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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (TBL = To be listed later) (NTL - no township listed)
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ACKERMAN, LOVILLA                      NTL, FRANKLIN, OH                       IA-1-4-561
ADAMS, ALBERT L.                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-361
ADAMS, JOHN A.                         TBL                                     IA-1-2-38
AINLEY, GEORGE                         TBL                                     IA-1-4-109
ALBEE, AUREL                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-21
ALDEN, BRIGGS                          TBL                                     IA-1-3-224
ALLABEN, JONATHAN W.                   TBL                                     IA-1-4-213
ALLISON, JOHN                          TBL                                     IA-1-3-96
ANDERSON, JEREMY H.                    TBL                                     IA-1-2-223
ANDREWS, E. B.                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-271
ANGLE, LAURA S.                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-437
ANTHONY, JULIA A.                      TBL                                     IA-1-2-553
ARMITAGE, JOHN                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-534
ARMSTRONG, A. C.                       TBL                                     IA-1-2-37
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                     TBL                                     IA-1-4-72
ARNOLD, F. M.                          TBL                                     IA-1-1-240
ARNOLD, JOSIAH                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-220
ARNOLD, LUCY E.                        NTL, SANGAMON, IL                       IA-1-4-?
ARTHUR, ANNA V.                        TBL                                     IA-1-4-555
ATHAY, LYMAN B.                        TBL                                     IA-1-3-455
AUGUSTINE, HENRY                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-129
BACKUS, ABIJAH P.                      TBL                                     IA-1-3-559
BAKER, ROBERT H.                       TBL                                     IA-1-4-454
BAKRINK, JANE SOPHIA                   TBL                                     IA-1-3-277
BANCROFT, DAVID                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-444
BATES, JACOB                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-502
BAXTER, GARDNER                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-567
BEATTIE, JOHN J.                       TBL                                     IA-1-3-499
BECK, CASPER                           TBL                                     IA-1-4-549
BEERS, ROBERT                          TBL                                     IA-1-3-319
BELCHER, WILLIAM N.                    TBL                                     IA-1-2-454
BELDEN, AUGUSTA                        TBL                                     IA-1-4-104
BENNETT, JOSIAH                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-40
BERRIAN, SAMUEL U.                     TBL                                     IA-1-3-117
BILLINGS, GEOGE                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-109
BILLINGS, GEORGE                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-7
BINFORD, SAMUEL                        TBL                                     IA-1-4-342
BIXBY, ALONZO F.                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-254
BLAIR, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-65
BOHLING, HENRY                         TBL                                     IA-1-4-175
BOYD, JOHN                             TBL                                     IA-1-2-249
BRADEN, SAMUEL                         TBL                                     IA-1-4-151
BRADEN, SAMUEL                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-28
BRIGGS, B.                             TBL                                     IA-1-4-522
BRONS, CORNELIUS                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-275
BROOKS, EBEN W.                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-147
BROOKS, EBER W.                        TBL                                     IA-1-3-300
BROWN, JAMES D.                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-545
BROWN, JOHN CARTER                     TBL                                     IA-1-2-283
BROWN, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-13
BRUCE, JACOB                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-586
BRYANT, JOHN H.                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-556
BUCHANAN, SAMUEL                       TBL                                     IA-1-4-188
BUCKWALTER, DAVID                      TBL                                     IA-1-2-484
BURG, ADAM                             TBL                                     IA-1-4-306
BURMEISTER, J. E.                      TBL                                     IA-1-4-131
BURRELL, CHARLES                       TBL                                     IA-1-3-166
BUSBY, JOHN                            TBL                                     IA-1-2-13
BUTLER, JANE ANN                       TBL                                     IA-1-4-298
CALDER, JAMES                          TBL                                     IA-1-3-576
CAMPBELL, JOSIAH                       TBL                                     IA-1-3-215
CAREY, JAMES                           TBL                                     IA-1-3-382
CARLIN, JOHN                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-461
CARNEY, JOHNS R.                       TBL                                     IA-1-4-406
