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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List : 1 = 1823-1851 | 2 = 1851-1871 | 3 = 1871-1896 | 4 = 1896-1936 |
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ADAMS, CHARLES FRANKLIN                 GA-108-4-23
ADAMS, JAMES M.                         GA-108-2-185
ADAMS, N. C.                            GA-108-4-251
ADAMS, WILLIAM                          GA-108-3-388
AGNEW, KATE P.                          GA-108-4-127
AGNEW, KATE P.                          GA-108-4-127
AIKEN, IDA C.                           GA-108-4-446
AIKEN, JOHN W.                          GA-108-2-350
AIKEN, MARGARET                         GA-108-3-257
AIKEN, NANCY J.                         GA-108-4-172
AKEN, JOHN                              GA-108-2-22
ALMAND, GRAVS B.                        GA-108-2-277
ANDERSON, CLAUDIA W.                    GA-108-4-316
ANDERSON, H. B.                         GA-108-4-173
ANDERSON, J. W.                         GA-108-4-185
ANDERSON JOSEPH S.                      GA-108-3-1
ANDERSON, NEWTON                        GA-108-3-241
ANSLEY, LIDA M.                         GA-108-4-250
ANSLEY, THOMAS                          GA-108-2-86
ARMSTRONG, H. H.                        GA-108-4-162
ARMSTRONG, HENRY H.                     GA-108-4-162
ARMSTRONG, LUCY                         GA-108-4-352
ARNOLD, W. H.                           GA-108-4-491
ATKISSON, JESSE N.                      GA-108-2-239
AVERY, SAMUEL                           GA-108-3-280
AVERY, SAMUEL                           GA-108-2-75
BAGBY, JAMES                            GA-108-2-104
BAGBY, THOMAS J.                        GA-108-2-174
BAILEY, AZARIAH                         GA-108-1-53
BAILEY, CLABORN W.                      GA-108-2-230
BAILEY, WILLIAM H.                      GA-108-4-33
BAKER, JAMES P.                         GA-108-3-366
BAKER, JESSE L.                         GA-108-3-10
BAKER, JORDON                           GA-108-1-195
BAKER, THOMAS S.                        GA-108-2-107
BANKS, GREEN                            GA-108-4-229
BARBER, AMELIA V.                       GA-108-4-107
BARBER, JOSIAH                          GA-108-3-373
BASS, ELIZABETH                         GA-108-1-135
BATES, H. J.                            GA-108-3-169
BEAM, W. A.                             GA-108-3-291
BEEBE, ELIZA H.                         GA-108-3-131
BELCHER, A. J.                          GA-108-4-359
BELCHER, ARCHIBALD                      GA-108-2-337
BELCHER, J. M.                          GA-108-4-110
BELCHER, JAMES M.                       GA-108-4-110
BELL, A. S.                             GA-108-4-171
BENNET, ALEXANDER                       GA-108-1-143
BENTLEY, J. W. H.                       GA-108-4-184
BENTON, OSSIAN                          GA-108-4-256
BERRY, ANDREW J.                        GA-108-2-260
BERRY, CHARLES M.                       GA-108-2-43
BERRY, ISHAM                            GA-108-1-8
BIRD, JOHN R.                           GA-108-4-267
BIRD, MARGARET                          GA-108-3-325
BLACK, J. W.                            GA-108-4-306
BLAKE, WILLIAM                          GA-108-2-271
BLANTON, A. J.                          GA-108-3-254
BONNER, THOMAS C.                       GA-108-3-124
BOYD, J. C. SR.                         GA-108-4-85
BOYD, WILLIAM                           GA-108-4-426
BRANAN, JONATHAN                        GA-108-1-228
BRANHAM, ELIZABETH F.                   GA-108-4-118
BRANHAM, WALTER R.                      GA-108-3-380
BRIDGES, N. H.                          GA-108-4-183
BRNAHAM, J. W.                          GA-108-4-230
BROOK, AUGUSTUS G.                      GA-108-2-268
BROOKS, BALDWIN                         GA-108-3-301
BROOKS, VIRGINIA                        GA-108-4-195
BROWN, AMELIA C.                        GA-108-4-82
BROWN, MARTHA                           GA-108-1-157
BROWN, MARY M.                          GA-108-4-130
BROWN, STEPHEN A.                       GA-108-3-231
BROWN, WILLIAM                          GA-108-2-63
BROWN, WILLIAM                          GA-108-3-78
BROWNFIELD, ROBERT                      GA-108-2-47
BRYAN, JASPER                           GA-108-2-221
