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Volume List: 1C=1786-1801 | C2=1792-1801 | C3=1806-1808 | HH=1810-1816 | GG=1818-1819 | HH2=1819-1836 | HH3=1837-1877 | 10=1878-1921 |
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ACRE, WILLIAM                          GA-158-C2-162
ADAMS, ZELOTIS                         GA-158-HH3-431
AKINS, THOMAS                          GA-158-HH-44
ALBERT, JOSEPH                         GA-158-HH-50
ALLISON, JOHN                          GA-158-HH2-82
ALLISON, JOHN                          GA-158-C3-76
ALLISON, REBECCA                       GA-158-HH3-50
ANDERSON, GIDEON                       GA-158-C3-34
ANDERSON, JOHN                         GA-158-HH-26
ANDERSON, MARY                         GA-158-HH2-201
ANDERSON, THOMAS                       GA-158-HH3-298
ANDERSON, THOMAS                       GA-158-HH3-308
ANGLIN, DAVID                          GA-158-C3-98
ANTHONY, ANN                           GA-158-HH3-215
ANTHONY, JOSEPH C.                     GA-158-HH-72
ANTHONY, M. R.                         GA-158-HH3-267
ANTHONY, MICAJAH                       GA-158-HH3-101
APPLING, JOEL                          GA-158-HH3-60
APPLING, THOMAS                        GA-158-C2-251
ARMOR, AMANDA E.                       GA-158-HH3-228
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                       GA-158-HH3-14
ARNETT, S. A.                          GA-158-HH3-401
ARNETT, SAMUEL                         GA-158-HH2-390
ARNOLD, ALLEN J.                       GA-158-HH3-333
ARNOLD, JOSHUA                         GA-158-C3-153
ARNOLD, MOSES                          GA-158-C2-167
ARNOLD, MOSS                           GA-158-HH3-464
ASHMORE, CLARY                         GA-158-C2-127
ASHMORE, WILLIAM                       GA-158-GG-114
ATKINS, FRANKY                         GA-158-C3-59
BAILEY, GEORGE                         GA-158-HH3-379
BAILEY, GEORGE                         GA-158-C-48
BAILEY, HANNAH                         GA-158-C2-159
BAILEY, JAMES                          GA-158-C2-171
BAIN, BALDWIN                          GA-158-HH-2
BAIRD, WILLIAM                         GA-158-HH3-102
BALLARD, HUMPHREY                      GA-158-C2-247
BALLARD, NATHAN                        GA-158-C3-57
BANKSTON, LAWRENCE                     GA-158-HH3-108
BARNES, HENRY R.                       GA-158-GG-61
BARNETT, ELIZABETH W.                  GA-158-HH3-245
BARNETT, P. J.                         GA-158-HH3-398
BARNETT, SAMUEL                        GA-158-HH3-82
BARRETT, LEWIS                         GA-158-HH2-379
BARRETT, ROBERT T.                     GA-158-HH3-460
BEALL, JOHN                            GA-158-C3-162
BELL, JOHN                             GA-158-HH3-209
BENSON, WILLIAM                        GA-158-HH2-363
BENSON, WILLIAM                        GA-158-HH3-224
BENTLEY, WILLIAM                       GA-158-C2-15
BILLINGSLEA, FRANCIS                   GA-158-C2-201
BINNS, WILLIAM                         GA-158-HH-76
BIRD, PHILEMON                         GA-158-HH-12
BIRD, WILLIAMSON                       GA-158-C3-20
BLACK, EDWARD                          GA-158-C2-173
BLAKEY, CHURCHWELL                     GA-158-HH3-1
BLAKEY, JUDITH C.                      GA-158-HH3-373
BLALOCK, JOHN                          GA-158-C2-153
BOLTON, ISAAC                          GA-158-GG-40
BOLTON, JOHN                           GA-158-C2-209
BOND, THOMAS                           GA-158-HH-74
BOOKER, ESTHER                         GA-158-HH3-340
BOOKER, GIDEON                         GA-158-C3-145
BOOKER, RICHERSON                      GA-158-HH3-210, 259
BOOKER, WILLIAM SR.                    GA-158-HH3-15
BOREN, JAMES                           GA-158-HH-61
BOROM, MARGARET                        GA-158-HH2-345
BOSTWORTH, WILLIAM                     GA-158-HH-47
BOWEN, JOHN                            GA-158-C-6
BOWLES, JUDITH                         GA-158-HH2-114
BRADFORD, SAMUEL                       GA-158-HH2-208
BRADLEY, W. D.                         GA-158-HH3-238
BRADLEY, WILLIAM D.                    GA-158-HH3-168
BRAMLITT, AMBROSE                      GA-158-C3-88
BRANHAM, FRANCES                       GA-158-HH3-144
BRANHAM, M. W.                         GA-158-HH3-440
BRAUTON, JACOB                         GA-158-HH-3
BRAVER, HOPKINS W.                     GA-158-HH2-356
BROWN, L. S.                           GA-158-HH3-278
BROWN, SARAH A.                        GA-158-HH3-374
BROWN, WILLIAM                         GA-158-GG-15
BUFFORD, W. D.                         GA-158-HH3-413
BURDETT, JOHN                          GA-158-HH2-333
BURDETT, THOMAS                        GA-158-GG-122
BURDINE, JOHN                          GA-158-GG-24
BURNEY, SIMON                          GA-158-C2-10
BURNS, ASMUEL T.                       GA-158-HH3-357
BURNS, JOHN W.                         GA-158-C3-54
BURROUGHS, PEGGY                       GA-158-HH2-339
BUSH, JOHN SR.                         GA-158-C3-101
BUSHELL, JOHN                          GA-158-HH2-337
BUTLER, EDWARD                         GA-158-HH-17
BUTLER, FRANCIS                        GA-158-HH2-234
BUWER, JAMES                           GA-158-GG-137
CADE, AKREE                            GA-158-C2-216
CADE, DRURY                            GA-158-C2-188
CADE, JAMES                            GA-158-HH3-283
CADE, ROBERT                           GA-158-HH2-203
CADE, WINEFORD                         GA-158-GG-126
CAIN, JACOB                            GA-158-HH2-156, 158
CALHOON, SALLY                         GA-158-HH-78
CALLAWAY, CHENOTTE                     GA-158-HH3-302
CALLAWAY, ENOCH                        GA-158-HH3-260
CALLAWAY, ISAAC                        GA-158-HH2-120
CALLAWAY, J. T.                        GA-158-HH3-108 ??