CARR, F. H.                            TBL                                     IA-1-1-300
CEARS, JOHN                            TBL                                     IA-1-4-47
CHAMBERS, JOHN                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-204
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM                      TBL                                     IA-1-2-509
CHAMPLAIN, R. W.                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-5
CHANEY, S. C.                          TBL                                     IA-1-4-290
CHASE, ASEL                            TBL                                     IA-1-3-438
CHURCH, E. L.                          TBL                                     IA-1-2-352
CLARK, DANIEL                          TBL                                     IA-1-3-415
CLARK, JOHN                            TBL                                     IA-1-1-284
COLE, EPHRAIM                          TBL                                     IA-1-4-28
COLEMAN, ASA                           TBL                                     IA-1-1-57
COLEMAN, ASA                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-207
COLLINS, JOHN                          TBL                                     IA-1-3-50
COLLINS, VERLINDA R.                   TBL                                     IA-1-2-473
COMBES, HIRAM G.                       TBL                                     IA-1-3-240
COMBS, ANDREW                          TBL                                     IA-1-1-41
COMLY, JESSE R.                        TBL                                     IA-1-4-125
CONGER, JOHN                           TBL                                     IA-1-1-174
CONGER, JOHN                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-238
COOLBAUGH, AMZI F.                     TBL                                     IA-1-4-89
COOLBAUGH, MOSES W.                    TBL                                     IA-1-1-234
COOMBS, ANDREW                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-302
COTTON, WINFIELD S.                    TBL                                     IA-1-3-280
COWLES, JUNIUS A.                      TBL                                     IA-1-4-458
CRAIG, ALEXANDER                       TBL                                     IA-1-3-65
CRAIG, JOHN                            TBL                                     IA-1-3-525
CRIST, PETER M.                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-247
CULVERSON, JAMES                       TBL                                     IA-1-3-294
CURREN, MARTIN                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-33
CUTTER, MARY L.                        TBL                                     IA-1-4-571
DANIELSON, SIBAN                       TBL                                     IA-1-3-542
DARBY, LEVI                            TBL                                     IA-1-1-181
DARTT, H. H.                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-46
DAVIS, JOHN S.                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-68
DEATON, C. A.                          TBL                                     IA-1-4-354
DECKER, JACOB                          TBL                                     IA-1-3-430
DEIHL, MICHAEL                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-241
DELAHANTY, MICHAEL                     TBL                                     IA-1-1-270
DERBY, IRA                             TBL                                     IA-1-3-46
DEREMS, JOHN S.                        TBL                                     IA-1-4-321
DEVIN, LENNIE J.                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-233
DEW, JOHN M.                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-575
DEWEY, CHAUNCEY                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-278
DEWEY, DWIGHT C.                       TBL                                     IA-1-3-74
DICKEY, ANDREW                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-338
DICKEY, HOWARD                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-222
DINSMORE, ESTHER                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-151
DINSMORE, ORIN                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-274
DOAN, JESSE                            TBL                                     IA-1-3-274
DORRANCE, DANIEL G.                    TBL                                     IA-1-4-463
DRAMAN, JOHN                           TBL                                     IA-1-4-550
DUNGAN, DANIEL                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-3
EAGAN, MICHAEL                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-393
EASLEY, DANIEL B.                      TBL                                     IA-1-1-143
EASLEY, JAMES S.                       TBL                                     IA-1-3-30
EASLEY, MALVINA                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-144
EASTON, JOHN                           TBL                                     IA-1-3-441
EASTON, SHEDFORD                       TBL                                     IA-1-2-600
EATINGER, D. J. SR.                    TBL                                     IA-1-4-446
ECKHARDT, NICHOLAS SR.                 TBL                                     IA-1-4-38
ELLIOTT, L. C.                         TBL                                     IA-1-4-79
EUSTIS, W. A.                          TBL                                     IA-1-4-314
EWING, ELIZA M.                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-299
FARIS, EDWARD E.                       TBL                                     IA-1-2-526
FARLEY, JOHN                           TBL                                     IA-1-4-121