BUCKANNON, MARGARET                     GA-108-1-190
BUCKEHANON, ELIZABETH                   GA-108-1-7
BURGE, MARGARET L.                      GA-108-2-223
BURGE, THOMAS                           GA-108-2-117
BURGE, WELIS                            GA-108-1-5
BURK, WILLIAM                           GA-108-1-9
BURNS, JOHN G.                          GA-108-3-135
BUSH, ABRAHAM                           GA-108-2-11
BUSH, HARVEY                            GA-108-2-324
CALLAWAY, GEORGIA F.                    GA-108-4-21
CAMP, MARTHA L                          GA-108-3-96
CAMP, SEPTIMAS F.                       GA-108-2-290
CAMP, VIRGINIA B.                       GA-108-4-443
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM H.                    GA-108-2-316
CARSON, MARGARET E.                     GA-108-4-126
CARTER, FLORENCE                        GA-108-4-344
CARTER, LAURA QUEEN                     GA-108-4-234
CAVENDER, CYNTHIA A.                    GA-108-4-89
CHANDLER, G. N.                         GA-108-4-255
CHAPLIN, O. A. (MRS.)                   GA-108-3-315
CHAPMAN, M. E.                          GA-108-3-358
CHEEK, THOMAS S.                        GA-108-2-276
CHILDRESS, THOMAS                       GA-108-1-90
CHRISTIAN, JAMES D.                     GA-108-2-249
CHRISTIAN, REUBEN                       GA-108-1-105
CHRISTIAN, REUBIN W.                    GA-108-2-225
CHURCHWELL, SAMUEL                      GA-108-1-94
CLARK, JULIA A.                         GA-108-4-226
CLARK, MARY A.                          GA-108-4-181
CLARK, SARAH S.                         GA-108-4-472
CLARK, WILLIAM W.                       GA-108-3-180
COCKRELLA, THOMAS                       GA-108-1-32
COFFEE, P. D.                           GA-108-4-160
COLE, MATILDA                           GA-108-4-56
COLEMAN, ELIZABETH                      GA-108-1-89
COLLEY, MARY                            GA-108-2-241
COLLY, JOEL                             GA-108-2-1
CONNON, W. A.                           GA-108-4-397
CONYERS, REBECCA E.                     GA-108-3-72
CONYERS, WILLIAM D.                     GA-108-2-300
CONYRS, AMANDA B.                       GA-108-3-354
COOK, DAVID C.                          GA-108-3-205
COOK, ELIZA JANE                        GA-108-2-284
COOK, JAMES                             GA-108-4-4
COOK, JAMES T.                          GA-108-3-359
COOK, JOHN S.                           GA-108-4-174
COOK, JUDETH W.                         GA-108-1-178
COOK, LUTHER A.                         GA-108-4-28
COOK, WILLIAM                           GA-108-3-293
COOPER, LELA                            GA-108-4-293
CORLEY, J. T.                           GA-108-3-385
COWAN, ALEXANDER                        GA-108-3-234
COWAN, JOHN                             GA-108-4-41
COWAN, JOHN CALVIN                      GA-108-4-347
COWAN, WILLIAM                          GA-108-3-376
COWEN, ALEXANDER                        GA-108-2-366
COWEN, JOHN                             GA-108-1-208
COX, CARY                               GA-108-3-184
CROWLEY, J. B.                          GA-108-4-289
CUNNINGHAM, GEORGE                      GA-108-2-127
CURETON, A. M.                          GA-108-3-287
CURETON, THOMAS T.                      GA-108-1-22
CURTIS, THOMAS J.                       GA-108-2-57
DABNEY, JOHN C.                         GA-108-4-45
DACUS, THOMAS                           GA-108-1-31
DANIEL, ROTEL T. (COLORED)              GA-108-4-216
DAVIS, EUDOCIA L.                       GA-108-3-153
DAVIS, JOHN B. JR.                      GA-108-4-148
DAVIS, WILLIAM C.                       GA-108-2-308
DAVIS, WILLIAM M.                       GA-108-2-45
DAVIS, WILSON L.                        GA-108-4-51
DAWMAN, CHARLES E.                      GA-108-4-212
DEARING, J. M.                          GA-108-4-287
DELEMARE, GEORGE                        GA-108-4-154
DIAL, JOHN                              GA-108-3-250
DICKERSON, VIRGINIA P.                  GA-108-4-179
DICKSON, CAPUS                          GA-108-4-214
DICKSON, THOMAS J.                      GA-108-4-361
DORSETT, WILLIAM F.                     GA-108-3-60
DOWNS, HENRY K.                         GA-108-2-319
DOWNS, SHELLY                           GA-108-2-190