CALLAWAY, JOB SR.                      GA-158-C3-81
CALLAWAY, JOHN                         GA-158-HH2-60
CALLAWAY, M. A.                        GA-158-HH3-411
CALLAWAY, PARKER                       GA-158-HH3-385, 428
CALLAWAY, S. W.                        GA-158-HH3-384
CALLAWAY, SEABORN                      GA-158-HH3-311
CALLAWAY, WILLIAM                      GA-158-HH2-1
CALLAWAY, WOODSON                      GA-158-HH3-234
CARLTON, ROBERT                        GA-158-C2-165
CARTER, JOHN                           GA-158-GG-52
CARTER, REUBEN                         GA-158-HH3-174
CATCHING, ANESSTACY                    GA-158-C3-132
CHAFFIN, ISHAM                         GA-158-HH2-124
CHASE, JOHN D.                         GA-158-HH3-338
CHEAVIS, ELIZABETH                     GA-158-C2-109
CHIVERS, JAMES A.                      GA-158-HH3-223
CHIVERS, TOM                           GA-158-GG-2
CHIVES, THOMAS                         GA-158-HH-23
CLEMONT, STEPHEN                       GA-158-C2-185
CLEVELAND, A. A.                       GA-158-HH3-355
COATS, NATHANIEL                       GA-158-HH-133
COCKRAN, SAMUEL                        GA-158-C-38
COFER, J. B.                           GA-158-HH3-429
COFER, JOHN                            GA-158-HH3-156
COHNON, JOB                            GA-158-C3-104
COHRAN, JOSEPH                         GA-158-HH2-77
COLBY, JOHN                            GA-158-HH-122
COLE, WILLIAM                          GA-158-C3-68
COLEMAN, HARRIS                        GA-158-GG-50
COLEMAN, THOMPSON                      GA-158-HH2-325
COLLINS, GIBSON                        GA-158-HH3-193
COLLY, DEMPSY C.                       GA-158-HH3-243
COLLY, FRANES                          GA-158-HH3-317
COLLY, HENRY F.                        GA-158-HH3-325
COLLY, SPAIN                           GA-158-HH3-380
COMBES, JAMES                          GA-158-GG-199
COMBS, JAMES                           GA-158-GG-100
COOKSEY, JOHN W.                       GA-158-HH2-211
CORBETT, ELEANOR                       GA-158-HH3-171
CORBETT, JAMES                         GA-158-GG-34
CORBETT, WILLIAM H.                    GA-158-HH-109
CORNEALISSON, CONRAD                   GA-158-C2-144
COX, BARTLEY                           GA-158-C2-21
COX, MARY                              GA-158-C2-126
COX, MARY C.                           GA-158-C2-52
COX, WILLIAM R.                        GA-158-HH3-275
CRATON, JOHN                           GA-158-HH2-204
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM L.                   GA-158-HH2-184
CREIGHTON, ANDREW                      GA-158-HH-120
CREWS, BENEDICTINE                     GA-158-HH3-43
CURREY, PETER                          GA-158-HH2-244
DANIEL, ANNA                           GA-158-C3-146
DANIEL, JANE E.                        GA-158-HH3-152
DANIEL, SARAH                          GA-158-GG-3
DANIEL, WILLIAM                        GA-158-C-53
DANNER, DAVID                          GA-158-HH3-105
DANUL, JAMES                           GA-158-HH2-74
DARRACOTT, FRANCIS                     GA-158-GG-99
DARRICOTT, GARLAND W.                  GA-158-HH2-271
DARRICOTT, THOMAS                      GA-158-C2-71
DAVIS, BENJAMIN                        GA-158-C2-24
DAVIS, RICHARD                         GA-158-GG-93
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         GA-158-HH2-321
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         GA-158-GG-119, 121
DEARING, ASA                           GA-158-HH2-225
DEARING, ELIJAH                        GA-158-HH3-265
DENT, MARY M.                          GA-158-HH2-104
DODSON, IGNATIOUS                      GA-158-GG-76
DODSON, JOHN                           GA-158-HH3-49
DOOLEY, THOMAS                         GA-158-C2-97
DORSE, STEPHEN                         GA-158-C3-71
DORSEY, JARRETT                        GA-158-HH2-48
DORT, JOHN SANDFORD                    GA-158-C2-131
DOUGLASS, MARTHA                       GA-158-HH2-242
DOUGLASS, THOMAS                       GA-158-HH2-370
DOZIER, ELIABETH                       GA-158-HH3-150
DOZIER, JAMES                          GA-158-HH3-30
DUGASS, LOUIS                          GA-158-C3-126
DUNNAWAY, SAMUEL                       GA-158-HH3-257
DYE, WILLIAM                           GA-158-HH3-254
EARLY, JACOB                           GA-158-C2-286
EASON, ISAAC                           GA-158-HH2-310
ECKLES, EDWARD                         GA-158-HH2-282
ECKLES, THOMAS                         GA-158-HH2-130
EDMONDS, SARAH R.                      GA-158-HH3-221
EDMONDSON, FRANCIS                     GA-158-C2-214
EDWARDS, JOHN                          GA-158-GG-35
EIDSON, JOHN                           GA-158-HH3-247