FARRELL, MICHAEL                       TBL                                     IA-1-3-424
FECHTIG, GEORGE                        TBL (CON'T)                             IA-1-1-283
FECHTIG, GEORGE                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-170
FEEGHAN, MARY                          TBL                                     IA-1-3-386
FISHER, FREDERICK A.                   TBL                                     IA-1-2-151
FLAHARTY, OWEN                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-152
FLEMING, DAVID                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-236
FORD, JOHN E.                          TBL                                     IA-1-4-454
FOSTER, ABBY K.                        TBL                                     IA-1-3-344
FOSTER, J. P.                          TBL                                     IA-1-2-512
FOX, CHARLES JAMES                     TBL                                     IA-1-4-239
FRAGLEY, RICHARD P.                    TBL                                     IA-1-1-54
FRIEND, CHARLES                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-1
FROGLEY, RICHARD P.                    TBL                                     IA-1-2-203
GAINES, NELSON                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-443
GANTT, E. R.                           TBL                                     IA-1-3-100
GARDNER, BENJAMIN F.                   TBL                                     IA-1-2-560
GARFIELD, HARRIET E.                   TBL                                     IA-1-4-302
GARMON, E. O.                          TBL                                     IA-1-4-118
GARRETT, SOLOMON                       TBL                                     IA-1-2-314
GAW, THOMAS J.                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-11
GERKEN, MATTIE                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-396
GIFFEY, JOHN                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-183
GILBERT, JESSE                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-39
GITCHELL, HIRAM                        TBL                                     IA-1-3-157
GODDARD, CHARLOTTE R.                  TBL                                     IA-1-2-369
GOODART, GEORGE                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-562
GOODPASTER, LEVI                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-354
GORDAN, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-126
GORDAN, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-111
GOW, ALEX M.                           TBL                                     IA-1-3-522
GOW, GEORGE L.                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-103
GRABIN, JOHN                           TBL                                     IA-1-4-206
GRANT, ROBERT                          TBL                                     IA-1-2-500
GRAY, ISABEL                           TBL                                     IA-1-3-239
GRAY, ISABEL                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-261
GREGORY, GEORGE                        TBL                                     IA-1-3-556
GREGORY, RILEY                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-211
GRUBER, ANDREW                         TBL                                     IA-1-4-442
GUNNISON, GEORGE W.                    TBL                                     IA-1-2-572
GWYNNE, BALDWIN                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-219
GWYNNE, EDMUND L.                      TBL                                     IA-1-1-222
GWYNNE, L. C.                          TBL                                     IA-1-1-212
HALE, WILLIAM                          TBL                                     IA-1-2-332
HANDLEY, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     IA-1-4-560
HANLEY, MICHAEL                        TBL                                     IA-1-4-263
HANNA, ALEXANDER                       TBL                                     IA-1-2-17
HARDING, ABNER C.                      TBL                                     IA-1-1-205
HARDING, ABNER C.                      TBL                                     IA-1-3-492
HARKNESS, JAMES F.                     TBL                                     IA-1-4-498
HARLEY, THOMAS M.                      TBL                                     IA-1-3-520
HATFIELD, MORGAN                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-9
HATFIELD, SARAH M.                     TBL                                     IA-1-2-451
HAWLEY, IRAD                           TBL (CON'T)                             IA-1-3-197
HAWLEY, IRAD                           TBL                                     IA-1-3-178
HAY, L. A.                             TBL                                     IA-1-3-529
HAYDEN, AMANDA M.                      TBL                                     IA-1-4-69
HAYMAN, SARAH                          TBL                                     IA-1-3-550
HEINLY, THOMAS                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-405
HENNING, NICOLAS                       TBL                                     IA-1-4-481
HILL, PETER                            TBL                                     IA-1-2-345
HILL, REUBEN H.                        TBL                                     IA-1-4-350
HODGE, DAVID                           TBL                                     IA-1-4-113
HODGES, HARRIET                        TBL                                     IA-1-4-191
HOFFSTATLER, MAHALA                    TBL                                     IA-1-3-134
HOGG, GEBHARD                          TBL                                     IA-1-2-498
HOLLAR, SOLOMON                        TBL                                     IA-1-4-326
HOLLINRAKE, SAMUEL E.                  TBL                                     IA-1-4-577