DUKE, JOHN T.                           GA-108-1-213
DUNCAN, JOHN A.                         GA-108-1-176
DYER, E. D. (MRS.)                      GA-108-4-10
EASLEY, JAKE C.                         GA-108-4-249
ECHOLS, SARAH JANE                      GA-108-4-202
EDMUNDS, WILLIAM                        GA-108-1-113
EDWARDS, BENNET                         GA-108-3-99
EIDSON, LUCY MCWATERS                   GA-108-4-218
ELLINGTON, JOEL SR.                     GA-108-2-105
ELLINGTON, S. R.                        GA-108-4-242
ELLIOT, THOMAS                          GA-108-2-159
ELLIOTT, E. M.                          GA-108-4-203
ELLIOTT, GEORGE P.                      GA-108-4-92
ELLIS, J. D.                            GA-108-4-373
ENPS, C. C. SR.                         GA-108-4-205
EPPS, J. B.                             GA-108-4-201
EPPS, JAMES SR.                         GA-108-2-328
EVERITE, RICHARD M.                     GA-108-4-180
FARMER, D. P.                           GA-108-3-282
FARROW, U. G.                           GA-108-4-121
FIELDER, OBADIAH M. B.                  GA-108-2-82
FIELDER, SARAH AN                       GA-108-1-41
FINCHER, JOHN                           GA-108-1-60
FLEMISTER, C. A. J.                     GA-108-2-262
FLEMISTER, J. C.                        GA-108-4-357
FLLOYD, MARY A.                         GA-108-3-270
FLOYD, DAVID                            GA-108-2-343
FLOYD, JOHN J.                          GA-108-3-177
FOWLER, MARTIN B.                       GA-108-4-16
FRANKLIN, JOHN                          GA-108-3-18
FREEMAN, L. W.                          GA-108-4-402
FRETWELL, RICHARD                       GA-108-1-123
FULLER, FRANCIS M.                      GA-108-3-75
FULLER, S. B.                           GA-108-4-285
GAITHER, BRICE T.                       GA-108-2-37
GAITHER, JOHN W. (COLORED)              GA-108-4-217
GARDNER, ELIZABETH                      GA-108-2-333
GARDNER, NANCY                          GA-108-2-332
GARDNER, W. A.                          GA-108-4-248
GARNER, THOMAS W.                       GA-108-1-62
GARTHER, HENRY                          GA-108-3-319
GARY, HARTWELL                          GA-108-1-24
GAY, JULIA A.                           GA-108-4-63
GEORGE, . I                             GA-108-4-273
GIBSON, J. T.                           GA-108-4-299
GIBSON, WILLIAM N.                      GA-108-3-237
GILBERT, INSTANT H.                     GA-108-2-171
GILL, SALINIE                           GA-108-4-246
GLASS, J. B.                            GA-108-4-206
GLASS, MARTHA ANN                       GA-108-4-26
GLASS, PENELOPE                         GA-108-2-192
GLASS, SANFORD W.                       GA-108-2-218
GOBER, WILLIAM SR.                      GA-108-1-12
GOODE, NICHOLAS                         GA-108-2-147
GOOLSBY, PERRY                          GA-108-4-124
GORMAN, E. F.                           GA-108-4-219
GRANADE, TIMOTHY                        GA-108-2-311
GRAVES, HENRIETTA D.                    GA-108-4-474
GRAVES, IVERSON L.                      GA-108-2-245
GRAVES, JOHN W.                         GA-108-2-16
GRAVES, SARAH W.                        GA-108-3-303
GRAVES, SOLOMON                         GA-108-1-35
GRAVES, WILLIAM                         GA-108-2-201
GRAY, FANNIE C.                         GA-108-4-192
GRAY, HENRY L.                          GA-108-3-352
GRIFFIN, THOMAS N.                      GA-108-2-356
GUFFIN, JOHN S.                         GA-108-3-404
GUFFIN, SARAH JANE                      GA-108-4-272
GUICE, G. W.                            GA-108-4-43
GUICE, MARY ANN                         GA-108-3-336
GUINN, B. G.                            GA-108-4-308
HAILE, JOHN                             GA-108-3-110
HAILS, THOMAS                           GA-108-1-1
HALLIS, B. M.                           GA-108-3-341
HAMBY, MARY A.                          GA-108-3-200
HAMELTON, JOHN                          GA-108-1-16
HAMILTON, REBECCA                       GA-108-1-152
HAMMOCK, NANCY                          GA-108-1-206
HANSON, ELIZABETH                       GA-108-1-85
HANSON, THOMAS                          GA-108-1-45
HARDIN, MARY W.                         GA-108-2-293