ELLINGTON, DAVID                       GA-158-HH2-27
ELLINGTON, HENRY F.                    GA-158-HH3-170
ELLINGTON, JOSIAH                      GA-158-GG-134
ELLIS, SOLOMON                         GA-158-C-29
ELLLINGTON, THOMAS J.                  GA-158-HH3-86
ELSBERRY, BENJAMIN                     GA-158-C2-18
ERWIN, ALSE                            GA-158-C2-148
EVANS, SUSANNAH                        GA-158-C-17
EVANS, WILLIAM                         GA-158-HH2-109
EVENS, ARDEN SR.                       GA-158-HH3-313
EVENS, ELIZABETH                       GA-158-HH-10
FARRAL, JOHN                           GA-158-HH2-86
FICKLIN, FIELDING                      GA-158-HH3-396
FINNEY, JAMES                          GA-158-C3-43
FLING, JOHN                            GA-158-GG-67
FLUKER, OWEN                           GA-158-HH2-20
FLUKER, WILLIAM                        GA-158-C3-49
FLYNT, JOHN                            GA-158-HH2-38
FORMSBY, NANCY                         GA-158-HH3-3
FOSTER, JOHN HARDEN                    GA-158-C2-238
FOSTER, WILLIAM S.                     GA-158-HH2-278
FOUCH, DANIEL                          GA-158-GG-117
FOUCHE, DANIEL                         GA-158-HH3-419
FRAZIER, NANCY                         GA-158-HH3-422
FREEMAN, HOLMAN                        GA-158-GG-57
GARDNER, VERLINDA                      GA-158-HH2-187
GARRARD, JOHN                          GA-158-HH3-40
GASTRILL, JOSEPH                       GA-158-GG-30
GEDDINGS, FRANCIS                      GA-158-HH2-119
GIBSON, JOHN                           GA-158-HH2-223
GIBSON,W ALTER                         GA-158-C-15
GILBERT, FELIX                         GA-158-C2-234
GILBERT, FELIX H.                      GA-158-HH-84
GILLIAM, WILLIAM                       GA-158-C2-187
GLASS, JOHN                            GA-158-C3-45
GODING, WILKISON                       GA-158-C-10
GOODWIN, GEORGE                        GA-158-HH2-64
GOODWIN, JAMES                         GA-158-HH2-312
GORDON, MOSES                          GA-158-C2-208
GRADY, JAMES                           GA-158-HH-14
GRANT, DANIEL                          GA-158-C2-61
GRANT, WILLIAM                         GA-158-HH2-173
GRANT, WILLIAM A.                      GA-158-HH2-346
GRAVES, CATHARINE                      GA-158-HH3-480
GRAVES, HUMPHRY                        GA-158-C2-130
GRAVES, SARAH                          GA-158-HH2-56
GRAY, JAMES                            GA-158-C-8
GREEN, JAMES                           GA-158-GG-116
GREEN, WILLIAM                         GA-158-C3-119
GRESHAM, C. W.                         GA-158-HH3-246
GRESHAM, GEORGE                        GA-158-HH3-332
GRESHAM, JAMES                         GA-158-C3-133
GRESHAM, KAUFMAN                       GA-158-HH3-293
GRESHAM, MARY W.                       GA-158-HH3-426
GRESHAM, WILLAIM                       GA-158-HH3-33
GRIER, ROBERT                          GA-158-HH2-131
GRIFFIN, JOHN                          GA-158-HH-117
GRIFFIN, OWEN                          GA-158-HH2-299
GUEST, THOMAS                          GA-158-HH-6
GULLATT, NANCY                         GA-158-HH3-180
GULLATT, PETER                         GA-158-HH3-205
GUNN, GEORGE                           GA-158-HH-41
HAMBLETON, ANN                         GA-158-HH2-163
HAMMOCK, ROBERT SR.                    GA-158-C2-218
HAMMONS, JACOB                         GA-158-HH2-39
HAMRICK, MARY                          GA-158-HH2-41
HANCOCK, JAMES                         GA-158-HH2-3
HANSON, ELIZABETH                      GA-158-HH3-46
HANSON, JOHN                           GA-158-GG-161
HANSON, MARY                           GA-158-HH2-15
HARPER, BANISTER                       GA-158-C2-100
HARPER, PLEASANT                       GA-158-C2-204
HARRIS, MARY                           GA-158-HH3-196
HARRIS, ROBERT                         GA-158-HH2-304
HARTSFIELD, GODFREY                    GA-158-GG-97
HARTY, MARY                            GA-158-HH3-462
HATCHET, EDWARD                        GA-158-HH3-36
HAY, CATHARINE                         GA-158-HH2-327
HAY, GILBERT                           GA-158-HH2-96
HAYS, ARCHIBALD                        GA-158-HH2-186
HEARD, CHARLES                         GA-158-C2-177
HEARD, ISAAC (COL.)                    GA-158-HH3-457
HEARD, JESSE                           GA-158-HH3-206
HEARD, JESSE                           GA-158-C3-51
HEARD, JOHN                            GA-158-C2-40
HEARD, JOHN                            GA-158-C-36
HENDERSON, HELEN B.                    GA-158-HH3-190
HENDERSON, JOSEPH                      GA-158-HH3-65
HENDRICK, JAMES                        GA-158-C3-46
HENDRICKS, KTTY                        GA-158-HH2-170