HOMEYER, FREDRICK                      TBL                                     IA-1-4-45
HORSLEY, MARY                          TBL                                     IA-1-4-569
HOYT, ADALINE                          TBL                                     IA-1-2-181
HOYT, MICET                            TBL                                     IA-1-1-164
HROSLEY, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     IA-1-4-255
HUBBARD, PHEBE E.                      TBL                                     IA-1-4-580
HUFF, DAVID                            TBL                                     IA-1-4-293
HUGHES, SAMUEL L.                      TBL                                     IA-1-2-307
HUMASON, JAMES J.                      TBL                                     IA-1-3-109
HUNT, ALMINA                           TBL                                     IA-1-3-310
IVES, ROBERT HALE                      TBL                                     IA-1-1-119
JAMES, JOSEPH                          TBL                                     IA-1-4-547
JESSUP, ENOCH                          TBL                                     IA-1-1-325
JOHNSON, JOHN                          TBL                                     IA-1-2-531
JOHNSON, JOHN C.                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-257
JULIAN G. W.                           TBL                                     IA-1-4-418
KAUFFMAN, JOHN                         TBL                                     IA-1-4-388
KEENEY, NORRIS                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-198
KEENEY, WOODRUFF                       TBL                                     IA-1-2-276
KEITH, ROBERT                          TBL                                     IA-1-1-366
KELLOWAY, SYLVESTER M.                 TBL                                     IA-1-3-548
KELLY, FREEMAN                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-93
KENT, DARIUS E.                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-469
KERR, ISABELLA                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-23
KILBURN, M. F.                         TBL                                     IA-1-4-209
KING, DAVID                            TBL                                     IA-1-4-12
KINGERY, REBECCA M.                    TBL                                     IA-1-4-392
KINGSTON, ELLEN                        TBL                                     IA-1-4-167
KINNAN, JACOB S.                       TBL                                     IA-1-4-65
KINYON, HOLDEN                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-428
KIRK, GEORGE                           TBL                                     IA-1-4-331
KRACKE, HENRY                          TBL                                     IA-1-3-485
LANDIS, NANCY                          TBL                                     IA-1-2-251
LANMAN, MARGARET LOUISA                TBL                                     IA-1-1-285
LATHAM, FRANK L.                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-301
LATHAM, MARY                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-476
LAUNDER, SUSAN R.                      TBL                                     IA-1-4-58
LAUNDER, WILLIAM H.                    TBL                                     IA-1-4-310
LAW, GEORGE                            TBL                                     IA-1-1-250
LAW, J. D.                             TBL                                     IA-1-3-56
LEAS, WILLIAM B.                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-308
LENOCKER, DAVID                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-203
LENTS, ISAAC                           TBL                                     IA-1-1-4
LEWIS, JOHN R.                         TBL                                     IA-1-2-76
LIGHT, BENJAMIN                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-136
LINN, JAMES F.                         TBL                                     IA-1-2-434
LIST, FRIEDRICK                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-482
LITTLE, HENRY                          TBL                                     IA-1-1-183
LOUGHER, DAVID                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-25
LOUGHER, TIMOTHY D.                    TBL                                     IA-1-4-575
LUCE, ALFORD                           TBL                                     IA-1-3-421
LUERS, JOHN D.                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-21
LYNN, ANN                              TBL                                     IA-1-2-441
LYTLE, ANDREW                          TBL                                     IA-1-1-267
MANDEVILLE, AUSTIN                     TBL                                     IA-1-2-546
MANDEVILLE, JOHN                       TBL                                     IA-1-2-543
MANION, PATRICK                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-209
MARR, ELIZABETH                        TBL                                     IA-1-3-28
MARSH, FELIX                           TBL                                     IA-1-1-112
MASSIE, JOHN R.                        TBL                                     IA-1-4-361
MCCAGUE, CATHERINE                     TBL                                     IA-1-2-245
MCCAGUE, GEORGE K.                     TBL                                     IA-1-2-243
MCCAGUE, THOMAS                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-241
MCCARTY, ALEXANDER                     TBL                                     IA-1-2-300
MCCARTY, ALEXANDER                     TBL (CON'T)                             IA-1-2-318
MCCAUGHAN, HECTOR                      TBL                                     IA-1-3-489