HARMON, JACOB                           GA-108-1-70
HARP, E. B.                             GA-108-3-364
HARPER, HENRY A.                        GA-108-1-172
HARRIS, DAVID                           GA-108-1-29
HARRIS, J. P.                           GA-108-4-67
HARRIS, JOHN                            GA-108-3-93
HARRIS, W. E.                           GA-108-3-126
HARVEY, HESTER                          GA-108-3-308
HARWELL, JACKSON                        GA-108-3-229
HAWKINS, CORRILLA P.                    GA-108-4-470
HAYGOOD, JOHN                           GA-108-2-253
HAYS, GEORGE                            GA-108-2-157
HEARD, EDWARD                           GA-108-4-269
HEARD, SOPHRONIA                        GA-108-4-194
HEARD, SUSAN A.                         GA-108-4-302
HEATH, WILLIAM                          GA-108-1-139
HENDERSON, CORNELIA                     GA-108-4-480
HENDERSON, CORNELIA                     GA-108-4-135
HENDERSON, ELIZABETH                    GA-108-2-196
HENDERSON, ISAAC P. H.                  GA-108-2-251
HENDERSON, JANE F.                      GA-108-4-88
HENDERSON, JOE                          GA-108-4-312
HENDERSON, RUTH                         GA-108-3-16
HENDERSON, V. A.                        GA-108-3-245
HENDERSON, WILLIAM P.                   GA-108-4-376
HENDRESON, JOHN F.                      GA-108-4-247
HEWELL, HOPE H.                         GA-108-2-265
HEWELL, MARTHA                          GA-108-3-189
HEWELL, MARTHA                          GA-108-3-160
HICKS, TINSY                            GA-108-3-327
HILL, BESSIE C.                         GA-108-4-484
HILL, MARTHA A.                         GA-108-3-114
HODGE, ANDREW T.                        GA-108-2-54
HODGE, DAVID                            GA-108-2-39
HODGE, JAMES                            GA-108-1-216
HODGE, JAMES                            GA-108-3-133
HODGE, JAMES SR.                        GA-108-1-115
HODGE, WILEY B.                         GA-108-2-59
HODGINS, ALLEY                          GA-108-3-66
HOLDER, F. M.                           GA-108-4-61
HOLLINGSWORTH, JOSEPH                   GA-108-1-132
HOPKINS, EDITH                          GA-108-2-149
HORTON, MARTHA J.                       GA-108-3-306
HOUGH, SYLVESTER A.                     GA-108-3-25
HOWARD, ROBERT                          GA-108-3-32
HOWELL, A. J.                           GA-108-4-432
HUELL, SUSANNAH                         GA-108-2-73
HULL, E. C.                             GA-108-4-404
HULL, REUBEN T.                         GA-108-4-99
HUMPHRIES, STARLING                     GA-108-2-255
HUNTER, NICHOLAS P.                     GA-108-3-203
HURD, ALICE T.                          GA-108-4-459
HURST, JOHN                             GA-108-2-29
HURST, WILLIAM R.                       GA-108-2-242
HUSON, STEPHEN                          GA-108-2-317
HYATT, A. A.                            GA-108-4-452
HYER, THOMAS F.                         GA-108-2-200
IVY, EMILY J.                           GA-108-4-30
JACKSON, A. L.                          GA-108-4-264
JACKSON, JOHN FOSTER                    GA-108-2-263
JARMAN, LEWIS W.                        GA-108-3-129
JARMAN, P. B.                           GA-108-4-128
JEFFRIES, TERRESA                       GA-108-4-295
JOHNSON, GEORGE W. (COLORED)            GA-108-4-105
JOHNSON, HENRIETTA                      GA-108-1-225
JOHNSON, JAMES D.                       GA-108-2-266
JOHNSON, NATHAN                         GA-108-1-203
JOHNSON, SAMUEL SR.                     GA-108-2-286
JOHNSON, SILAS M. SR.                   GA-108-2-282
JOHNSON, SILAS M. SR.                   GA-108-2-257
JOHNSON,MARTHA                          GA-108-1-97
JOHNSTON, HUGH B.                       GA-108-2-236
JONES, ELIJAH                           GA-108-1-19
JONES, HOUSTON A.                       GA-108-4-133
JONES, JOEL                             GA-108-1-55
JONES, JOHN                             GA-108-1-120
JONES, M. A.                            GA-108-3-295
JONES, WILLIAM C.                       GA-108-4-282
KELLY, L. ANNIE                         GA-108-4-47
KENNEDY, JAMES A. SR.                   GA-108-2-363
KENNON, ELIZABETH                       GA-108-2-95
KENNON, S. J. (MRS.)                    GA-108-3-297