HENLEY, JOHN SR.                       GA-158-C3-39
HENRY, DEXTER                          GA-158-HH3-366
HIL, WYLIE P.                          GA-158-HH3-341, 361
HILL, ABRAHAM SR.                      GA-158-C2-4
HILL, SARAH                            GA-158-HH2-92
HILL, WYLIE                            GA-158-HH3-110
HILLHOUSE, DAVID P.                    GA-158-HH3-183
HILLHOUSE, SARAH                       GA-158-HH2-329
HILLYARD, RICHARD                      GA-158-HH-83
HINDLEY, JACOB                         GA-158-GG-121
HINDSMAN, MICHAEL                      GA-158-HH2-209
HINTON, JAMES                          GA-158-HH3-142
HOLLIDAY, ALLEN                        GA-158-HH3-70
HOLMES, JOHN                           GA-158-C3-61
HOLTZCLAW, NATHAN                      GA-158-HH-115
HOLTZCLAW, TIMOTHY                     GA-158-GG-20
HOOD, JOHN                             GA-158-HH2-213
HOPKINS, ISAAC                         GA-158-HH3-198
HOUR, JOHN                             GA-158-C2-250
HOXEY, ASA                             GA-158-HH2-168
HUBBARD, MARY ANN                      GA-158-HH3-328
HUBBARD, WOODSON                       GA-158-HH2-276
HUDSON, JOHN                           GA-158-HH-101
HUDSPETH, WILLIAM                      GA-158-C3-115
HUFF, PETER                            GA-158-C2-258
HUGHS, ROBERT                          GA-158-GG-72
HUGHS, WILLIAM                         GA-158-HH-97
HUGULEY, ALLEY                         GA-158-HH3-157
HUGULEY, JOHN                          GA-158-HH2-297
HUGULEY, REBECCA                       GA-158-HH3-45
HULING, JAMES                          GA-158-GG-78
HUNTER, THOMAS T.                      GA-158-HH3-421
HURLEY, JOHN                           GA-158-C3-25
HURLY, HENRY                           GA-158-HH-57
IRVIN, HANNAH                          GA-158-HH2-399
IRVIN, I. T. SR.                       GA-158-HH3-242
IRVIN, I. T.                           GA-158-HH3-286
JACKSON, DRURY                         GA-158-C2-103
JACKSON, JOHN                          GA-158-HH2-275
JACKSON, SARAH                         GA-158-HH3-256
JAETH, SAMUEL                          GA-158-HH-112
JARRETT, JOHNSON T.                    GA-158-HH3-204
JENKINS, STIRLING                      GA-158-HH2-123
JENNINGS, WILLIAM                      GA-158-C2-56
JOHNS, JOHN                            GA-158-HH2-287
JOHNSON, ELIJAH                        GA-158-C3-111
JOHNSON, JACOB                         GA-158-HH3-191
JOHNSON, JAMES                         GA-158-C2-27
JOHNSON, JOHN                          GA-158-C2-12
JOHNSON, WILLIAM JR.                   GA-158-HH2-139
JOHNSON, WILLIAM SR.                   GA-158-HH2-66
JONES, MARY A.                         GA-158-HH3-383
JONES, SAMUEL                          GA-158-HH3-134
JONES, SAMUEL                          GA-158-C2-37
JONES, THOMAS                          GA-158-HH3-24
JONES, WILILAM                         GA-158-C2-83
JORDEN, JOHN                           GA-158-HH3-239
KAPPELL, DIANA M.                      GA-158-HH3-182
KELLY, JAMES                           GA-158-C2-256
KENDRICK, JONES                        GA-158-HH3-127
KILLGORE, JAMES                        GA-158-HH-103
KILLGORE, MARY T.                      GA-158-HH3-154
KILLGORE, WILLIAM                      GA-158-HH3-39
KING, MARY                             GA-158-HH3-125
LACKEY, THOMAS                         GA-158-HH2-144
LANDRUM, JOHN                          GA-158-HH3-94
LANDRUM, NANCY                         GA-158-HH2-246
LANDRUM, THOMAS                        GA-158-HH-94
LAUGHTER, JANE                         GA-158-HH3-400
LAWRENCE, GEORGE                       GA-158-HH-76
LAWSON, JOHN                           GA-158-HH2-277
LEA, WILLIAM                           GA-158-C2-112
LEE, MARGARETT                         GA-158-HH2-229
LENDSEA, JOHN                          GA-158-HH-42
LENNARD, JOHN B.                       GA-158-HH2-318
LENOIR, WILLIAM                        GA-158-C2-234
LEONARD, MRS (SLUMAKER)                GA-158-HH3-37
LEPRESTREE, NICHOLAS                   GA-158-HH2-263
LESLEY, THOMAS                         GA-158-C2-224
LESUEUR, ALEX                          GA-158-HH3-442, 444
LEVERITT, JOHN                         GA-158-GG-128
LEVVERETT, ANN                         GA-158-HH3-77
LEWIS, WARNER                          GA-158-C2-59
LINDSEY, JAMES                         GA-158-HH3-68
LINDSEY, LETITIA                       GA-158-HH3-214
LIPHAM, AARON                          GA-158-HH2-2
LONG, NICHOLAS                         GA-158-HH2-7
LOVELL, WILLIAM                        GA-158-GG-28
LOWE, SALLY                            GA-158-HH2-193
LOYALLESS, JAMES                       GA-158-C2-20
