL                             GA-106-2-136
WHITE, ROBERT                NTL                             GA-106-2-128
WILKINSON, JOHN              NTL                             GA-106-1-31
WILLIAMS, ZACHARIAH L.       NTL                             GA-106-2-126
WILSON, MARTHA J.            NTL                             GA-106-1-127
WOOD, ROBERT                 NTL                             GA-106-2-11

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