KENT, FRANKLIN                          GA-108-4-224
KEURSON, CELIA                          GA-108-1-67
KEYS, CHARLES                           GA-108-1-87
KING, JENNIE                            GA-108-3-85
KING, SAMUEL A.                         GA-108-3-68
KITCHENS, LOUISA                        GA-108-3-81
KNIGHT, JAMES M.                        GA-108-2-77
LANE, GEORGE W.                         GA-108-1-199
LANE, JOSEPH                            GA-108-1-26
LANE, MATTHEW J.                        GA-108-2-330
LANE, WILLIAM D.                        GA-108-4-117
LANE, WILLIAM H.                        GA-108-1-83
LANGLEY, WILLIAM M.                     GA-108-3-222
LARA, ROBERT                            GA-108-1-168
LARINGSTON, L. B.                       GA-108-4-208
LAWERY, W. W. J.                        GA-108-3-143
LAWS, JOSEPH                            GA-108-1-49
LAZARBY, SAMUEL                         GA-108-1-64
LAZENBY, F. J.                          GA-108-4-13
LAZENBY, WILLIAM                        GA-108-3-391
LEAK, ELIZABETH                         GA-108-2-143
LEE, N. C.                              GA-108-4-112
LEE, NATHAN P.                          GA-108-2-32
LEE, TOMMIE A. (MRS.)                   GA-108-4-455
LEE, WILLIAM S.                         GA-108-3-208
LEEK, GEORGE W.                         GA-108-1-159
LEFTWICH, JOEL W.                       GA-108-2-52
LEWIS, NOAH R.                          GA-108-2-134
LIN, CHARLES M.                         GA-108-2-27
LIVIGNSTON, FRANCES P.                  GA-108-4-91
LIVIGNSTON, ROBERT B.                   GA-108-3-284
LIVINGSTON, ALFRED                      GA-108-4-78
LIVINGSTON, JOSEPH                      GA-108-1-102
LIVINGSTON, L. W.                       GA-108-3-267
LOFEN, THOMAS A.                        GA-108-2-109
LOWE, M. F. (MRS.)                      GA-108-4-223
LOY, J. P. B.                           GA-108-4-371
LOYALL, RICHARD                         GA-108-1-145
LOYD, GREEN B.                          GA-108-3-247
LOYD, J. M.                             GA-108-4-328
LOYD, JOHN M.                           GA-108-4-424
LOYD, T. L.                             GA-108-4-493
LOYD, WASHINGTON                        GA-108-3-338
LUCAS, CHARLES                          GA-108-2-49
LUCKIE, HEZEKIAH                        GA-108-1-81
LUCKIE, JANE                            GA-108-2-69
LUCKIE, WILLAM D.                       GA-108-2-335
LUNDSFORD, HENRY                        GA-108-2-101
LUNSFORD, A. B. (MRS.)                  GA-108-4-448
LUNSFORD, C. A. (MISS)                  GA-108-4-277
LUNSFORD, EVANS                         GA-108-4-450
LUNSFORD, J. W.                         GA-108-4-36
LUNSFORD, MARY ANN                      GA-108-4-207
LUNSFORD, MELITA                        GA-108-4-466
LUNSFORD, R. J.                         GA-108-4-177
LUNSFORD, S. H.                         GA-108-4-6
MAGATH, JULIUS                          GA-108-4-279
MANN, ROBERT                            GA-108-2-339
MANN, WILLIAM H.                        GA-108-2-220
MAPPIN, MARTHA                          GA-108-1-99
MARKS, ROBERT                           GA-108-2-25
MARKS, SAMUEL                           GA-108-2-226
MATHERS, ROBERT                         GA-108-1-184
MATSON, ESTHER A.                       GA-108-2-214
MATTHEWS, JEREMIAH                      GA-108-1-118
MCCLENDON, JOEL A.                      GA-108-4-221
MCCLUNG, WILLIAM R.                     GA-108-2-235
MCCRACKEN, WILLIAM D.                   GA-108-3-8
MCDONALD, J. L.                         GA-108-4-363
MCDONALD, J. M.                         GA-108-4-386
MCDONALD, JAMES                         GA-108-1-107
MCDONALD, NEAL                          GA-108-2-79
MCKEE, SAMUEL                           GA-108-3-401
MEADOWS, J. B.                          GA-108-4-261
MELTON, ISAAC                           GA-108-2-295
MERCER, LEVI                            GA-108-3-106
MERCER, NANCY A.                        GA-108-3-71
MERCER, RICHARD                         GA-108-4-490
MIDDLEBROOK, JOHN                       GA-108-1-43
MIDDLEBROOKS, ISAAC S.                  GA-108-2-155
MIDDLEBROOKS, L. L.                     GA-108-4-188