LOYD, DANIEL                           GA-158-C3-94
LUNCEFORD, WILLIAM                     GA-158-C-43
LYON, ELIZABETH                        GA-158-HH2-89
LYON, JOHN                             GA-158-HH2-136
LYON, MARY                             GA-158-HH-131
MALLORY, WILLIAM                       GA-158-HH2-180
MANKIN, JUBMO                          GA-158-HH-1
MARKS, JOHN                            GA-158-C-1
MARSHAL, MATHEW                        GA-158-C2-118
MARSHALL, DANIEL                       GA-158-HH3-454
MARTIN, GANAWAY                        GA-158-HH2-22
MASON, NANCY                           GA-158-GG-123
MATHEWS, JAMES                         GA-158-HH2-254
MATHIS, WILLIAM                        GA-158-C-46
MAUTH, RICHARD                         GA-158-HH-96
MAXWELL, JOHN                          GA-158-HH-25
MAYS, VALENTINE                        GA-158-C2-34
MCCLENDON, JACOB                       GA-158-C2-41
MCHIMEY, GEORGE                        GA-158-HH3-296
MCJUNKIN, M. J.                        GA-158-HH3-392
MCJUNKINS, SAMUEL                      GA-158-HH3-331
MCLANE, JOHN                           GA-158-C2-115
MCLANE, MARINAY                        GA-158-C2-240
MCLEAN, JAMES                          GA-158-C3-31
MCLENDON, JACOB                        GA-158-HH-8
MCLENDON, JACOB JR.                    GA-158-C2-205
MCREA, NANCY                           GA-158-HH-80
MCREA, NANCY A.                        GA-158-HH3-89
MCREA, ROBERT                          GA-158-C3-17
MERCER, JESSE                          GA-158-HH3-54
MERIWEATHER, DAVID                     GA-158-C3-125
MILLIGAN, JAMES                        GA-158-C3-92
MILLIGAN, SARAH                        GA-158-HH-133
MILLS, JOHN                            GA-158-HH-52
MILNER, JOHN B.                        GA-158-HH2-308
MINTON, JOHN                           GA-158-HH2-49
MINTON, TABITHA                        GA-158-C3-30
MONTFORD, JAMES                        GA-158-HH-130
MONTGOMERY, MARY                       GA-158-HH3-20
MONTGOMERY,D AVID                      GA-158-C-3
MOORE, JONAS                           GA-158-C3-112
MOORE, JOSEPH                          GA-158-C2-32
MOORE, SETH                            GA-158-C3-165
MOREMAN, THOMAS                        GA-158-HH2-384
MORRIS, WILLIAM                        GA-158-HH2-44
MORRIS, WILLIAM                        GA-158-HH2-44
MOSLEY, BENJAMIN                       GA-158-C2-106
MOSS, ELIABETH N.                      GA-158-HH3-240
MOUNTCASTLE, LUD.                      GA-158-HH-126
MOZELEY, JOSEPH SR.                    GA-158-HH2-382
MULIEDAY, THOMAS                       GA-158-HH2-207
MURPHY, FRANCIS                        GA-158-HH2-354
MURPHY, FRANCIS                        GA-158-HH-59
MURPHY, JANE                           GA-158-HH3-253
MURPHY, JOHN                           GA-158-HH2-138
MURPHY, JOHN                           GA-158-HH3-187
MURPHY, LUCY                           GA-158-HH3-176
MURPHY, MARTHA                         GA-158-HH2-348
NOLAN, JAMES                           GA-158-HH3-249
NORMAN, ARGYLE                         GA-158-HH3-81
NORMAN, ELIZABETH                      GA-158-HH2-164
NORMAN, ELIZABETH                      GA-158-HH3-130
NORMAN, G. G.                          GA-158-HH3-390
NORMAN, HARMAN J.                      GA-158-HH3-324
NORMAN, JESSE                          GA-158-HH3-7
OGLESBY, GARRETT                       GA-158-HH3-120
OGLETREE, JOHN                         GA-158-HH2-98
OGLETREE, REBECCA                      GA-158-HH2-151
OLIVER, JOHN                           GA-158-C2-179
ONEAL, NATHANIEL                       GA-158-C2-229
OWEN, MILDRED                          GA-158-C3-123
OWEN, SARAH                            GA-158-HH2-335
OWEN, URIAH                            GA-158-HH2-36
OWENS, JOHN                            GA-158-C2-211
OWENS, MARY                            GA-158-HH3-10
OXFORD, EDWARD                         GA-158-C2-141
PALMER, G.W.                           GA-158-HH3-305, 687
PARKERSON, LEVIN                       GA-158-HH3-95
PARTEET, CHENOTH                       GA-158-HH3-123
PARTEET, ELIZABETH                     GA-158-HH3-229
PASCHAL, SAMUEL                        GA-158-HH3-219
PATRIDGE, SARAH                        GA-158-HH2-106
PATRIDGE, WILLIAM                      GA-158-GG-86
PATTEN, MATHEW                         GA-158-C3-108
PATTERSON, ISABELLA                    GA-158-GG-47
PEARMAN, WILLIAM                       GA-158-GG-90
PEARSON, HENRY                         GA-158-HH-64
PELOT, JOHN F.                         GA-158-HH3-52, 62
PERRY, WALTER                          GA-158-HH2-87
PERTEET, RICHARD                       GA-158-HH2-235