MCCORMICK, CYRUS H.                    TBL                                     IA-1-2-165
MCCREA, JOHN                           TBL                                     IA-1-4-128
MCDONALD, JOHN HENRY                   TBL                                     IA-1-3-408
MCDONNALD, MATHEW                      TBL                                     IA-1-3-388
MCDOUGLAS, JAMES                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-128
MCELHINEY, ROBERT                      TBL                                     IA-1-1-371
MCELHINNY, MARY                        TBL                                     IA-1-3-430
MCGEE, MANASSAH                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-247
MCGUIRE, JAMES                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-210
MCLAREN, DANIEL                        TBL                                     IA-1-3-59
MCMULLEN, JOHN                         TBL                                     IA-1-4-1
MCNARY, R. C.                          TBL                                     IA-1-4-17
MCWHINNEY, ELMER H.                    TBL                                     IA-1-2-584
MEARS, A. J.                           TBL                                     IA-1-4-52
MEGEATH, JANE M.                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-256
MENDENHALL, GEORGE C.                  TBL                                     IA-1-2-142
MENGER, MOSES                          TBL                                     IA-1-3-466
MERRIAM, THACHER                       TBL                                     IA-1-2-488
MILLER, JOHN                           TBL                                     IA-1-4-62
MINER, CHARLES                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-232
MITCHELL, JOHN                         NTL, JASPER, IA                         IA-1-4-203
MITCHELL, JOSEPH                       TBL                                     IA-1-2-321
MITCHELL, MATHEW                       TBL                                     IA-1-4-35
MOAR, JAMES                            TBL                                     IA-1-4-570
MOORE, MARY                            TBL                                     IA-1-2-272
MORRIS, JONATHAN J.                    TBL                                     IA-1-4-365
MORRIS, ROBERT D.                      TBL                                     IA-1-3-168
MORRIS, S. E.                          TBL                                     IA-1-2-348
MORROW, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-185
MOYER, CAROLNE S.                      TBL                                     IA-1-3-561
MRSE, WILLIAM HENRY                    TBL                                     IA-1-2-317
MURTA, JOHN P.                         TBL                                     IA-1-4-411
MYERS, E. V. (MRS)                     TBL                                     IA-1-3-516
MYERS, JACOB                           TBL                                     IA-1-3-417
NEAL, JOHN                             TBL                                     IA-1-4-401
NEFF, WILLIAM                          TBL                                     IA-1-3-336
NELSON, JOHN R.                        TBL                                     IA-1-3-513
NELSON, JOSEPH                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-130
NELSON, WILLIAM ***                    TBL                                     IA-1-3-350
NELSON, WILLIAM R.                     TBL                                     IA-1-3-203
NICHOLS, ALONZO                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-301
NICHOLS, W. W.                         TBL                                     IA-1-4-194
NOLINDA, HOSEA                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-138
NORRIS, HESEKIAH                       TBL                                     IA-1-2-297
NORTON, JOSEPH SR.                     TBL                                     IA-1-2-266
NUNAN, JAMES                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-516
OSBORN, ALFRED                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-136
PACKER, GEORGE L.                      TBL                                     IA-1-4-556
PAGNE, ROBERT                          TBL                                     IA-1-2-588
PARKER, WARD M.                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-254
PARSONS F.                             TBL                                     IA-1-4-4
PARTRIDGE, ERASTUS                     TBL                                     IA-1-1-339
PATTERSON, M. S.                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-6
PECK, JOANNA W.                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-66
PEERS, M.                              TBL                                     IA-1-3-400
PHILLIPS, THOMAS                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-86
PHILLIPS, THOMAS                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-328
PLYMESSER, SAMUEL                      TBL                                     IA-1-3-297
POLKE, EDMUND                          TBL                                     IA-1-2-55
POTTER, ELIAS                          TBL                                     IA-1-2-589
POTTER, RUSSEL                         TBL                                     IA-1-4-198
PRESCOTT, OLIVER                       TBL                                     IA-1-3-226
RAPER, JOHN                            TBL                                     IA-1-4-382
REIMERS, LENA                          TBL                                     IA-1-4-259
REINMUTH, JOHN A.                      TBL                                     IA-1-3-546
REIS, GEORGE                           TBL                                     IA-1-4-25