MIDDLEBROOKS, P. J. (MRS.)              GA-108-4-338
MIERS, ELIZABETH                        GA-108-2-21
MIXON,S . B. (MRS.)                     GA-108-3-398
MIXSON, ELIJAH                          GA-108-3-29
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM S.                  GA-108-3-225
MOON, ESTELLA                           GA-108-4-418
MOORE, MICHAJAH                         GA-108-2-166
MORE, WILLIAM                           GA-108-2-151
MORGAN, HENRIETTA                       GA-108-2-216
MORGAN, THOMAS                          GA-108-3-383
MORLEY, WILLIAM                         GA-108-3-6
MOSELEY, JOSEPH C.                      GA-108-2-61
MOSS, JOHN                              GA-108-1-15
MULTON, ALFRED                          GA-108-3-310
MURRELL, G. W. H.                       GA-108-3-122
NELLY, THOMAS                           GA-108-2-6
NICHOLS, MARY                           GA-108-3-57
NIX, EDWARD SR.                         GA-108-2-139
NIX, FRANCIS M.                         GA-108-4-75
NOLEN, MARTHA                           GA-108-4-400
NOLEN, STEPHEN                          GA-108-2-80
NOLEN, WILLIAM                          GA-108-1-222
OGLETREE, A. J.                         GA-108-4-120
OGLETREE, WALTER A.                     GA-108-4-145
OKELLY, R. S.                           GA-108-3-88
OWENS, A. M.                            GA-108-4-291
OWENS, ANDERSON                         GA-108-4-153
PACE, J. M.                             GA-108-4-193
PARKER, ISAAC H.                        GA-108-2-145
PARKS, WILLIAM J.                       GA-108-3-36
PATRICK, WILLIAM                        GA-108-1-57
PATTELLO, LUCY                          GA-108-4-73
PAYNE, LETTEY                           GA-108-1-75
PECK, SUSAN J.                          GA-108-4-384
PEEK, MARTHA                            GA-108-4-156
PENN, JAMES B.                          GA-108-2-310
PERRY, EUNICE A.                        GA-108-4-1
PERRY, HENRY B.                         GA-108-3-193
PERRY, JOSEPH                           GA-108-1-160
PERRY, MARY LOUISA                      GA-108-4-196
PERRY, WILLIAM P.                       GA-108-1-180
PHARR, PERMELIA A.                      GA-108-2-304
PHILLIPS, JAMES                         GA-108-1-65
PICKETT, W. H. SR.                      GA-108-4-410
PLUNKET, CHARLES W.                     GA-108-2-229
PLUNKETT, L. J.                         GA-108-4-69
POLK, CHARLES E.                        GA-108-2-341
POLSON, MARK                            GA-108-3-215
POND, J. W.                             GA-108-4-262
POPE, J. H.                             GA-108-4-151
PORTER, F. R.                           GA-108-4-444
PORTER, JULIA A.                        GA-108-4-408
PORTER, LULA E.                         GA-108-4-429
PORTER O. S.                            GA-108-4-211
POSEY, MARTHA                           GA-108-4-240
POTTS, JORIE A.                         GA-108-4-50
POTTS, THOMAS AVERY                     GA-108-4-343
PRATT, MARIAH                           GA-108-4-227
RAKESTRAW, MARY ELIZA                   GA-108-4-297
RAKESTRAW, R. M.                        GA-108-4-140
RAKESTRAW, ROBERT                       GA-108-2-208
RANDLE, JOHN H.                         GA-108-4-486
RAWSON, DOROTHY N.                      GA-108-2-232
READ, JAMES                             GA-108-2-120
READ, SAMUEL PARKS                      GA-108-2-194
REES, JANE                              GA-108-1-134
REYNOLDS, AMOS P.                       GA-108-3-369
REYNOLDS, FRANCIS                       GA-108-4-147
REYNOLDS, PURMEDAS                      GA-108-3-20
RICHARDS, WILLIAM B.                    GA-108-2-346
RICHARDSON, SAMUEL                      GA-108-2-205
RICHRDS, HENRY P.                       GA-108-3-150
RIVERS, CORNI                           GA-108-3-362
ROBERTS, BARTHOLOMEW                    GA-108-2-67
ROBERTS, L. T.                          GA-108-4-199
ROBINSON, J. E.                         GA-108-4-220
ROBINSON, JAMES H.                      GA-108-3-55
ROBINSON, W. F. (MRS.)                  GA-108-4-366
ROBINSON, WILLIAM C.                    GA-108-2-111
ROSEBERRY, JAMES                        GA-108-1-164
ROSEBERRY, L. A. J. (MRS.)              GA-108-4-336