PETEE, JANE                            GA-158-HH2-28
PETET, BENJAMIN                        GA-158-C2-13
PETTUS, ANN                            GA-158-HH3-403
PETTUS, G. SR.                         GA-158-HH3-300
PETTUS, JOHN                           GA-158-HH3-175
PETTUS, SARAH G.                       GA-158-HH3-414
PETTUS, STEPHEN G. SR.                 GA-158-HH3-387
PHARR, EDWARD                          GA-158-C2-137
PHILIPS, DAVID                         GA-158-HH2-24
PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH                    GA-158-HH-136
PHIPPS, AARON                          GA-158-C2-89
PODEY, MARY                            GA-158-HH2-101
POOL, DUDLEY                           GA-158-HH2-191
POOL, STORALL                          GA-158-HH3-5
POPE, ALEX                             GA-158-HH3-344
POPE, HUNTER C.                        GA-158-HH3-360
POPE, JOHN                             GA-158-HH2-71
POPE, JOHN H.                          GA-158-HH3-288
POPE, MARY                             GA-158-HH3-87
POPE, WYLIE                            GA-158-HH2-5
PORTER, BENJAMIN                       GA-158-HH2-57
PORTER, CECILIA                        GA-158-HH2-290
PORTER, THOMAS                         GA-158-GG-129
POSS, WILLIAM                          GA-158-HH3-29
POTTS, MOSES                           GA-158-C2-48
POWELL, BENJAMIN                       GA-158-HH2-140
POWELL, MARY                           GA-158-HH2-178
POWELL, MARY                           GA-158-HH3-274
POWELL, NELSON                         GA-158-HH2-166
PRATHER, BENAJAH                       GA-158-HH3-389
PRATHER, ELIO J.                       GA-158-HH3-16
PRATHER, THOMAS                        GA-158-HH2-258
PRAY, ANN                              GA-158-HH2-215
PRICE, DANIEL                          GA-158-HH-22
PROCTOR, WILLIAM                       GA-158-HH2-150
PULLEN, GEORGE SR.                     GA-158-HH3-446
PULLEN, JAMES                          GA-158-HH3-200
PULLEN, JOHN M.                        GA-158-HH3-364
PULLEN, MARY                           GA-158-HH3-433
PULLEN, SILAS M.                       GA-158-HH3-418
QUCAMS, JOHN                           GA-158-HH-29
QUIGLEY, CHARLES                       GA-158-HH3-133
RAKESTRAW, ANN S.                      GA-158-HH3-73
RANDOLPH, DOROTHY                      GA-158-HH3-178
RANDOLPH, RICHARD                      GA-158-HH2-249
RANDOLPH, ROBERT R.                    GA-158-HH3-202
RASPBERRY, WILLIAM                     GA-158-C-11
RAY, JOHN                              GA-158-HH2-260
RAY, MARY                              GA-158-HH3-199
REEVES, JEREMIAH                       GA-158-C3-157
REEVES, WILLIAM                        GA-158-GG-55
RENDER, JOSHUA                         GA-158-HH2-153
RENDER, JOSHUA                         GA-158-GG-124
RENEIRE, HERBERT B.                    GA-158-HH3-371
RENEIRE, POLLY                         GA-158-HH3-424
REVIER, RICHARD                        GA-158-GG-42
REYNOLDS, GEORGE                       GA-158-HH-81
RHODES, SAMUEL                         GA-158-HH3-315
RICE, NATHANIEL G.                     GA-158-C-41
RICHARDSON, ISHAM                      GA-158-GG-44
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM                    GA-158-C3-160
RIDLEY, JOHN SR.                       GA-158-HH2-172
ROBERTS, ISAIAH                        GA-158-HH2-142
ROBERTSON, JOHN                        GA-158-HH2-30
ROBINSON, JOSEPH W.                    GA-158-HH3-230
ROGERS, TABITHA                        GA-158-C2-91
RORIE, GEORGE B.                       GA-158-HH3-351
RORIE, WILLIAM                         GA-158-HH2-241
ROSE, CATHARINE                        GA-158-HH3-233
RUDDEL, LEE ANN                        GA-158-HH3-17
RUTLEDGE, JAMES SR.                    GA-158-HH2-145
SAFFOLD, REUBEN B.                     GA-158-HH3-41
SAFFORD, REUBEN                        GA-158-GG-17
SANDIFER, SUSAN                        GA-158-HH3-164
SANDIFORD, HARRIS                      GA-158-HH3-21
SANFORD, JOHN                          GA-158-C2-131
SANSOM, WILLIAM                        GA-158-GG-102
SCOLES, JOHN                           GA-158-HH2-42
SEA, WILLIAM                           GA-158-C2-112
SEMMES, ANDREW G.                      GA-158-HH2-349
SEMMES, ETHELBERT F.                   GA-158-HH2-141
SEMMES, IGNATUS                        GA-158-HH2-360
SEMMES, THOMAS                         GA-158-HH2-147
SEMMES, THOMAS                         GA-158-HH2-342
SHANK, FELIX                           GA-158-HH3-438
SHANK, HENRY                           GA-158-HH3-148
SHANNON, PATRICK                       GA-158-C3-93
SHANNON, THOMAS                        GA-158-C2-67