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                      TBL                                     IA-1-1-261
RICHMOND, JAMES                        TBL                                     IA-1-3-482
RIGG, HANNAH                           TBL                                     IA-1-4-369
RIVENBURGH, WILLIAM                    TBL                                     IA-1-1-264
ROBERTS, E. S.                         TBL                                     IA-1-2-465
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                      TBL                                     IA-1-4-135
RODGERS, JOHN                          TBL                                     IA-1-2-524
RODGERS, WESLEY M.                     TBL                                     IA-1-3-460
ROEBLING, JOHN A.                      TBL                                     IA-1-1-18
ROGERS, FURMAN                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-348
ROMINE, ISAAC M.                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-317
ROSET, JOHN                            TBL                                     IA-1-1-191
ROSS, DEMSON                           TBL                                     IA-1-3-411
ROSS, JONATHAN                         TBL                                     IA-1-4-40
ROWE, JACOB F.                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-200
ROYCE, JONATHAN G.                     TBL                                     IA-1-2-217
ROYCE, LUCIA M. W.                     TBL                                     IA-1-4-34
RUCH, RUDOLPH                          TBL                                     IA-1-4-285
RUTTAN, MARY B.                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-342
RYAN, PATRICK                          TBL                                     IA-1-2-448
SANDS, ABRAHAM B.                      TBL                                     IA-1-2-108
SANDS, ABRAHAM B.                      TBL                                     IA-1-1-258
SANDS, DAVID                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-91
SANDS, DAVID                           TBL (CON'T)                             IA-1-2-161
SANDS, DAVID                           TBL                                     IA-1-1-260
SANDS, DAVID                           TBL (CON'T)                             IA-1-2-141
SANTEE, MARTIN                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-16
SCHADEL, JOHN                          TBL                                     IA-1-1-244
SCHINDLER, JOHN                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-604
SCHMIDT, JOHANN M.                     TBL                                     IA-1-2-322
SCHUYHART, JOHN                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-49
SCOFIELD, B. B.                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-315
SCOTT, ALEXANDER                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-187
SCOTT, ELISABETH                       TBL                                     IA-1-2-268
SCOTT, GEORGE K.                       TBL                                     IA-1-2-213
SCOTT, WILLIAM L.                      TBL                                     IA-1-3-249
SHATTUCK, LOOMIS                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-269
SHOEMAKER, WILLIAM                     TBL                                     IA-1-4-573
SHREVES, JOHN                          TBL                                     IA-1-4-76
SHUBRICK, W. B.                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-132
SIMMONS, CHARLES                       TBL                                     IA-1-3-71
SIMMONS, JOHN T.                       TBL                                     IA-1-3-463
SINNER, HENRY                          TBL                                     IA-1-4-31
SISSON, AZARIAH                        TBL                                     IA-1-4-14
SLEVIN, JAMES                          TBL                                     IA-1-2-478
SLOCUM, EBEN                           TBL                                     IA-1-3-69
SLOCUM, EBENEER                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-153
SMITH, ALVIN                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-10
SMITH, ALVIN                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-233
SMITH, ALVIN                           TBL                                     IA-1-1-14
SMITH, JABEZ                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-278
SMITH, JANE                            TBL                                     IA-1-4-146
SMITH, MARIA C.                        TBL                                     IA-1-4-6
SMITH, MICHAEL                         TBL                                     IA-1-4-42
SMITH, SOLOMON E.                      TBL                                     IA-1-4-272
SNELLING, CHARLES G.                   TBL                                     IA-1-3-49
SPELLMAN, JOHN J.                      TBL                                     IA-1-2-355
SPELMAN, HARVEY B.                     TBL                                     IA-1-3-473
SPENCER, SAMUEL                        TBL                                     IA-1-4-562
STANDLEY, HARRIS                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-2
STANDLEY, JAMES H.                     TBL                                     IA-1-2-518
STANDLEY, SARAH                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-8
STERNBERG, LAMBERT                     TBL                                     IA-1-1-60
STEVENSON, JOSIAH E.                   TBL                                     IA-1-2-52
STEWART, ROBERT                        TBL                                     IA-1-3-163
STILES, OTIS                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-81