ROSEBERRY, MARTH                        GA-108-1-192
SACKWELL, JOHN                          GA-108-3-148
SAGMAN, L. M.                           GA-108-3-347
SANDERS, CHARLES H.                     GA-108-1-232
SANDERS, SARAH ANN                      GA-108-2-279
SANDIFORD, RALPH B.                     GA-108-4-142
SANSON, MICAJAH                         GA-108-1-34
SAWYER, JOHN                            GA-108-1-210
SCOTT, DANIEL                           GA-108-1-126
SCOTT, JULIA R.                         GA-108-4-253
SCOTT, S. A. (MRS.)                     GA-108-3-372
SCOTT, W. W.                            GA-108-3-53
SEGLER, MATILDA                         GA-108-1-79
SHARP, HENRY T.                         GA-108-4-198
SHAW, MARY A.                           GA-108-4-98
SHELL, ELIZABETH                        GA-108-1-186
SHEPHERD, ANN                           GA-108-1-93
SHEPHERD, THOMAS                        GA-108-3-12
SHIP, JOHN                              GA-108-1-188
SHUMATE, REBKAH                         GA-108-2-12
SIGMAN, B. F.                           GA-108-2-362
SIGMAN, ELVIRA                          GA-108-2-348
SIMMS, A. B.                            GA-108-3-264
SIMMS, JAMES P.                         GA-108-3-26
SIMMS, RICHARD L.                       GA-108-2-71
SIMS, WILLIAM                           GA-108-2-273
SKINNER, JOHN                           GA-108-3-90
SLOCUM, H. V.                           GA-108-4-144
SMITH, B. A. W. (MRS.)                  GA-108-4-9
SMITH, D. A. E. (MRS.)                  GA-108-4-422
SMITH, GEORGE T.                        GA-108-4-270
SMITH, HILLIARD C.                      GA-108-3-27
SMITH, JANE M.                          GA-108-3-166
SMITH, JOHN                             GA-108-2-169
SMITH, JOHN J.                          GA-108-4-394
SMITH, MARGARET                         GA-108-2-153
SMITH, THOMAS H.                        GA-108-4-49
SMITH, WILLIAM F. C.                    GA-108-2-353
SNIDER, JOHN T.                         GA-108-1-129
SOCKWELL, A. P.                         GA-108-4-232
SOCKWELL, J. W.                         GA-108-4-436
SOCKWELL, M. D.                         GA-108-4-254
SPEAR, J. T.                            GA-108-4-236
SPENCE, SOPHIA C.                       GA-108-4-114
STAFFORD, JAMES H.                      GA-108-3-112
STANSELL, N. C. (MRS.)                  GA-108-4-190
STANTON, BATT S.                        GA-108-1-149
STANTON, ELIZABETH B.                   GA-108-4-103
STANTON, H. T.                          GA-108-3-274
STARR, NANNIE C.                        GA-108-4-320
STARR, ROSIE ANN                        GA-108-4-458
STARR, S. H. S.                         GA-108-2-203
STARR, SAMUEL                           GA-108-2-136
STARR, SILAS                            GA-108-2-102
STARR, SILAS S.                         GA-108-3-39
STARR, T. A.                            GA-108-4-77
STEADMAN, E. S.                         GA-108-4-38
STEDHAM, NEW                            GA-108-4-354
STEELE, ROBERT A.                       GA-108-1-130
STEELE, S. J.                           GA-108-4-71
STEPHENSON, J. R.                       GA-108-4-182
STEPHENSON, J. W.                       GA-108-4-200
STEPHENSON, L. F.                       GA-108-4-137
STEPHENSON, MARY L.                     GA-108-4-349
STEWART, GRISSILLOT                     GA-108-2-367
STEWART, J. S.                          GA-108-3-378
STEWART, JAMES                          GA-108-3-102
STEWART, JOHN R.                        GA-108-2-207
STEWART, SAMUEL                         GA-108-1-69
STOKES, L. A.                           GA-108-4-275
STOVALL, DAVID                          GA-108-1-77
STRONG, CHARLES                         GA-108-2-364
SULLIVAN, ELIZABETH                     GA-108-4-178
SUMMERS, ALLEN                          GA-108-1-181
TAILOR, HENRY                           GA-108-2-269
TAYLOR, JOHN                            GA-108-4-334
TAYLOR, JOSIAH W.                       GA-108-1-110
TERRELL, REBECCA T.                     GA-108-4-87
THACKER, E. D.                          GA-108-4-44
THOMAS, EDWARD LOYD SR.                 GA-108-2-35
THOMAS, MARY                            GA-108-2-212
THOMPSON, A. A. (MRS.)                  GA-108-4-122