SHEPHERD, ANDREW                       GA-158-HH2-267
SHERMAN, ROBERT                        GA-158-GG-62
SHERRER, JAMES                         GA-158-HH-106
SHORTER, SARAH                         GA-158-GG-113
SHRODER, ISABELLA                      GA-158-C2-95
SIMMS, JOHN                            GA-158-C2-222
SIMONS, ABRAHAM                        GA-158-HH2-160
SIMPSON, HESTER                        GA-158-HH2-190
SIMPSON, JUDA                          GA-158-HH2-307
SIMPSON, LUCY                          GA-158-HH2-197
SLACK, JESSE                           GA-158-HH2-314
SLADE, NICHOLAS                        GA-158-C3-64
SLADYEN, ARTHUR                        GA-158-C3-73
SLUMATE, CATHARINE                     GA-158-HH3-37
SMITH, ANNE                            GA-158-C2-237
SMITH, EBENEZER                        GA-158-HH3-12
SMITH, FRANCIS                         GA-158-HH-108
SMITH, FRANCIS                         GA-158-GG-107
SMITH, GEORGE                          GA-158-HH2-365
SMITH, GUY                             GA-158-HH2-301
SMITH, JAMES                           GA-158-C2-213
SMITH, JAMES F.                        GA-158-HH3-450
SMITH, JESSE                           GA-158-HH2-100
SMITH, JOEL T.                         GA-158-HH2-128
SMITH, JOHN                            GA-158-C-51
SMITH, JOHN                            GA-158-C2-135
SMITH, JOHN                            GA-158-C3-91
SMITH, JONATHAN                        GA-158-HH3-336
SMITH, LUCY                            GA-158-HH2-84
SMITH, NATHAN                          GA-158-GG-81
SNELSON, NATHANIEL                     GA-158-HH3-367
SPRATLING, JAMES                       GA-158-HH-67
SPRINGER, ANN                          GA-158-HH2-388
SPRINGER, JOHN                         GA-158-C2-195
STANDARD, DANIEL                       GA-158-HH3-195
STANDARD, KIMBRO                       GA-158-HH2-359
STAPLES, JOHN                          GA-158-HH3-172
STARK, THOMAS                          GA-158-C2-123
STARNES, EBERNEZER                     GA-158-C2-45
STARR, ASA D.                          GA-158-GG-92
STARR, JOSHUA                          GA-158-HH2-107
STATHAM, JANE                          GA-158-HH2-316
STEEPLES, STEPHEN                      GA-158-C3-96
STEVENS, EDWARD                        GA-158-HH2-127
STEWART, MARTHA                        GA-158-C2-54
STINSON, PHEBE                         GA-158-HH2-401
STOKES, SARAH                          GA-158-HH3-165
STONE, JAMES                           GA-158-GG-70
STONE, JOHN                            GA-158-C3-79
STONE, OSBORN                          GA-158-HH2-286
STONE, W. A.                           GA-158-HH3-255
STONE, WILLIAM                         GA-158-HH3-207
STRIBLING, DORATHY                     GA-158-HH2-62
STRIBLING, FRANCES                     GA-158-C2-160
STRIBLING, THOMAS                      GA-158-HH3-159
STROTHER, THAD A.                      GA-158-HH3-316
STROUD, MARTHA                         GA-158-GG-84
STROZIER, PETER                        GA-158-HH3-34
SUDDERTH, JAMES                        GA-158-C2-139
SUTTON, MOSES                          GA-158-HH3-226
TABLOT, PHEBE                          GA-158-C3-137
TALBOT, JOHN                           GA-158-C2-189
TARVER, JOHN                           GA-158-HH-48
TATE, THOMAS J.                        GA-158-HH2-276
TATOM, JOHN SR.                        GA-158-C2-121
TATUM, PETER                           GA-158-C-23
TAWER, ELIZABETH                       GA-158-HH2-91
TAWER, JACOB                           GA-158-HH2-103
TAYLOR, GEORGE D.                      GA-158-HH2-43
TERONDEET, DANIEL                      GA-158-C2-149
TERREL, THOMAS                         GA-158-HH3-27
TERRELL, CHARLES                       GA-158-GG-98
TERRELL, HENRY                         GA-158-HH3-185
TERRELL, JOHN                          GA-158-HH2-117
TERRELL, PETER                         GA-158-C2-146
TERRELL, SABRINA                       GA-158-HH3-284
TERRY, THOMAS                          GA-158-C2-155
THOMAS, ELIZABETH                      GA-158-HH3-161
THOMAS, JOHN                           GA-158-HH3-104
THOMPSON, GEORGE                       GA-158-C3-129
THOMPSON,JOSEPH                        GA-158-HH-33
THORNTON, SOLOMON                      GA-158-HH-39
THURMAN, ABSOLOM                       GA-158-C2-246
THURMAN, WILLIAM                       GA-158-HH-15
TOLE, JAMES                            GA-158-HH-110
TOMPSON, JOHN D.                       GA-158-HH3-236
TOOMBS, DAWSON G.                      GA-158-C2-231
TOOMBS, GABRIEL                        GA-158-C2-199
TOOMBS, ROBERT                         GA-158-GG-108
TRAMMELL, THOMAS                       GA-158-HH2-54