STOCKOW, SAMUEL M.                     TBL                                     IA-1-4-246
STOLLDORF, MARY                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-171
STONE, CALEB                           TBL                                     IA-1-1-104
STONE, CALEB                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-191
STRATTON, HENRY D.                     TBL                                     IA-1-3-149
STREET, THOMAS C.                      TBL                                     IA-1-1-72
STUART, CHARLES                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-581
STUART, JAMES A.                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-272
SULLIVAN, ESTHER                       TBL                                     IA-1-4-267
SULLIVAN, TITUS H.                     TBL                                     IA-1-1-69
SWEET, ELEAZER D.                      TBL                                     IA-1-2-359
SWITZER, JESSE                         TBL                                     IA-1-3-531
SYESTER, WILLIAM H.                    TBL                                     IA-1-2-61
TAGGART, SARAH                         TBL                                     IA-1-2-201
TALLMAN, GEORGE C.                     TBL                                     IA-1-1-288
TAYLOR, JOHN                           TBL                                     IA-1-1-180
THAYER, STEPHEN H.                     TBL                                     IA-1-3-322
THOMAS, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-578
THOMPSON, BENJAMIN F.                  TBL                                     IA-1-2-197
THOMPSON, MARGARET A.                  TBL                                     IA-1-1-159
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                       TBL                                     IA-1-4-178
THOMS, HEINRICH                        TBL                                     IA-1-3-384
THORNBURG, MILTON                      TBL                                     IA-1-3-341
THURBER, RUTH A.                       TBL                                     IA-1-3-487
TIBBITS, CHARLES S.                    TBL                                     IA-1-3-544
TIMBERLAKE, ROBERT D.                  TBL                                     IA-1-4-431
TREMAIN, LYMAN                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-226
TROUT, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     IA-1-2-230
TSCHIEMER, JOHN                        TBL                                     IA-1-4-158
TUCK, A. P.                            TBL                                     IA-1-1-182
TUCK, MARIAH H.                        TBL                                     IA-1-1-150
TUTTLE, AMY                            TBL                                     IA-1-3-53
TUTTLE, ORRIS                          TBL                                     IA-1-1-149
TYLER, MARY W. B.                      TBL                                     IA-1-2-409
ULTCH, JOHN PETER                      TBL                                     IA-1-3-1
UNDERWOOD, LEWIS                       TBL                                     IA-1-1-13
VANDEVEER, HENRY F.                    TBL                                     IA-1-2-549
WALCH, RICHARD                         TBL                                     IA-1-1-320
WALFORD, GEORGE H.                     TBL                                     IA-1-1-127
WALKER, JESSE                          TBL                                     IA-1-2-497
WALLACE, JOHN                          TBL                                     IA-1-1-154
WALTERS, GEORGE                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-298
WARFIED, JANE W.                       TBL                                     IA-1-3-282
WARK, ALEXANDER                        TBL                                     IA-1-3-290
WEBSTER, LEVI                          TBL                                     IA-1-1-115
WEBSTER, LEVI                          TBL                                     IA-1-2-1
WEGNER, G. J.                          TBL                                     IA-1-3-452
WELSH, JAMES                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-73
WELSH, MARGARET                        TBL                                     IA-1-2-90
WHITAKER, ELIZABETH F.                 TBL                                     IA-1-3-128
WHITAKER, SPIER                        TBL                                     IA-1-3-125
WHITE, MILES                           TBL                                     IA-1-2-411
WHITMORE, DANIEL D.                    TBL                                     IA-1-4-373
WILES, LAWSON                          TBL                                     IA-1-3-175
WILLIAMS, CHARLES P.                   TBL                                     IA-1-2-421
WILSON, DAVID L.                       TBL                                     IA-1-4-98
WILSON, GEORGE B.                      TBL                                     IA-1-3-435
WILSON, MARGARET F.                    TBL                                     IA-1-4-181
WILSON, MARY W.                        TBL                                     IA-1-4-357
WILSON, SAMUEL                         TBL                                     IA-1-4-162
WILSTACH, WILLIAM P.                   TBL                                     IA-1-1-45
WIMMER, ABIGAIL                        TBL                                     IA-1-4-229
WOLFINGER, JACB J.                     TBL                                     IA-1-4-171
WOOD, ARTHUR                           TBL                                     IA-1-3-540
WOOD, SARAH M.                         TBL                                     IA-1-4-450
WRIGHT, MARY J.                        TBL                                     IA-1-4-87

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