THOMPSON, JOHN                          GA-108-2-20
THOMPSON, JOHN P.                       GA-108-2-357
THOMPSON, JULIA E.                      GA-108-4-204
THOMPSON, M. A. J. (MISS)               GA-108-3-75
THOMPSON, NANCY                         GA-108-3-120
THOMPSON, SAMUEL P.                     GA-108-4-263
THOMPSON, SAMUELH.                      GA-108-2-193
THRUSHER, DAVID                         GA-108-3-156
TIMMERMAN, W. M.                        GA-108-4-477
TOOMBS, HENRY                           GA-108-4-19
TRAVIS, A. C. W. (DR.)                  GA-108-3-313
TRAVIS, A. M. (MRS.)                    GA-108-4-258
TRIMBLE, MOSES                          GA-108-1-28
TUCKER, WILLIAM H.                      GA-108-2-259
TUGGLE, C. A.                           GA-108-4-388
TURNER, GREEN B.                        GA-108-2-321
TURNER, P. G.                           GA-108-4-197
TURNER, P. W.                           GA-108-4-213
TURNER, RICHARD                         GA-108-2-8
UNDERWOOD, ROBERT B.                    GA-108-3-63
USHER, FRANCES A. (MRS.)                GA-108-3-394
USHER, ROBERT O.                        GA-108-2-130
VINING, E. H.                           GA-108-3-272
WALDROP, MILTON                         GA-108-3-251
WALKER, MARY O.                         GA-108-2-305
WALLACE, WILLIAM                        GA-108-1-95
WALLIS, THOMAS                          GA-108-1-91
WALLIS, WILLIAM                         GA-108-1-137
WALLIS, Z. P.                           GA-108-3-187
WANDER, C. A.                           GA-108-4-326
WANDER, LOIS                            GA-108-4-406
WATFORD, HARDY                          GA-108-3-104
WEAR, JOHN                              GA-108-2-113
WEAVER, ISHAM                           GA-108-3-83
WEAVER, S. P. (MRS.0                    GA-108-4-131
WEBB, ANN                               GA-108-3-45
WEBB, JAMES                             GA-108-1-11
WEBB, JOHN                              GA-108-2-352
WEIPPER, JACOB N.                       GA-108-3-63
WELLBORN, DAVID                         GA-108-1-20
WELLS, WILLIAM T.                       GA-108-3-212
WELSHER, JOHN                           GA-108-1-3
WHEDBER, ELIZA A.                       GA-108-2-360
WHEELER, GEORGE W.                      GA-108-3-50
WHITE, DORA                             GA-108-4-485
WHITE, ROBERT                           GA-108-2-124
WHITE, THOMAS M.                        GA-108-4-55
WHITEHEAD, FRANCIS M.                   GA-108-4-57
WHITEHEAD, SAMUEL                       GA-108-2-298
WHITTEN, BERRY A.                       GA-108-4-191
WILLIAMS, A. G.                         GA-108-4-97
WILLIAMS, LIZZIE                        GA-108-4-488
WILLIAMS, NOEL                          GA-108-4-238
WILLIAMS, REBECCA E.                    GA-108-2-14
WILLIAMS, W. F.                         GA-108-4-379
WILLIAMSON, JOHN N.                     GA-108-2-97
WILLINGHAM, CHARLES H.                  GA-108-1-39
WILLINGHAM, JOHN H.                     GA-108-4-468
WILLINGHAM, WILKINS                     GA-108-3-138
WILLSON, RICHARD                        GA-108-2-18
WILSON, CAROLINE L. D.                  GA-108-2-162
WILSON, HENRY                           GA-108-1-198
WILSON, P.                              GA-108-4-199
WILSON, WILLIAM M.                      GA-108-3-116
WOOD, MARY R.                           GA-108-3-47
WOODRUFF, B. H.                         GA-108-4-260
WOOLY, HANSFORD D.                      GA-108-2-176
WORREL, WILLIAM                         GA-108-1-201
WORRILL, SOLOMAN                        GA-108-1-170
WRIGHT, CARRIE A.                       GA-108-4-102
WRIGHT, CHRISTOPHER C.                  GA-108-3-323
WRIGHT, MONAH M.                        GA-108-3-330
WRIGHT, NANCY                           GA-108-4-84
WRIGHT, SUSANNAH M.                     GA-108-1-220
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         GA-108-2-115
WYATT, THOMAS B.                        GA-108-1-51
YARBROUGH, JOHN W.                      GA-108-3-141
ZACHRY, LEWIS                           GA-108-3-42
ZACKRY, JAMES                           GA-108-1-46
ZACKRY, ZADOCK L.                       GA-108-2-167

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