TRAMMELL, WOODARD                      GA-158-HH2-135
TRIPLETT, WILLIAM                      GA-158-HH2-195
TRUITT, PURNAL                         GA-158-HH3-22
TUCK, BENAJAMIN W.                     GA-158-HH3-365
TUCK, JONAH                            GA-158-HH3-106
TUCK, MARTHA F.                        GA-158-HH3-192
TUCKER, DANIEL                         GA-158-C3-23
TURNER, JOHN                           GA-158-HH2-182
TURNER, KIMBRO S.                      GA-158-HH3-350
TURNER, LUKE                           GA-158-HH3-272
TURNER, MICAJAH                        GA-158-HH-5
TURNER, REBECCAH                       GA-158-C2-174
TWINING, NATHANIEL                     GA-158-GG-7, 123
VANALLEN, PETER L                      GA-158-C3-66
VICKERS, R. H.                         GA-158-HH3-382
WADE, AKREE                            GA-158-C2-216
WADKINS, JAMES                         GA-158-C2-242
WALKER, JOSEPH                         GA-158-HH2-247
WALLACE, BENJAMIN                      GA-158-HH3-329
WALLER, NIMROD                         GA-158-HH3-362
WALTON, E. S.                          GA-158-HH3-405
WALTON, RICHARD T.                     GA-158-HH3-448
WATSON, LUKE                           GA-158-GG-12
WEBSTER, ABNER                         GA-158-C3-37
WEBSTER, ALEXANDER H.                  GA-158-HH2-332
WEBSTER, ELIZA                         GA-158-HH2-331
WELBORN, WILLIAM                       GA-158-C2-1
WELLBORN, ABNER                        GA-158-HH3-75
WELLBORN,S AMUEL                       GA-158-HH2-116
WELLIS, JAMES                          GA-158-HH-70
WEST, JOHN M.                          GA-158-HH2-295
WEST, JOHN S.                          GA-158-HH3-334
WHEATLEY, JOSEPH                       GA-158-HH3-235
WHEATLEY, NANCY                        GA-158-HH3-252
WHEATLEY, OTHINE                       GA-158-HH3-359
WHEATLEY, SARAH                        GA-158-HH3-386
WHITE, JACOB B.                        GA-158-HH-33
WHITE, JOHN                            GA-158-C3-27
WILDER, DREAD                          GA-158-HH-13
WILILAMS, FREDERICK                    GA-158-C2-77
WILKENSON, JOHN                        GA-158-HH3-99
WILKERSON, JOHN                        GA-158-C3-149
WILKEY, JOHN                           GA-158-C2-207
WILKINS, LEROY                         GA-158-HH2-94
WILKINSON, ANN                         GA-158-HH2-166
WILKINSON, BENJAMIN                    GA-158-HH-104
WILLIAMS, DRURY                        GA-158-C3-105
WILLIAMS, ROLAND SR.                   GA-158-GG-8
WILLIAMSON, CHARLES                    GA-158-C2-226
WILLIAMSON, CLAYBROOK                  GA-158-HH2-146
WILLIAMSON, MACIJAH                    GA-158-C2-169
WILLIAMSON, MARY                       GA-158-HH3-189
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM                    GA-158-C3-10
WILLIS, GEORGE                         GA-158-HH2-234
WILLIS, LEWIS                          GA-158-GG-87
WILSHIRE, BENJAMIN                     GA-158-C2-29
WINGFIELD, ANN N.                      GA-158-HH3-262
WINGFIELD, EDWARD B.                   GA-158-HH2-273
WINGFIELD, FRANCES                     GA-158-GG-5
WINGFIELD, GARLAND                     GA-158-HH3-363
WINGFIELD, GARLAND SR.                 GA-158-HH2-152
WINGFIELD, JOHN                        GA-158-HH2-47
WINGFIELD, JOHN                        GA-158-C2-81
WINGFIELD, JOHN                        GA-158-C3-15
WINGFIELD, JOHN L.                     GA-158-HH2-377
WINGFIELD, MARY                        GA-158-HH3-140
WINGFIELD, REBECCA H.                  GA-158-HH3-395
WINGFIELD, SARA E.                     GA-158-HH3-322
WINGFIELD, SUSAN                       GA-158-HH3-352
WINGFIELD, THOMAS                      GA-158-HH2-45
WINGFIELD, THOMAS                      GA-158-C2-183, 252
WISE, RUTH                             GA-158-HH2-284
WISE, SHERWOOD                         GA-158-HH-228
WOODALL, JOHN                          GA-158-C2-198
WOOTEN, R. B.                          GA-158-C2-188
WOOTTEN, JAMES                         GA-158-HH2-121
WOOTTEN, LUCRETIA                      GA-158-C2-188
WRIGHT, JOHN                           GA-158-HH2-340
WRIGHT, L. D.                          GA-158-HH3-453
WYLIE, ELIZEBETH                       GA-158-C2-152
WYLIE, NICHOLAS                        GA-158-HH3-407
WYNN, ANN E.                           GA-158-HH3-416
WYNN, JOHN                             GA-158-HH2-33
WYNN, JOHN H. C.                       GA-158-HH3-327
WYNN, THOMAS                           GA-158-C2-158
YOUNG, THOMAS                          GA-158-HH-31
YOUNG, WILLIAM                         GA-158-C2-3
ZIMMERMAN, BARNARD                     GA-158-HH2-79

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